Plastic Doll

by Mikel

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Tina loved all things plastic, all her furniture and everything she wore was plastic, she didn’t know why she had started as a child wearing plastic rain coats and progressed from there. Now 24 Tina only wore plastic, vinyl and PVC clothes and shoes, her favorites were all clear but she could only wear clear underwear outside her house with colored items on top but when she was home she almost always slipped into something clear or transparent that hugged her body making her feel wonderful as she walked around in her high heels. Tina had many cat suits and tried to wear one everyday loving the way they hugged her entire body and would get all foggy the longer she wore them.

In the last few years she had become fascinated by corsets and large bags, being her parents had left her the large house and property with a fat bank account when they moved away, she always thought it was because she embarrassed them so many times being seen around town in her plastic clothes but she never cared who saw her or what they thought anyway, Tina did not have to work and had just gotten her degree so now all day everyday was hers to do whatever she wanted. Tina had been sleeping in her tight cat suit under vinyl sheets for years and had since found large zippered bags that attached to her mattress and once zipped closed would hold her body tightly inside it leaving only her head exposed until she awoke and could work the zipper back down to free herself.

Being limited on clear corsets available she had found a manufacturer of fetish clothes and ordered directly from them custom items that she would come up with. Her latest design was similar to a sleep sac except it had a preformed pocket shaped to her body including her head that was attached to a thick sheet and when vacuum was applied in drew the pocket tightly over her body trapping her motionless until the timer turned off the pump. Her corsets had been getting more severe and she could now lace herself down to 18 inches and wore them more and more but hated the fact she would have to unlace them to change clothes, so often she would wear one during the evening and sleep in it then remove it during the day so she could change her clothes with her moods.

Tina also had three mortician body bags, she bought them online and had ordered the thickest they make two had locking zippers and all were air tight when closed. Punching a small hole where her mouth would be she would strap a plastic mouth piece into her mouth that had a small tube attached and slide her plastic covered body inside and with some effort could zip the heavy bag closed. The heavy vinyl of the bag increased the heat already trapped by her body by whatever plastic clothes she was wearing and within a few hours she would be gasping for air as she struggled to release herself from the plastic prison, usually panicking several times before getting the bag unzipped.

Tina wanted to be encased tightly in plastic forever and was always looking for new ways to make that happen. When her manufacturer told her they had made some cat suits and other types of clothes that could be warmed and would shrink to fit the wearer. She was very excited as he explained that they wouldn’t be so tight she couldn’t stand it but once it was cut the small amount of shrinkage would allow it to fit like a second skin and they had even made some sex doll outfits that made the wearer look like a live sex doll. Tina immediately ordered several that were already made and ordered several more made especially for her and eagerly awaited their arrival.

When the new clothes arrived Tina ripped open the packages and laid out each item for inspection, there were two cat suits and two dresses, one each was crystal clear and one each in black, the last item was a sex doll suit complete with inserts for her pussy, ass and mouth and would leave her eyes uncovered. Tina was currently wearing a clear vinyl over the bust corset laced tight making her ample breasts heave as her excitement grew, under a clear vinyl hobble dress and her tallest thigh high boots laced up to her filled pussy that was covered by vinyl panties.

Her tanned and toned body could be seen through the foggy material that had been encasing her body for almost three days, as Tina rubbed her gloved hands over the new outfits she was trying to decide which one to wear first. She was surprised that each had a full hood that would completely cover her mouth and leave just her eyes and two small holes for her nose open and that each had long sleeves with attached gloves, the cat suits had attached feet as well and the skirts tapered to a small hemline that would keep her ankles close together. She squealed at her newest additions from behind her clear panel gag she had been wearing for almost twenty four hours and pulled out the heat system she had ordered and read how to set it up and how long to set the timers for each step then set them up in her bedroom.

Picking a hobble dress she removed the dress she was currently wearing and shimmied her body into the narrow opening at the shoulder of the new dress carefully working her booted feet deep into the dress pulling the tight material up her body, forcing her head into the hood before shoving her arms into the sleeves and working her fingers into the gloves. Once Tina had her body in the clear vinyl she stood and admired the dress noticing there were no seams and finally understanding what he meant by the clothes being dipped instead of sewn and could now really see the difference. With no seams the material flowed smoothly all over her body.

