Pills & Valves 4

by Baubleheadz

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Pills and Valves 4

Coming home I had to stop twice on the side of the road and beg Jim to fuck me senseless. I was coming up with all kinds of ways to get Charlotte back, and some of them where just too good to pass up a good daydreaming orgasm.

Here I was covered in a bathing suit of living latex, which was, amazingly enough, my husband Jim. Charlotte had been up to her tricks and my husband had been in on it this time instead of me. I had expected a quiet day to relax at the store, but no, they had other plans for me. Instead I had endured being fucked in both holes all day. Licked and sucked and poked and felt up in more ways than physically possible. I lost count of orgasms, but I must have had about 100 tiny, tiny orgasms that I barely noticed and at least 8-10 huge orgasms since this morning. My husband knew my body, knew what to do, and he was now literally the ultimate tool to do it.

Getting home I expected to find Charlotte downstairs sitting on the couch but she was not there. I remembered telling her this morning to come to my place but I don’t know why I had just expected her to comply.

I had myself a light snack, and kicked back to watch some TV. I stripped off my skirt and sweater and sat down on the floor and pressed Jim hard into me. It felt kind of sexy to be wearing only my husband and a pair of high heels. He took all of this as a clue and began the slowly escalating his movements, starting off simple, then working his way up to more and more complex stuff. I was rapidly approaching a new and glorious orgasm when he slowed. I just sat back and relaxed, as if I was in a Jacuzzi. He teased me for what seemed 10 minutes, and then he expanded his two cocks inside me, again filling me to capacity. I scooted my butt forward and lay myself down on the floor flat, ready to savor the coming orgasm. Instead Jim stopped all of his movements and just began thumping and pulsing his cocks in me, each playing a different countering rhythm. If they had been in unison this might have actually been enough to get me over the edge, but, like I said Jim knew what he was doing. The two different rhythms where very pleasurable but they where also distracting, I could not get over the edge. I tried to play with myself, forgetting yet again that his latex body was shielding any outside stimuli to my most sensitive spots. Writhing around on the floor in a fit of pre-ecstasy, and bumped my head on something soft. Now distracted even more, I looked to see what it was; a day bag.

I sat up, Jim stopped. I realized that this was Charlotte’s day bag that she takes with her when we’ve gone on short trips. I opened the bag and found a sealed box with a lock on it, and enough clothes for about 4 days. I searched the bag and found no key, and nothing else of real interest.

“Keep playing honey, I’m gonna go check something”. I said to Jim. He started humming into my clit, but I shushed him and he decided to slowly fuck my pussy instead.

Slightly distracted I searched the downstairs, the garage, and the back yard (just peaking out of the shades). Finding nothing I started my search of the upstairs. I found nothing abnormal in the study or the spare guest room, but what I found in the master bedroom surprised me greatly. You would have figured that after the last 2 days events that there would not be much left in the world that would surprise me, but there she was, Charlotte.

Charlotte was on the bed, spread eagle, wrists and ankles tied to the posts. She had a gag in her mouth. It looked as though it was a penis gag but I could not really tell through the leather pad that completely covered her lips from any sound escaping. I stood in the doorway for a bit trying to figure out what to do. I imagined that if any single man walked into this room to find such a sight, they would know exactly what to do, but I simply didn’t. I’ve always been bisexual, in my opinion most girls, if they put there mind to it and set aside their jealousy and competitiveness, would realize that they could enjoy the company of another woman, even if they where not bisexual. But I’ve always been too jealous, and maybe a little to nervous to follow up on my secret desires.

Totally clueless of the goings on, Jim kept screwing me softly, slowly, silently.

Charlotte, looked over and saw me, she eyed me up and down. I could not tell what she was thinking, but from the look of her flushed face and chest I could tell she was really in an excited state. It looked like she had been flushed like that for a while. She looked down at her chest with a slight look of panic and started to wiggle, I saw something white fall off her chest onto the bed and I could see her trying to cover it up with her body.

I walked over to her and pulled the paper out from behind her back.


 So you want to get me back, huh? Well here you go. If you notice my penis gag has a small plug in it, the penis gag goes pretty deep. If you pull the plug out and slip a pill in I will not have any choice but to swallow it. Also you’ll notice that beside me on the bed stand is a key. Downstairs in my day bag is a locked box. There are a couple pills in there. These pills are ones that I’ve always wanted to try, but have always been too chicken. I’m tied up here now so that you can administer me any one pill of your choosing and I won’t be able to chicken out this time. Enjoy! (For even more fun, don’t let me see which pill you are giving me.)


Pink pill with green spots = Does not effect body much, but turns user into insatiable moron bimbo blond. (Requires supervision.) User will do almost anything they are told to do, but with limited intelligence. Effect lasts 12 hours.

Red pill with yellow stripes = User will turn into a house-cat/person. (Requires supervision.) Effect lasts 24 hours.

Clear pill = User will turn clear, like water. User will believe they are a water sprite. Interesting effects achieved when used with food coloring. (Requires supervision.) Effect lasts 4 hours.

