Playing at Work

by Leexxx

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Ashley had been working for the doll factory for a couple of years. Nothing fancy about her position, she was just the secretary for the president of the company. He was young and extremely rich having founded one of the most profitable sex doll factories in the country. Ashley had joined the company fresh out of college with her business degree and handled most of the finances for her boss. Despite founding the company he wasn’t actually all that good with the numbers and behind the scenes work that was required to run a company which is why he paid Ashley well to take care of a majority of the business aspects.

Ashley found her boss extremely attractive, not just because of the nice cars and heaps of money he seemed to have but he was a looker. His name was Mack and his chiseled chin, tall stature, dark hair and eyes and always well dressed nature probably had every girl swooning over him. She considered him out of her league, he probably only dated models and other people of the upper echelon. Ashley herself was not half bad, platinum blonde hair that she would often curl, 5’9” of curvy body and a flat stomach, she was often told she judged herself a little too harshly and had a tendency to settle.

This all really started when Ashley started dating a new guy. He was quirky but handsome and she found him fun but didn’t know how far she would take it with him. After a long night of heavy drinking they both started to confess their darkest secrets. Ashley confessed that she may be in love with her boss which only sparked a small conversation of it never being possible in her eyes. Her new boyfriend, John, beat around the bush when it came to his turn to reveal a secret. It was eventually revealed that he had first seen her leaving work, not in a stalker way as he was in the building to pick up a toy and just so happened to meet her again at the bar, recognizing her and striking up a conversation. She was intrigued and wanted to know which toy he was there to buy. He eventually revealed that he only had bought a simple flesh light like toy that was extremely popular from the company. He also revealed that he would love to try out one of the custom order dolls but he was too broke to actually afford one of the upper tiered models. This is what sparked Ashley’s imagination.

She knew exactly how the system worked in the manufacturing plant and if he wanted to give a toy a test run... why not let it be her. At this point Ashley crashed with a big grin on her face, her drunken state giving her an idea. When she woke up she started sorting out some of the details, going into work to start setting her plan in motion. She first requested a few days off , just a Friday and Monday to extend her weekend. Next she logged into the company website and prepared her custom order, setting up clothes, extra toy packages, and making sure that the machine would have every exact detail about her personal body, making sure it would choose a 5’9” platinum blonde with a DD chest and nice hips. When the machine would go to “build” this custom doll it would choose her for the blank doll to start from before adding clothes and what not before packaging her and sending her out. She chose a simple outfit, a crop top to show her stomach, stockings and a plaid skirt, she was essentially going for a school girl look and added twin ponytails. The website also allowed for “pleasure” packages, the more you paid, the more options you could essentially fuck. Ashley didn’t see a need to set up more than just her pussy since she wasn’t huge on oral or anal and didn’t want the machine to mess with her too much. She quickly saved all of her settings and logged out, now she just had to wait till Thursday night to begin her plan.

Thursday night finally rolled around, it had been a long and impatient week for Ashley. She made the excuse of finishing some work before taking a vacation to stay later than everyone in the factory, watching the last few employees leave. Her boss popped his head into her office door briefly and told her to have a fun weekend, giving her an almost evil grin she hadn’t seen before. She brushed it off and watched as he drove off in his Porsche.

“Time for operation Dolly” Ashley said to herself as she stood up and went to the factory floor.

Her first order of business was logging into the computer and checking her custom order one last time to make sure everything was in order. She placed the order and went to get herself ready. She now went to doll storage area and began to type in her specs of a new doll being placed into storage. She printed the label with a barcode and certification number and began to strip. She had made sure to shave extremely well the night before and made sure her skin was practically shining and her whole body was hairless. Unlike other dolls, their factory made custom blank dolls essentially, so hair, height and body features were all made beforehand then an assembly process put the finishing touches on the dolls, including makeup and special requests of outfits and toys, even go so far as to pose dolls in bondage and ship them in a display like manner for a certain price of course. Just like the other dolls she peeled the back off of the label and stuck the code to her left breast and now went to stand amongst the other dolls. She didn’t wait long for the machine to come and select her, having placed the order she was sure that she’d be the only “Ashley” doll in the pre-made blank section and her order would be processed timely. What Ashley wasn’t expecting, was a rush order to come in shortly after placing hers, requesting a doll in her exact specs and taking priority over her order.

