Party Doll

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Sexdoll TF

Halloween was always a favorite time of year for me, and this year was no different. Being in college only excited my urge to think of a good costume for the year. 

My name is Courtney Queen, a college sophomore at the age of 21. I have long brown hair that ends just past my shoulders. I have a hazel pair of eyes and a rather pretty face. 

My body is a standard one for a beautiful young woman as I have thick thighs, a fair set of upper B-cup breasts and a nice butt. I may not be a model but boys would always take second looks at me. 

Currently I was walking back into the female dorm at my university, thinking broadly about what I wanted to be for the Delta frats Halloween party tonight. 

“I can’t go as just some generic costume; I need something that will stand out! Something that pops…” I think out loud to myself as I walk into the lobby and hear two other girls talking about something.

Stopping at the door to the hall I live in I decide to eavesdrop a bit. Leaning against the wall I tuned in.

“… and I heard they were going to have an entire load of the newest model from that company in France. They let them be rented out and then returned after a single party for a very affordable price since they all chip in,” the first girl, a redhead who looks to be rather smart says.

“Do you think they know we know they use sex dolls? I mean, I don’t care but others might…” said the other, more of a bubbly blonde girl.

Deciding I had heard enough I quickly made my way up the stairs and into my single room. Laughing I drop my bag and start making a checklist of things I will need. 

“Well I don’t think the boys at the party will be expecting a living breathing sex doll…” I say giggling to myself as I grab my keys and head out to the local hardware store.

A few hours late I came back with a bottle of plastic furnishing wax and a set of special eyedrops from the store next door. 

I methodically strip out of all my clothes until I am completely naked and standing in front of the mirror. 

“Looking good girl. Time to get all dolled up.” I say quietly and giggle to myself as I grab my belongings. 

First I enter the bathroom and apply the special eyedrops. They are meant to help keep my eyes moist so I do not have to blink nearly as much and can hold my eyes open for extremely long periods of time. 

After the first step is finished I head back to my large mirror with the bottle of wax in hand. Squirting a few handfuls of the stuff onto my stomach I begin rubbing it into my skin with fine precision. 

This process takes many hours as I evenly coat my entire body, including my face and more intimate areas, with the sticky and slick substance. 

After around two-and-a-half hours of constant rubbing and becoming fairly flustered at certain points of my meticulous application of the wax, I am now glistening with a thin yet sturdy layer of hard wax over my beautiful body. 

I looked over myself in the mirror and struck a sexy pose. 

“Wow, what a doll!” I say laughing at my corny joke and grabbing my outfit of choice for the evening. 

It wasn’t much but I slid on a tight-fitting pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts that took a little effort to get all the way on. Followed by a patterned flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves, it showed off ample amounts of my cleavage and almost all of my stomach and mid back. 

Forgoing any shoes, I decide it is time to head towards the party. Leaving everything in my room and the door slightly ajar so I do not need my keys I head out. 

It takes about 10 minutes to reach the frat, which is not hard to miss seeing that the music and other loud noises coming from the large house/dorm. Smiling I walk in and am instantly assaulted by the smell of alcohol and the loud music.

I mingled with a few of my girlfriends that commented that they liked my outfit and how I was dressed like a slut to surprise people. I stayed there and drank a few beers with them before heading out to mingle with other people. 

Much of the mingling consisted of the frat boys commenting how much they could drink and the fact I looked amazing or how willing they were to fuck me. More than a few of them tried, and in some cases succeeded, in copping a feel of my polished ass. 

It was a fun time, but around midnight I got a little bored of the constant attention and approaches of the opposite gender trying to get into my shorts, despite my costume of choice. 

I decided to take my half empty beer and walk around the upper floor the frat had graciously cleaned and opened for their guests. 

I had spent around 15 minutes to explore all of the rooms, the majority being rather bland with only a little flair from their owners to show who actually liver there, and just passing the time. 

I had long since finished my beer and tossed the can into one of the boy’s trash cans so I was no longer distracted by my drink. 

About 30 minutes into my journey I discovered the upper lounge where seven boxes were placed against the back wall. Curious, I walk closer and gasp as I discover what is within the boxes. 

Each metal box contains an extremely lifelike sex doll. I thought the girls earlier were exaggerating but they did look like they could push the boxes open and walk down to the party themselves. 

A few of them resembled famous actors, there was a Scarlet Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence, but the others were non-imitating and bland. After closely examining each of the dolls I reach the last one and giggle in glee, and partially from the fog in my mind from all of the drinking.

In the last box, staring blankly forward was a doll that resembled me in almost every way, barring the slightly larger breasts and green eyes.

Hitting the open button on the mechanical box the front slides open and I pull the doll out. 

I take a minute to inspect the body by squeezing its’ breasts and ass, which pass with flying colors. Deciding to take the test further I drag my clone to the couch and start making out with her. 

It escalates rather quickly as I get more heated then I thought I would, but the thoughts of me making out and having lesbian sex with myself is too much to keep me tame. 

I am deeply into a self-groping session, for multiple reasons when I hear footsteps approaching the hallway leading to this room. 

Groaning as I have to stop my fun I realize I had gotten so excited that I stripped completely and was now as naked as the doll.

Smirking to myself I give myself a quick inspection before a thought entered my mind.

‘I bet I would make a better doll then her…’ 

If my mind was clear I would have thought twice about my decision but since I was rather tipsy my actions happened with no hesitation. 

I quickly grabbed the doll and my clothes and ran to the closet behind the couch. Opening the large door, I dump both objects into the corner and cover it with old blankets and board games so it won’t be found.  

With a happy giggle I run back over to the large box and step up to it. The mechanical doors allow me inside and once I am fit into the tight contours of the foam body mold the doors sense the pressure and close me in. 

Hearing the now muffled footsteps and talking I smile my best smile and keep my eyes straight ahead. 

“Yeah man, these dolls are cool. They look super real and I already called dips on the blonde bimbo one.” Some random guy said as he and another man walked in and started looking at all of us dolls. 

Something about how the two of them just glanced over me like I was another thing for them to use or ignore as they please just got me hot down below and I was really hoping one of them would choose me. 

I would be disappointed however as the two of them grabbed a blonde one and the Scarlet Johansson dolls before retreating for a few hours. 

I lost track of time just being in the box and eventually I dozed off a bit. Before I knew it a loud noise and some light in my eyes made me awake and take in my surroundings. 

There was a large amount of sunlight shining through the windows so it was easy to see that it was well into the next morning, I wasn’t really worried about that however. What I was worried about was the group of boys carrying multiple of the other doll boxes down the hall and downstairs for what I assumed was pickup time. 

“Shame we couldn’t actually use all of these dumb bimbos but maybe next time we can actually get it done…” I heard one of the frat guys say as I started struggling in the foam to be seen as real. 

I opened my mouth to scream out to the guys but as I did my box was jerked forward and I bit my tongue harshly so my scream muffled itself even without the help of the thick box. 

I was now facing the ground and could see the feet of the two men carrying my box but they could not see me. 

I kept struggling against the bonds but my muscles were too sore for me to move after sleeping in this awkward position. It seemed bleak that I would escape this prison without help. 

True to my thoughts, I was flipped briefly up and was viewed by a few men before being shoved against the wall of a large truck and fastened in for what I assumed to be a long trip to the factory. 

Soon enough the last dolls were loaded and the door was shut tightly behind us. The truck gave a lurch and we were off. 

“Well, I did want to be a doll… just in the used fashion and not in the boxed and sold sort of way.” I said to no one but my fellow dolls as I was whisked away to my new home.


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