Personnel Decisions

by Northern Chill

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Colleen looked over the financial report she was given by her company's comptroller and smiled as she reviewed the figures. As she turned the pages, she saw that her company, NFRU ( New Forms For U), was doing very well financially with all international divisions showing healthy profits.

Looking down the individual reports, Colleen saw that the North America division was reporting profits 32 % above what was projected. There was a note attached to the report from Bill Dolan, head of the division, asking if it might be possible to take the company public in the future. Upon reading this part, Colleen set the report on her desk and spun her chair around as she let a loud and boisterous laugh.

" Now that would be an interesting IPO whose main source of revenue involves the transformation of women, temporarily and permanently, into inflatable love dolls, mannequins, display forms and other inanimate objects. The transformation is done via magic or science with the subject usually unaware of the forthcoming process. Yeah, that would get attention, for sure......the wrong type of attention, " Colleen thought with amusement as she stretched her hands in the air before turning back to the report.

According to what was written, the European division had profits that were almost 75 % higher than expected with new branch offices opening in Lisbon, Valentia, Bristol, Budapest and Prague. The last one had a manager who was said to have the largest collection of collectable planes in the Czech Republic and was an avid aviation fan. However, this was balanced by the fact that he personally was responsible for doll and mannequin transformation totals that were 325 % above the previous year's totals using what he called the ' PM method'.

" Hell, I don't care if he uses a computer monitor, a magic wand and a picture of the subject....with those kind of results, he could be running this company in a year or two....well, unless I get ticked with him and send him to some god forsaken place like Canada!....HAHA!!...... " Colleen thought with a wry smile crossing her face.

After reading the rest of the financial report, Colleen set it to one side and started thumbing through reports of ' unusual' ventures. The North American division was looking into using chairs as decoys when it came to transforming women with an eye towards cutting costs. The South America manager was developing a mannequin making formula that guaranteed transformation in 30 seconds or less when his main research plant was burglarized. All research and formula samples were stolen by the thief or thieves with the only clue being the letters O and I sprayed in bright red paint on one of the walls.

As for the European division, it was fairly routine though the German manager talked about a failed attempt to use the Autobahn highway's notoriously high speed as a catalyst for changing female passengers while they move along. To Colleen, it seemed bizarre, to say the least, but Hans Gottlieb was a divisional manager who liked to propose ideas that were a bit off the normal track.

Shaking her head, Colleen set aside this report and turned her thoughts to the executives that worked with her in the main headquarters of NFRU. For the most part, they were all fiercely loyal to Colleen and her vision of what the company though some were a bit more ambitious than others. One in particular, Brad Arragon, moved up to his current job of vice-president due to a combination of luck and guile as several people ahead of him either retired, quit to work elsewhere or disappeared altogether. It was the latter that caused more than a few discussions around the water coolers as to what Brad's ultimate goal was.

For now, Colleen had need of Brad's ruthlessness as she needed to deal with an internal problem that she had just discovered. Her personal secretary, Lindsay, was apparently selling copies of highly confidential information to rivals that were using the info to outmaneuver her company in subtle but noticeable ways. Once she heard of the corporate espionage, Colleen's first thought was to personally make an example of Lindsay to discourage anybody who might harbor similar thoughts in the future.

However, after she took a short time to think about it some more, Colleen realized that it would look highly inappropriate for a high profile CEO of a company whose true business dealings were unknown to most of the world to become personally involved with the handling of a corporate spy. She figured that this matter was best left to someone like Brad, who could show his resourcefulness in handling such a matter. In addition, if things went wrong, he would also make an excellent scapegoat to any legal investigations.

" Lindsay, contact Mr. Arragon and ask him to be in my office ASAP, " Colleen said into her speaker phone before settling back and jotting down some personal notes for each of the reports. Roughly four minutes later, a somewhat harried Brad was escorted into the office by Lindsay who, after being told that she wasn't needed for anything else, left the office quickly.

