Photo Opportunity

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; lotion; transform; lovedoll; toys; nc; X


Crystal waited patiently for the adult magazine photographer to show up and take the photos she agreed to pose for. She had done up her hair in pigtails to make herself look younger as the magazine had requested and had cleared out her bedroom in preparation for the shoot. She was about to call the magazine's office and find out where the photographer was when the doorbell rang. Throwing a blue bathrobe over her nude form, she walked quickly to the front door and found a red haired woman waiting there with a black handbag hung over her right shoulder.

" Hi, my name is Patricia and you must be the model the office has hired for today's shoot. If you'll show me the room that you've set up, we can start getting your beauty put on film," the photographer said as she shook Crystal's hand while glancing around the home with a critical eye.

Crystal blushed at the compliment and went to show Patricia her bedroom when she noticed the photographer had stopped in the middle of the living room and was unloading her equipment. "Ummm... the room which I set aside is up this set of stairs if you'll follow me, " she said gesturing towards the stairs in question.

Patricia smiled broadly while gently shaking her head. "Thanks but the bedroom portion of the shoot is for later. Right now, I want you to put on the outfit I brought with me so we can start doing the preliminary part of the shoot," she said pleasantly as she handed Crystal a bundle of clothing.

Crystal accepted the bundle with a puzzled look visible on her face, "I don't understand. I thought you were going to take a series of semi-nude and nude pictures of me. I don't remember in the contract I signed..." she started to say before Patricia held up her hand and motioned her to stop.

"Don't worry about it, my dear. In the contract, you agreed to a series of shots both clothed and unclothed against different backdrops. For this first series, I thought we could use the living room as a natural backdrop and you posing like a college woman getting home from class," Patricia said as she started to set up the lights for the photo set.

Frowning momentarily, Crystal decided to go along with Patricia for now though she resolved to have a look at her copy of the contract before it was all said and done. She went into the washroom for a few minutes and came out wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, blue wool sweater and Rebike brand sneakers. Patricia nodded in approval and directed her over to the coffee table where she had stacked several text books in a pile.

Over the next 45 minutes, Patricia shot several rolls of film with the photos ranging from Crystal posing sexily fully clothed to gradually removing articles of clothing until at the end of the shoot she was clad wearing only her sheer white bra and panties along with her sneakers.

"Ok, Crystal, put on your robe while I get the equipment ready to be moved up to the bedroom and set for the other part of the shoot, " Patricia said quietly while taking down her lights and readying to go up the stairs. She paused to label each of the canisters that had film from the first part of the shoot before storing them in her camera bag. Before heading up the stairs herself, Crystal noticed a magazine logo on the side that didn't look like the one that hired her for the shoot. It was of a nude woman posed rather strangely with the letters L and D written below it .Crystal figured that Patricia was a freelance photographer who took pictures for more than one adult magazine so she didn't bother asking any questions.

Once the two were upstairs, Crystal took off her robe and hopped up on the bed in anticipation of the photos. To her surprise, she saw Patricia pulling out a tall glass item with what looked like a dildo inside it. The photographer explained it was a device that allowed for the insertion of the dildo while at the same time kept her pussy in an O shape for those close-up steamy shots that were popular with readers these days. Crystal nodded though she personally had never heard of much less seen such an item before.

The photographer then started to click away as Crystal seductively peeled off her bra and panties to reveal her luscious nude body. After a few shots ofthe brunette cupping her breasts and posing on her hands and knees staring hungrily into the camera, Patricia handed the glass toy to Crystal and told her to insert it slowly while she changed her camera film.

Standing with her right knee on the bed and her left leg standing on the floor next to the bed, Crystal gingerly slid the dildo into her pussy and set the glass half on the bed. As the dildo entered her, she felt what she assumed to be lubrication on it making her feel quite good. She laid back on the bed and started to run her hands over her body in a seductive manner while Patricia clicked away.

After a few minutes and Crystal's mind swimming in the pleasure of the toy, Patricia stopped taking pictures and gently removed the toy from Crystal. Crystal pulled herself up on her elbows and, to her surprise, she saw that her pussy was still in the ovular shape that it formed when the glass was in it. She leaned forward and saw that, in addition, the edges looked different.. artificial in nature.

