Part-Time Prototype

by PoseMe

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Woman to Lovedoll TF

Pulling into the company's large parking lot was easy, and finding a spot was just as easy. It was later in the day, so some of the shift workers had already gone home. The young lady stepped out of the one-year old lease vehicle. She is wearing leggings, an oversized shirt, and flats. Tucking an empty bag under her arm and holding her keys in her hand, she walks into the building.

The company building is multi-storied, shaped like a box, and is attached to a small industrial factory complex. From the parking lot, the building looks empty and the factory unused. She walks confidently inside the front door, nodding to the receptionist, then continues onto the second floor offices.

Saul Perkins, the production manager for the factory, steps out of his third floor office to go down to the second floor. Rubbing his head, he thinks to himself, why does Emma want to see me today? It seems odd, even more so with Ryan being out of town on company business. Walking into one of the production prep rooms, he sees her walking in from the other side. "Saul," she says with a smile, "Thanks for meeting me today!"

He returns the smile with a quick hug, "No problem, but I must admit," taking an extra step back, "I have no idea why you wanted to meet." Emma nods her head and sets her stuff down, "Well, as you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. With the new advances in medicine, the pill that I take every day has put it into remission." Saul smiles warmly, "Wow, that is great news! No wonder Ryan has been so happy lately."

Emma chuckles, "Well, there is that, but there is also the side effects." Slipping her shirt off, Saul tries to hide his eyes until he sees what she was hiding. "Woah, have they always been that big?" Emma snorts, "Uh, no, my girls were never this big, but if that is what it takes to be cancer free, then I'm for it." Not putting her shirt back on, Saul asks, "So, you are looking for..." fearful about what she might say.

"Right," she continues, "The other side effect is an incurable desire for sex. Ryan has been enjoying both side effects daily, and quite frankly, so have I." Blushing slightly from the memories, "This past year has been a wonderful time for us." Saul smiles again, but more out of confusion, still unsure of what she wants.

"So," she adds, "Ryan has been traveling more the past couple of months, being gone 3-4 days a week. And normally, that would not be a bad thing, but now," pointing down at her chest, "I really need some release, but I want to be faithful to him." Saul, still confused, asks, "And you think I can help?" 

Emma nods, "Well, I need a special favor. I know this sounds crazy, but could you put me in a regular rotation with your love doll rentals?" Now Saul had been bracing himself for what she was about to say, but when she finished talking, he could not think of a reply. All he could say was, "What?" Pressing on, Emma says, "Look, I know you and Ryan help manage one of the biggest love doll companies in the country. With the outlawing of prostitution, there has been a large increase in this market, both purchases and rentals."

Saul could not argue with that. Without the government's over reaction, he would be out of business. "And you think you can pass for one, so you can get your fix?" Emma nods sheepishly, "I know it is crazy, but I need some help here. I'm going nuts, and I do not want to cheat on him. I think me pretending to be an inanimate love doll for a couple of days each week Ryan is gone, I can live my life as normal." Before Saul can reply, she pleads, "I can't concentrate on anything. I can't live like this. I need help!" Saul moves to say something, but then she presses on, "There would be no relationship here, no emotional attachment, just a simple release of this incredible sexual tension."

Saul steps back and leans against the table. "There are so many things wrong with that, and I do not see how we can get past them." Sifting through her bag, she pulls out a mask. "Notice, I have a love doll mask that matches my skin tone, and it will cover my eyes and keep my mouth in a constant smile. It has no hair attachments, so you can put any wig on me." He nods his head, as she continues, "And I bought a special vagina cover, see?" And with that, she drops her pants and panties, revealing a smooth and somewhat non-human looking womanhood. "It provides protection from any diseases from the guy and it gives the unnaturally smooth finish that most guys love." Again, Saul cannot help but smile. Wow, she really thought of everything.

"Now, once I put this mask on, I cannot talk, but I shouldn't need to. If I can fool the staff here, I can fool anyone. So, can we try it?" Saul shrugs his shoulders, as if he is at a loss to stop this crazy idea from happening. She goes ahead and pulls on the mask, tucking in her hair and sealing it into her mouth and around her neck. Without a close inspection, it looks seamless. It does leave her ears exposed, but with the matching skin tone, she looks a lovedoll.