Tina was getting aroused as she reached back and closed the zipper sealing her inside before turning on the heat lamps and stood turning slowly in front of them feeling the vinyl warm and slowly start to shrink against her skin. As the dress shrank Tina could feel it forcing her thighs together and pull her booted ankles closer together, when the hood started to shrink she reached up with her gloved hands and felt it getting tighter and fought a small panic attack as her gaged mouth and face was sealed off under another layer of vinyl. Tina continued to turn slowly as the heat on her body rose and the dress continued to shrink tightly across her corseted waist and ankles making her steps smaller and more difficult to make until the timer turned off and she was left panting inside the now form fitted perfectly clear vinyl that had been stretched tightly and evenly over her entire body.

She stared into the mirror taking in every detail of the new dress, it had shrunk until it pulled lightly everywhere on her body, every crease and furrow was outlined in the clear plastic, the thigh boots could be seen and the vinyl perfectly formed around the tops of the boots and the laces, her gag straps and buckles now looked like they had been painted in a thick clear coat, even the clear corset and the sweat trapped under it could be seen and felt, everything shined like it had been polished. Tina was in heaven as she stood with her feet as wide as she could make them and let the vinyl cool.

The instructions had said that if you wanted the hemline to be open more to stand with your feet apart when it was being heated and stay that way until it cooled but in her excitement she had forgotten and let the vinyl pull her ankles close together. After the dress cooled she began learning to walk in it and even with the hemline a little looser from her stretching it she could only take very small steps but she was enjoying herself to much to care. She found herself continuously running her hands over her body and loved the way if felt so smooth, rubbing her face it almost felt like she was made of plastic and had no mouth at all, she hoped that if she put clear tape over her mouth before shrinking the next one it would make her lower face completely smooth and force her to be unable to open her mouth.

With these thoughts she wiggled her way around the large house before going out the back door and walking around her pool letting the sun warm her body back up until she could feel the sweat running under the clear plastic covering her body. The instructions said that the sun would not reactivate the shrinking process so she felt safe as she sat down in a lounge and lay back to enjoy the sun.

Tina often swam and would lie out in the sun wearing clear vinyl enjoying the trapped moisture and keeping her tan even. This time was different the dress fit her perfectly and felt like she had been born wearing it and she wanted to wear it forever. Reaching down she realized that the dress kept her from turning on her vibrator and she pouted behind her gag but wasn’t ready to take anything off yet, wanting to enjoy this first time wearing the new material to its fullest.

Wiggling around her house and property for two days before she got hungry enough to force her to remove the gag she settled down in her room and unzipped the back and tried to pull her hands from the vinyl. After struggling for twenty minutes and being unable to pull her hands out of the tight gloves she desperately tried to pull her head out of the hood and found that with the neck so tight she could not remove it either. Still pulling on her arms and grunting into the gag she exhausted herself and sat almost ready to cry thinking she would have to cut the beautiful dress off herself and not wanting to ruin it.

Reaching for the instructions she found the section on removal and read; once a garment has been shrunk to size if removal of hands, head or feet is required soak in hot water until material becomes pliable that remove garment and quickly cool with cold water to set material to current size, re-shrink when worn again, material can be stretched and reshaped an unlimited amount of times. Tina squealed as she hurried to the bathroom and turned the shower on hot, getting into the tub with her legs held so closely together and in high heels was more of a challenge that she thought it would be but soon she was standing in the hot water and tugging on the sleeves until her hands popped out of them and she began working on the hood.

Once her head popped out of the hood she quickly turned the water to cold and removed the dress while the cool water ran over her body and the dress. Hanging the dress on the curtain rod she pried the large ball from her mouth, as the water warmed back up she unlaced her boots hanging them upside down and began fighting the straps holding the corset tight around her torso until it released its grip on her and was hanging from the rod as well. Tina was starving so she dashed naked except for the panties she had been wearing to the kitchen and quickly ate and drank some of the mixture her doctor had come up with to replenish her lost nutrients from wearing plastic for extended periods of time and soon leaned back rubbing her moist pussy through the clear panties she still wore.

