Passing the Baton 2

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2006 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; transform; lovedolls; cond; reversal; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Part Two

William Clayton entered the room carrying a smallish wooden box, which he placed on a table, then opened. Inside, cushioned by velvet, was a set of rings. William selected a ring with a golden stone. Placing the ring on his finger, he closed the box and turned.

In the center of the room, strapped firmly to a wheelchair, was an auburn haired doll. Just less than a year earlier, the doll had been Jessica Monroe. Jessica had used new technology to turn women into inflated love dolls. Her career had ended only when William, using even newer technology, had transformed her into a solid love doll. Now he prepared to make her human again.

William raised his hand and aimed the ring at the doll. A golden aura enveloped the figure. In the glow, the slight shininess of the skin faded as synthetic materials were transformed into living flesh. The doll's green eyes deepened, life beginning to flicker within their depths. As the glow faded, a naked woman sat strapped in the chair.

For long moments, the only sign of life was the slow rise and fall of full breasts as the woman drew her first breaths in almost a year. Then the limbs began to twitch, tugging uselessly at the straps imprisoning them. The mouth worked silently. Then, slowly, sound emerged.

"H-how, how long?"

"Almost a year," William replied.

"A year?" As she spoke, Jessica's voice became stronger, steadier. "So long? Why did you change me back?"

"Aren't you glad to be human again?"

Jessica frowned. "I'm not sure. I'd learned to be happy as I was. I'm not sure if I know how to be human any more."

William stepped behind the chair, grasping the handles. "You will. You must." Saying nothing further, he wheeled the chair into the next room.

Jessica gasped. Seated on a chair in the center of the room was a nude, blonde haired doll with a face she recognized.

"Julie?" Julie Simpson had been Jessica's lover before she'd been transformed. "What did you do to her?"

"More than I can repair, I'm afraid," William replied. "She was transformed shortly after you. When I saw you, I wanted a doll of my own. I changed her back after about two months, but the damage was already done. She wasn't as strong as you, Jessica. Her mind was gone. Even in a human body, she was still a sex doll. Her only thought or desire was for sex. And she was insatiable."

"So you changed her back into a doll," Jessica stated.

"Yes and no. By then, my work on transformation had progressed enough to give her a chance at regaining a normal life."

Turning, he faced the chair. "Julie, rise." Jessica's eyes widened as the doll rose, standing silently before the chair.

"I gave her back her doll's body," William explained, "but left her animate. I also reduced her physical sensitivity. In this body, she has the sexual drive of any normal woman."

"Why have you done this to her," Jessica demanded.

"So I can teach her. When she became human again, she had no mind, no personality, only sexual instinct. In this body, I can control the sex drive and help her learn to be human again."

Turning, William addressed the doll. "Julie, study." Without a word, the doll sank back into the chair, picked up a book, and began to read.

"I also have her perform tasks," William explained. "As she learns, the tasks become more complex in nature. She is slowly learning to think and feel in a human manner. When she's ready, I'll restore her to her human body, and she can go on with her life."

"And what about me?" Jessica asked.

"That's another matter," William said, moving to unstrap Jessica from the chair. "Your mind was stronger, so you won't have to go through the training."

Now free, Jessica rose. "Then if you don't mind, I'll find some clothes and be on my way." She turned, but only managed a few steps before she heard William say her name in reverse.

"Monroe. Ann. Jessica."

At the sound of her name spoken backwards, Jessica froze. Familiar sensations washed over her, and she realized she had once more become a love doll. Standing helplessly, she listened with growing dread as her situation was explained to her.

"You, dear Jessica, are neither doll nor human. Actually, you're both. In a human body, you're just like any other woman. But whenever you hear the trigger words, you transform back into a doll. I used that combination of words because I doubt you'll hear them in that order in public. So only you and I know the secret of transforming you. Isn't that nice, Jessica Ann Monroe?"

At the sound of her name pronounced in proper order, Jessica returned to human. Turning, she gazed on William, her eyes wide with the horror of her situation.

"You monster," she screamed. "How could you do this to me?"

William smiled. "It took some doing, I'll admit. Strangely enough, the human and doll conditions are mutually incompatible. I had to do some fancy juggling to mix the two."

"But why?"

William smiled, then spoke the trigger words, changing Jessica back into a doll. Lifting her, he carried her to his bedroom and lay her on the bed. Jessica could only stare upwards at the ceiling, until her view was blocked by William's naked form. He entered her, and she was overwhelmed, as always, by the strength of the sensations that exploded through her. Unable to physically or vocally express the pleasure filling her, somehow, made the feeling even more intense. She could almost feel the pores in the skin of William's cock as he thrust into her, felt him thicken with the approach of his orgasm. Suddenly he withdrew, staring into her frozen eyes.

"Jessica Ann Monroe," he gasped, then slammed into her now human pussy. With the sudden change, an orgasm thundered through Jessica's body. Never in her life had she cum so hard and so long. It was as if all the denied orgasms of the past year now possessed her, overwhelming her senses with feelings she could never hope to control. It was all too much. Devastated by the sensations, Jessica's world went dark.

Jessica woke to find herself still lying on the bed, still in human form. She looked for William, but did not see him in the room. Rising, she rummaged through the closet for a robe to wear, then left the room.

She found William in the main room with Julie. The animated doll sat before a computer. Under William's guidance, she was surfing the net, scanning sites dedicated to human behavior. Jessica watched for several minutes, then stepped forward.

"Do you think all that will help?"

"I don't know," William admitted. "But I have to try. I destroyed her. I'm the one who has to at least try to put her back together somehow."

"And me?"

"You will stay here and help with Julie. Once she's recovered, or we know she's beyond saving, I'll make you completely human again."

"So the transformation is just a way to keep me here? I loved Julie. I'd help her with or without you."

"So you want to be completely human now?"

Jessica thought back to what had just happened. "On second thought, let's keep things just the way they are for now."

"Are you sure?"

Jessica smiled. "Monroe. Ann. Jessica."


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