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Frank slammed his fist on the table. My, thankfully, empty foam cup bounced and hit the floor. I retrieved it.

"She's going to shut us down! The fucking bitch is going to shut us down!"

"It's not her."

"The fuck it ain't. Yeah, I know, it's Martin, but she's his hatchet man. What the fuck does Sylvia see in him?"

I shrugged. "She's in love."

"With that scumbag? Doesn't she have eyes? I mean come on!"

There was the tack tack tack of heels on lino.

"Dear God, please tell me that's not her."

But of course, who else could it be?

Lisa DeMint entered the break room. Movie-star face on kind of a lumpy body. 24, maybe 25 years old. Fuckable, certainly. But the fact that her clothes were a size too small didn't help things. The girl had absolutely no taste in clothes.

"What's the matter? Marty out of coffee? Or you just feel like slumming?"

She studiously ignored him, poured coffee into a cup.

Frank crushed his soda can and hurled it at the bin. It bounced off the wall, skidded on the floor.

"You don't know what you're fucking doing, bitch! This isn't a job, it's our lives. This is it about helping people. What the fuck about helping people don't you get?"

He stepped over to the bin and slammed the can into it.

"He's gonna toss you, you know. You aren't the first. Won't be the last, either. He knows how his bread is buttered. It's all about Sylvia's money. You? Shit he can buy all the pussy he wants. Thought you could fuck your way to the top?"  He laughed. "He just wants you and your fancy degree to legitimize things. Stupid bitch."

Lisa whirled on him.

"Do I have to call security Dr. Bennet?"

"Fuck. Call anybody you fucking damn well please."

He stormed out of the room.

"He's right, you know."

Lisa turned on me.

"The whole point of this project-"

She held up a hand. Rolled her eyes..

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Rich guy's wife dies after suffering horrific burns. Rich guy sets up lab to make artificial skin. Rich guy dies, daughter takes over. Everybody follows the dream, everybody shares a vision."

She took a sip of coffee. Her hand was shaking.

"Problem is it won't work. Won't sell. The word "pigskin" got out and nobody is going to want to have anything to do with it."

That stung, because I was the one who started calling it pigskin, kind of as a joke.

"You don't know that. I can't believe a burn victim would reject anything that might return a bit of normalcy to their life."

"Look, the marketing research says-"

It was my turn to lose it.

"Fuck marketing! We're this close to FDA approval. Let's do it, get it out there, and let the market decide for itself."

"Not going to happen."

"So that's it then?"

"I'll make the announcement at this afternoon's staff meeting. Everyone will be offered a position. No jobs will be lost."

"This isn't about a fucking job! And you're going to let these people stay to do what? Production engineering? These are research scientists, not lab techs, for Christ sake."

"It's out of my hands."

I bit my tongue, dropped my cup in the bin.


Frank missed the meeting. I hoped he was getting drunk somewhere. Frank is wired kind of backwards. He's a mean son of a bitch sober, but drunk? he's everybody best pal. I hoped he was getting very, very drunk.


"This the stuff?"

"Yeah. Pure zombie juice."

"Not much there."

"Don't need much. You got about ten doses. There's a little glass wand under the cap. You just take it out and put a drop on the skin." He snapped his fingers. "Instant zombie land."

"What is it, again?"

"Burundanga. The shaman in the rain forest use it during their ceremonies, though they use a crude powder. Blow it into a dude's face. The dude goes into zombie mode for a couple of hours. Can follow simple instructions, answer simple questions, but that's about it."

He held up the little, plastic bag. "This stuff? Pure synthetic zombie juice. Gets absorbed right through the skin. Dude goes zombie, remembers nothing. It fucks up your short term memory. So the dude not only doesn't remember being a zombie, he don't remember like a half hour before. One rich dude I heard of emptied his bank account. Last thing he remembered was getting off the train near his office."


"Working late?"

The look on Lisa's face spoke volumes. None complementary.

"Sorry. Dumb question. Look. I want to apologize for losing it earlier. It's just that ... well, never mind."

"Listen, if you're shutting this thing down, you need to know what's where. Inventory, equipment, all that kind of thing."

"I don't have time for this, Dr.-"

"Okay, let me put it in terms you understand. With Martin it's all about money and you have several million, count 'em, million dollars of equipment and supplies in the lab. And right now you're responsible for it. Come on. I've got an inventory, won't take but an hour to run through it. At least you'll have seen where things are."

She looked like she was about to say something else, but just sighed. "Yeah, okay."


"What's this?"

"A lab coat?"

She made a face.

"Look. There is some seriously dangerous shit down here."

She turned and shrugged into it. The wand touched her neck. She didn't even feel it, but she froze, just like that. She froze.

"Come here."

Lisa stood, rooted to the spot.

"Come here!"

She turned. It took a moment for her to track the sound of the voice.

"Well this ain't gonna fly. So much for following simple fucking directions. Stupid bitch."

In the prep area she was soon naked. Naked she looked better. Borderline curvy, but all the curves were in the right places and in the right proportion. Fuckable, definitely fuckable.

First a little blood for later.

The electric trimmer buzzed off her hair. She had her hair in a pony tail, so it came off all of a piece. That would be handy later for the implants. Her eyebrows and bush followed. She was a natural blonde. That would change soon.

Pink goo soon covered her head to toe. The depilatory was a byproduct of the research. Instant, permanent hair removal. If it hadn't been highly toxic, it might have been a very profitable product.

A quick rinse followed by the green goo, the neutralizer, let it stay a few minutes then rinse it off, too. She'd suffer some kidney damage for sure, but it would heal in a week or so.

Next the pigskin.