" I apologize for not being here sooner, Miss Davenport, but I was on the phone with one of our better clients in Buenos Aries. He wanted to know how long it would take for our company to fill an order for twenty ' real ' love dolls and ten or so ' lifelike ' mannequins. I'll call him back after our meeting, " Brad said as he took his seat in a high back black leather chair opposite Colleen.

" I think you might want to leave such a task to someone of lesser importance than yourself. You see, I have a delicate manner that needs to be taken care of in a discreet manner with an approach that will ensure results. From what I have learned of your ' activities ' here at the company, I think you'll be perfect for such a task, " Colleen said confidently while making a few notes with a stylus on her Palm Pilot.

Brad momentarily brought his right hand to his forehead to wipe away beads of sweat that were appearing. His uneasiness was not only due to the fact that this assignment was being offered to him by the company head but also the fear that Miss Branson might know quite about his past actions of which some were certain to land him in hot water and then some.

Despite all this, the brown haired man quickly regained his composure. " I'd be more than happy to take on any task that you give me. If you could tell me the details behind this task, I'll complete it to your utmost satisfaction, " Brad responded with his usual of confidence evident in his voice.

" Mr. Arragon, you don't need to treat our talk as if I'm interviewing you for the position. I'll email you with all the details later today. I trust you have no plans for the upcoming weekend, " Colleen said in an icy tone.

Realizing that his wiggle room had disappeared altogether, Brad resigned himself to the fact that he had to take the assignment and have his methods open for scrutiny by those above him. " No, I'm free. I hope I can do this, and many more tasks, for you in the future, " he said confidently.

" And if you screw this up, you'll be making Candi wind-up dolls in part of the factory machinery, " Colleen thought to herself as she stood up and shook her junior executive's right hand.

Four days later...........

Lindsay could scarcely believe her turn in fortune recently. First, a person representing Fantasies For Adults had approached her with the idea of selling his company confidential information she would obtain from her employer. Although initially reluctant, she quickly agreed when she heard the amount promised her and was quickly immersed in the lucrative world of corporate espionage.

If that wasn't good enough, she had been approached by Mr. Arragon, one of the high ranking executives in the company she worked for, while she was visiting a local bar. After sharing a few drinks and engaging in a brief period of conversation that was, at times, far more intimate than Lindsay had been involved with in the past. A short time later, Brad invited her to join him at her at his sumptuous mansion for a night cap.

" Hmmmm, I wonder if Brad is looking to hook up with someone like me on a long term basis. Even if he's not, I'm sure he'll reveal some profitable company secrets to me that I can turn around and sell! " Lindsay thought to herself as she reclined on a luxurious white couch and waited for Brad to return with a drink for her.

As the red haired woman waited, she looked around the room and saw that Brad had collected a few private momentos from his previous work related assignments. There was a life-size plastic figure of a nude female that looked to have been caught by surprise when she was transformed standing in the far left corner. Brad, perhaps with a dark sense of humor, was using the figure as some sort of standing aquarium as Lindsay could see various types of tropical fish swimming around on the inside.

Another item which stood out was what appeared to be a life-size poster of a semi nude beach volleyball player caught in the middle of leaping upwards. The hint that the poster might be something more than it appeared to be was that the woman's bare breasts, with a bikini top surrounding them, were slightly moving up and down as if the figure was breathing.

" That's odd......usually they want company executives to be more discrete with displaying ' clients' in the open for everyone to see. Brad could get in a lot of trouble with the upper brass if they found out.....hmmmm......that's something to keep in mind for the future, " Lindsay thought as she turned her attention to the magazines on the coffee table in front of her. Seeing the latest copy of TRANSFORMATION ILLUSTRATED in the pile, she picked it up and was about to start reading it when she heard Brad's voice from the kitchen.

" Lindsay, could you come here for a minute? " Brad called out in a semi impatient manner.

" I'll be right there, sweetie, " Lindsay responded and immediately got up and made her way to the kitchen. However, when she set foot just inside the kitchen area, the tile she stepped lit up in a bright, yellow glow and she found herself unable to move at all!!