The machine began by hoisting her into the air with two hooks supported on a gantry system above the factory floor. Most of the dolls were about two thirds the weight of a real human which made them roughly 70-80 pounds each. The gantry system was implemented a year ago to speed up the loading process and save the few employees they had. She was whisked away to the beginning of the production line, not far from the storage area. Her body was lowered onto two posts and a frame locked around her torso, wrists and ankles so she could be easily manipulated by the machine. She had been expecting this but thought there should only be one post. They were well lubricated with a trademarked lubricant specific to their dolls, it wouldn’t dry out and was thick to ensure all dolls arrived ready to be used. For a minute Ashley was confused, she had only designated her pussy to be the hole to receive this treatment. The posts were thin so they didn’t wear out the rubber dolls but the intrusion into her ass was a little rough, having never really done anything anal. It took her breath away to be impaled and double penetrated at that but the thrill was pulsing through her body to be treated like nothing more than a doll. The posts would act as stabilizers and as if on queue, began to pump a set amount of the lubricant into her body. It was warm and spread inside of her, thoroughly coating her insides.

The conveyor belt began to move forward towards the first bay. Her arms were lifted to her sides and her legs pulled out, making her stand with her feet spread. A tube came down from behind and sucked her hair in, now the machine split her long hair into three sections and began to tie a tight single braid off the back of her head. Now Ashley became worried, she started to put things together, what should’ve been a playful two ponytails was now a single braid. “What if a rush order came in after I turned away from the computer” she questioned herself out loud and started to panic, realizing the two posts she was impaled on were not a fluke. “I’m going to be built and sent to a real...” she was saying before she was cut off by a tube forcing its way into her mouth.

‘Oh no, someone ordered a deluxe doll’ she panicked mentally as the machine began to coat the inside of her throat and mouth with a thick lubricant that tasted like strawberry. The lubricant effectively took away her gag reflex as the tube forced its way down into her throat a little farther before retreating. She coughed as it exited and had a chance to catch her breath, however her mouth wasn’t free for long. A steel ring was now forced into her mouth behind her teeth and leather straps wrapped around her head, she realized she was about to become someone’s bondage plaything with the addition of the ring gag. Her tongue felt around the inside of her mouth, the strawberry lubricant coating all surfaces and not going away anytime soon.

She turned her head to the right to see the doll following her and sure enough a platinum blonde doll, impaled on one post with twin ponytails was following her, the doll SHE was supposed to be. It was close enough in specs to her that the program deemed it worthy to be her stand in, however it was just a standard model doll that had been chosen, not nearly as curvy as her... or lifelike.

She began to struggle against the arms holding her however their mechanical strength was hundreds of times her own. The conveyor continued progressing without even the slightest disturbance as she moved to the next station. A flurry of arms attacked her face now as makeup was painted on thick. She had chosen not to have much more than a blush added since she knew the makeup was just about permanent without scrubbing your face with a strong cleaner. Her lips took on a dark shade of red and her eyes were done to look natural, just a couple of wings in the corner of her eyes which she occasionally did for work. Overall the makeup was simple, it just looked like what she would do going all out for a party or social event.

The conveyor continued into the dressing area where she would be fitted with the outfit chosen by her purchaser, she could only hope that they had chosen something simple. Again a number of arms began working around her body. She watched as a purple corset was wrapped around her body. It was actually a quite elegant piece with fine black lace covering the surface but she could tell it was heavily boned just by the feel of it being wrapped around her torso. The corset had a built in bra for support, something she always needed with her large DD breast. The two cups were cut to a point that went just above her nipples and cut low to show off a generous helping of cleavage.  The machine began the lacing process with no restraint or thought on her comfort.

With each lace the machine pulled her waist and stomach in a bit more, almost to the point where she could barely breath. The tightness also pushed her chest up and made her already large breast even larger and fill in the cups almost to the point of spilling out. Despite having never owned or wore a corset before, she was actually quite surprised with the stunning look it gave her as she saw passing in front of a mirror and the tight embrace it held on her was almost comforting. The machine now momentarily let go of her ankles to slide on a set of black stockings, the band landing mid thigh was covered in the same lacy material to match her corset. The corset also had a built in garter belt, efficiently and quickly the machine snapped the clasps onto the lacy band encircling her thighs. Black satin gloves were pulled over her fingers now and ended just above her elbows. She flexed her fingers briefly feeling the smooth texture of the fabric, remembering a Halloween party her boss had hosted with a 1920’s theme.