" Ummm..Patricia... something's wrong... I think I'm having an allergic reaction or something due to that glass toy.." Crystal said in a worried voice. She tried to pull herself to her feet but found she didn't have the strength to so as she fell back onto the bed.

Patricia continued to click away " No, it's not an allergic reaction to the toy's lubrication. In fact, I would say that it's working just like it's supposed to, " she said somewhat smugly.

"Working...I don't understand what you mean... I feel strange.." Crystal said a bit perplexed as she saw her legs were becoming rather shiny in appearance. She tried to pull them up for a closer look but to her despair they just wobbled in the air before dropping back out of sight. It was like there was no longer any muscles in them and they were just hollow tubes dangling there.

Patricia smirked as she put down her camera for a second and pulled a small green tube out of her camera bag next to her. "This is a product known as Dollergel, a rather unique and highly specialized lubricant. I'm not sure how it works and even if I did, I'm not sure you'd want to hear it in your present condition," she said as she waved the tube at the model lying on the bed.

"Doller...doll..gell...I... I don't understand...what...." Crystal sputtered as she struggled to comprehend what has happening to her. She could see the shininess that was visible on her legs was spreading up her hips and lower torso along with the feeling of little to no strength in that area. Crystal could also see her legs slowly spreading apart of their own volition and refused to respond to her thoughts.

Patricia smiled as she put down the tube and resumed taking pictures of Crystal, "To make a long story short, the lubricant converts living flesh into a specific inanimate material and shape... as the name indicates, you're being transformed into an inflatable fucktoy... love doll.. whatever I want to call... you ! " she said with an evil grin.

"LOVE DOLL!..WHAT..WHAT?...WH..WHAT...DOO....YO....?... " Crystal gasped with some difficulty as her ability to speak was rapidly deserting her. She could see seams forming along the sides of her body now as well as running across her lower abdomen. She fell back on the bed flat unable to support herself any longer with her arms, which were taking on the same look of consistency as her legs had.

If that wasn't bad enough, thoughts of herself being treated and used like a sex doll were starting to permeate her rapidly dwindling conscious thought. Crystal could no longer talk or even breathe at all and saw that her lovely breasts had been claimed by the process turning them into two mounds of semi rigid latex and rubber capped by bright pink nipples and surrounded by the seams that she had seen before.

Crystal's head fell back as she was unable to control it like the rest of her body. Her mouth slowly opened of its' own accord forming a sultry ovular shape with the interior consisting of nothing more than soft rubber. Her eyes were the last parts of her body to be changed and they tracked the woman who had done this to her as she put down her camera and climbed on the bed with the nearly completed sex toy.

"You bitch... if I ever return to human form again, I'll make you pay!.... " the doll thought as its' eyes changed to nothing more than painted features on its' face. It laid there as Patricia ran her fingers up and down its' soft surface pausing to caress the doll's breasts and brushed her right hand up against the doll's inviting pussy. Crystal would have screamed out loud at the pleasant sensations she was feeling but as a doll she laid in silence.

"If I had known that Woman-to-Doll magazine would be so fun to work for, I would have gone to work for them a long time ago instead of winding up being part of a merger with the mag I used to work for. A great studio for the models to set up in advance of the shoot, a careful process to pick the models to avoid future hassles and so on. Now, one last shot...." the photographer said happily as she climbed off the bed and stood the doll up so it was half sitting on the bed. She retrieved the toy from before and inserted into the doll's pussy once more though it was much easier this time. Patricia then positioned the doll's right hand so it was clutching the glass tube and put the doll's left hand on its' hip.

"This will be great for a cover shot... better get it done before the guys from WD magazine come by to pick her up. She's part of a promotional giveaway with this photo spread." Patricia chirped as she snapped two or three pictures of the posed doll. However, when she went to put her camera away, it slipped out of her hand into the bag as she found her strength was draining away. When she looked at her hands, she saw to her horror that they were taking on the same look and appearance as Crystal's. Patricia looked down as she sagged to her knees and saw a tiny warning label on the side of the tube.....

Wear gloves when applying this product at all times was the label's warning...

Patricia's screams grew faint quite quickly until they faded away quite quickly....


Subscribers to WD magazine were very happy with the content of the next issue they received. The photo spread of the model known only as Crystal elicited the most feedback yet and the contest that was run along with it was very popular especially when readers saw the pictures of the dolls being given away...

One was Crystal... the other was Patricia....


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