Plastique Surgery 2

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2007 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bodymod; mc; crate; delivery; rubberdoll; reluct/nc; X

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Perhaps it had been because he was ignored by most of the girls in college, or even that none of them were interested in him, but John was sick of it. He needed something to stave his appetite, his hunger, his NEEDS. Something he could be able to predict, something he could control. A wild beast tamed by an incredibly sturdy leash.

He’d tried online dating services before, but none of them seemed to work very well, it had something to do with his personality not being all that interesting or some other lame excuse, he’d figured. It just was an established fact that girls weren’t interested in him online or offline.

That’s when he came across a certain website url that claimed to have a vast collection of photo galleries of the best models out there, and if there weren’t pictures out there of a certain girl to appeal to a certain taste, they took requests.

It wasn’t the pictures on the website that caught his eye however, it was a simple affiliate web link that instantly got his imaginative gears to turn.

Customized Mail-Order, abbreviated CMOS in the title, the page was simple and shared no pictures whatsoever. The text read as follows:

“Welcome to the site where sexual dreams come true! We at have extensively designed the ultimate sluts for your sexual gratification. It is our hope that we can supply you with the ideal slut, personally designed for you. Our sluts are genetically designed to perfect customization, everything you want, we provide. Our prices are reasonable as well, and if for some reason you don’t like your personalized slut, you can return her for refurbishment absolutely free with no extra fees!”

John scrolled down the page to look at the list of features the site promised.


-Any anamorphic, anatomical, or bionic adjustments can be made, either human or non-human, all fully-functional and ready to please! Breasts, hips, hair, vulva, legs, feet, hands, and any other body parts you want added!

-Feminine Temperament can be adjusted, you pick your type! Want docile and sexy? Violent and nymphomaniacal? Permanent orgasms? Or no personality at all? We design our sluts to be tailored to your tastes! Obedience guaranteed!

-We add special touches like eye, hair color, natural permanent lip colors, body hair if desired, and even vocal chord adjustment!

-Our sluts are customized to be maintenance free! No messy cleanup, unless desired, no need to feed them either! Each slut is given a special rechargeable sphere specially designed with that slut in mind. The sphere runs on solar power and electricity and is also environmentally safe. Our sluts are designed to be efficient with the sphere they are charged in, so no messy waste after a good recharge!

-Our sluts are designed to take the punishment, slap them, hit them, cut them, or twist them in any way imaginable! They always regenerate good as new thanks to a special regenerative material naturally produced in the slut’s skin and skeletal structure.

-Our sluts are also fully knowledgeable in any sexual techniques you desire! They do what you want anytime you want, and anywhere! They’re also designed to be fully functional and modest if desired, so you can exhibit them in public!

-NEW FEATURE: Our sluts can now be programmed to do customized work and other tasks you design for them. We’ve designed a built in user-interface that can let you tell your slut exactly what you want them to do, and you don’t have to worry about memory or performance either! They’re designed to be easily educated and have a large memory capacity for even the most complex tasks! Our sluts can be as smart as Einstein or dumb as a classic blonde bimbo! Your preference!”

Below the features, John noticed an online form that he could fill out that could custom build the woman of his dreams. The form would then generate a proxy of the ideal woman for him, and he could decide to make a purchase or not. He decided to give it a shot.

Desired name: Valerie

Age Range : 18-25

Color/Texture/Measurement Variants:

Hair:Crimson (Rubber Texture) Length: 5.5 ft (Above Heel, Regenerative)

Hair-Style: Perma-fixed Crest on left side, sweep behind.

Eyes: Forest Green Iris, Cat Formation, Extended Eyelashes (Curved).

Makeup (Eyes): None

Ears: No adjustments.

Lips: Bright Red (Rubber Texture), Thick-arch, relaxed-pucker. O-Fixture.

Teeth: Rubber (Converse-able), Auto-suck/massage Formation.

Facial Expressions: Limited Package (Sexy Expressions Only)

Tongue: 6 Inch Rubber Extension (Black Texture), Tongue-brush

Facial/Oral Piercing: None

Lungs/Neck Adjustment: Deep-throating Gill Vents

Arms:Hyper-flex Bone-lock Option # 4

Hands: Hyper-flex Rubber Fingers Package

Nationality (Facial Appearance): Anglo-Asian

Skin Color (Texture): *Special Order* Perma-Rubber Jet Black

Fingernails/Toenails: Bright Red (Rubber)

Nail Length: 2 Inches (Limited Regeneration)

Breast Measurement: 32D, Areola: Large, Nipples: 1 cm from base, 2 cm Diameter.