" Hey! What, what's going on here? Brad? Brad, do you know what's going on? " Lindsay cried out as she tried to desperately figure out what was going on. Even as she spoke, she sensed the oddest feeling spreading through her body as if she was losing weight rapidly.

" Oh, Lindsay, for someone who thinks of herself as being quite clever, you're really quite clueless. You see, your little game of selling confidential company information to whoever wants it was discovered by NFRU's executives and they asked me to take care of it. This means, for you, a rather abrupt change in how you spend the rest of your existence, " Brad said as he watched Lindsay's clothes drop off her rapidly thinning body. Her skin was starting to take on a tan color that was unlike anything one would see in the summertime.

" I don't....donnnnnn........ " Lindsay exclaimed before her ability to talk vanished followed by, a few seconds later, the rest of her facial features. Her arms and legs shrank rapidly as her body grew slimmer by the minute as Lindsay's body took on a decidedly artificial appearance. After only another minute or two, Lindsay had disappeared completely and there was a shiny tan colored body stocking lying amidst the pile of clothing she was wearing just a few minutes ago.

" Yeah, you're probably a little surprised by what's happened to you, my dear. Normally, I'd wrap this up by shoving you in a properly marked box and bringing you, with the appropriate paperwork, to company HQ and drop it all on Colleen's desk. However, her desire for secrecy on this whole thing might be something I can use to my advantage. Yes, it might be time to adjust my plans, " Brad said while rubbing his chin thoughtfully. After a moment or two, he bent over and carefully folded up the body stocking neatly before tucking it into what looked like a box belonging to NFRU.

Whistling softly a tune he had heard on the radio earlier in the day, Brad tucked the box under his right arm as he stood up and walked quietly towards the front door. " I think to myself what a wonderful world.......hmmmmm...... " he said softly as he set out for the next part of his plan.

Seven days later..............

" Oooooohhhh, I love this necklace you bought me, Brad. I've gotten some things from clients in the past that were nice and a few things at the holiday office parties but this is nice!! The gems really do shine and the setting is stunning! " Colleen purred as she ran her fingers over the jewelry even as she admired herself in the mirror. The day after Brad had informed her that he had completed his assignment given to him, the junior executive had invited Colleen out for dinner at the most expensive in town. Usually, Colleen would brush off such an offer as an obvious attempt to curry favor by an ambitious junior executive but there was something about Brad's tone that changed her mind in this instance. Besides, she figured that if he was up to anything, it's be a good idea to keep him close by according to the old adage of how to handle potential enemies.

" I'm glad you like it, Miss Davenport. It took me a little effort and patience to get it but no more than any other task you have given me in the past. By the way, have you looked into the other box that came with the necklace? " Brad called out from the hallway outside Colleen's bedroom. After an exquisite dinner together, Colleen had invited him back to her place for some after dinner drinks. Once they had arrived, Brad surprised her with two boxes, one large and one small, that he wanted her to accept as gifts.

" No, not yet. By the way, in case I haven't mentioned it to you as of yet, you did a really nice job taking care of that task I gave you. I haven't read your report in full but judging by the fact that I had to hire a new secretary a day or so after giving you the assignment, I'd say I was right by choosing you to take of her. Hmmm, this is quite the sexy piece of clothing you've given me. A tan colored bodystocking.....this feels really nice, " Colleen exclaimed as she flipped open the cover to the second box and discovered Brad's second gift.

" It actually took longer to get the body stocking than the necklace as the lingerie store I went to was temporarily out of stock. Why don't you put both of them on right now and tell me what you think of them together? " Brad responded with a slight clinking sound as if he was pouring himself a drink.

" Sure! I might even let you see what I look like in it later on tonight maybe if you play your cards right, " Colleen called out as she pulled the body stocking out of the box and held it front of her ever so briefly. Smiling, the CEO quickly slipped out of her expensive dress and undergarments and slipped on the body stocking in question. Walking over to the foot of her bed, she gazed at herself in a bureau mirror and privately admitted to herself that she looked pretty good. She also had the thought that she might do a little private investigating of Brad's personal finances and see if he's making money from sources not approved by the company.

