Perfect Look

by Northern Chill

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Janet was growing more than a little tired of the vanity of her room mate Patti and her constant obsession with how she looked. It seemed like Patti would spend half of every day primping in front of a mirror applying make-up or fretting over some minor imperfection. The blonde had inherited a fortune from her late father when he passed away two years ago and, as such, didn't have to worry about where her next meal was coming from or paying her share of the rent.

Although she and Patti had been friends since their high school days, Janet found her room mate changed a lot in attitude after receiving her inheritance. When Patti broke something now or had something go wrong, she'd leave a note for Janet not to apologize so much as to let her know what she broke and the money to replace it. If it wasn't for the fact that Janet was struggling to make ends meet and needed Patti's money to keep things together, she would have struck out on her own a long time ago.

"'d think she'd learn to pick up after herself...sheesh..." Janet grumbled as she picked up Patti's underwear and shorts off the living room floor and carried them back to her friend's room. A look of disgust crossed her face as she saw the mess that Patti had left in her room with various pieces of clothing as well as magazines strewn everywhere.

Shaking her head, Janet picked up the stuff she was literally standing on and tossed it onto Patti's bed. When she picked up one magazine, she stopped and glanced at the cover. It was one of those adult magazines where all the models depicted were extremely busty and posed in a series of shots that emphasized their ample sized chests. Janet saw that several of the classified ads that pitched bust enhancement creams had been circled by Patti with a red marker.

"Hmmm... Patti wants to get bigger tits, does she? She sounds an awful lot like my boyfriend Alan, who is always bugging me to get breast enhancement surgery. He even said that he could get me the materials at cost from the company he works for if that would change my mind. Of course, when he found out that I worked at a rival manufacturing company that produced the same materials and I still wouldn't have the surgery, he quieted down quite a bit," Janet said as she tossed the magazine back on the bed and finished straightening up.

About thirty minutes later, Patti came home carrying several shopping bags in her right hand while chatting away into a cell phone she cradled with her neck. After tossing her bags into her room, she went into the living room where she sat down on a chair opposite Janet with a happy look on her face.

"Oh, Janet, I'm so happy. I met this really cute guy at a night club a couple of weeks ago and he is such a great guy. Great looking, cool place and a great sense of humor to boot. He's even willing to help me out in making my body look better than it ever has before," Patti said ruffling her blonde hair with her right hand.

"Well, be careful. I know guys who have offered to help turn anyone they meet into their version of a living Barbetta doll only to move along when they get bored," Janet said hoping to talk her room mate out of anything too foolish.

Patti never let on that she heard Janet at all. "Oh, I think this guy is much more down to earth. He's got a ton of money, a great paying job and is great in the sac. What more could a horny young woman want?" Patti said with a long chuckle at the end.

Janet decided to drop the subject and let Patti prattle on about her plans for the rest of the day. Patti ate a light lunch before changing into the usual attire she wore when going to head off to the clubs. Janet bade her roomie a good night while she went to get ready for her date with Alan later that night.

Janet was just in the middle of changing and deciding what outfit to wear when she heard the phone ring. A minute or two after answering, the brunette hung up with a sense of extreme frustration visible on her face. "Damn that Alan.... again he pulls this shit!" she hissed in response to hearing him cancel yet another date with her due to business commitments. It was the third time in the last two weeks that he had canceled at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances and Janet was clearly vexed by his tendency to leave her hanging at the last minute.

Grumbling mentally at the inconvenience and not feeling mentally like going out on the town like Patti had already done, Janet threw on her bath robe and sat down on the couch content to spend the night munching on popcorn and watching some movies she had taped recently.

Later that night, Janet had dozed off on the couch for several hours when she was awoken by the sound of the apartment door opening. She sat up to see her room mate entering in with her usual big smile carrying a piece of paper in her right hand. Patti walked over to the fridge, got out a bottle of Canadian Ice spring water and walked over to her room mate almost skipping like a school yard kid.

"That was the best date I have been on in a very long time. I've never been swept off my feet so completely.... every time we stepped on the dance floor felt like we were floating on clouds in perfect rhythm To make things even better, he's going to arrange it for me to get bigger boobies and I won't even have to go in some dumb old doctor to get it done. He's given me the name of the place and time to pick up the stuff to give me big old titties... I even get to choose the way that I take the chemical. Isn't that cool?" Patti said with a voice slightly slurred by alcohol.

"Chemical....? That sounds a little hazardous by the sounds of things.....why don't you convince your boyfriend to pay for a normal operation and save yourself any unnecessary hassles?" Janet said trying to convince her inebriated room mate to choose another path to her goal.