She glanced back again, still a little envious of the simple pink lacy bra and minimal panties she should be wearing that were now added to the doll she should be. She now felt something solid and heavy being wrapped around her wrists and ankles. Steel cuffs were being custom formed around her limbs and with a few pops were riveted shut. She heard the cling of a few rings attached to the cuffs supposed to be mounting points, only adding to her impending doom and position of bondage doll. The last thing to be added was a steel collar around her neck at this point with a small bell hanging from the middle.

It was now that Ashley realized her two impalers were retreating as well, she began to hope that the machine might let her go however she wasn’t getting them set high. To her surprise the rods were fully removed, only leaving the thick lubricant behind. She felt slippery almost, with the lubricant coating her insides, she wouldn’t be able to resist any other penetration the machine may have in store for her. The conveyor continued and Ashley watched as the machine almost seemed to present her next additions causing her to restart her struggles. The two arms that seemed to almost move in slow motion in front of her face were carrying a rather large looking buttplug and a menacing looking dildo covered in bumps and ridges. The machine now positioned each at their designated hole.

Ashley bit down and sucked air through the ring gag as the large plug was the first to go in. It slipped in with ease with all of the lubricant however the stretching of her ass still took her breath away and gave her a small jolt of pain before it was fully seated around the narrow section of the plug. Now the dildo eased its way in, not larger than any man she had been with but the bumps and ridges were almost numbing as they worked into her folds. It felt like an agonizing and slow addition as she felt each and every millimeter being pushed in. Finally it was seated to the machines satisfaction and she could let go of her breath and pant a little. She felt full but she couldn’t help feel a little burn start to build up. She shifted a little in her binds to adjust and seemed to feel a few wires brush against her thighs. The machine now stuffed a battery pack and remote into the front of the bands on each of her stockings, a set for both the dildo and plug. Without panties, Ashley was a little hopeful the dildo may slip out due to the lubricant, but the machine was one step ahead, pulling the matching purple panties up and making sure that neither of her invaders were going anywhere, the bulge in the front of her panties giving away her hidden invaders.

Ashley was given one last glance back to the doll that should have been her, already completed in the simple school girl outfit as it was moved off the line towards the packaging area. Now a black masquerade mask was wrapped over her eyes. Again in the purple fabric with black lace, this addition narrowed her field of view a bit. Finally a set of five inch tall heals were added, the machine easily sliding them under her feet and strapping the buckles around he ankles. She was apparently done now, at least she hoped it was just off to packaging to be shipped out, she could most likely break out of the foam and cardboard packaging at that point. The conveyor moved into the next cell where the machine started its last operation. Ashley was picked up and set on a platform then forced down onto all fours. Her wrists were pulled out to the sides which made her lower her head where she found a soft pillow like cushion to rest against. She heard the distinctive sounds of locks closing and the machine released her wrists. She quickly tried to pull away however her wrists were now attached to two posts which were now keeping her pinned down.

She heard a click below her chin and the machine  released its hold on her neck. She tried to lift her head but found her collar clipped to another post. Her legs were pulled to the sides where her knees ended up on similar cushions. Her ankles were attached to two more posts at the sides and a set of straps were brought up over the back of her calf to keep her from pulling her knees in. She now realized the position she was in. Similar to a doggy except her head was held down and her ass was held up into the air and presented. She had no hopes of escape with this newly added bondage. The whole palette was now lifted up above the factory floor and brought to the packaging area. She was lowered into a box with black foam walls and floor. A lid was put over the box sealing out any light and muffling any of the sound coming from the factory. Ashley was now alone and hopeless, what was supposed to be a fun and sexy gift had turned into this, although she couldn’t disagree that it wasn’t fun, she had a deep down fear of where she might end up, or what might happen if she’s caught. She was however thrilled with the danger for some reason and in this position she couldn’t help but feel turned on with the possibilities of what whoever finds her might do.

Ashley nearly screamed when the buttplug started vibrating. She wasn’t expecting it to be turned on and had been more focused on trying to breath with the corset and in this position to even remember her two invaders. In just a few moments she found herself panting from the pleasurable vibrations being sent through her. Just when she thought she was about to cum it shut down. Granted it had taken her a long time to get to that point, she moaned and cursed herself for not soothing the flame building between her legs while she had the chance. She was startled again when cold air started flooding the box. She hadn’t realized how hot it had gotten and how sweaty she was till the wisps of cold air brushed across her chest. She remembered that custom orders and deluxe models had special packaging. In order to protect the silicon dolls from the heat of being transported in a hot truck, their boxes had small built in fans to cycle air when they got too hot, she must’ve tripped the temperature gauge on the box and activated the air flow system.