After resting and returning some e-mails she slipped into the black cat suit and was once again letting the special heat lamps shrink it to her body, she had left her clear panties on but this time she had covered her mouth in three layers of wide tape before pushing her head into the hood, once the timers went off and the suit had cooled she slipped her vinyl covered feet into her knee high boots and zipped them closed and when she stood in front of the mirror this time she saw a shiny black figure staring back at her with wide blue eyes, her body was a seamless picture of total shiny blackness and she turned looking at her firm ass now appearing like it had been dipped in black plastic. She squealed behind the tape holding her mouth closed when she looked closely at it and saw it indeed now looked like she had no mouth, it was smooth across her lower face, and even her ears seemed to have disappeared under the tight hood.

Tina stood in front of her camera taking several pictures and e-mailing them to a few friends before settling down into her big couch and watching some fetish movies while she rubbed her body and her vibrator slowly brought her to a screaming orgasm. Falling asleep on the couch she slept soundly and woke very aroused the next afternoon from the erotic dreams the vibrator and vinyl had caused. Wanting to have another orgasm but knowing the vibrator was dead she sat stewing in her vinyl unsure if she wanted to remove it or not and trying to think of a way to get herself off again.

Taking her large plug in vibrator she tied it between her thighs and continued to wrap her thighs and ankles in wide bands of rope until her legs were welded together. Taking a PVC hood she pulled it over her vinyl hood covering her eyes and leaving her nose with even smaller breathing holes and laced it tightly before reaching back and pushing her left hand into several coils of rope before pulling the cinch rope attached to her ankles up holding her heels tightly to her covered ass and sliding the coils through it and turning on her vibrator that is snugged up against the bottom of her vibrator that she had inserted in her damp pussy but worried that the two layers of vinyl will absorb the vibrations so she turned the large vibrator on high and reached back and forced her right hand into the coils and yanked her feet away from her hands closing the cinch loop locking her hands tightly together.

Immediately she could feel the vibrator shaking her pussy savagely and began to try to open the loop holding her wrists close together, as she struggled with the ropes the vibrator hit a rhythm and made her legs jerk. Moaning through her gag as her orgasm neared and she continued to pull harder on the ropes and began to shudder as the orgasm washed over her body and she screamed and gasped heavily through her nose. Tina’s vinyl covered body was trying to stretch and pulled harder on the ropes, her severely arched back was keeping her knees and shoulders off the bed as she tried to pull free and tensed up holding herself while she lay twitching and moaning as the vibrator continued to keep her orgasm flowing making her shuddering body fight its bonds trying to stretch itself out.

After fifteen minutes of constant orgasms and screams Tina blacked out and slumped in her bonds her arched shiny black body continued to twitch as the vibrator continued to run and stimulate her wanting pussy as she hung quietly with her hands held closely to her ankles. Twenty minutes later Tina roused and began fighting her bonds as her growing orgasm caused her to flex and twist before she got control of herself and pulled her ankles close, twisting and pulling her wrists apart trying to pull her flexing hands out of the coils that were keeping them trapped behind her. After struggling for another ten minutes Tina could no longer hold off the orgasm and relaxed letting it wash over her and pulling on the ropes again as she strained her arched body. When the orgasm passed she once again began working on the cinch rope and twisted and pulled until her hands came out of the ropes and she reached around and turned of the vibrator gasping in relief and giggling at how sensitive her pussy had been.

Tina played dress up games for the next three weeks only stopping once to return a phone call to the manufacturer before putting on both a cat suit and hobble dress over her corset and thigh boots. Covering her mouth with the wide clear tape and inserting her vibrator and plug she roamed around the house and property encased in the clear material for three days having multiple orgasms before removing them. While she ate and regained her strength she stared at the sex doll outfit and decided to wait until the next day to try it on. The doll suit had interested her but scared her at the same time, Tina had been afraid she might get lost in the fantasy of being a sex doll and wished she had someone to use her as an object but knew she had no one to share her secrets with.