He finally says, "Ok, let's just say I think it will work, let me do a couple of quick scans. Can you sit up on the table here?" Walking in her bare feet, she sits up on the table. "Ok, bend your arms 90 degrees and put them out slightly. Uh, straighten your legs out and spread them apart a little more." Emma responds as requested, getting excited about her possible idea coming true. He runs a quick scan from the tables' display. "Hmmm, you are about the right height and weight. Believe it or not, your chest size is smaller than the average lovedoll, as are your hips."

As he looks at the display, the hallway door opens. A younger man than Saul walks in, wearing the usual coveralls of a technician. "Oh, hey, Saul," the new person to the room states as he moves closer, "Got something new here?" Saul mumbles a curse word or two, and says with little conviction, "Uh, yeah, Jase, checking a prototype doll... a new realistic version." The technician stops at the table with Emma sitting there motionless. "I agree, she is very realistic. Smaller rack," Jase says as he cups her left breast with his gloved hands, "not-quite hourglass figure," running his other hand along her waist, "but her face and hole look great," placing a couple of fingers up into her.

Saul nods uncomfortably, watching all this play out in front of him. "Well, you know, it's just a concept doll." He makes a motion to say more, but his phone rings. Saul steps back to take the call, while Jase continues his inspection. He asks, "Has she been through the glosser machine?" Saul talking points to his ear like he could not hear him. The technician asks, "Glosser?" Saul thinks, gloss her? no way. He mouths a 'no.' The tech nods, "No problem, I can prep her. Off to the glosser, future slut."

Grabbing a bottle from a nearby cart, he pushes one of her arms across her stomach and under her chest. He squirts some type of goo on her arm, causing it to stick in place. He takes her other arm and does the same above her chest. I hope this 'glue' is not permanent, Emma wonders. He then puts some on each nipple, then pushes her knees up to stick on each glue spot. Good thing I stretched out earlier today, she giggles to herself. Grabbing an elastic band, he loops it around her feet and slides it between her breasts and around her head, which pulls her feet and head in tight, making her into a ball shape.

He steps away to get something else off the cart. At this point, Saul notices that Jase is wrapping up Emma for transit. Why is he doing that? It is no like I'm gonna let him gloss her, he reasons. He steps forward, still on the phone, when an older woman steps into the room unannounced. "Hey, Saul, get your butt in gear, Marketing is looking for you!" Crap, Saul thinks, I forgot about that meeting. "Don't worry, "Jase says, "I will take care of your prototype and bring her to your office." Saul nods his head in thanks and walks out with the lady. Well, Emma reasons, I have fooled two people so far.

Holding up a small device behind her ear, Emma feels pressure on the back of her ear lobe. "There we go," Jase announces, "Welcome to inventory, dolly". Inventory? Emma wonders, as he pushes her onto a cart. He starts to wrap her up in plastic, then hooks the bag up to a machine. In a few seconds, Emma is vacuumed sealed for transport. Before she can worry about that, the bag is dropped into a lower part of the cart and flash frozen. Emma feels herself fall then nothing, as her curled up body is sent to absolute zero.

Without any fanfare, Jase pushes the cart out the door and down the hall. He walks slowly through the hallways and down the elevators. He eventually ends up in the factory next to the office building. He walks past a large machine labeled "glosser" to go to the back of the building. A bullet train, one of many used to connect all manufacturing factories across the country, is waiting to be loaded. Within minutes it is packed, with Emma's cube-shaped box being placed against a wall under many other cube-shaped boxes, the bullet train leaves at high speed. Next stop: 300 hundred miles away! 

The bullet train makes the delivery in about an hour in Kansas, where an army of drones removes the boxes from the cargo area. Emma and all the other love dolls are put onto conveyor belts and brought into a large factory building. Each box is scanned on the way in and then directed to its temporary location. Like the dolls being run through the glosser, Emma is thawed out in an instant and then dumped from the vacuum bag into the glosser. She is sprayed from head to toe with a thick layer of shiny, glossing liquid. For each doll, they are rerun through the machine 2 more times. She exits the glosser on a different conveyor belt laying on her back.