Breast Augmentation: Hyper-Inflation, Liquid Hollow Nipple Inserts, Mega-Bounce Class, Perma-Cleavage, Regenerative Internal No-Bra Support Structure.

Navel: None

Abdomen: Exo-skeletal Corset Size 20 reduction.

Anus: (Bright Red Rubber Musculature), Auto-Grip Suction, Multi-muscle adjusters.

Vagina: (Bright Red Rubber), O-Structure Adjustment, Perma-Clit, Auto-Climax Settings. Facial Lip Augmentation, Internal Nervous System Lip-Synch Structure.

Uterus: (Black Internal Rubber), Fallopian Structures removed, Hyper Stretch Wall Enhancers (Regenerative Hymen Package), Auto-Cum Regeneration, Menstrual Cycle Removed.

Hips/Gluteus:36, Perma-Wobble Enforced, Auto-Gyrator Package, Mega-Bounce Pack.

Legs: Hyper-flex Bone-lock Option # 6, *Muscle Augmentation Related to Heels*

Ankles: Hyper-flex Bone-lock Option #4

Feet: *Augmented, See Heels*

Heels: Perma-Fuse Rubber Ballet-Point Heels, 10 inch Base, Single-Toe Flex.

(Rubber Skin Fused with Heel, No seams)

Additional Augmentations:

-Nourishment Installation taken in Anal area inside Sphere

-Perma-Orgasm Mode Option.

-Lungs Auto-Breathe through Gills instead of Mouth/Throat

-Gag Reflex Permanently Suppressed.

-Body Straps built into Fused Rubber Skin at various points for Bondage Options.

-*Special Option* Memory Retention prior to Augmentations can be auto-recalled/deleted for special sessions.

With a click of the mouse, John finished the form, and to his surprise, got a simulated response to nearly exactly his specifications. There were a few changes he backtracked and made, but all in all… it was a good deal considering the price, pocket change compared to his other “investments”.

He decided he was going to do it… and if any girls protested, well, when visiting the site, he discovered the ‘business’ had some legal immunity, as to how they got it, he wasn’t sure, but it was obvious to him that whoever ran the business came prepared for all contingencies. A mister ‘Vaincroft’ seemed to be running the show.

“If you know a woman who disapproves of your new sex toy and objects to it, call us at this 1-800 number. We’ll take care of everything!”

John was tempted to call, just to see what would happen, as he knew plenty of dissenters, not just of what he did, but of him alone. He smiled and laughed to himself… this was too good to pass up. He broke out his Credit Card and made the order.

It would only be a matter of time before his ‘package’ came.

- - - - -

Jennifer felt sick to her stomach, it felt as though she was going to throw up but it never came. The nausea just hung inside her, not doing anything. She couldn’t see anything at all, and it felt like she was kneeling on some kind of smooth beanbag of some kind. Wherever she was, it felt warm and wet, almost like a mother’s womb.

Her face felt tingly, but in the dark it was hard to tell where exactly she was, or even what was going on. The last thing she remembered, was going for breast implant surgery, it took a bit of thought to decide on what she wanted, and she really hoped they got it right.

But much to her surprise, she couldn’t move. It felt strange, as though her arms and legs were encased in some kind of smooth round mould, like she was inside a hamster ball. She twitched her fingers and they all felt okay, but they felt tingly and numb for some reason.

She tried to move her head, but it seemed to be fixed in place by the strange mould that forced her into a high-postured kneeling position. She wasn’t uncomfortable, in fact she felt as though she were floating… somewhat disembodied… like she was in a huge bubble of some kind. Her knees were bent somewhat, but there was no pressure or strain on her legs, and this came as a surprise to her. She tried wiggling her toes, but all she got as a response was that of her big toe, the rest seemed numb somehow. Her feet felt like they were in an odd position as well, and she couldn’t move them at all.

Jennifer then tried to move her jaw, only to find something underneath it keeping her mouth shut, the same mould-like sensation, as though she were wearing a mask. Her eyes darted about the darkness as panic began to set in. She was breathing okay, and not suffocating for sure, but how it was she was doing this, she had no idea, her mouth and nose were plugged inside the mask mould locking her face in place.

