Patio Doll

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; tanning bed; lotion; transform; lovedoll; mc; boxed; M/f; nc; X


Chelsea glanced through a magazine as she sat on the couch and waited for Jack's arrival. He had contacted her earlier that day to tell her he had figured out a way for her to enjoy her vacation without going on the trip she had planned. Chelsea mentally grimaced as she remembered how she had booked a trip for a 7 day - 6 night stay at a hotel in Haiti. However, the recent spate of hurricanes that swept through the Caribbean had resulted in severe damage to the hotel she had booked for the trip. Her travel agent had told her that she could rebook with another hotel but she would have postpone her trip for at least two weeks due to overbooking. Considering all the hassles Chelsea overcame in booking the time off from work, it pointed to Chelsea spending a winter vacation at home surrounded by snow and cold instead of sand and sunshine.

"Jack certainly sounded like he had a good idea. As long as it's not something tacky like some sort of thing where I use some sort of painted backdrop, soothing music and a tanning bed......" Chelsea thought to herself to she tossed the magazine into a nearby rack and stood up to go to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. The percolator was just starting to issue steam when Chelsea heard the doorbell ring indicating Jack had finally arrived.

When she opened the front door, Chelsea found Jack standing with what looked like a stack of long cardboard boxes and a long wooden item that had a tarp draped over it. "Turn that frown upside down, Chelsea. I've got something here that will make your time here seem like you're on that sandy beach in Haiti," Jack exclaimed while dragging the stuff with him inside.

As Chelsea looked on with bemusement, she saw her friend quickly take various items out of the boxes and start assembling together with cursory glances at a set of instructions. The blonde haired woman's amusement was quickly joined by a mental feeling of slight annoyance as she saw Jack was assembling what looked like a tanning bed with a painted backdrop of a summer beach scene standing behind it.

"I know, I know, it's not the same thing as fruit drinks and warm sea breezes but this is almost as good. I was trying to think of something to get you of your funk over your trip falling through when I found an offer that is almost too good to be true. There's a new place in town, Tanya's Tanning Salon, that was looking for women to take trial runs of a new tanning bed they were looking to use in the future. If you agree to sign this standard non disclosure agreement and do a few simple things outlined in the accompanying form, you get free usage of the tanning bed and a generous supply of body lotions and ointments. What do ya think?" Jack said as he handed one of the boxes to Chelsea.

Frowning slightly, the blonde haired woman looked inside the box and saw that it contained roughly a dozen or so plastic bottles of various sizes and shapes. Popping open the top on one of the bottles, Chelsea took a quick sniff and found the aroma to be very pleasant.

"Hmmmm, sounds like a good deal. There's got to be some sort of catch to an offer like this.... there always is!" Chelsea muttered as she plucked a large bottle with red liquid out to see what the ingredients were.

"Actually, that was my first thought too. However, I talked to the shop's owner, Tanya Roberts, and she assured me that as long as you fill out the forms detailing your experience with the bed and lotions, it's all free for you to use. I'll swing by in seven days or so to pick up all this stuff and you can tell me at that point how wrong your assumptions were," Jack replied with a broad smile appearing on his face.

"Ehhhh, I guess so. If I get a bad burn or a skin rash from any of this stuff, though, you'll be hearing from me first," Chelsea said with a long look at Jack. Knowing what THAT meant, Jack silently nodded and quickly bade his friend good-bye.

Chelsea looked around the boxes and equipment and sighed openly. "The things I get talked into sometimes..... ah, well....... " the blonde haired woman said softly as she kicked one of the boxes on the floor with her right foot. With that, she busied herself for the next half hour or so putting stuff in order before heading off to her bedroom to change into something more appropriate.

Roughly twenty or so minutes later, Chelsea emerged from her bedroom wearing a red bikini cut high on the thighs trimmed in black and silver. Although she figured she wasn't going to the beach, she may as well get into the spirit of the thing.

"Let's see, 'apply tanning solution # 001 if you plan to use bed under 20 minutes otherwise # 002 is to be use. The lotions are designed to give you the maximum protection for sub-epidermal tissue while you achieve the fantastic tan you desire.' This sounds ok so far...... " Chelsea said to herself before retrieving the bottle in question. Dabbling a generous portion on her right hand, she applied to her chest, arms and thighs before turning her attention to the tanning bed.