"Pffff.... there's no hazard at all to the stuff I'm going to use. According to Alan, he says the stuff is perfectly safe and I can use it as he gets it sent over to my place here. Whoof... I must admit he dances so well.... wore me out... hrrrrr.... " Patti mumbled as her eyes started to droop with the frenetic pace of her evening starting to catch up with her.

"Your boyfriend's name is Alan? Wow, that's a bit of a coincidence to say the least. I wonder if your Alan has ever met up with mine especially since it sounds like they work in the same business. What do you think, Patti? Patti?" Janet inquired of her room mate before she noticed that Patti had passed out cold in the chair. Sighing out loud, Janet stood up and threw an afghan over her room mate's slumbering body before heading off to bed herself with questions unanswered.....

Over the next ten days, Janet worked quite a bit of overtime at her job and consequently saw very little of her room mate other than a wave the two exchanged from across the building parking lot as Janet left to go to work and Patti came home from partying all night. The only other contact the two had was the various Post-it notes that Patti would leave asking Janet to keep an eye open for a package or large envelope that would be coming via courier any day.

"Patti's looking for the stuff to make her boobs bigger already ? This Alan guy she's seeing sounds just as anxious as mine.... hmmmm...." Janet muttered as she unlocked the apartment door and went to relax after another ordinary day at work. Before she could start preparing some stir fried rice for her supper, there was a knock at the door. When she opened up, she found a PPS delivery man waiting for her with a large cardboard box for her to sign for.

After jotting down her signature, Janet took the package from the young man and closed the door behind her. When she glanced at the package, she saw it was addressed to Patti as she suspected it would though there was no return address listed on the front. Flipping the box over, she saw a stamp imprinted faintly on the wrapper which looked a lot like Krystov Research and Development, the company her Alan worked for.

"Curious and curiouser..... " Janet muttered softly though an inner voice was starting to whisper to her that it was no coincidence. She put the package on the edge of the kitchen counter while she dug herself a bottle of wine out of the fridge. Unfortunately, Janet was a little clumsy when standing up from the fridge and her right hip made contact with Patti's package sending to the floor with a loud THUMP !.

Janet saw with dismay that the wrapping on the box had ripped open sending the box contents flying across the floor. However, she saw, to her relief, that none of the items inside appeared to have been damaged. Gently removing the box from the paper ( which largely remained intact), she started scooping the items in question.

The first, a bottle of what appeared to be a milky white fluid with the the silhouetted image of a woman on the front, appeared to be the fluid that Patti had been waiting for. When Janet went to put the bottle back in the recessed slot for it inside the box, she noticed a white envelope sitting partly on top of the area. Curious to what was written and to answer her own unanswered questions, Janet opened the unsealed envelope carefully and looked at the note inside......

I hope this is just what you're looking for. I'm
looking forward to move in with you once you
ask your room mate Janet to leave. We've been
lucky that no one has found out we plan to be
living together soon.

Take care and let me know how this works,

To Janet's utter shock, she saw that the hand written note was in her Alan's hand... he was Patti's boyfriend! "My God, how could I be so damned stupid? All this time.... the name... his job.... I should have known better!" Janet hissed angrily out loud as she stared at the offending note in question. As she reread the note over and over, it also dawned on her that Patti was planning to evict her with little or no warning so she and Alan could set up their love nest.

After several long minutes of contemplation, a sinister smile crossed Janet's face. "Well, those two deserve to have a lesson taught to them.... a very nasty lesson... " she said as she quickly put the contents of the parcel back in the box. She then carried the item to her room whistling softly out loud.

Next day.....

" to get this and such a pretty color too...." Patti said while admiring the bottle of pink fluid she held in her hands. Janet, sitting on the couch, smiled and nodded as she looked on with a growing sense of anticipation. She had just emerged from the shower and was standing nude in the middle of the living room with a towel wrapped around her.

"According to the note Alan has attached, the breast enlarging stuff can be introduced by drinking it... or through other ways.... giggle..." Patti said as she bounced back and forth on her feet.

"Well, if you want to try a way other than just drinking it down, I might have just the thing for you.. a little something I picked up recently..." Janet said with a helpful look on her face before standing and heading to her bedroom. A few minutes later, she emerged naked carrying what looked like a large white oversized dildo in her hands.

"Before I head into the shower myself, I thought I'd give you a hand getting those tits of your bigger.... this dildo is hollow inside where lubricant is poured in before it's used. You depress a button on the side to release the lubricant and viola! If you let me do the button part, I'll let you use it..." Janet said while waving the toy in front of her.

"Wow! That is so cool... sure... I'll let you help me... let me just get comfortable on the couch... " Patti said as she flopped herself on the couch and spread her legs wide open. She closed her eyes halfway and muttered "Big titties..." softly several times.

After pouring the drug inside the dildo and capping it, Janet carefully walked over to her room mate and knelt on the couch beside her. She took the tip of the dildo and had Patti swab it with the end of her tongue before slowly ( and dramatically) starting to insert it into Patti's moist pussy.