She could hear a faint hissing noise somewhere under her neck, not quite like a respirator, but it seemed to be related to her lungs. She’d heard about it somewhere… what was the technique surgeons used for smokers with lung cancer? A tracheostomy? But the scary thing was… she wasn’t a smoker! And this didn’t feel like a single hole in the neck, the hissing sounded more like a series of vents on either side of her neck, for what purpose, she shuddered to think about.

Taking her mind off something that could be potentially scary to her, and to avoid the onset of claustrophobia, she tried doing something else. First, she tried to find out why it was her mouth was closed, by adjusting her jaw she found she could easily move it side to side well enough. Opening the mouth even a little seemed out of the question at this point, as even her lips appeared to be somewhat pinched within the mould of the strange mask in the dark.

Using her somewhat-dulled senses elsewhere, she drifted her mind towards her breasts, which felt huge and swollen, what size, she couldn’t even guess. Her nipples felt hard as rocks and seemed to be trapped inside moulded cups in the darkness of her newfound prison. The beasts themselves felt especially tingly, yet the mould supported them well enough like a strange wonder-bra. Her stomach still felt somewhat uneasy, but after a while she realized it wasn’t because of something she ate. It felt as though a single air bubble were lodged deep in her lungs, causing her chest to stick out further, as though she were stuck inhaling air like a distended balloon.

Controlling her breathing was something of a strange sensation to her, she knew her mouth and nose were closed, tight as a drum inside the sealed mask, but no matter how hard she exhaled, she couldn’t get her cheeks to puff out even a little to get air inside them, the air simply pushed itself out the sides of her throat, whether she wanted it to or not. It was almost as if no air would reach the inside of her mouth ever again. She gulped in nervousness, only to find something strange about her throat. When she swallowed, it felt as though her throat was tightening instead of the normal downward motion.

More scary thoughts crossed her mind, but she wasn’t about to panic just yet, there was still the strange sensations in her abdomen to consider. Her waist seemed tight all around, and firm, but she could twist her waist or even so much as bend her back at all, her back felt like it was stuck in a slight curve, making her unmoving shoulders arch inside the mould, which seemed to accommodate for everything. Her arms and hands hung in long tunnels inside the mould. Even her fingers had their own separate grooves which she could just barely wiggle them in.

Her kneeling position was strange initially to begin with, but as she afforded her senses more, she realized her legs were somewhat split open, like a cheerleader doing the splits. It was all the moulding’s doing of course as she couldn’t raise her posture one bit. The fact she was doing the splits with her knees somewhere at her sides didn’t feel straining at all, and what’s more, she felt as though her abdomen were rooted somewhere inside the mould.

That’s when she felt the filling sensation creeping deep into the length of her sex. Seeing as she couldn’t move externally, it was an automatic reaction of hers to squeeze around the long phallic-like structure embedded into her being, penetrating her as far up as her lower abdomen, she guessed. As if that weren’t enough, an additional tube-like structure was engorged in her anal cavity, keeping her butt cheeks parted and curved as the bubble-mould wrapped itself unforgivingly around her gluteus.

Of all the other sensations, these two shocked her the most, it was as though she were someone’s hand puppet, being stuffed full of a pillar larger than what she though her hands could wrap around, and all she could do was kneel statuesquely in the darkness, her body entombed and pierced by the structure.

Of course, the strange mould-dildo penetrating her infuriated her sex drive, as she felt herself wanting to rock back and forth on it, to at least massage the sensations she was receiving, but the mould’s ever-present wall, prevented her from even so much as wobbling. She felt wet, but for the life of her, something in her was stopping her from cumming. Additionally, she sensed her clit was open wide, exposed, and particularly sensitive at the moment, but like the other parts of her body trapped in the dark, even her clit was enshrined in a strange mould-like formation.

The sensation of being plugged up everywhere except her hissing neck was disconcerting, and the idea she felt like her shifting her weight had no bearing on the situation disoriented her all the more. The darkness didn’t help any, and to top it all off, she felt eye-strain from staring into the mould mask too long. She decided to try and sleep, and maybe some more sense of this apparent nightmare would come soon… or so she hoped.