It wasn't pig skin per se. It was altered pig skin cells. Altered to be attracted to human skin cells. Each of the pig cells was infused with several molecules of a polymer. The pig skin cells were sprayed on, they bonded with the human skin cells, the cells died and what was left behind was plastic. Very human, skin-like plastic. Nerves and hair follicles died, too. The new skin could be dyed to any color and bits of hair could even be implanted to give it a realistic look.

A brush was the best tool for the first part. In the ears, up in the nostrils. A bit on the lower lip and the underside of the tip of the tongue, followed by a drop of pure polymer and the tongue was permanently adhered to the lip.

The cock size shaft kept her mouth open. Eye shields protected her eyes. A spray of pigskin over her head, down to her neck.

"Bend over!"

The initial rush of drug seemed to have worn off. Lisa bent. The shaft went into her ass, left for a minute, then removed. Before her rear hole could completely close, more pigskin was applied, in and out. The shaft went back in.

A tool opened her pussy. More pigskin. Another shaft. A cotton swab up into her pee hole. Almost there.

A full body spray of pigskin came next, followed by pure polymer at her cheeks, neck, shoulders, down her back, hips, knees, ankles, elbows and wrists. This was followed by a overall spray of polymer.

Time for positioning. First the hands. Brought up under her tits, a quick burst of spray, press the hands to her tits and done. Instant bond. Full, luscious tits, a perfect offering. A spray on the elbows, shoulders and wrists and the pose became permanent.

The electric wand turned her nipples instantly and enormously erect. Another spray and they would stay that way - forever.

A bit of work around her asshole, a bit more around the pussy shaft.

The catheter spewed yellow. Pull it out a half inch, apply some polymer, slide it back in. Permanent incontinence. A plug would fix that.

Final positioning.


Lisa knelt.

A bit more polymer on the backs of her calves and the underside of her thighs, drop her down a couple of inches. Calves stick to thighs, done.

Open her legs - wide.

Spot spray her neck and shoulders, her back and hips, her elbows and knees, then one last, all over spray, pigmented to give her Mediterranian, olive skin tone. It would go nicely with the dark hair once it was dyed and implanted.

Done and done.

Lisa's skin resembled nothing less than what it had become - plastic. Pure, shiny plastic. Most of her felt like a new, rubber dolly. Her joints were locked, welded into place. There was a bonding effect with the polymer. It was geometrical.

The pigskin left her skin feeling like plastic food wrap. The first layer of polymer felt like skin, very normal skin. The third layer was stiff, like being encased in rubber bands. You could fight it, but it was no use. The fourth layer was like hard plastic, rigid, inflexible.

On some parts of Lisa's body, she had five layers. She wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.


polymer ... Martin ... fucking bitch ... pigskin ... pee ... rubber doll ... sex toy ... forever ... forever ... forever

The words started connecting in Lisa brain. She focused her eyes and stared a familiar face. It stared back. It looked like her, but it had brown hair. Its mouth was open. Not just open, but o-shaped. The other girl stuck her tongue out. She was naked. She knelt, legs spread. She cupped her tits like an offering. Lisa tried to blink. She couldn't.

"...geometrical bonding effect. Each layer bonds with the prior creating a stiffer and stiffer bond. This is the way you are and will always be. You are a living, breathing, rubber sex toy. A true living doll. Forever."

"Like I said, you picked the wrong people to fuck with. I'd have killed you straight off, but I've got a thing for rubber dolls, part of the reason I joined the project. Love the feel of plastic on my cock. And your holes have been molded, permanently, as a custom fit. Going to enjoy you, bitch. Oh yeah."

"The way you are, your mouth is at just the right height, put you on your back for some traditional fun, flip you over, prop you on knees and elbows for some back door action." (laugh)

It took a couple of minutes, but Lisa realized she was staring at a monitor, that there was a camera pointed at her and she was staring at herself!

"You’re wearing a wig and fake eyebrows, eyelashes. I’ll implant permanent hair later. Take a while, but I have time. So do you. I’ll also dye your makeup, make it permanent, once I decide on the right colors. You've got shields in your eyes. They look very doll-like, don't you think. I know you can see, but you'll never blink again, no need."

"I've got some other practical things to work out. There's a plug in your ass. I don't think you'll need it seeing as I'll be feeding you a liquid diet. But we'll see."

"There's a tube in your bladder. It's plugged. Need to come up with a more permanent solution."

"I figure your system will empty and the ass plug won't be necessary. I'll drain your bladder a couple of times a day. Easier than walking a fucking dog, right?" (laugh)

"I'll make a mold of you, come up with a storage box, foam lined with electrodes at all the major muscles, give you a bit of stimulation, keep the atrophy at bay."

"Your nails will have to be cut. No biggee."

"As for Martin, he is so screwed. Like I said, I trimmed your bush. I kept the hair. Oh, and I took some blood. I'm going to deposit some of it in Marty's apartment, that and some of the hair. And then some more in the trunk of his car. Easiest thing in the world since he treated me like his fucking chauffer, the fucking asshole. I've got keys to everything." (laugh) "Police will keep him plenty busy, for sure."

"So you'll disappear, Marty will take the fall, and I'll have the most perfect rubber doll sex toy any perv could ever hope for." (laugh)

"Welcome to your new life, bitch."

"What you're looking at is you. You are now and always will be the perfect rubber doll sex toy. You picked he wrong guy to fuck with. Now, we'll, ..."


"Hey, Frank! Good morning! Nice of you to show up."

Frank slid into a chair, tossed his notebook on the table.

"Bite me."

"Tough weekend?"

"You don't want to know." Looking around. "Uh, where's the bitch?"

I smiled. "You don't want to know."



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