" I have to admit, both of those items on you makes for quite a beautiful scene. Very beautiful, indeed..... " Brad remarked with a voice that sounded much clearer to Colleen than earlier. Turning her towards the bedroom doorway, she saw the junior executive standing there clutching something small in his right hand and a rather odd look on his face.

" Brad! You know, you really should knock before opening the door and ogling me! " Colleen exclaimed with her feelings of pleasure quickly changing to her usual icy, business mannerism.

" Oh, I think your attitude towards me looking at you nearly nude or nude altogether is about to take a quick change. In fact, that change starts NOW! " Brad proclaimed even as his right hand clenched tightly. In that instant, Colleen felt what seemed like a powerful electrical charge surge through her body that rendered her completely immobile! She was stuck looking at herself in the mirror and couldn't even shout for help or anything else.

" Brad!..... You treacherous scumbag!.... how dare you try something with me!..... as soon as I get back into the office, I'm going to make sure you..... ooooohhh.... what.... what's going on?...... what's happening?......... " Colleen mentally screamed in anger before her thoughts were interrupted by the sensations, as well as the sight, of her body starting to change. Her skin was taking on a glossy appearance with freckles, blemishes and other human imperfection disappearing rapidly all over her body. The body stocking she was wearing seemed to be disappearing as well as if it was somehow being absorbed by her form. Seams were starting to become evident on her arms and legs as if she was a synthetic item that was mass produced at a local factory instead of powerful CEO of a major corporation. Colleen could feel herself growing lighter by the second as well as the odd feeling that she was becoming somewhat disconnected from herself.

" I feel so strange... like something.... someone else is in my..... my.... huh?..... what... where am I......? " Colleen thought before her thinking seemed to recede to replaced by someone else. While her pussy formed into an ovular opening with the interior consisting of a bright pink latex and rubber sac, Colleen's whole perceptions of what was happening to her seemed to focus around her pussy, anus and mouth and the desire to have them filled by....someone.

For the ' new ' presence in her body, there was a much different outlook on what was happening. " I was a body stocking and now I'm becoming a LOVE DOLL!!!!...... " Lindsay thought as she watched her breasts turn into two mounds of firm yet supple latex and rubber capped by bright pink nipples and areolas that were perfect in shape and texture. Seams could be seen forming around her breasts as well as across her waist. Lindsay saw the mane of hair on her head become bright red in color as it usually was for her and her eyes became nothing more than painted features that had a look of wanton lust. The last change she felt was the sensation of an inflation plug growing out of her back.

As for Colleen, the last sensation she had was of her teeth and tongue disappearing as her mouth's interior formed into the same smooth sac as her other two openings. Her mouth's exterior formed into a circular opening with the lips becoming an artificial painted color.

" I never thought I'd pull this off but the result is right before my eyes. My boss and her treacherous secretary are now nothing more than an inflated blow-up doll. A very sexy one at that, " Brad murmured as he walked over and ran his finger down the soft latex surface of the latex sex toy. With a growing bulge becoming evident in his pants, he quickly tossed the doll on the bed in a haphazard manner and started to strip his clothes with a bit of urgency.

The doll stared up at the ceiling with thoughts varying from anger over its situation to a desire to be touched and caressed by the man before her. A minute or so later, Brad hopped into bed and quickly pulled himself atop the latex lovely.

" In the morning, I'll make arrangements to explain your disappearance, Colleen. The blame will be aimed at one of your corporate rivals with the one Lindsay dealt with at the top of the list. However, there won't be any evidence of your disappearance but there will be the notation of Lindsay's ' removal ' made in the company files. Oh, but that's enough for now. Why don't we start with what you both would like to have? Let's have some intense lovemaking, " Brad said even as his right hand closed around the doll's right breast and his cock teased the edges of the sex toy's pussy.

For both women, it was a night of passion..though their perceptions wildly differed......

There was one thing Lindsay and Colleen might have agreed on though if they could communicate with each other...

This was one business deal that didn't work out for them....



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