After spending the day in her normal transparent plastic dress cleaning the house and her garments and putting everything away she ate dinner and drank as much of her mixture as she could, holding up the doll suit she had decided to wear it to bed and see what kind of dreams she had. Looking at the suit she was amazed at the way its head had been padded to make it appear to be more round and studied the red circles with inserts into her pussy, ass and mouth and red circles where her nipples would be. Getting into the suit was the most difficult of them all and Tina struggled for almost an hour before she was able to get the thicker and less stretchable material worked onto her body. Finally getting the fake flesh tone suit settled onto her body, with the large ring in the mouth area of the hood holding her mouth very wide open she inserted plugs in all her vinyl lined holes and started the shrinking process, this suit took longer to shrink and pulled much tighter on her body much more than the others.

Sweating badly from the heat of the lamps Tina finally heard the timer click off and opened her eyes and looked at herself in the large mirror. Tina was stunned to see a living sex doll looking back at her as she rubbed her gloved hands over her body as the material cooled down. The feeling of the tight vinyl cupping her breasts and ass was amazing, it had seam lines at her joints and the tight vinyl puckered and creaked when she moved. She could feel it trying to restrict her movements and hold her body in a certain position but could not figure out what it was. She stared at her gaping mouth as she removed the large phallus from it realizing that there was a small hole in the material that lined her mouth allowing her to breathe and maybe even drink meaning she could stay longer dressed as a sex doll.

Exploring her new found favorite suit she tried to remove the plugs in her ass and pussy but found both were stuck where they are from the material shrinking around them and holding them tightly inside her. Tina was giggling again as she found this very erotic and slipped her feet into a pair of clear platform heels to walk around in. By the second day she had found herself extremely horny but the thick material and soft plugs would not allow enough sensation to be felt even when she added her large vibrator to them to allow her to achieve an orgasm. She smiled under the hood saying a sex doll doesn’t have orgasms, she helps others get them, during the next five days Tina spent a lot of time sitting and found when she relaxed the suit would hold her legs spread wide with her head slightly tilted back and her arms extended out to her sides just like a real blow up doll and loved the feeling of it trying to control her and would sit for hours staring blankly towards the ceiling just enjoying the feeling of the suit holding her and fantasizing about someone coming in the house and using her as a sex doll.

When the doorbell rang she was lost in a fantasy and it took her awhile to figure out someone had really rang the bell and knew it could only be the delivery man because no one else besides her parents had the code to the front gate. Making herself walk, her legs bowed out from the hours of being held in that position, to the door she opened it without even looking out first and stared at two boxes lying on her door step with her red O shaped mouth before reaching out and picking them up and returning into her house. Tina had been losing herself in her fantasies for the last two days and had hardly moved and now her body was starting to complain about the lack of real food and herself enforced position.

Tina forced some more liquid into her mouth letting it drain down before filling the gaping hole again before opening the boxes. In the smaller box she found a bottle of liquid and instructions and three even larger plugs, in the second box she found a new suit and it looked like an even more convincing sex doll suit! She squealed into the hood as she realized this was the improved version that had been made to fit her perfectly and make her look and feel even more like an inanimate object and couldn’t wait to try it on. Getting out of the doll suit was even more difficult than getting in as Tina pulled and yanked at the thick material her gloved hands slipping from the hot water and making it harder to remove. As soon as Tina had the suit off she dried herself and walked naked into the living room and collected the instructions and went and had a solid meal and read the instructions while she ate.

She was growing tired as she finished the instructions and wasn’t sure if she wanted to shave her body and fight the tight material again or go to bed and start in the morning but the more she looked at the suit draped over the couch the more she wanted to be encased inside it and forced herself to go and flush her bowels and shave her entire body leaving only the beautiful red hair on her head. Moving a chair with arms and a high back in front of the lights she wrapped her smallest corset around her waist and struggled with the laces until the corset was closed pulling her waist down to about sixteen inches before zipping the cover closed over the laces. Rubbing the lube generously onto her body before beginning to pull the much thicker suit up her legs and fitting her tallest heels on her feet and strapping them tightly around her ankles she continued to pull the vinyl up her body.