Hours or minutes later, she couldn’t tell, and something woke her up. A strange liquid swishing noise came to her ears, and from what she could tell, the sound of rubber squeaking against rubber. A few seconds later and her anus began to twitch and throb in gentle motions. It was a strange sensation, and even stranger was that her anus was doing this of its own accord. Her eyes practically bulged when a strange warm, yet lumpy liquid entered slowly into her posterior, the dull twitch made her clench her butt automatically, forcing the strange fluid deep inside her, for what purpose, she had no idea. She moaned as the warm liquid began to fill her abdomen, and when the process stopped, her anus quit twitching, almost like Pavlov’s Dog stopped drooling.

Much to her distress, she could not unclench her buttocks as it locked itself tight around the strange tube penetrating it, forcing the lumpy warm liquid to slosh around inside her. It was also strange, but after a few minutes, her somewhat upset stomach settled down, and she could hear the faint gurgles of her stomach beginning to digest whatever the strange stuff was.

Her abdomen felt warm inside, which was a new sensation for digesting to begin with, but soon, the liquid that had been swishing around inside of her was gone… like she had digested a four course meal in 5 minutes.

Was that what that stuff was? Food? But why her anus? And why did her stomach do what it did so quickly? And why couldn’t she control her anus after that stuff poured into her? More questions she couldn’t answer. It was maddening to deal with it all in such a dark place where she couldn’t move. She was beyond scared at this point.

- - - - -

More darkness, for who knew how long, and Jennifer was still stuck in the same strange dildo-ball as before. She’d expected that her legs would start feeling sore for being trapped in the kneeling-splits position for so long, but she found that not to be the case. She remembered when she was little and tried out for cheerleading, she was never this flexible for this long a time, and the fact she was doing whatever it was she was doing for so long right now, seemed horrifying. The ‘feeding mechanism’ as she’d began to think of it, had been feeding her like clockwork every couple hours by flooding her anus with the same liquid that her ass rhythmically took into itself and refused to release until she’d absorbed every single drop. She felt like crying as the process was humiliating, but no stress seemed to show up on her face, like something in the mask was keeping her face from moving or emoting anything.

After the last ‘feeding’ she felt a strange jolt as the ball-structure appeared to get tilted.She felt a few bumps and the noise of rubber tires on gravel and cement. She was being rolled somewhere on a dolly of some kind, at least what she could tell. The ball wasn’t rolling per se, but more like the ball was being supported inside a box or something of that sort, as she felt her gravity shift backwards as though she were leaning back, but in fact she hadn’t moved at all. She was being moved!

Her ears listened intently to the bumps and jostles of where it was she was headed, wherever that was. After a quick roll down what felt like a ramp and up against a few steps, which was quite bumpy on her already sensitive clit, the sensation of being leaned forward, and a thump, and she was once again stationary in a ball of space.

Her ears heard the muffled noise of someone pushing a doorbell. She’d been delivered somewhere… but where that might be, she had no idea whatsoever! Muffled men’s voices, the noise of someone scribbling on a docket, the creak of a door, and finally the sensation of being hoisted into a room.

Well if there was a time to figure out all the answers to her questions, and possibly a way out of this, it was definitely today!

A loud creak, as a crowbar began to bend and bite into the crate that contained her ball, and light instantly flooded into her eyes. She squinted, but something about her squint didn’t seem right… it almost felt like she was blinking sideways. Seeing as she couldn’t move, however, there was no way of seeing herself, or telling what was going on, other than she was being freed from the strange ball from sex hell.

Her eyes adjusted and she could see into the room. Her first reaction was that everything appeared to be pink-tinted from inside the semi-transparent ball… her eyes shifted downward, just as she’d suspected, she was encased inside a strange mould within the ball, but something wasn’t right.

She was…. black…. all over… with the strange pink mould film over her, it was difficult to make out any more than that.

A young man in his mid 20s appeared in front of her line of vision with a smile like a little kid getting a toy at Christmas. She blinked at him through the ball, but that was about all she could do, as she couldn’t move much else.

Taking his hands across the ball, the man hoisted it out of its supports on the crate. Jennifer could now afford to take a quick birds eye view of the room… it was… of all places, a bedroom. And with a quick thump, the ball was placed on the bed.

“You’re quite heavy you know, Valerie, but I suppose that’s to be expected considering all the toys I put inside you.”

Jennifer wanted to protest and say her name wasn’t Valerie, but the mask kept her jaw locked in place, and all she could do was a faint “Mmff…”

The man left the room and left her sitting in the ball on the bed… for the first time she felt somewhat uneasy as the soft bed rolled under the weight of the ball. But before she knew what was happening, the ball rolled backwards!