She is moved into a another machine that places her in another vacuum bag. In her prone state, she looks just like an inanimate love doll. The vacuum bag is sealed, all the air removed, then placed into a tube shaped box. Before she can even gain consciousness, she is flash frozen again and loaded back onto another bullet train for her second sub-sonic trip of the day. This time, the cargo is mostly tubes of love dolls that had been glossed or sealed or repaired or whatever else the factory in Kansas does. In less than an hour, she will be back in her home town, having traveled nearly 700 miles in a day and not even realizing it.

Later that afternoon, she is sitting on the couch in Saul's office. The glosser has made sure her mask was not coming off, so she cannot really communicate with him. Her pink mohawk with pink eyebrows and matching finger nails and toenails, seem to be anything but her personality, yet there she is: biker chick model #4. Saul continues on his rant, "And it was not like you asked... you just jumped right in. You just go off to Kansas and back and through the departments... parading yourself as the newest prototype... not caring for others..." Emma would protest most of his arguments, if she could talk. For now, she is just enjoying being a doll, but wishing she was being played with. Really need someone to play with me, she pleads.

"Good news: we are doing product tests today, so your presence here fits. Bad news: the glossing material has a 24 hour expiration, meaning we cannot get it off you until tomorrow." Saul takes a moment for a heavy sigh, "so our best option is to put you in the product test today. It will be good for me, and great for you." Emma smiles internally, oh I hope so.

Within 15 minutes, Emma is transported to a spacious room with 5 oversized armchairs. In four of them, there are love dolls of usual, exaggerated proportions. They each have a different themed hair cut, from short to long hair, matching toenails and finger nails, bright colors, lighter skin tones and darker skin tones. Emma is deposited into one of the chairs, positioned like the others: sitting, legs spread and arms bent. Emma giggles to herself, I'm ready!

Like the others, she sits there quietly, patiently waiting in her chair. In a few minutes, 5 men and 1 woman walk into the room. Each man has a tablet PC in their hands. They are all dressed casually, with nothing to indicate who they are. "And here gentlemen," the lady says standing behind the chairs, "We have 5 new prototype love dolls. Each one," she waves her hand in front of the them, "is a slightly different model, so you will notice different features for them." Motioning to their tablets, "Some of the questions on the survey will not fit each doll, but answer each as completely as you can. Any questions?"

The men are not paying any attention to the marketing rep, as each can only stare at the 5 waiting and willing bodies in front of them. After an awkward silence, she adds, "Well then, thank you for participating in our quarterly survey. You have 30 minutes." And with that, she walks out the door leaving the 10 of them to get better acquainted.

Each man takes a love doll to inspect. With tablet in hand, they start poking and prodding the dolls' skin. They make notes on their skin tones and textures. When it comes to the "feel" test, each doll gets cupped, flipped, squeezed, and fondled. Once they complete that, they answer the survey questions. Emma enjoys all the "foreplay" that is taking place, as it makes her feel very good. She would like to have more, but then she has to remind herself that she is just a love doll... an inanimate object... a toy for other's pleasure.

They each get a turn at each doll, answering the multiple choice questions from their tablet. Regardless of which guy, they all make a comment on her "rack" being "too small" or "not over sized", so they score her low in that category. Emma would like to remind them that she is the realistic prototype, but once again, she is just a toy to them. They all make positive comments out loud about her texture and skin tone. They also add a negative to her theme: pink mohawk? "Oh no," one guy said, "They are still stuck in the 2060's on that one." But all in all, Emma felt quite good about how she looked.

The next set of 5 were another group of men who did basically the same thing. One fellow prodded her more than the others, so she was able to get some release from that. The next group were ladies, who had the same type of questions to answer. They all scored Emma high on her "chest size," saying something to the effect of, "it is about time they got it right!" Her theme was scored low, again, but over all, she ranked well with the other dolls. She did notice that the ladies did not prod near as much as the men did, but that is okay with Emma. And then the final group was another 5 of men, who acted just like the first two groups of men.