With her body covered in sweat, she had a brief shiver with the air flow cooling her down and evaporating the sweat. She realized how hard her nipples had become and how the cold air felt so good against her skin. Ashley now remembered her little experience with the buttplug. She couldn’t quite figure out why it had come on in the first place, maybe a faulty circuit or maybe she had bumped the remote tucked into her stockings somehow. She knew it wasn’t a fluke when now the dildo sprang to life. Startled again she let out a short scream but now tried to focus and get off this time. However just short of the orgasmic release she desired, the dildo shut off. She groaned and cursed through the ring gag. Now she realized which toys were stuffed inside of her, a high end pair that had a variety of settings, one of which was edging. “The machine set them to edging before locking me in her” she groaned out loud through the gag, a little pissed off as the plug came back on.

Ashley spent the next 8 hours like that, always getting cut short of her much needed orgasm. To say she was a sexual mess by the time she heard the first employees come in for work, would be an understatement. However she didn’t want to be caught so she kept her frustrations to herself as she heard the first few employees shuffling around outside of her box. Another hour seemed to pass, however it felt like another 8 to Ashley, the batteries in the external cell tucked into her stockings not even seeming close to fading. Now she heard muffled conversation outside of her box and the lid cracked open about six inches all of a sudden. Ashley held perfectly still as a very familiar voice in a nervous tone said “no no, it’s okay, I don’t need to check it before leaving, I know the machines here are very precise and accurate.”

She couldn’t quite put a finger on who it was but she was also very distracted as the plug came back to life as soon as the lid was cracked and her mind was in sexual craving la la land. The lid was closed and she heard a few muffled grunts as the box was manually lifted, she could hear a few comments like “this one is a bit heavier than normal” and “geeze what did you order with it.” Every time someone said “it” Ashley couldn’t help but get a little more turned on, she was just a sex doll, an object to be used for a man’s pleasure and nothing more. Her mind connected the edging she had suffered all night, she wasn’t supposed to be expecting a release since she was just supposed to be a toy. The fire between her legs was flooding over her entire body at this thought, “you’re just a toy.”

She felt her crate land in the back of a truck bed, clearly not being loaded on a semi to be shipped across the country, which meant someone local had placed the order and come to pick her up. The truck started just when the vibrator shut off again and she could feel the vehicle slowly accelerate. She slid around a little in the box as the driver made his way though the town but the drive wasn’t long. When the truck parked she heard the door shut and waited a few minutes. The dildo sparked back up now as the driver seemed to have gone to get some help for lifting the large box. Ashley now started to panic, what was she going to do once this guy opened his package and found a living human and not a doll. With the gag in place she wouldn’t be able to explain anything, her bondage was very suggestive and secure so what if he just took the opportunity for granted. She wasn’t opposed to the second option as long as she could get a real fucking aside from these infernal vibrators which flipped on and off on a seemingly whimsical basis.

She felt the crate slide and at least two people heave the crate. Their trek was farther than she expected and a little rough as the crate bounced off a few door frames and she was tilted back as the duo seemingly climbed a flight of stairs, even being dropped down a few times for a rest and shaken a few times as they adjusted their grip on the box. Ashley remained silent through all of this trying to keep her composure in the dark box and not panic with each shift. The box was finally dropped down one last time and there was a brief conversation she could vaguely make out, most likely a thank you and dismissal after getting help.

Ashley’s heart began to beat out of her chest as a crack of light appeared, she held completely still and slowed her breathing as much as possible as the lid seemed to creep open for what felt like an eternity. The lid was pulled away giving her purchaser a full view into the box. She heard a couple of snips and the sides of the box fell away, leaving her in her condition on the floor in someone’s house. She squint her eyes closed with the new light however the room wasn’t dimly lit. When she opened them behind the mask, she could see a pair of very nice dress shoes, moving up to a pair of slim cut dress slack, without moving her head she couldn’t see anymore and she dared not to move.

Ashley felt a hand at the back of her head, the clasp on her gag being undone and falling loose from her mouth and being pulled away. “He must already know” she thought to herself as the hand moved to caress the side of her very sore jaw.

“You have 60 seconds to explain yourself” the man said in a voice that was so familiar to Ashley she nearly fainted. She picked up her head as much as the collar would allow to look up to Mack, her boss. Ashley was stunned and didn’t know what to say. “Speak or I’ll put the ring back in” he threatened.