Plugging the bright white apparatus in, she set a timer next to the bed and programmed it for 25 minutes. Humming a tune she had heard on the radio earlier that day, Chelsea, after putting a set of small goggles over her eyes, gingerly laid on the bed and closed the lid on her.

26 minutes later........

Chelsea stood up after climbing out of the tanning bed and ran her fingers gently over her body in addition to visually looking it over. From what she could tell, she had what looked to be the start of a very nice tan but there was something rather odd about her skin in places. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn that a small birthmark located on her left forearm had vanished altogether. After staring at the area in question for several seconds, Chelsea dismissed it as a temporary byproduct of the tanning bed.

As she walked slowly into the kitchen, Chelsea noticed that she was wobbling slightly as she went and nearly stumbled into a table once. Shaking her head slightly, she went to the fridge and got out a bottle of spring water to drink. When she started to drink from the bottle, she noticed that her mouth wrapped itself around the bottle top far tighter than before and when she finished drinking, her mouth seemed to ache as if it was longing to be filled by something.

"Strange........ very strange........ I feel pretty good after this tanning yet..... there's something else...... can't put my finger on it......." Chelsea thought to herself as she closed the fridge door and headed to her bedroom to change into a T-shirt and shorts for a trip to the local store.

However, when she started to remove her bikini, Chelsea found herself moaning from the sensations of fabric rubbing against her breasts and sex. Her eyes fluttered and she briefly allowed her head to loll back as she reveled in the sensations that she was experiencing.

After a few minutes, Chelsea managed to regain her equilibrium and shakily removed the rest of her bikini. However, the sensations did not disappear altogether but subsided to a more tolerable level. The pleasure returned with a force when Chelsea started to put her bra and panties on and, as a result, she was considerably longer than normal in getting dressed. Shortly thereafter, she set out to run her errands though thoughts of erotic pleasure lurked at the back of her mind.

The next day...........

Chelsea awoke sluggishly from bed and saw, much to her chagrin, that she had slept in till nearly noon according to the nearby alarm clock. Mentally grumbling that she had better not get in the habit of sleeping in late or she'd miss half of her vacation, the blonde haired woman slowly climbed out of bed and made her way to the bathroom to freshen up. As she walked, Chelsea heard an odd squeaking noise when her thighs rubbed together as she moved. When she was in the bathroom, she paused for a moment and gently squeezed her left thigh with the thumb and middle finger of her right hand.

"Ooohh, that feels good. It feels VERY good!!" Chelsea exclaimed as she enjoyed the sensations that rippled through her body once again. It took her a few minutes to regain her focus and wash up as she had planned before starting the rest of her day.

A short time later, Chelsea was standing once again in her living room next to the tanning bed and holding a bottle of blue lotion in her right hand. Unlike the previous day, she was only wearing her bikini bottom as she wanted to build her tan on her upper torso and chest that day. According to the books provided by the company, Chelsea should use the lotion bottle labeled "Number # 069 - Partial Tan" for that day's session.

As she applied the lotion, Chelsea noticed that the liquid seemed to apply a bit different than yesterday with her skin much more sensitive ( in a good way) than the day before. With a somewhat shaky left hand, she managed to dabble the rest of the ointment over her body. Fitting goggles over her eyes, Chelsea settled back on the bed and another session on the way to what she hoped was the perfect tan.

Within a minute or two, Chelsea's mind drifted into a dreamlike state similar to what she was feeling before. In the vision floating through her subconscious, Chelsea was nude and lying on what felt like the most comfortable bed she had ever been on. A faceless man was looming over her running his hands over her body and squeezing her boobs and thighs. With each caress, Chelsea wanted to moan or cry out but she was oddly silent as well as completely immobile. The dream seemed to grow more passionate by the second and when the man, who she strangely was perceiving as her OWNER and MASTER, plunged his stiff cock into her, it seemed that her whole body was gripped in an orgasm that was more intense than she ever felt before.


Chelsea awoke from her daydreaming to the noise of the timer she had set on a table next to the tanning bed. Sluggishly, the blonde haired woman pushed up the bed's lid and pulled herself off the bed. Grabbing a towel off a nearby chair, Chelsea slowly wiped the lotion from her shoulders and chest as she ached to see how far along her tan was after two sessions.