Noticing the seams running up her legs and how her legs already looked unreal she hurried to get the suit up to her waist, once there she inserted the phalluses pushing the thick material deep into her well lubed pussy and ass with the supplied plugs before continuing to let the suit swallow her body further. Reaching her breasts she had to carefully work them into the padded cups and immediately noticed how much bigger they seemed to be and how little stimulation she could feel through the thick cups, once the breasts cups were filled she tugged and pulled at the suit gasping for air from the tight corset as she leaned her head into the hood, pulling her pony tail through the hole, rubbing the lube all over her face and neck before forcing her head into the hood and with a pop, the ring holding her mouth open was a bit larger than the other suit and Tina had to work to get it seated into her mouth, the lining in the opening also had grooves for her teeth to fit in making it harder for her to even try to reopen her stretched mouth. The hood was padded all around her head making it seem like it had been blown up with too much pressure and covered her ears blocking almost all sound from her.

Lubing the opening of the suit even though she didn’t understand why, she did as the instructions said before pushing her arms into the sleeves, when her hands entered the gloves the suit popped over her shoulders letting the flap on her back close the opening sealing itself almost seamlessly. Tina fumbled with the gloves before holding them up so she could see them through the tinted pin hole lenses in the hood and found her hands where now trapped in padded mittens shaped like the hands of blow up doll, Tina could feel her fingers separated inside the mittens like they were in a normal glove but could not open or even flex her fingers or feel anything with them once inside the mittens. Working the phallus into her gaping mouth was difficult with her mitten hands but with some effort she managed to get the mouth filling gag snapped in place and could feel the thick lining pushing against the inside her mouth and the gag now holding her tongue tightly to the bottom of it.

Settling down Tina could feel her skin beginning to tingle all over as she leaned back and waited for the lamps to come on. The tingling became quite enjoyable and when she saw the bright light she quickly stood with her back to them waiting for the heat to rise. Slowly the vinyl became warm and Tina could feel it snugging against her skin as the tingling increased she began to moan rubbing her mitten hands over the front of herself as the suit tightened more around her firm ass and slowly kept deep into her butt crack clearly defining it and making it appear to be perfectly round. When the lights dimmed Tina knew it was time to sit down again and turned and lowered herself into the chair, spreading her legs wide and leaning back slightly to allow her head to tilt she placed her arms on the arm rests spreading them as wide as possible and waited for the lamps to come on again.

The tingling kept increasing as she sat waiting and Tina was feeling light headed and closed her eyes and sat enjoying the sensations not realizing the she was no longer able to make any sounds as the numbing agent being drip fed from the lining in her mouth numbed her vocal chords as well delivering a sedative making any voluntary movement impossible and stiffening her muscles so they would stay in any position that she was placed in. As the lamps warmed up the material it began to tighten more around her body and when Tina finally noticed how tight it had become it had become too late for her to do anything about it. Tina was now sitting with her legs spread wide exposing her bright red pussy filled with a large dildo leaning back against the chair with her extra-large tits and red nipples sticking straight out, her head with its gapping red mouth filled with another large cock angled slight up like the doll was asking for someone to fuck its mouth with its arms now held spread wide and her mitten hands now useless.

Tina struggled to move and strained her body but could not feel anything happen and when she tried to scream noticed that no sound came out as the material continued to tighten, compressing her body until her breathing became shallow and at every bend in her body wrinkles formed.

For the next hour Tina sat unmoving and silent as the material finished shrinking and now the curing process was causing her skin to itch as the epoxy she had rubbed all over and inside her body was setting making the tight vinyl become a permanent part of her skin. Tina had no idea what was happing and all she could do was sit and stare through her painted doll eyes and hope that once the vinyl stopped shrinking she would be able to move. She had started to think about how close she was to becoming a real sex doll and had started fantasizing about being used by a stranger then packed away in her storage bag until he was ready to use her again, as these thought aroused her she closed her eyes and waited. Opening her eyes gasping when she thought she had felt something touch her she sat panting desperately trying to move when she saw someone walk past her.

