Party Costume

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; costume; transform; lovedoll; cons/nc; X


Monica looked through her day planner as she sat at the kitchen table waiting for her common law husband Tony to come back from the errands he had left earlier to take care of. The brunette stopped leafing through her notebook when she came upon the date she had marked as being the time for the annual Fetish Ball, a well known event where people dressed in outrageous outfits from every odd interest and kink known. Men and women would routinely show up dressed in latex and leather outfits that looked to be straight out of a BDSM scene. For all the participants, it was great fun to show their passion for a particular kink by arriving in costumes that normally would get them arrested in public for indecency.

" I hope Tony comes back soon. I want to check out that new costume shop that opened on the outskirts of town which is supposed to carry exotic costumes geared for adults. Of course, once the party is done, Tony goes back to his work as a professional rodeo cowboy and I get to check out all the yummy men in town like usual." the brunette murmured softly while sipping her morning coffee and continuing to leaf through her planner.

The sound of a vehicle pulling into the house's driveway interrupted Monica from her browsing and she looked up just in time to see Tony walk in with the limp he's had since being bucked by a bull and trampled nearly three years ago. She stood up and went over to embrace as she did every time he came in the past five years they lived together.

" Well, honey, the bills are all taken care of for another month so what do you say we head out to that new shop, Adult Attire, and see if they've got the outfits that will make us the hit of that party you want to go to. " Tony said as he looked into Monica's eyes with great affection. Monica returned the look though mentally she was wondering how her outfit would be perceived by one of her lovers.

When Monica stepped out of the house and waited by Tony's truck for him to get ready for their trip, she saw a yellow Dodge Charger slowly drive by the house and honk. She recognized the driver as Frank Miller, the local owner of the town's hardware store who was also one of her lovers. He recently announced that he was selling his business and leaving town for good, much to Monica's disappointment as he was more than willing to show Monica a good time whenever they got together.

To Monica's chagrin, Frank stopped his car in front of a house right next to her's and stepped out of the vehicle carrying a large bouquet of flowers. At that moment, Tony stepped out of the house and was about to say something to Monica when he saw Frank waving in their direction holding flowers. Puzzled, Tony waved back to the businessman in an uncertain manner.

Frank's eyes flared wide open when he saw Tony and he hurriedly threw the bouquet he was carrying back onto the front seat of his car before jumping in and speeding off in a cloud of dust. Monica turned and saw her husband standing still looking at her and then the area where Frank just was.

" Oh, that Frank....he was probably her trying to sweet talk me into buying one of his cars before he moves away. He's such a persistent salesman." Monica said with a nervous laugh hoping her fib would sound convincing enough to Tony.

Tony looked at his wife for several long seconds clearly mulling over what he had just heard. He then chuckled before ambling to the driver side of the truck and getting in. A few moments later, the truck started up and headed off towards their intended destination.

When they got to the brightly decorated shop that was located by itself just down the road from a men's entertainment club, Monica went to get out of the truck only to be stopped by a gentle tug on her left arm by Tony.

" Wait here, honey. I have an idea what I'd like you to wear and I want it to be a surprise. If you don't like it, we can always come back and you can pick out the one you want to wear." Tony said with a reassuring smile and a quick kiss on Monica's cheek.

Monica settled back in the car seat and waited as asked while Tony trundled inside the store. Twenty or so minutes later, Tony emerged from the business carrying a rather large cardboard box under his right arm. He put in the back of the truck before getting inside and starting up the vehicle. During the drive home, Monica asked her husband several times what the costume was but Tony would only say that she would find out when they got home and she would be surprised.

When the two arrived at their house, Tony lugged the box inside and set it on the kitchen table, He then turned to Monica with a strange, almost mischievous, smile on his face.

" Ok, honey, before I show you what the costume is, I have to tell you that you'll have to take off all your clothes and shave all the hair from your arms and legs as well as your pubic hair. Once the costume is fully on, it tends to bond to the wearer's skin extremely tightly in a very sensuous way. Trust me, this will be unlike any outfit you've ever tried on before and much more sensual." Tony said with an exaggerated wink.

Monica paused momentarily contemplating what her husband had just said. Figuring it was some sort of skin tight catsuit, the brunette nodded slightly in understanding before heading off to the bathroom to do as she was asked. While lathering and gently shaving the hair in question, Monica thought to herself that if the costume looked as good on her as Tony said it would, she might try it on for her some of her lovers for fun.

Once she had cleaned up, the brunette walked out into the living room wearing only her bathrobe where she saw Tony had some sort of large oversized balloon sitting on the floor that was slowly growing larger thanks to a compressor that was attached to it. On the couch nearby, there appeared to be a booklet with LIVING DOLL visible in bold letters on the front.

" Well, honey, here it is. All you have to do is climb inside the balloon to put on the suit. Once you're in and I disconnect the compressor, it'll seal tight to your skin and you'll resemble the most amazingly realistic love doll anyone has ever seen. It's perfectly safe and, according to the store owner, guaranteed to be the most erotic costume you'll ever put on. If you want, you can have a look at the booklet they provided. " Tony said confidently as he handed his wife the pamphlet in question.

