Perfectly Suited

by Anita Dahl

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© Copyright 2010 - Anita Dahl - Used by permission

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Another Saturday night… another fetish party.

Sheila and I were there, dressed to thrill as per normal. She in black latex catsuit w/opera length latex gloves, corseted VERY tightly (14”), tight latex hood… a pair of black thigh high 6” stiletto boots completed the ensemble. She looked magnificent.

I was in a black catsuit w/latex gloves, a tight mask that had a mouth opening in an “O” shape and pin hole eyes. Conversations were virtually impossible in that mask due to the fact that the open mouth had a closed tube filling it.

We walked around socializing with friends and watching the scenes taking place in various rooms. While this was fun, there was nothing out of the ordinary taking place… then we walked into “Room 8”. OMG!

There were four ‘dolls’-people completely encased in latex from head to toe. They looked like full sized Barbie dolls with their amazing figures, 6” stilettos, blonde hair, long fingernails & expressionless faces. They moved with some difficulty. Partially from the ‘heels, partially from the tight, restrictive doll suits and partially that their view of the festivities was taking place through pin holes in their glass eyes. The toothy smile was not unlike the one Barbie dolls wear. They could not speak and their faces defied any ‘read’ of emotion. Sheila & I were fascinated. We had to know more.

Sheila walked over to one of the dolls to ask how we could find out more about these amazing dollsuits. The doll reached into her bra and handed Sheila a card. It read “American Dolls” and had a contact number. We stayed & watched the dolls for the next hour. When we left, we got to the car and I motioned for Sheila to remove my mask. Sheila unzipped it and unlaced the inside layer. After my masks removal, we started chatting about the dolls, how it must have felt to wear one of those suits.

When we got home we immediately called the number on the card and left a msg. Aroused from the evenings’ activities we retired to our bedroom. Before we could start the phone rang. It was a man named Eric with American Dolls. After exchanging the usual pleasantries the discussion turned to the dolls at the event. Eric invited us to tour the facility and hinted that only after the tour we could discuss the possibility of purchase. We set an appointment for Monday.

The facility was in an industrial area. Buildings upon buildings set over many acres of very secure land. We drove up to the guards’ office and told them who we were and whom we were going to meet. He called Eric to confirm that we did indeed have an appointment. That done the massive gate slid open and we entered the property. There no names on the structures just numbers. We followed the directions Eric had given us to building #117. The oversized garage door opened. Eric was standing there. He waived us in and indicated where we should park.

We got out of the car and Eric directed us to the office. There were around 20 people working at various stations. We were taken aback to see the four Dolls again looking wonderful as they went about their work. “They work here” Eric announced “They also model at events for us”.

Sheila could not take our eyes off the dolls.

“How do they function in the dollsuits? They seem so restricted.” Sheila asked.

Eric acknowledged this with a shrug & a nod. “It’s their choice as to what they wear in the workplace. As long as they get the work done… that is all we really care about. Now then, would you like to see what it is we do here? Come then.”

We went from the office through a secure door. Eric slid his card through the reader and we entered the factory. It was very neat & clean with people walked about doing the required tasks pertaining to the suits construction. There were mold workers, technicians, finish workers, inspectors as well as shipping. The suits were constructed to order. The measurements were scanned into a computer then transferred to a file. After this the customer’s wants were entered as well. This was forwarded fabricators who fashioned it out of a special material. The material was not latex not plastic. It was pliable but slightly hard. In the suit there were changes to accommodate a corset, larger breasts etc. The mask was made of the same stuff. It to was fabricated from a computer scan of the individuals head. After this data was entered into the computer the customer’s preferences as to the faces appearances were combined to attain the desired look. The suit was placed on a form so that makeup and a zipper could be installed. This was done with the client present for the purpose of a precise fit.

We were allowed to inspect a completed suit. Sheila smiled as she went over the suit. She leaned towards me and whispered “I WANT one!” I winked and replied “So do I.”

Eric asked if we had any questions. Sheila asked if we could meet with one of the dolls to chat. He picked up a phone and asked for Kim to meet with us. Kim was still suited. Eric explained that we wanted to ask a few questions if that would be agreeable to her. Kim nodded and walked the table and sat. The doll face was smiling and the fixed eyes looking at us.

“We wanted to ask you a few questions. First, how long does it take you to put on the suit?”

Kim picked up a pen & paper “About an hour. This might be easier if I take the suit off. So I could speak. Would that be ok?” We both agreed that that might make things easier on us all. “She wrote “I’ll be back in 15 minutes.” She rose from the chair & left the room her 6” stilettos clik-clik-clking with her departure.

Eric said “While she’s away, I’d like to ask if this something you’d wish to pursue?”

Sheila replied “Absolutely! A few questions we have; how long does it take to make the suit?”

“A week to ten days depending upon the demand. The orders are done on a first come/first served basis.”