“Wait, It’s all just a misunderstanding, I messed up, I wasn’t supposed to be this doll” Ashley tried to explain.

“Well this is quite the predicament, from what I can tell is you have two options. One, I can unbind you, give you a coat and have one of the butlers drive you home and we’ll pretend like this never happened, we’ll just have to live knowing each other’s dark secrets.” He explained calmly, but with a hint of nervousness.

“And the second option?” Ashley asked.

“I specifically ordered a doll that looked like you, and here you are, the object of my obsession is here in the flesh” Mack said confidently starting to pace around the bound woman. “Maybe you’ll stay here like this for awhile, of course I would never force anything on you, but I did pay for you and at the very least you’re currently bound in MY property.”

Ashley didn’t know how to respond, this almost sadistic side of Mack was completely new to her and she liked his overpowering and dominant position, never having been in such a submissive role. The dildo kicked on right as he finished, almost emphasizing his point, his hand moved down and his fingers grazed the thin fabric between her legs, sending an exhilarating jolt through her body. Her answer was final and immediate “please let me stay here master.”

They were both a little shocked at the response. Without a second word he moved back around in front of her a picked up the ring gag which he had set down on the palette next to head. She willingly and almost gratefully accepted it as he moved it towards her mouth, gently setting it in behind her teeth and restrapping the harness to her head. “I’m sure you’re nearly exhausted, and in great need of a release” he said as he pulled the two remotes from her stocking bands and analyzed the settings. Ashley merely nodded her head as the dildo shut off again. His hand roamed the surface of the fine globes so generously presented to him, giving a firm squeeze as he changed to settings on the remotes to manual. Ashley let out a soft yelp as the gentle caress turned into a sharp smack. At the same time he bumped on both plugs to their highest setting for 10 seconds.

“My tastes and preferences are a bit unorthodox, that’s why I never approached you to take this position, that and your employee status made things a bit difficult. Until you leave you’re all mine” Mack explained in the 10 seconds earning a moan and a nod of approval from Ashley. Another sharp smack on the other cheek this time garnered another yelp and moan.

Ashley now felt her panties almost magically disappear, the thin strings on the side made it easy to tear and pull away, especially for the 6’6” giant standing over her. “You may have to become an actual model for the factory, I’m sure thousands of men would love to have a woman like you” Mack commented earning a blush from Ashley as what little dignity she had was stripped away and she became even more exposed and vulnerable.

Mack began to toy with the dildo, gently pulling it in and out while changing the vibration speeds, it was almost too much for Ashley as she attempted to turn her head and beg for him.

“Patience, you might have been playing all night but I’m only just getting started” he said almost as a warning to her, “dolls don’t get to run the show.”

He pushed the dildo all the way back in, the tip almost seeming to bury into her cervix and drawing a long moan from her before he released the pressure. Now he toyed with the large plug. She had been stuffed so long she didn’t know if she would ever be the same. He pulled sharply at the plug till the widest point was stretching her, causing her to groan and wince in both pleasure and pain. He only played for a few minutes more, turning the vibrations up a down as he saw fit. Ashley had gotten closer than she had all night but still no release, and now she found herself panting and covered in sweat from struggling with her bonds. She felt a finger slide into the gag and almost naturally she licked and attempted to suck off her own juices from her master’s fingers.

Ashley felt the dildo being pulled out, all of the way this time. “This is it, something I’ve dreamed about for years and something I’ve needed for hours” she thought to herself as she heard the distinct sound of a belt being  undone.

Mack stripped completely, tossing each article of removed clothing on the floor in front of her face. It felt like an eternity for him to strip, and even longer as she looked up to him and watched him pace around her, stroking his large cock as he looked down at her with a mixture of disgust and greed. The cold look on his face only made her more horny before she attempted to beg through the gag “please fuck me master.”

He continued to pace for a few more laps before he finally stopped behind her again. Now she felt the impact of both of his hands landing on her ass in a sharp unified smack. His fingers became claws as he squeezed the two soft globes filling his hands. In one fluid movement now he drove himself inside of her, slamming his full length inside of her. The lubrication helped but even without, Ashley was so horny and wet it wouldn’t have taken much effort in the first place. Her body took a moment to register the penetration but as it did she pulled her binds tight and let out a short shiver and moan, her body begging for more. The pleasure was nearly blinding to have a full cock thrusted into her and it took a moment to catch her breath, especially after being edged for so long.

This was the beginning to what they both hoped would be a long and fulfilling relationship.


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