Walking slowly to a mirror she had mounted halfway down her hallway, Chelsea noticed that her breasts seemed a lot fuller than before and almost seemed to bounce with every step. When she stood in front of the mirror and saw herself fully, she gasped out loud at what she saw in the reflection. Her breasts seemed to have swelled by at least one cup in size and jutted out quite prominently in front of her. When she ran her hands over the surface of her boobs, Chelsea moaned even louder than she had previously. In addition, she thought her nipples and areolas had become bright pink in color and looked oddly symmetrical in appearance.

"What the hell is going on here? Am I having some sort of allergic reaction to this tanning lotion crap?" Chelsea exclaimed out loud even as she found herself caressing her body with her hands. She had to concentrate to keep her hands at her sides and control the pleasure she felt from the touches.

Luckily for Chelsea, the phone rang at that moment and gave her mind a distraction from pleasuring herself. Walking in a wobbling motion, she made her way sluggishly to the table where his phone was sitting.

"Hi, Chelsea, this is Jack. I know I said I wasn't going to bother you during your vacation but I was just wondering how you were making out with that tanning bed. If you need anything extra installed, I can zip right over and give ya a hand," the caller said in his usually cheerful way.

"Golly gee, Jack, that's so swell of you to offer! I haven't had any problems yet with this bed but if you want to come over, I'm sure we could find other ways to get warm together. How does that sound to you?" Chelsea said in a dippy sounding way even as she started to rub her pussy with her left hand.

"Umm, no thanks, Chelsea. I have to put in a little overtime here at the office for the next couple of days," Jack replied with a little surprise evident in his voice.

"Ooooh, are you sure, Jack? I mean, we could cuddle together and you could run your hands down my big boobies. Wouldn't that be a fun thing to do?" Chelsea said in a syrupy voice that oozed sexual desire.

"Uhhh, uhhh, yeah, I'm, uhhh, pretty sure I don't have the time though. Ummm, I'll check in with you in a few days or so. Gotta go! Bye!" a nervous and obviously rattled Jack said rapidly before disconnecting in a hurry.

"Bye......... " Chelsea said wistfully. She stood by the phone for an extra thirty seconds or so with a vacant look in her eyes and her hand clutched around the phone receiver. After a minute or two, her eyes fluttered and she shakily hung up the phone once again.

"What the hell is going on with me? I sounded like a ditzy bimbo on the phone who wanted nothing more than a good fuck! Mmmmmm........" Chelsea thought to herself before her thoughts were once again interrupted by the pleasant sensations arising from her caressing her hypersensitive body with her hands.

Figuring that her current attitude and body was a result of the tanning sessions she was undergoing, Chelsea resolved to forego any more sessions for the time being and spend the rest of the day relaxing out back in the small greenhouse built onto her house. Heading to her bedroom, she couldn't find her slippers anywhere and decided to slip on a pair of blue high heel shoes instead. As she did, a thought briefly crossed her mind that she should putting something besides high heels and the shoes weren't appropriate to what she was planning. However, that thought, like snow on a warm spring day, vanished quickly and Chelsea slipped on her footwear without any hesitation though she made no move to don a robe or any type of clothing.

Grabbing a blue towel out of a nearby drawer, Chelsea made her way to her greenhouse slowly and spread the towel out near a corner that wasn't covered by plants she had in the area. As she settled down on the towel, another wave of pleasure washed across her mind that was the most intense yet. She let her head loll back as she ran her hands feverishly over her body as she moaned in pleasure once again.

As she stared at her reflection in the glass ceiling of the greenhouse, Chelsea felt another jolt of pure pleasure ripple through her body that was most intense yet. Arching her back and pulling her legs upwards so that her shoes were within inches of each other, Chelsea reveled in the sensation and started rubbing her hands up and down her body once again.

However, just as her fingers were draped across the top of her boobs, her whole body seemed to freeze in place and wouldn't respond to her thoughts at all! She tried to yell for help but her vocal abilities had disappeared just like her ability to move. Worst of all, she could see, via her reflection in the greenhouse, that there was something extremely unusual happening to her body.