She now knew what it felt like to be a hamster, as the ball had rolled her completely upside down. Luckily the pillows on the bed had wedged themselves as supports on both sides of the ball, keeping her from rolling off the bed… but the idea that everything was upside down just made her dizzy.

The man re-entered the room with a larger crate and a surprised look on his face.

“Oops! I totally forgot you were in that thing!”

Rolling her back into an upright position, the man propped the pillows of the bed against the ball for support as he proceeded to open the second, much larger, crate.

The crate was about the size of a refrigerator actually, and he grunted as he opened it up and shoved the large square-like container into the corner of the room. Plugging it in, he watched with glee as it’s light pink color hummed to life. It was transparent like the ball she was in, but when she stared at it carefully, it had a strange human-shaped cavity.

She didn’t want to think about who that was for. Her breathing began to sound ragged with nervousness, but the regulated hissing from her throat never stopped.

Shoving the empty crates out of the room, the young man produced a rose and laid it on the bed next to the ball.

“That’s my welcome gift to you, Valerie.” She heard his muffled voice. “My name is John, and you’ll be my new rubber slut from now on. I hope we can become good friends soon.”

Rubber slut? What did that mean? And why was he saying ‘from now on’? She wanted to beg him to let her out and tell her it was all just a bad dream, that she wasn’t a toy on some shelf… that she was just going to get her breast implants…

“I know you’re scared, but please don’t be… I let you keep your memories so that you at least feel like normal when you come out.”

At this point anything he said was simply aggravating her to get him to let her out of the ball. And she began to rock back and forth on the bed, nausea be damned, to get out of it.

“Sorry! I’m not used to talking to girls much, nice ones anyway…”

He took his hands and grabbed a pair of what appeared to be handles built into the sphere of the ball.With a twist, a hiss, and a pop… Jennifer felt the back end of the ball loosen.

It took a few minutes, but he’d managed to extricate her backside from out of the ball… she felt her feet pointed outwards on the bed, but still felt somewhat stuck.The strange tubular dildos filling her anus and vagina came out with a pop, in an instant her anus began to clench and refused to open back up again. It felt somewhat straining, but at least she felt like her legs were free.

The ball had split down the middle along her arms, so she was now able to swing her arms out the backside of the mould. Pressing against the strange wall in the ball half, she pulled herself away from the mask with a hissing pop, her other body parts soon followed, the cool air felt strange on her tingling body and exposed sex.

John pulled the ball away from her and placed it among the crates in another room. She slumped a bit on the bed, like a butterfly having just escaped its cocoon. More sensations bombarded her… her waist and spine felt stiff as a board, but not painful… her exposed clit and vagina were a wide mouth over the bed sheets on the bed. Her legs were somewhat shaky at first, and she began to swing them forward.

Much to her surprise, her hair swung down like a large waterfall across her neck. It drifted and piled in a large pile on her knees. Everything seemed blurry and bright… she adjusted her jaw to find she could now open her mouth all the way, but not in any way she expected. Parts of her felt like they weren’t working, while other parts felt like they were doing something they weren’t supposed to do.

She wasn’t herself, that much was certain. She moved her mouth, and something in her vagina moved too! She twitched her lips a bit and the lips on her vagina twitched as well, albeit sideways.

Drawing her split legs together, she swung them over the edge of the bed, and swept her hair back. It naturally drew upwards into a strange crest like a super-model or Barbie-doll would have.

“From the look of things, this is your first time seeing your new self, isn’t it?” John said in the corner of the room.

The voice of the man in the room triggered something deep inside the recesses of her mind, something she tried to ignore but couldn’t… something about obedience and having sex, among other things. She wanted to do those things… but another part of her, the part that was logical and reasoning, practically begged her to keep her sanity long enough to find out what had happened to her.

John quietly pulled a large vanity mirror out of the closet so she could study it.

Jennifer didn’t have any words, they just wouldn’t come. She simply stared in the mirror at the jet-black shining figure sitting on the bed.

Long legs pointed like sharp needles, round wide hips, iron stiff waist, breasts the size of beach balls, insanely long hair… alone that would’ve distraught any woman seeing her own reflection having changed, but for Jennifer… it simply felt… otherworldly.

She’d fallen down a rabbit hole and turned into something, she could only guess… dedicated to the throes of sexual gratification.