Monica paged through the instructions quickly and saw that everything was as Tony said. Eyeing the swelling balloon, she figured to give it a try and see if it was as good as promised. Taking off her robe, Monica slowly walked over and after kissing Tony on the cheek, she quickly stepped inside the inflated bubble.

As soon as she was fully inside, she noticed the opening behind her sealed up like magic with no trace of a hole. With a little difficulty, Monica managed to stand up and found she had no problem breathing whatsoever. She pressed gently against the sides of the balloon and found it seemed perfectly normal though the surface seemed almost too smooth.

" Now, my dear, we'll move onto the next step. You'll find things might get a little tight in the next few minutes but I'm sure they'll be no problems. " Tony said quietly as he moved towards the compressor. He turned it off and disconnected the hose from the balloon with a quick snap. At this point, the air would normally have rushed out of the oversized novelty item but Monica noticed the hole, much like the one she had just climbed through, sealed up quickly leaving her trapped inside the sphere.

Monica stood still for what seemed like an eternity as she waited for the next step of the costume process to begin. After several agonizingly long minutes and what seemed like a twinge of panic rising in her, she started to feel what seemed like the walls of the balloon rapidly closing in on her body. As the sides came in contact with her arms and legs followed by the rest of her body, they seemed to adhere tightly to the skin in a way that was very sensual to say the least.

As the seconds ticked by, the process sped up considerably as the balloon collapsed inward while, at the same time, different colors appeared on the exterior skin of the inflatable. As the material came in contact with her mouth, Monica felt it slowly stretching into an ovular shape though she could still breath through it somehow. She could feel the same reactions when the same material came into contact with her pussy and anus only they were much more intense and of an erotic nature than before. It felt to Monica like she was experiencing an orgasm unlike anything she had felt before.

Tony brought over a dressing mirror from their bedroom so Monica could see what she looked like when the process had been completed. The image that the brunette saw in the glass was bizarre yet exciting in a sexual way to her. She saw her limbs and torso no longer had any trace of blemishes visible anywhere. Her pussy, like her mouth, now seemed to be ovular in shape and very artificial in nature. Monica's breasts rode higher on her chest and gently bobbed up and down in response to her breathing. She could see bright pink aerolas were now visible where her normal ones were that made her look even more like an inanimate sex toy than she imagined.

" Wow !!! " Monica gasped in a voice that sounded a bit on the squeaky side. She moved her hands around her body and openly moaned as her fingers came in contact with her open pussy. When she reached behind her and felt her anus, she could sense it was similar in shape and sensitivity to her other two openings.

" What do you think, honey ? I told you this costume was unlike anything you've had on before, " Tony said with a broad smile as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

" My god, this is unreal ! How durable is this outfit ? Does it wash off in a shower when I'm done with it ? " Monica rapped out question after question as she explored her look with her hands and moaned softly when her finger tips came in contact with her erect nipples.

" Well, the store owner said that this look will hold up under heat that would set a tree on fire and you'd still look like the incredibly lifelike fuck toy you are now. In fact, if you want to, we can go to bed right now and I'll show a night of passion unlike anything you've ever felt before, " Tony said while moving his right upward to cup his wife's right tit.

" Ooooohhhh!!!! Yes..yes, let's go right away ! I want to see just how flexible I am when I'm wearing this to the costume party. If it impresses people as much as I think it will, we'll win the grand prize no problem at all, " Monica said trying not to gasp from the bolt of intense pleasure that surged through her body as a result of her husband's caresses.

Smiling broadly, Tony walked over to the bedroom door. " Well, I'm gonna grab a quick shower to get some of this rodeo dust off me . Why don't you wait for me in bed and we'll test how durable you are for an all night riding ? " he said with a leering smile.

Monica nodded enthusiastically though normally the thought of her spending all night with her husband frankly was a boring prospect. As Tony headed off to the bathroom, she slowly made her way to the bedroom thought it was fairly difficult as she found her legs were resistant to her bending them. After several minutes of walking and almost falling down more than once, Monica managed to reach the bed which she fell onto lying on her back. Strange as it seemed, every time she made contact with her body against an object or anything that rubbed her skin, it triggered the most delightful feelings in her.

" Well, honey, let's just see how able you are to move in your new outfit, " Tony said as he walked into the bedroom a few minutes later wearing only a blue bathrobe. He quickly took the robe off and walked over to the bed, where Monica reached up to him with her glossy arms in anticipation of what laid ahead. With a broad smile, Tony laid down beside his wife and started to caress her shoulders and arms while gently kissing her on her ovular mouth.

Ordinarily, Monica would have been happy to get through what usually consisted of tedious love making by her husband but this night was different. Every time he ran his hands over her latex clad body, it sent bolts of pure pleasure throughout her form. Her moans of encouragement and delight as Tony slowly entered her moist pussy with his erect member were genuine for a change and the orgasm that was building within her body was one she didn't have to fake and seemed to be the most intense she had felt in a very, very long time.....

Next morning......