After they left, a short robot comes in with 4 arms and a basket attached to its base. The mechanical arms have rags and wipes attached to them. It goes to each love doll and wipes them off, making sure they are still shiny for the next round of testing. With that done, each love doll is delivered to room down the hall. As the large man hauls Emma into the room, she can see a large bed with nice sheets on it, two bed side tables with lamps on them, and a door to a bathroom to one side. There are no other furnishings or paintings or anything on the walls. 

As Emma thinks on that, she dumped onto the bed. The guy rolls her over and props her up on the pillows. Without any other communication, he walks out the door and closes it. Oh, Emma thinks hopefully, I am really hoping this is what I think it is. If so, Emma squeals internally, I might just get rid of some of this sexual tension.

From the bed, she can hear talking in the hallway. The marketing lady is talking again," part... answer questions... don't break... enjoy!" And with that, the door opens, and she sees one of the men from the first group. He has a tablet in his hand, answering the multiple choice questions as he walks to the bed. With one hand he puts the tablet on the edge of the bed, while with the other hand, he unzips his pants. Emma thinks, is he even going to take off his pants? As if an answer to her, his manhood pops out of his pants. Before she can even remark on it, he penetrates her and goes to work. He does not even build up to speed, as he instantly starts at high speed. Emma thinks as she bounces up and down, well I did not want to make an attachment here, as I am trying not to cheat on my husband, so I guess this is a good thing.

She was ready from all the earlier testing, so she finished within a few seconds. He took longer, which allowed her to finish again. As he pants heavily, he gets up on his knees and grabs the tablet. "Well," he says, punching in his opinion, "it's a solid average. Worth my time but not worth the money." Emma was hurt by that, and while he meant no harm by his comments, she could not help but take them personally.

He walks to the bathroom, freshens up a little, and then walks out of the room, leaving the door open. Hey, man, Emma screams on the inside, naked lady laying here! As if it heard her, the small robot comes in and closes the door. It extends two arms that promptly clean Emma's lower regions. With a light spray of cleaner and lube, Emma is flipped over and back again, ensuring she is ready for the next round. Coming along side the bed, the robot pulls her back up towards the head of the bed, pushing some pillows under her to prop her up. It rolls out of the room quickly, the door left open.

Once again, another man comes in that she recognizes, but this time from group 2. He spends a little more time with the tablet. He looks at her from different angles. He covers her up with the blanket, then half uncovers her. He repositions her a couple of times. Finally, he strips completely and climbs in under the sheets. He pulls Emma over on top of him. Reaching for the tablet, he mumbles, "A little heavy for my tastes..." Setting the tablet down, he grabs his phone from the bedside table. Pushing a button on it, he sets it back down. Emma can hear a female voice saying, "Oh my, you are so big. I can't wait for you to do me. Please, please bang me!" 

And so, Emma "says" all kinds of things to him as he runs his hands up and down her back. After a few minutes, she feels pressure down below and finally, he gets hard enough to come inside her. Gripping her butt cheeks tighter, he pulls her down on him then pushes her back up. His phone continues to talk for her as she "rides" him. Keeping with the voice, he finishes when the voice acts as if he did. She had already enjoyed three climaxes with him. "Mmmm," the female voice says in a sultry way, "That was so good." And with that, the phone goes silent.

He slides out from under her, leaving her face down in the bed. She can hear him tapping on the keyboard, but what she can feel is that his load is starting to run out of her. Oh, man, she thinks, please flip me over before I make a mess of these sheets. I really don't want to be lying in your junk. He does not hear her, so he finishes his survey, redresses himself, and then leaves the room. Emma slowly drips all over the sheets. Ok, she admits, he was the best in bed so far, but also the messiest.

This continues for the next couple of hours. She gets time with the men and women from each group, or at least most of them. The men all want to start quickly, finish just as quickly, then get out. The women take much longer, trying to enjoy the experience. Some had brought special panties to wear to help, while others were content with just cuddling. Any way they wanted it, they could have it, and Emma was just an object to be used. For now, she really does not care, as she is experiencing a feeling she has not had in over a year: satisfaction.