She stood, much to her surprise, on reinforced pointed toes, no sign of her old feet in sight, and perfectly balanced legs. She walked towards the mirror, her hips swinging in natural rhythm, her new crimson hair swishing behind her like a vast tail.

She watched with complete awe as her hips and breasts bounced and swung in small, tight strides. It felt completely natural, and at the same time, completely not herself.

She stood before the mirror, like some sex-queen of the night, and put her hand on her reflection, the mirror doing the same. Her hands were waxen and glowed with rubbery texture, with long red fingernails that appeared flexible to the touch.It was her own hand… this she knew.

She continued looking at the reflection in the mirror. Every part of her body was covered in shadowy black latex. Her navel was nonexistent, yet her breasts bulged and swung consciously and proudly in front of her, the nipples and areolas jutting outward like a pair of missile warheads. The parts that weren’t covered with black latex, namely her lips, and vagina, were coated in a brilliant red latex coating. Her lips swollen in a transfixed sexy pout. She went through the full range of emotions… and only saw a few of them in the mirror. No sadness, no anger, no despair, only coy, unabashed lust and blissful bimbo joy answered her beck and call in the face she saw in the mirror, even at rest, her lips puckered in a deep passionate kiss for nobody in particular. Additionally, the lips of her vagina mimicked the very lips on her face… as though she was some sort of two-headed succubus.

Her hair was tremendously full of volume and plastic, her vagina a open maw, exposed clit begging to be crushed against anything. She turned ever so slightly to see the crimson opening of her anus having clamped itself tight in the depths of her orb-like buttocks, also, she noted strange clamps and belts hanging about her wrists, waist, and legs like restrictive ribbons… she could only guess their use.

She blinked once again to notice that even her eyes were no longer her own, but the jade-colored cat’s eyes of some feral beast of sexual desire. Six slits, as she had expected flushed outward along the length of either side of her neck, ever breathing, ever hissing.

In fear and almost dread, she opened her mouth to speak… a voice, soft, clear, and oh so sexy appeared.

“Is… this… me?” she asked.

Actually, simply speaking felt strange… as the airflow no longer flowed to her mouth directly… or at least, it only did so when she spoke. It did not flow when she tried to breathe normally.

She brought a hand to her face and tried to breathe on it, as though warming her hand with soft warm breath. Her fears were confirmed when nothing came but warm hissing from her neck.

She wanted to gasp, but the fear was too great… the lips on her vagina continued to mimic the open-mouthed appearance on her face. The expression wasn’t shock, however… she could not express that feeling, instead, a needy and desperate O formed on her face and the face that was her vagina. The look was as though she were some sort of rubber tapeworm begging for sustenance, and her eyes with cold green slits completed the illusion of being the monster.

Looking into the depths of the orgasmic maw she had just created with her face, she noted pink-colored rubber-like teeth lining her upper and lower jaws. Clenching her squeaking rubber teeth in what appeared to be a perfect super-model smile, she noted the curvature of each “tooth” designed to fit the curves of a certain organ that would soon line the space in her mouth, opening her soft incisors afforded a look at a black slithering rubber tongue with its own padded structure that looked more like a set of cosmetic brushes than taste buds.

“What… am I?”she finally gained the courage to ask, although something in the bowels and depths of her psyche knew the answer. It knew and wanted her to accept it, to embrace the answer with finality and become the thing in the mirror she so feared now.

“You’re my Custom Mail-Order Slut… .a Rubber Slut of my own design.I bought and paid for you.”John, her master, said with a smile.

Something in the back of her mind began to trickle and flow into her thoughts, clouding them, turning them into something other than her own thoughts. She turned and stared at the man, the man who freed her from her prison, only to reveal that he was her captor.

The rubber skin was her own, the breasts and other sexual parts were also her own… at least, as far as she was capable of grasping, even the heels that made her taller than this man were her own, a permanent part of who she was. And yet, something in her mind informed her that she now belonged to him, for him to do with as he saw fit.

She wanted to protest, she wanted to scream, she wanted to flee…

Her voice could not scream, as the lungs could not gather the air, and her legs were rooted to the spot because her cat eyes beheld the man for whom he would eventually be.

He was destined to be her master and lover. Nothing more, and nothing less.

As her mind fought the throes of her libido, the being that was Jennifer slowly drifted into a vaster, seemingly more dominant being known as Valerie. It simply felt natural for him to call her Valerie now, and even more natural for her to call him Master.