"What.... what the fuck is going on?..... it feels like I just woke up from a long dream..... why am I lying on the floor?..... oh....oh no!!!..... I'm changing..... changing into something...... I must still be dreaming..... WAKE UP!!!!!....." Chelsea thought to herself before her mind focused on her reflection and she realized something terrifying and oddly exciting was happening to her. She could see that her skin was becoming glossy and perfection free in more areas than before and there was what looked like seams starting to appear on her legs and around her waist. There was something strangely familiar about what was happening to her but Chelsea couldn't figure out quite what it was.

Suddenly, and without warning, Chelsea felt what seemed like an incredible orgasm ripple through her body and mind. As it did, the memories of what she had been doing and dreaming over the past few days came back to her in an instant. The next changes that happened to Chelsea made these recollections much more revelent as she saw her sex start to twitch and contort on its own. After clenching tight for several seconds as if it was gripping a cock or sex toy, it opened into a perfect O shape with the interior now composed of latex and rubber. While she couldn't see it, Chelsea felt the same happening to her anus and realized, in that instant, what was happening to her.

"A LOVE DOLL.... A FUCKING INFLATABLE LOVE DOLL IS WHAT I'M BECOMING.... THIS CAN'T BE..... WHO WOULD DO THIS TO ME?..... WHY WOULD..... WOULDN'T THEY...... UMMMM.... HARD TO FOCUS FOR SOME REASON....... UHHHH...... FEEELS GOODDD......" Chelsea thought frantically even as the pleasure accompanying her transformation started to cloud her judgment. The changing of her body into a synthetic figure continued as her breasts, already enlarged from her previous tanning sessions, became two mounds of hollow material capped by bright pink nipples and areolas and surrounded by seams similar to the type on her limbs. Chelsea could feel her whole body was now light as air and sensed what could have been an inflation plug growing out of the small of her back.

With her eyes becoming painted features that had a look of eternal lust and desire visible in them and her blonde hair changing to synthetic fibers sewn into her hollow head, Chelsea's transformation into an inanimate sex doll was complete. The rubber doll laid motionless on the brick floor with only the faint humming of a distant air conditioner interrupting the silence. From Chelsea's perspective, the streams of cool air cascading over her ultra sensitive body was causing her to have a seemingly series of orgasms. Despite her predicament, she found herself loving these sensations and a small part of her hoped they would never end.

An unknown amount of time later, the love doll heard her front door open and the voices of two men shortly thereafter. Moments later, Chelsea felt herself being lifted off the floor by one of the men and carried into the room where the tanning bed was set up.

"Jack, do you got the information on the buyer to program into this thing?" the man standing near the upper part of the tanning bed asked his compatriot as he opened up a recessed part of the apparatus.

"Yeah, yeah, Gord, just give me a second. Ya know, Mo, I gotta say that these beds certainly make a nice looking doll. I wonder how much this one is costing the client," Jack said as he gently laid the doll inside the tanning bed.

"Look, man, don't start talking about the financial part in public. The boss always reminds us to keep the chatting about that stuff at the office only. Ya never know what some idiot might overhear and then we'd ALL be in big trouble! Lemme see..... " Gord muttered as he accepted a piece of paper from his coworker and started to type on a computer pad located inside the recessed part he had opened before. A few seconds later, the bed started to hum once again though there was a different glow on the interior.

From Chelsea's perspective, she was still trying to mentally figure out what had happened to her when the bed came to life. At first, she thought her artificial body was going to undergo a heat treatment for some bizarre reason but this reason quickly disappeared. In fact, ALL of her thinking seemed to vanish from the doll's mind and was replaced by thinking that seemed to be emanating from the bed itself. Things like 'Owner', 'Pleasing the Owner' and other simplistic thoughts were running through the latex sex toy's mind. In addition, an image of a man started to appear in her thoughts that would have been familiar to Chelsea previously.

However, Chelsea's existence as a woman had ended when her new role as a sex doll began.........


".....never thought that place would deliver on all the promises they made me. Heck, they even said that they'd work out a scenario to explain your sudden disappearance with no link back to me. It cost me a small fortune but I figure it's worth it and then some, " the man exclaimed as he unwrapped the brown paper wrapped package that had just been delivered to him. A broad grin crossed his face as he looked at the love doll face staring back at him from within the box that contained it.

"I think, Chelsea, you are going to make MY vacation a very memorable one indeed," Jack said smoothly even as his mind raced with all sorts of ideas of the fun he'd have with his new sex toy.


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