By late afternoon, a cart came rolling into her room. Inside the cart were the other lovedolls, thrown into a pile on the moving platform. Like the others, the robotic arms lift her and drag her onto the pile. The cart drives out of the room and picks up one more from another "bedroom." Emma noted that it looked just like the room she was in. The cart, heavy with its load, drives off into the factory. 

Emma cannot see where she is going, but she can hear the sounds of the office space being replaced by the noises of machines. Not too worried, she is still shocked when the cart stops suddenly, sending all the lovedolls into a vat of liquid. It smells pretty bad, even for Emma's mostly-closed nose. Before she can worry about drowning, she is pulled out, dried off, and put back on a cart by herself.

She is then driven around the factory and into Saul's office. She is dumped onto the table and left alone. She notes that she could move now, if she wanted to, as the glossing finish seems to be off her skin. Maybe my day is about over? she wonders. As if she spoke out loud, she hears a set of shoes come in the door. She also hears the door lock. Then, she hears Saul say, "Ok, Emma, you can get up now, it's safe." He sets a water bottle down next to her.

Moving slowly, she rolls over on the table and sits up. Removing her mask, she massages her face from being stuck in a smile all day. "Well," Saul says sarcastically, "Are we happy?" Emma can only reply with a heavy sigh, "YES!" Saul cannot help but smile as well, as he can tell from her face that she is a totally different person than when she came in this morning. She looks relaxed and moving at a much slower pace, definitely toned down in attitude.

Chuckling, "I'm glad... I really am. Today went better than I thought, and much as I hate to admit this," he says shrugging his shoulders, "I'm glad you came in." Putting on her clothes from the end of the table while drinking as much water as she can, she replies, "Me too, this is just what I needed." Once she is done, she packs her "doll" items in her purse and moves to the door. "I know this was not easy for you, but I really do appreciate it," she says genuinely. Before he can reply, she adds, "And I'm sure I will need this again." His smile fades and he says, somewhat defeatedly, "I figured."

They shake hands and she leaves his office. As the Sun starts to set, he slumps down into his chair. Tomorrow, they will begin pouring over the data from today. The design group from 4th floor thinks the new realistic prototype was from 2nd floor. The design group from 2nd, thinks Emma was a product of the 3rd floor design group. Saul was able to put everyone off in thinking Emma was planned by someone else as a surprise. For now, he thinks as he rubs the temples on the side of his head, I pulled it off. He notices a flashing light on his display screen that he almost never sees.

In the lower left, a light flashes, "Doll Export Unauthorized." Looking on the live schematic on his other screen, he sees a love doll signal at the front lobby area. It is moving slowly to the front doors, almost as if it was walking by itself. At once he realizes what it is, or more precisely, who it is. Speed dialing the front security desk, he says quickly, "Stop Mrs. Thomkins from leaving please, and send her back to the east delivery room. She, uh, forgot something." Hanging up the phone before the security guard can reply, he walks out of his office towards the east delivery room.

Emma, who had been strolling to the front door, is suddenly blocked just feet from it by the security guard. "Mrs. Thomkins, you need to go back to the east delivery room. Mr Perkins says you forgot something." Emma asks with a questioning face, "Delivery room? I don't think I was ever in there." The security guard keeps his hands up, restating, "Mr Perkins has requested you return to the east delivery room." His restatement was not said in the most kindest way. Not wanting to put a damper on her mood, she replies, "Ok, sure, no problem. Which way?" Hey, she thinks to herself, maybe Saul has something else he needs to tell me.

Entering the east delivery room, Saul has an outfit on the packaging table. As she enters, he closes the door quickly behind her and says, "Had you already signed out?" Emma confused by his curtness, replies, "What do you mean? Oh, right, yes, I did." He sighs, "Good, now I need you to put this costume on." She turns to look at the table, seeing some type of black cat suit. She does not move and says, "Why? I'm not staying, am I?" Saul explains, "That tag on your ear lobe is a tracker. If you walk out of this building, you will set every alarm off, and then we are all in big trouble." Emma, touching her right ear lobe, mouths "oooohhh." 