Blue pill with white dot on end = User changes sex and becomes bisexual. Effect lasts 24 hours.

Snake shaped pill = User will do anything they are told to do; post-hypnotic suggestions can be used. Pill effect lasts 12 hours, post-hypnotic suggestions permanent.

Black pill = User becomes Mindless Male Latex Golem, will do any simple task it is told to do. Golem can not think for itself but has ability to morph when commanded. (Requires supervision.) Lasts 12 hours.

Note:  Never use more than one pill at a time.

“I saw you try to hide this paper from me, for that you are getting extra punishment.” I cooed in Charlotte’s ear. I kissed her right on the penis gag and felt her soaking pussy with my hand. “Honey, it seems Charlotte wants to play. Is that alright with you honey.” Squeeze-squeeze. “I thought so, didn’t figure you would mind. Honey I just wish you could see this, in fact, I’m gona go get the camera.” With that comment Charlotte’s eyes shot open.

After taking a few photos of the shocked and fuming mad Charlotte, I straddled her stomach and stroked my body with my hands. Of course I could not feel anything where Jim covered me, but it was more a show for Charlotte to see. Jim started fucking me with his two cocks and sucking on my breasts and nipples again, but this time I had something to distract me from him.

“So you think chastity is fun huh? You think orgasm denial is fun? Well you are about to find out what it feels like to get more orgasms than you know what to do with. Maybe, just maybe later if you’ve been a good girl, I’ll pill you.”  I decided to find out just how worked up she was. I went to Jim’s bottom drawer and pulled out a small bottle labeled “Liquid V”. This stuff is a clitoral stimulator and some women claim that it can get them off without them ever touching themselves. I applied some to her nipples and to her clit and watched. I could see the first signs of the effects in her eyes. She stared at me questioningly, not knowing what the feeling was. I knew perfectly well what it was. She would be feeling a menthol like sensation, and soon a sexual need. After a few minutes I reapplied the “Liquid V” and stepped back again. This time I got the response I was hopping for. Soon Charlotte was squirming around the bed, then she stopped all at once and began shaking, pulling so hard on her restraints that her hands and feet turned red.

After her first orgasm subsided I began sucking on one of her earlobes and I got an immediate response from her. She had always told me that her ears might as well have been attached right to her clitoris. Charlotte pressed her hips up towards me, trying vainly to find contact with something that would rub her or enter her. “Boy you are already worked up I see.”

I moved between her legs and pressed my mound against hers. I could not feel anything but it was obvious by her movements that Charlotte was not getting the pressure she wanted either. I kissed her face then moved my way down her neck and shoulders. I kissed and licked teasingly around her breasts, being careful not to touch her nipples yet, even as she tried to force them towards my lips. I nipped a little around her nipples, holding her breast in one hand to keep it under control. I moved down further, still never having touched her nipples. I briefly kissed her navel then moved on. Soon enough I was at her honey pot. I licked as lightly as I could up and down her lips savoring this new experience for me. She was so excited that her lips had parted and I could see everything in detail.

This was the closest I had ever been to a pussy, and it smelled great, nothing like what all the commercials and media tell you it will be like. The sight of all her folds, her shaved mound, and her pink swollen clit just sticking out asking to be touched was a huge turn on for me. Not wanting to linger here long I gave her clit one teasing lick and started kissing her inner thighs. By the time I had worked my way back to her mound it was time for a real assault. “Jim, give me the best you’ve got.” I said as I started to finger bang Charlotte. With my thumb on her clit and 3 fingers in her, and moved up and started sucking on her nipples. As she approached orgasm I slowed and then stopped. “I want to see you beg me with your eyes” I told her as I moved up to lay on top of her again. We where now breast to breast, eye to eye. “Beg me.”

Charlotte begged with her eyes as best as she could muster. “You’ll have to do better than that!” I watched her eyes, pleading, almost tearing, trying so hard to rub her sex into mine. “It’s no good Charlotte, I can’t feel you through Jim.” But suddenly her eyes changed. Suddenly she was not begging anymore, she was looking at me questioningly, big eyed. I watched as different emotions washed over her ever changing face. First she was shocked, then questioning, then shocked again, then she closed her eyes and looked like she was enjoying something as she ground her hips into mine, humping herself into me.

I sat up and looked. To my disbelief Jim had grown a new cock, right where mine would be if I where I guy, and this cock was buried deep in Charlotte who was obviously enjoying it.

“Honey did you do that?” Squeeze (No) “Charlotte did you know that was going to happen?” Charlotte shook her head no.

“Well then let’s give you a right fucking.”

Unsure of the proper movements, and not being able to feel “my” cock, I started pounding away at Charlotte’s sex hard and fast. It didn’t take her but 2 strokes to start coming, and I swear she didn’t stop coming till I was about 40 strokes in, and exhausted. Thanks to Jim’s efforts though, I was also buzzing on a cloud of orgasmic bliss. I even suspect that Jim was able to get off thanks to all of our efforts.

No rest for the weary I told myself, well, at least not for Charlotte and Jim. I had devious plans for Charlotte and my husband, and plans of resting well for myself.


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