Tina tried to struggle but still could not move a muscle and sat watching several people moving around in front of her motionless form. Someone finally stopped and Tina could feel them grab her wrist and say something then drop her wrist and felt her arm spring back into its position on the chair. Something was put on Tina dolls head and suddenly she could hear someone talking, “Yes, get it all, leave nothing here, Tina I am your new owner you have been turned into the vinyl coated sex doll you always craved to be and will remain this way for the next year of your life” Tina was stunned, she was panicking again as she realized she was now someone else’s property and could do nothing to stop what was happening.

The voice returned seeming louder than before through the head phones that had been placed on her head to allow her to hear “Your parents contacted us and wanted you to stop embarrassing them with this fetish of yours and asked if we could force you to stop, this will be a prolonged treatment plan, you will remain as you are, being used by as many different people as want to pay to have you as their sex doll over the next year, at the end of the year, if you survive, we will release you from the suit and give you one week to decide if you want to return to your parents and live a normal life with them or return to live out the rest of your days as a sex doll.”

“Once back with your parents if you revert back to your old habits you will be forced again into service permanently, never knowing who or what kind of person will end up owning you or what they will do to you for the rest of your life” the voice continued as he sat the Tina doll straight up in the chair and moved a mirror in front so she could see herself as he spoke.

Tina was stunned as she stared at her reflection not believing it was truly her sitting in the chair, she now looked exactly like a blow up sex doll, her round face with cheaply painted on features and O shaped mouth, her mitten hands laying uselessly out to her sides the large tits actually looking like they needed a little more air from the wrinkles that formed around the seams over them, she stared at her pussy painted a bright red like her mouth and still filled with the large dildo even though she could not feel it inside her, her tiny waist was still and now forever being held in the tight corset making her breasts appear even bigger as she heard someone say to the voice, “She is wearing a corset under the suit”.

The voice responded, “Well if she ignored the instructions it’s her fault, for her sake I just hope it’s not made of vinyl, if it is the epoxy will most likely have fused it to her skin permanently, but I don’t think it will matter with this one, I think she’s enjoying her situation and will stay as a doll” Tina tried to scream again as the voice continued to talk to her. “The lining in your mouth will continue to drip feed you the solution that’s keeping your muscles stiff and your vocal chords, pussy and ass numb until we remove it from you, you will be able to feel every touch on your body except in your pussy or ass guaranteeing you will not be able to achieve orgasm while you are our property.”

The voice stood Tina doll up, bending her legs until she was in the kneeling position before pulling her arms together behind her back and strapping her elbows tightly together. Tina could feel him manipulating her body but could do nothing to stop him or change her position and as her elbows were crushed together she could feel the pain in her shoulders and elbows making her try to scream again.

The voice removed the dildo from her mouth and even though Tina could see him inserting his dick into it she could not feel him inside her, the pressure of him pulling her head tighter against his crotch was the only sensation she had and she instinctively began to try and suck his cock while he pumped her face until he grunted and she could feel his cum pumping down her throat. Once he was finished he inserted the gag and snapped it in place and Tina could hear him tell the others, “Get her ready for travel”.

Tina felt the strap pulled free but her arms remained almost exactly where they had been only springing out slightly easing the pain in her shoulders before she was laid on her back and her knees were folded up onto her large tits and her arms folded around them. As the bag was pulled up around the doll she stared through her lifeless eyes as the bag zipped closed over her, as she gasped for breath around the gag and shuddered from the orgasm she was feeling Tina thought, ‘Never cum again Huh?’

She knew the voice was right she would never want to be ‘normal’ again, she was now a true sex doll being put away inside her storage bag to be used whenever some stranger was in the mood with no regards to her needs or desires and only able to cum when her fantasies and dreams had been made to come true. She felt no more anger towards her parents for trapping her this way and she understood that they would have never come to accept her for her strange cravings and had already begun to feel gratitude for them granting her dream and hoped that she would be sold to someone who really liked using his sex doll often.

Two years later Tina’s parents were still living in the house, her room was still waiting for her just as she had left it void of any fetish clothes or equipment and her parents still wondering if they had done the right thing or not.


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