"So," he continues, "I need you to dress as a Halloween rental, so I can have you delivered to your house party that you are having tonight." Emma nods her head, as she walks over to the table. On it, there is a shiny cat suit with textured knees and elbows. The boots look rugged ready for combat with buckles and thick soles. The gloves look like they pull up to her elbows, and there is a mask and set of ears to put into her hair. "Catwoman?" she asks. Saul nods quickly, "Yeah, it was the only thing I could get so quickly. It was a return from a party this week, and it has not been processed back into the system."

She looks at it carefully. It is shiny, but not really latex. Maybe plastic or vinyl? she speculates. "So, you put it on, then I put you through the packaging machine. Don't worry," he says after seeing her facial reaction, "it is simply attaching you to a piece of plastic backer board and then wrapping a cardboard-base case around it." As she tries to visualize that, he adds, "You would look like a giant Barbie doll in the package." Nodding her head, she starts to strip in front of Saul, again.

"The mask will cover my blinking, but will this suit fit me?" He shrugs his shoulders, "I hope so... it is our only option." She starts pulling the cat suit on her, and while the legs are tight, there is plenty of room in her hips. When she gets the top part on and starts zipping it up, it gathers under her arms due to her smaller chest size. "Uh, Saul," she says sadly, "This is going to look stupid." He starts looking around the small room, "Keep going, I will find something." Trusting him like she has all day, she finishes by pulling on and buckling the boots and stretching the gloves on her arms. The mask and ears attach snugly to her head.

As she finishes, he produces some small binder clips from the nearby desk. "Here, turn around," he orders. She does as asked, and feels some pressure on various parts of her back and near her butt. Looking in a nearby mirrored surface, she can see the suit tightening around her, looking more natural. "There," he says proudly, "How about that?" She nods her approval, "Nice job."

Laying down on the backerboard, moving a little to reposition the binder clips under her back, he says, "Ok, I will run you through then have you processed out the door. You should be delivered to your apartment in an hour." She tilts her head to protest, "But there is nobody there to let me in." Saul smiles, having seen his text message from earlier in the day on her phone, and says, "Ah, but your husband just got into town this evening, and is waiting on a package from work." Emma smiles broadly, giggling softly. "Oh, won't he be surprised..."

Laying back down, the machine comes to life. Metallic arms stretch out and slip plastic zip ties through the plastic backer board and around her wrists, ankles, and waist. She can feel her body being firmly constricted. Clear rubber bands are then placed around her arms and legs and neck. They are not too tight, but she can feel them there, especially the waist one as it makes the binder clips dig into her back a little more. A thin cardboard-looking cover is wrapped around her and taped tight. The clear plastic window shows her the ceiling then Saul's face. "Ok," he says muffled, "Be a doll for a bit longer. I will tell security you locked your keys in your car and will pick it up tomorrow." Scratching his head, he adds with a grin, "I probably need to put you on pay roll as a part-time prototype."

And with that, he leaves. She can feel the box being picked up and moved to another location. She can hear beeping and other background noises. She can see several men from time to time look in on her. She keeps still and looks straight ahead as they look on. Because she is being shipped out, they do not get to look long, which helps her keep her appearance of being a doll. Within minutes, she is loaded onto a truck and sent across town.

As she bounces up and down on the road, she looks forward to being home. This has been an amazing day, but I think I'm ready to be human "again," she thinks to herself. Finally, the driver stops and gets out, removing her from the van on a hand truck. Up the stairs makes her chest bounce all over the place, as the rest of her is locked in tight. As he turns her around in the box, she is facing her and her husband's apartment door. The door opens to her husband, looking a little rough from travel. However, the look on his face when he sees her is priceless. She can see his look of surprise become one of desire. As he signs for her, the driver wheels her in and sets her down face-up on the living room floor.

Once he is alone, her husband looks down into the box. Looking her up and down with a lustful expression on his face, he says, "So, should I unbox my present now, or wait until my wife comes home?" As she wonders if he realizes it is her in there, he winks at "Catwoman", causing her to smile. I was satisfied this afternoon, she says to herself truthfully, but maybe one more round would be good, too.

story continued in Full-Time Prototype

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