As she started to work the sex toy back and forth, Janet could hear Patti's breathing grow ragged and soft moans of pleasure clearly could be heard. Janet was quite adept at using toys like this and knew it wouldn't take long before Patti would be writhing like a cat in heat.

"Ooooohhh... push the button already, Janet... I want my boobies to be big and round for Alan.... " Patti moaned as she put her left arm partly behind her head.

"No problem, Patti, you'll soon have big breasts... to go with that new love doll body you're getting!" Janet said as she pressed the button to trigger the flow of pink liquid. Almost immediately, Patti's jolted as the fluid came into contact with her internally and started its' diabolical process.

"Wha ?.." Patti gasped as her eyes flicked wide open in shock. She tried to move but the drug had already removed her ability to do so. She could only look on and pray her room mate was kidding.

"You see, I found out about you and Alan.... my Alan... and what you had planned for me. I took the drug that Alan sent you and altered it slightly while at work last night. You'll still get your big tits but they'll be part of your lifelike sex doll form you're now taking on." Janet said with an evil smile.

"Nooo.... " Patti moaned as she felt her body starting to change. She saw her legs were changing in appearance from warm flesh and blood to smooth glossy latex and plastic. Thin seams started to appear along the sides running the length of the limbs, which started to look translucent under the bright apartment light.

The change swept up the blonde's body transforming her pussy into a bright pink opening that was slightly ovular in appearance with the interior changing into a soft rubbery sac that invited probing by the toy that was now inserted into it or other such things. Patti could feel the same thing happening to her anus with the additional feeling of it moving away from her pussy by several inches. She could feel herself growing lighter and lighter by the second as if her interior was becoming nothing more than air.

Patti's moans and pleas suddenly disappeared as the change engulfed her torso and her birth mark, located just above her belly button, disappeared as did the button itself. She could see her finely trimmed pubic hair disappear as the area became smooth latex like the rest of her was becoming. The process engulfed her chest as her breasts bloomed outwards to at least D-Cup size. A short while ago, Patti would have delighted in the sight of her breasts growing larger but now she watched in horrified silence as bright pink circles appeared atop both spheres of perfection with thick, slightly flattened nipples in the middle.
She could feel the change sweep through her arms turning them into hollow tubes of latex that had no strength in them to move even if she could.

Janet watched in silent satisfaction as the change neared its' conclusion and started to change Patti's face. Patti felt her teeth and tongue melt away as the interior of her mouth formed into a smooth sac much like her pussy and anus now was. At the same time, she felt her mouth pulling into an O-shape ready to be probed by a finger, cock or sex toy. Patti felt her cheeks grow bright as they became composed of the same material the rest of her was. Her beautiful blue eyes, the last spark of humanity still faded away, faded away to be replaced by painted ones framed by pink shade that stared lifelessly ahead.

"I'M A LOVE DOLL... A BUSTY SEX TOY TO BE SCREWED AND USED.... DAMN YOU, JANET !... DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!" Patti mentally wailed as she sat in silence trying desperately to understand her predicament.

Once she was satisfied in her mind that the process was completed, Janet withdrew the dildo from the doll's pussy and carefully set it in a nearby box careful not to spill any liquid on herself. She then stood up and picked up the doll with her hands
and felt the inflation plug that was now visible in the small of the doll's back. After a minute or two of careful examination, she looked at the slightly rounded face of what was formerly her bubbly room mate but now just an inflated sex toy.

"Now that you've been taken care of, I've got to get some papers ready for your transferring your money to me. It's a good thing, Patti, you wanted me to handle all the bills and trusted me with your account numbers. It shouldn't take too much effort to make your sudden leaving town very easy to explain. After that, you'll be on your way to your new home," Janet said with an evil smile as she carried the doll into Patti's old bedroom....

Ten days later.......

Alan was more than a little perplexed by Patti's leaving town suddenly without warning. According to the email he got, she had been swept off her feet by a European millionaire and she was going to live with him in his chalet in Switzerland. He thought briefly of asking Janet where Patti exactly was but that might be more awkward than he was willing to endure.

On top of that, he had received an anonymously addressed package in the mail that day... an incredibly lifelike love doll named BUSTY BETTY, whose resemblance to Patti was remarkable to say the least.

"Well, may as well try this out... nothing else to do tonight..." Alan muttered as he took out the deflated doll and headed off to his bed room where he had an old bicycle pump.....

So... in the end.. everyone got what they wanted....

Janet got financial security and a stable home life...

Alan got to be with Patti on an everyday (and intimate) basis...

Patti got her bigger chest.... and Alan.....

Well, maybe Patti got a little more but she wasn't telling.....


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