“I read the report of how they came across you, Jennifer…they said you wanted larger breasts, and that you weren’t happy with how you looked because men seemed to ignore you .But now you’ve got someone to watch over you, Jennifer… someone who will give you everything you’ve ever wanted.”John confessed.

“That’s… not my name, Master…. I’m Valerie… your rubber slut, remember?”

The voice wasn’t Jennifer’s, but it was Jennifer’s at the same time. It was like watching a puppet dance on its strings in a theatre, and Jennifer was in the audience. She watched with strange fascination as the young man blushed bashfully at his custom-made woman, perfectly designed to his specifications.

John was quick to lay Valerie on the bed, not exactly knowing what to do with her just yet. He’d read the manual on how she was designed and the plethora of things he could do with and to her… but he just didn’t know where to start.

“I’m… kind of new at this, you know…” he grinned.

In automated response, the rubber maiden spread her legs and began to stroke her breasts, her exposed clitoris throbbing for him. At the sight of this, his heart began to race.

It wasn’t much longer before John was naked and plunging deep inside Valerie’s awaiting pussy. It was simple, quick, and basic, but it was enough to trigger the beginning of Valerie’s orgasms. She responded by quickly wrapping her spindly black legs around his waist and drew him deeper into her, moaning all the way.

John thrust deep into her, and locked his lips over the hungry lips of his sex toy, her rubbery tongue pulling gently on his own, exciting him all the more. Jennifer almost felt like laughing, having been forced to take part in a sexual farce that had nothing to do with who she was. Not her past self, only a glimmer of who she wanted to be as a woman.

Yet it was that part of her longed for the kiss and touch of a man, and that part of her grew stronger with each progressing second. And as time passed, she began to lose herself, her inner self… the part of her that still felt real. The kisses Valerie had with this man… .they soon began to feel like Jennifer’s kisses. They soon began to feel like an addictive drug… a craving so strong she felt she would do anything for a fix .Another hit, another session of sexual gratification…

John decided to switch positions, he wanted to make full use of Valerie’s talents and what better way than for her to eat him up. Like a key unlocking a door, his penis entered her mouth, and as though completely natural and made for such things, Valerie clamped onto it, her soft gummy teeth slathering it with natural cleaning enzymes genetically placed in her mouth, streamlined to not only give her Master head… but to clean his cock as well. On instinct her snake-like tongue began to massage him.

As time went on…. Jennifer began to realize it wasn’t herself she wanted to please… she wanted to please John, the man who trapped her, who gave her life as a sex obsessed slut. She wanted to please her Master. No air passed between her crimson rubbery lips, instead a rhythmic swallowing clamp muscle strummed deep down her throat, squeezing and milking every drop of spunk from John’s member. Her lungs puffed and sucked air from the intended gills in her neck, never once slowing down or ceasing.

John shifted his position ever so slightly on the bed, so that he could simply sit, while she sat upon the floor, feeding off him like a suckling lamb. She would not make any sounds other than the hissing from her throat. She closed her eyes in a dream-like bliss…as though this was the way things were meant to be. John placed his hand gently on her rubber red hair, and began to pet her head. At this she smiled with his penis hanging limply in her mouth. She had pleased him, and that meant all the world to her. Not Jennifer, but Valerie.

After a few minutes, John gathered himself up, letting his new toy lick herself clean of his ‘generosity’. He wasn’t quite finished with her, and had a few more things in mind, the first of which being that as a force of habit, he liked to drink coffee after having some good sex. Well, that wasn’t entirely the truth, it was more or less that it was a personal dream of his to have a cup after sex. Taking Valerie by the hand, he led her, in small tiny steps towards the kitchen, where his awaited coffee was brewing. Her pinpoint heels clicked lightly against the tiled floor. Her eagerness was showing, and he could hardly wait.

“I’ve got one more thing I want from you, Valerie, before we put you to bed.”

Taking a cup of brewing coffee, he took a sniff of its scented aroma.

“Mmm… that smells good… I can’t wait.”

Instead of reaching in the cupboard for his usual mug, he reached into the sink for a strange plastic container with a large needle attached to it. Gently, he poured the pot of coffee into the container, added a few stirs of milk into it… and then set the container on the sink. The needle was linked to long rubber tube that gathered itself at the base of the container.