Monica awoke groggily to find herself lying on her stomach with Tony nowhere to be seen. She pulled herself up on her hands and knees sluggishly as she peered towards the bedroom window that now was illuminated with the early morning sun. Reaching with her right hand, Monica found her latex clad body was sticky in spots where the juices of her and Tony's lovemaking were still evident. The brunette moved slowly out of bed and walked into the bathroom, where she retrieved a towel from the closet.

" Ooooohhh..... " Monica moaned in pleasure as she rubbed the towel over her soft latex costume. She could have done this all day long except she heard Tony calling her into the living room. She thought briefly of throwing on her robe but decided that might be stimulating her again so she walked out naked as before wearing only her favorite pair of shoes.

Monica saw that Tony was standing in the middle of the room with a broad smile on his face and he was holding something in his right hand that she couldn't quite see.

" I forgot to add one thing, Monica, that will make your outfit complete. If you want to come over here and stand with your back to me, I'll add the last item to your love doll costume - an inflation plug for that final touch, " Tony called out as he twirled the blue piece in his fingers.

" Sounds great, Tony. Just give me a second or two.... " Monica said as she stiffly made her way over to her husband. Judging by the growing bulge in his pants, it was obvious she was still quite the erotic sight and the previous night's vigorous lovemaking had not diminished his passion in the slightest.

A feeling of pleasure went through Monica as she felt her husband's left hand come to rest on her hip with his right start to exert pressure on her back. " tell me, Tony, what kind of adhesive are you using for the plug ? I wouldn't want to have it fall off when we're at the costume party, " Monica inquired as she felt the pressure on her back increasing.

" Oh, there's no adhesive at all. You see, the plug will be part of you like the costume on a very permanent basis !!! " Tony rasped with a voice dripping in malicious intent.

" WHATTTTT!!!!!... " Monica shouted out before her voice fell silent as the stiffness she felt before became much more intense and she found herself unable to move in the slightest. She saw, with her eyes fixed straight ahead, that Tony had set up a mirror directly opposite her and the sight that Monica frightened her to say the least.

" I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL..... WHY ?...... HOW ?...... " Monica mentally shouted as she felt her legs shift slightly apart of their own accord. Seam lines were becoming visible on her arms and legs as well as around her breasts, which were barely even moving now as her breathing decreased. She felt her mouth, already slightly ovular in shape, stretch wider into a soft O shape with her tongue and teeth melting away as the interior formed a latex and rubber sac for probing. Monica felt the same happening to her anus and her pussy clenched slightly before blossoming into a pink opening that invited a cock or object to enter.

Monica felt herself growing lighter by the second as her insides become nothing more than air or gas. Her eyes were rapidly taking on an artificial painted look as they took on appearance of wide eyed lust that all sex dolls seemed to have. Her breathing ceased altogether as her breasts became firm yet malleable mounds of rubber capped by bright pink nipples and areolas. As the process neared its' end, Monica found her thinking starting to become mixed with desire of sex and pleasing its' owner.

When the process ended, Tony walked out from behind Monica holding what looked like the box the costume came in. To Monica's shock, the picture on the box changed before her eyes from a generic shot of some unknown model to a picture of her with Monica's name on the box.

" You see, my dear, I learned of your adulterous ways some time ago while I was in a rodeo in Canada. For some time, I tore myself up in time how to handle the situation. I thought of everything from confronting you with the truth to walking away and starting a new life somewhere else. Just when I thought I'd never decide what to do, I happened to encounter the owner of the costume shop while we were both leaving that bar Shooters I go to from time to time. When I told him of what I was dealing with, he suggested this costume that turns the wearer permanently into a love doll. Even better, when people ask where you've gone, I'll tell them you just disappeared while I was away one night. Enough people in town knew of your affair with Frank that they'll assume you left town with him so they'll be no big search for you, " Tony drawled as he ran his hands down the doll's soft rubber features.

" PERMANENTLY ?... WHY, YOU.... OOOOHHHH..TOUCH ME AGAIN...NO !...YES !!!...... " Monica mentally shouted as her despair over her state mixed with desire for pleasure.

" The best part is I kind of lied when I said the plug was permanent. In fact, it's interchangeable according to the store owner . The one on you now, the blue plug, gives the subject partial conscious thought though the desires of a love doll are still paramount. The yellow plug allows you total conscious thought though in your current state that won't do you any good. The red on wipes out all thought so that you're nothing more than a mindless sex toy which is pretty close to what you've been acting like recently, " Tony said with a malicious smile.

" DON'T EVER USE THE RED PLUG !!!... PLEASE !!!... NEED TO PLEASE.... " Monica screamed to herself as she wavered back and forth slightly in the air conditioned breeze.

" For now, though, I'm going to leave you like that. In fact, I have to head out to buy some new stirrups and a few other things. Don't go anywhere or do anything while I'm gone, ok ? " Tony said before turning and leaving the room chuckling softly to himself.

The room fell silent with an incredibly realistic love doll standing near a couch alone with its' thoughts.....

Thoughts of passion unlike any Monica had ever experienced before when she was human.....



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