“When could we place our order?”

“If you have decided that this is what you’d like to do we could get started today”

“Lastly, we want two suits-his & hers. How much money are we talking about here?”

“The price would be $8,000.00.”

Sheila grinned and turned to me “Pay the man, Stan!”

Eric took our AMEX card and said “I’ll go get things in place. Ah, Kim. Welcome back!”

Out of the doll suit, Kim looked very different. She was about 5’8”, weighed in @ 140 or so and looked to be 50ish. She joined us and smiling opened with “I love being in the suit so-o-o much, however, now we can chat. Ask me anything.” Sheila wanted to know if one could put the suit on solo or do you require assistance? “Donning the suit requires help from another. Even then it IS a process. Everything must be shaped into place while you are squeezing into it. The head or mask is another story. There are tubes that go up your nose, the ears have to be located and the mouth requires attention as well.”

“Is it hot?”

“No-not really. It was a bit awkward when we did a presentation on a hot day. Fortunately there was air conditioning in the residence so I spent a lot of back & forth time.”

“We noticed that the suit appeared to be somewhat rigid. This has to restrict movement-no?”

“Yes it does. That part requires concentration and a fair amount of effort. One gets used to it and after a while becomes part of the intrigue… it does make the wearer a bit randy, if you will.”

“How long have you worn the suit?”

“I personally have worn the suit for 2 days… it was amazing!”

“We noted that the mouths were closed has that posed a problem?”

“Well, I prefer the closed mouth. It feels… erotic.”

“Does the construction of the suit what about bodily functions?”

“The suit can be made to allow the wearer to urinate but nothing else. There’s a rectal opening however, relieving one’s self is not an option.”

Eric returned. He motioned us to accompany him to the scanning area. Upon arriving there we disrobed and went to the scanner. We stood on an “X” on the floor and the scanner did its job. This took less than 2 minutes. We then met with Eric to discuss what we wanted to incorporate in our suits. That done we retired to our car & bid adieux to Eric. “I’ll call you when the suits are finished to schedule a fitting.”

On the drive home we were so anxious… and horny!

The days passed. We could not get the suits out of our minds. Finally Eric called. The suits were done. We needed to come by for our fitting. He told us what clothing to bring. “… and be sure to bring your wigs.” We drove over immediately.

Upon our arrival, Eric greeted us and we went to the fitting room and laid out our clothes. Two technicians came in with the suits. They looked incredible. Sheila went first. The techs applied liberal amounts of talcum and Sheila started the process. First her feet went into the legs. The feet held hers firm in the ‘high heel’ position. Once it reached the waist the corset in her suit was tightened until her measurement that was 25” was now 17”! The suit was worked up to her torso. She placed her hand into the left arm followed by the right. After a concerted effort and a few adjustments she was ready for the next step-the head. An amazing piece of work. The head was somewhat stiff. The techs spread the opening so she could get her head in. They maneuvered the tubes into her nostrils; once this was accomplished the head was pressed into place. They asked her if she was ready for enclosure. She nodded yes. The zipper closed over the tight mask and proceeded down the back of the suit. Done… Sheila was assisted into the outfit she had brought; garters & stockings, black PVC short dress, black patent 6” stiletto heeled pumps and the shoulder length auburn wig. The wig was positioned and glued into place. She looked amazing. She turned and looked in the full length mirror, then turned to me. She stiffly clik-clik-clik’ed her way over to me and put her arms around me. I looked into the glass eyes and kissed her doll face.

It was now my turn.

Sheila sat down to watch as I had. The process was repeated for the most part. When the suit reached my genitals, the techs instructed me as to the proper procedure was so I could urinate if needed. My suit also had a built in corset. The techs cinched me in and continued to tighten it until my 32” waist was now 25”! That accomplished they worked the suit up to my torso. My suit differed from Sheila’s here. As per our order, my suit had two “D” cup breasts. They placed an adhesive on them that would adhere them to my own chest. The arms went in, followed by the head. Once in place the zipper went down… I was entirely enclosed.

First came the garter belt & stockings. I’d brought a copy of Sheila’s dress in red. Followed by red 6” stilettos and a blond wig. Both suits had very long fingernails. We both had a fetish for this! Lastly came the jewelry: Huge hoop earrings, matching choker and bracelets and three cocktail rings on each hand.

I looked in the mirror. I was now a doll just like Sheila. She came over and we embraced. We looked deep into our dolls eyes and pressed our smiling doll lips together.

We walked the doll walk hand in hand. It was time to go home & try them out.

But where were the technicians? Where was Eric? Panic was just setting in when the tech team shoed back up. They assisted us out of our suits, packed them away and loaded them into the trunk of our car.

We thanked Eric and started the drive home.

It was Friday… we had all weekend.

And there was another fetish party tonight…


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