“Now hold still, Valerie, this will only take a minute or two.”

Valerie presented herself before her master, and, taking one of her large bulbous breasts in his hand, he gently pressed the needle in the very center of her awaiting nipple. The rubber nipple accepted the needle quickly, with little piercing required, a built in feature for his custom slut, no doubt. He softly pumped the needle’s tube from the container to the needle itself.

Soon, after a few minutes, Valerie’s rubbery breasts began to swell with the warm brown fluid. The pot was soon emptied, and Valerie was left with a pair of sloshing breasts, each with at least 4 cups of coffee in them. She held them gently and proudly in front of her master. As a test, John, placed Valerie over the sink, and jiggled her a bit, much to her glee. Not a drop of coffee spilled, and even more so… no leakage, either.

John had Valerie walk over to the living room couch and flipped on the TV. He had her lie down on the couch with her large breasts loose and hanging next to him as he sat on the floor. Gently he licked at her breasts, feeling the coolness of the latex that was her permanent skin. She could feel the tingles of his tongue, even if her skin was rubberized. For the next few hours he would casually suck on either breast, sipping at his coffee, while enjoying her company. Sometimes he would touch her moist clit, as a means of affection, and other times he would simply stick his hand in the depths of her waiting pussy, her body curled gently around him.

“Well, it’s getting late…” he finally said, with a grin. “It’s time to go to bed. We’ll do even more fun things tomorrow Valerie,” he squeezed the last few drops of coffee from her breasts and had her stand up.

Her green cat eyes perked up and were alert even despite all the eventful activity they’d had that afternoon. He took her rubbery hands and led her to the bedroom, although not to the bed like she’d anticipated.

“This will be your new bed from now on… I hope you’ll get used to it, as it’s what keeps you doing what you do best.” John smiled again. “I added a few things to keep you busy throughout the night, just so you don’t get lonely.”

He gently led her to the strange pink booth-like structure she’d seen earlier that day. It had the same mould-like structure she’d awoken to, including the strange mask and other apparatuses, only it appeared that she would be standing in this booth instead of being trapped in the ball.

“First we’ll make sure you’re nice and snug.” He smiled.

Surprising her, he placed her arms gently behind her back in reverse-prayer fashion.Taking one of the many strips of rubber that dangled from her newfound skin, he stretched it taut across her arms, and with a click, they were sealed in place. He repeated the procedure across her hourglass hips and legs, making her feel as though she were to stand on a single giant foot, instead of a pair of needle-point heels.

He gently placed her inside the mould, which apparently was designed to secure her specifically in that position, like a pirouetting statue in a block of pink ice. Her breasts naturally jutted outwards as her easily bent arms were placed deep into the mould. She felt a sudden slurp as her anus found the tube at the back of the mould, latching onto it, almost desperately. The moment her anus grasped the tube, she felt there was no means of release on her own unless her master wanted her to be released… and this seemed perfectly fine for Valerie. Soon, the mould closed tightly over her bulbous breasts, round hips, and pristine rubber face. Even her hair drifted into its own separate containment chamber inside the mould.

John pressed a switch on the container’s door which sucked all the air out of the chamber, save for a small passage around Valerie’s neck for breathing purposes. The mask-like mould fused to her face as it had during her first experience, and she knew there would be no release. He then pressed a second switch which plunged a strange object deep inside her vulva.

“This is for you, because you behaved so well today.” He grinned.

The tube-like structure drove itself deeper and deeper into Valerie’s body, till nothing but the mould was visible. It would then begin to massage the lining of her uterus, while playing gently with her rubber clit, perfectly moulded to every aspect of that part of her body. As the darkness of the room began to settle over Valerie’s container, she realized how important she was to Master… and she promised herself that even if she still remembered Jennifer, her other self… she would please Master as best she could every day, for as long as she lived.

As for Jennifer, it was feeding time, and as her anus greedily gulped down its next periodic meal, she tried many times to desperately scream through a face that could only smile and pucker up like a living sex doll… She knew she had lost her mind and body the moment she was released from the ball… but perhaps it was her fault to begin with, for deciding she needed attention and that her body alone wasn’t good enough.

Or perhaps she was fated to be united with a man as lonely as she was, so that they could, at least in some capacity, share each other’s company. If she’d receive love and companionship, then at the very least, life as a Mail-Order Slut made of Rubber named Valerie could be worth living.




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