Pearls of Wisdom

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; oral; sex; rom; transform; lovedolls; M/ff; nc; X


Liza looked around her home and decided everything was in order for tonight's romantic meeting with Candace, her secret lover. Liza had been married for five years to Harold Bird, a man in his mid 30's who worked in technical support for a local computer company. Unfortunately, Harold seemed more interested in his work than in spending time with her in any intimate way. After about eighteen months, Liza's boredom led her to Candace, a single woman she met at a local coffee shop.

At first, the two were mere friends who chatted about how dull their day-to-day lives were while lounging around Liza's backyard pool. It was during one such time by the pool when they applying suntan lotion on each other that the caresses turned from playful to more intense and intimate. The two spent the day in Liza's bed exploring each other's bodies in ways neither had ever thought of doing before. They had continued their affair in secret being careful not to let Harold know what were up to.

That night, the two were going to have a formal dinner together before exchanging gifts they had agreed to buy each other. After that, they would head off into the bedroom where they would spend the rest of the weekend indulging in heated and frenzied lovemaking before Harold's return. Perhaps Candace would even bring some of her new 'toys' for them to play with while they were playing with each other.

" Hmmm.... I think the white gloves and heels will go well with my dress tonight. Of course, depending on how things go tonight, I may not be wearing them that long. Ha ! " Liza chortled out loud as she moved back and forth holding her outfit close to her.

Several hours later.............

The two women enjoyed a sumptuous meal of barbecued swordfish with salad and a very expensive bottle of wine to sip out of during and after the meal. After finishing, Candace and Liza adjourned to the living room where they sat in front of the fireplace and engaged in some light caressing and probing with their fingers and tongues. Before they got too carried away with their embracing, they got out the presents for exchanging with each hoping to surprise the other.

After the swap, Liza and Candace were indeed surprised by each other as the two wound up looking at the exact same gift : a beautiful set of ivory white pearls set against a velvet cushioned box. They looked at each other sheepishly as they examined the expensive gifts in question.

"It's funny... when I talked to the local jeweler about this, he assured me this was a rare and unique item which he had just obtained on consignment from an Asian dealer. He claimed this was the only one available in the entire country." Liza said in a puzzled tone as she turned the white beads over and over in her fingers.

Candace shook her slightly as she examined her strand. "The guy told me that the pearls were individually harvested over a three year period from a sea bed off the Hawaiian coast with only the finest being used in this necklace." she muttered as she held the strand up towards the ceiling light.

A few seconds later, the two women looked at each other and simultaneously let out a great laugh over being swindled by a fast talking salesman. They decided to put the necklaces on when they got to the bedroom and wear them in bed that night as a show of solidarity.

After reaching the master bedroom at the top of the stairs, the two quickly stripped off their clothes and climbed onto the large bed. Candace helped Liza put on her set of pearls and Liza did likewise with some light kissing and fondling in between.

Roughly five minutes after they had put on their jewelry, Liza swore she could hear a low humming noise echoing all around her. Figuring that it was the air conditioning unit was kicking in, she ignored the distraction and began to caress her lover with more passion and fire as the minutes went by.

After the two had explored each other's body's thoroughly with both hands and tongues, Candace wound up on top of Liza straddling her lover's torso between her legs. She could swear the humming was growing louder by the minute an she was starting to feel... strange... as if her skin was being stimulated by large amounts of electricity causing it to tingle all over.

"Mmmm... Liza, do you feel strange at all? I can't say what I'm feeling but ooohhh..." Candace said in a ragged voice as she cupped her heaving breasts with her gloved hands and rolled the massive orbs around in her palms.

"I...I feel... something... goooddd... mmmm...." Liza muttered softly as she cupped her own size 40 tits and pressed them hard up against her lover's supple thighs. She felt so good all over as she closed her eyes and let her mind swim in orgasmic bliss.

A few seconds later, the two women quickly discovered the ulterior reason behind the highly erotic feelings they both were experiencing. Their bodies ceased to respond to their thoughts and they found they could no longer move or talk at all. Both women felt a warm glow emanating from the necklaces they were wearing that was spreading rapidly through their respective bodies.

"What.... What's happening?.... Why can't I move....." Candace thought as she sat immobile on the bed not able to even twitch so much her fingertips.

Gazing with her eyes fixed downward, she saw to her shock that her skin was changing rapidly from warm flesh and blood to smooth plastic with freckles and disappearing rapidly. Her breathing had ceased as her breasts changed rapidly into two mounds of molded plastic that felt incredibly light under her rigid hands. Candace felt her mouth reshaping itself as her teeth and tongue melted away and formed a soft interior. All these changes provided the busty beauty a feeling of euphoria as if she was experiencing the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Unfortunately, she had no way of expressing what she was feeling.

From Liza's point of view, the transformation was even more horrifying for she saw her lover's change into a love doll and experiencing her own transformation. She saw Candace's pussy slightly open as it became the soft material the rest of her was becoming and knew that the same was happening to her.

"NOT A LOVE DOLL... PLEASE, NO!!... PLEASE.... NEED.... NEED TO PLEASE!!!!..." thought Liza as the change swept through her body and mind rapidly. Her thoughts were becoming focused on pleasing her owner and making him happy.

For Candace, there were no thoughts now as she was completely transformed now and softly wafted back and forth as the air conditioner's breeze blew across her hollow latex body causing it to bob slightly.


"You know, I should consider myself lucky that I had a friend who was willing to sell me some discarded plans from an old bio-tech company. If he hadn't, I never would have designed the necklaces for you two ladies, would I?" the man said as he pulled back the bed covers and climbed into bed between the two lifelike dolls.

"Maybe someday I'll even work up a way of reversing the whole process. It would mean I'd have to forgive your infidelities, Candace, and that may take a long while. Ha!" Harold said as he nestled his head between his wife's plastic bosoms.

"Good night, Candace! Good night, Liza!" he said softly as he put his right hand on Liza's torso.

No one wished Harold a good night.. of course, he didn't need the wish.. from his perspective...

It was guaranteed to be a good night...



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