Pills & Valves 2

by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: M/f; transform; object; lovedoll; stored; cons; X

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Pills and Valves 2

In this folded state, I could not think of much. I concentrated all I could to hold an intelligent thought in my mind as I traced back over the events of the day. As a blow-up doll, one has a hard time thinking of anything but sex. I had trusted my best friend and taken a mystery pill. How that pill had turned me into a sex toy I have no idea, but it had been fantastic. After it was all over and I was back to mostly normal in my body (so I thought) my husband had pulled my plug and let me deflate. I had not even remembered that I had a plug; it seemed such a normal thing to have that I had just forgotten. As my body deflated I had turned from flesh and blood into plastic and seams, which was fine with me at the moment. It felt amazing to be laying here, folded perfection, ready to be inflated and used by whoever saw fit to use me in whatever fashion they chose. I wonder who would use me next.

Through the mattress I was now stored under I could hear faint noises of doors opening and closing and someone talking. It seemed that Owner had come home and had company. I wonder if he would show me off proudly or leave me hidden from sight.

As the mattress lifted and I was covered with the glow of the bedroom light my husband informed me that he had brought someone home that wanted to see me first hand. He said he would be back in a bit. Then the mattress sunk back down and darkness again.

My thoughts went to wondering who would use me first; I hoped that I would be pleasing to them. Would it be one of his drinking buddies? Would it be some complete stranger? Would they know who I was from looking at me, or would I be just another fuck toy to them? Would the person like me so much they would offer to buy me? Would I be sold?

My thoughts where interrupted by renewed light as someone lifted the mattress. Unfortunately the way I was folded I could not see through the folds of my legs and stomach that covered my face. I was lifted up and placed lightly on the bed.

“Do you mind if I inflate her” a familiar voice said. “No Charlotte, I don’t mind.”

“Please, leave me alone with her for a little while.” Charlotte replied.

I heard the bedroom door shut as Charlotte began unfolding me. She was dressed in a very hot short red summer dress. The dress was short enough that I could ALMOST see her panties from my vantage point. I admired her for her sexy long legs and perfect body.

“I bet you are happy to see me. You see, I too was once deflated just like you are now. I know how good it feels, I know that your only desire is to be used, by anyone, even a woman. Well how do you think that I got such a great body? I wanted to come in here and blow you up myself, it’s a truly amazing feeling and I thought a woman’s slow sensual finesse  in this matter would send you over the edge properly. Plus I wanted to see you like this, to see what I must have looked like. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.”

With that she turned me over on my stomach and began blowing me up. As she did this, she used both her hands to roam over my body. Every time she blew air into me, slowly yet firmly, it felt as though my entire body was a giant sensitive clitoris being licked. With every breath, a small but strong orgasm washed over my body, I could feel the heat of her breath passing into me. When I was almost done filling she took one hand to hold onto my lower back where the air valve was, and her other hand’s fingers found there way into my pussy and anus. She continued blowing me up taunt and fondled my love holes with expertise. The feeling was more than I could handle; I would have blacked out if I could have, but it seemed that there was no brain in my head to pass out with.

I almost didn’t notice her flip me over and start fondling my body, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples, playing with what would have been my clit.

A new feeling of being lewd came to my awareness. Here I was spread eagle arms out to my sides, unable to move or even blink. Anyone with a desire could use me in any fashion, in any hole, as they liked, and leave me alone again filled with their come and other lubricants. This thought was foreign to me, but it was also terribly exciting.

“Well I have to get home sweetie, call me tomorrow and tell me what you thought about my presents. Your lucky that your Owner didn’t go get drunk and bring his friends home, who knows how long you would have been used by a bunch of guys who thought you where just a blow-up version of you. Maybe he would have even lent you out for a couple days or more to help repay some sports game bet. Or maybe it’s unlucky that he didn’t do that, you would have enjoyed every minute of it. Just so you know the next time you are deflated then blown up you will change back to normal, I’ll tell your Owner to make sure and blow you up nice and stiff so you’ll be left permanently with nice firm skin and straight posture.” She flicked my right nipple teasingly and left. “I know we are close friends, so I hope you don’t mind, I’ve wanted to find out what your Owner’s packaging looked like for the longest time, since every time I ask you just blush deeply and smile. Plus I want to make sure he’s nice and hard so he can screw you properly.”

“Jim, you can come back in now.” She hollered down the stairs.

“Charlotte, what… hey wait!” my husband squawked in surprise to whatever she was doing.

“Just checking something, don’t worry; you’ll be alone with your toy in a short minute.”

“Oh… ah… (zipper unzipping sound) OH!... hey… Mmmmm… Wohh there…”

I could hear a sound like Charlotte was sucking on a limp wet noodle. “Oh stop your whimpering, I just want to see you at full mast.”

“Wow, alright that’s enough already.” My husband sputtered.

“Well now, no wonder she was to shy to tell me how you where packaged, I would have never believed her anyways, I always took you as a small man. Here take this big boy. See you both later. Enjoy.” Charlotte cooed at us as she escorted herself out.

“Uh, thanks.” my husband barely got out, as if he was distracted, looking at something.


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