by Tam Lin

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© Copyright 2011 - Tam Lin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; M/f; doll; bedroom; bodymod; sextoy; oral; sex; con; X


Kimberly waited all day for her Owner to come home. When she heard the keys jingle in the lock downstairs she wanted to jump up, race down, and meet him at the door, but she knew he wouldn't like that, so instead she stayed on the bed, in the dark, waiting.

She heard him moving around downstairs. She heard the groan of the pipes as he turned on the water. She heard his voice, muted through the walls, as he made a phone call. Her pulse raced and she trembled all over. When was he going to come upstairs? She hoped it would be soon.

After an hour Kimberly heard the steps creak and fought to keep perfectly still. The lights clicked on and she lay, naked, on the bed, limbs limp, head lolled to the side, face a placid, unmoving mask. She gave no indication of being conscious, or even alive at all. She knew her Owner preferred it that way.

He set a bag down on foot of the bed. She moved her eyes just a little to see what it was, and she felt a thrill when she saw the logo on the side; he had bought new parts for her! Her old ones were getting so worn out. He'd been using her less and less because of it. She wanted to say thank you, but knew he did not like for her to talk.

She felt the mattress sink down as he sat next to her. The bedsprings groaned. She was tingling all over just being this close to him. When he touched her she wanted to moan, but she stayed silent. She'd practiced for years and years to remain the silent, pliant, unmoving doll girl she knew he wanted her to be. Very gently he ran his fingers over the soft curve of her collarbone and her warm pliant flesh, and then there was a crinkling sound as he touched the inflatable plastic toys that were her breasts.

Kimberly's tits were bouncy plastic mounds with pink rubber nipples, attached right to her body. He explored the seam between her flesh and the plastic with his fingertip. She fought back a moan. Then her throat jumped in the tiniest gasp (which she stifled) as he popped them free. She listened to her tits deflate, and watched as he dropped the old, used-up funbags in the trash. The place on her chest where they had been was now a smooth plastic oval.

She heard the bag crinkle, and out the corner of her eyes she saw him take her new tits out of the box. He snapped them onto her chestplate and then attached the pump and began to inflate them. She loved watching them take shape, going from shapeless plastic sacks to pert, perky inflated breasts. A little air leaked from the seal when he pulled the nozzle free, tickling the nearby, still-natural flesh.

He shifted her around a little, and this allowed her to move her head without him noticing. She admired her new endowments; they were much bigger than her old ones, and better-shaped. She loved the way their hard plastic seam attached to her body. When he squeezed them they crinkled, and when he tweaked the rubber nipples they snapped back into place. She couldn't really feel it of course, but she liked to imagine she could. It made her hot.

Kimberly's Owner played with her new tits for a while, and she lay back, affecting the posture of a lifeless doll, enjoying his attention. Finally he reached up and, to her surprise, cupped her pert mouth with one hand and pulled it out. Her lips, and the cylindrical appliance that was the interior of her mouth, slid from the socket with one smooth motion. She was left with just an empty black hole for the bottom third of her face.

He examined the old piece, then dropped it into the trash along with her used-up tits and brought a new one out of the bag. It slid into the socket and snapped in. As soon as it was in place she could feel it; her new mouth had no tongue or teeth inside, and the lips on it were thick, O-shaped latex. She was thrilled; now she wouldn't have to worry about talking out of turn ever again, because it was impossible. Her new mouth couldn’t speak, it was just a rubber suckhole, a plastic and latex appliance for tending to her Owner's cock.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing member out. She got incredibly hot at the sight of it. He seized her by the hair and pulled her up. She stayed deadweight, letting him manhandle her. He draped her across the bed and, after lubing himself, slid the length of his shaft into her newly-installed blowjob hole. It was a perfect fit.

Her new puffy rubber lips automatically molded to him, and the motion of his thrusting hips caused the mouthpiece to open and close with increased and decreased pressure. She didn't have to do a thing except lay there and take it, which suited her fine. Occasionally he slid all the way in and came to the back of the appliance, where it connected to the hot, wet opening of her throat, but then he slid all the way out. She had no idea how long this went on, since he'd positioned her facing away from the clock, but she didn't care anyway.

After some time he threw her back down on the bed. Her head flopped to the side, and now she faced the mirror on the closet door, allowing her to admire how she looked with her new O-shaped mouth and enormous inflated breasts. She loved it. Her Owner had such wonderful taste.

She heard the bag rustle again. Was there more? She couldn't dare to hope, but yes, she felt him reach between her legs and pull her pussy out of its slot, leaving the gaping socket. This, too, he threw away, and she felt the new one slide in and lock into place. She had no way of looking at it of course, but her Owner climbed on top of her and immediately began to fuck it.

She heard the rubber stretch to accommodate him, and she watched his face in the mirror as he pumped in and out of her. Judging from his expression, her new pussy was much tighter than her old one. She was glad; her owner deserved a fuck doll with a tight pussy.

This went on until he came, spurting inside of her, and then he took the new appliance out and washed it in the bathroom sink (He's so thoughtful, she thought). He slid it back in, dressed, stopped at the mirror to fix his hair, and then went to the door. Before leaving he knocked, once, on the frame, which was his signal that he would remain downstairs for the rest of the night and she was free to move around, walk, and eat, so long as she didn't make any noise at all. She waited until he was gone, counting his footsteps down the stairs, and then got up, going over to the mirror.

She turned around and looked at herself all over, modeling in a few poses and admiring her new installments. Then she went over to the trash and looked at the old ones. They looked so strange in there, lying in a pile outside of her body. She wondered if that was all she was, just a pile of different parts? And then she decided no, as long as she had her Owner she was something more; a perfect, obedient, sexy dolly. She went around the room, touching his many things (but careful not to move them) so that she could admire them and commune with them, reflecting on how she, too, was a possession in his home.

Kimberly lay on the bed again. She wished there wasn't so much natural space left on her. Someday, when her Owner had saved enough money, he was going to have her asshole renovated and replaced with an appliance too. She hoped it would be soon.

For now she practiced staying still for him and staying quiet for him. She loved him more than life itself, but of course, she would never say so. Never.



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