Playing With Toys

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; M/f; device; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


Jessica was more than a little bored as she puttered around the house on a warm summer day. Wearing a very sexy white bikini with matching sandals, she poured herself a glass of lemonade as she wandered around her spacious two story home. Her common law husband Bill was busy at work as head of production for Sexy Toys, an adult novelty supplier which shipped products all over the world mostly from internet orders. He even brought home samples of new lines of products they were shipping to show her and occasionally asked her input as to what she thought would be good ideas for future items.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, she had suggested to Bill that the products Sexy Toys sold needed to look more realistic in size and proportion when sold to the public. For example, the inflatable dolls that the company sold were crudely done and bore little resemblance to actual women. Bill had nodded in agreement and told her he would pass along her suggestion to the R & D boys to see what they could do.

After that, Bill said very little to her about that save for the day he took several pictures of her in the nude with his digital camera with a broad smile on his face. When Jessica asked what he was planning to doing with the pictures, Bill winked and replied in a cryptic voice that she would find out soon enough.

Mulling that over, Jessica walked into the room that doubled as the spare bedroom and as a storage area for Bill's work when he wanted to look it over at home. She peeked into various open cardboard boxes looking over the brightly packaged novelties of different shapes and sizes. After looking around for about fifteen minutes or so, she was just heading out when she noticed a brightly colored package stuck almost completely under the bed.

"Hmmm... I wonder what this is..? " Jessica said out loud as she bent down and pulled the box out to have a closer look at it. She gasped out loud at the sight that greeted her with equal parts shock and surprise in her voice. Depicted on the cover of the cardboard container was a picture of her naked in a very erotic pose with her name in big letters on the bottom right. Looking over the description, it quickly became obvious to Jessica that the box contained one of those lifelike love dolls which were very hot sellers these days.

"I guess I know now why Bill was taking those pictures of me the other day. Well, I may as well see what I look like as a sex toy... hee hee. " Jessica said with a laugh as she pulled off the box lid and peered inside. To her disappointment, the only items in the box consisted of a bright yellow inflation pump and another device which she was totally unfamiliar with.

"Gee, what does this thing do ?" Jessica wondered out loud as she examined the small plastic unit that has a small wire leading out of it. When she flipped it over, she saw there was what appeared to be a rotary dial on the left with numbers 1 to 5 written above it. On the right was a brief description of the item in question:

Doll Controller : Increase your pleasure by having your doll assume one of 4 different positions. Plug in the control wire to doll's port and set to desired pose. ( see enclosed instructions )

"Heh... seems awfully sophisticated for something most owners use for a five minute thrill before they shove it back in the box. Ya know, this gives me an idea how to surprise Bill when he gets home tonight and to let him know at the same time that I'm aware what he did with those pictures." Jessica said with a big grin crossing her face.

The blonde beauty gathered up the box and accessories and headed towards her bedroom with a big smile visible on her face. Jessica quickly took off her clothes before taking the controller unit out of the box and setting in on top of the bed. She then laid back on the bed with her head propped up on the pillow and her legs spread wide apart. After checking to make sure there were batteries in the controller, she flicked it to the ON position and, with a mischievous smile on her face, pushed the electrical prong into her open pussy much like she would with one of her favorite vibrators.

After just a few seconds, Jessica felt a surge of energy go through her body as if every part of her from head to toe was being stimulated. She could feel her skin tingling as if it was somehow changing shape but she dismissed it as part of the controller's function. However, when she tried to move to adjust the controller, she found she could only turn her head slightly to the side with the rest of her body totally unresponsive. She tried to shout out loud in reaction to her predicament but found that her power of speech, like her mobility, had deserted her.

However, Jessica's lack of mobility became quickly the least of her worries as she felt her skin growing tighter by the second as if it was being stretched. She saw with her fixed gaze her reflection in a nearby mirror and she was horrified by the sight that greeted her. Her skin was now composed of tan colored latex with no signs of freckles, blisters or any other signs of humanity visible. Her breathing ceased altogether as her breasts formed rigid mounds of molded plastic capped by bright pink rubber nipples. Jessica felt her teeth and tongue melt away as her mouth became an opening of smooth rubber softness much like her other openings now were. Seams ran up and down the length of her body as it appeared her body was now made out of sheets of latex sewn together. She could see a plastic nozzle growing out of the small of her back and it was then that the true horror hit her.

"A LOVE DOLL.. I'VE BECOME A SEX TOY... JUST LIKE THE ONE ON THE BOX COVER...NOO!!.." screamed Jessica mentally as she realized her predicament. The only part of the whole situation that didn't want to make her scream was the fact that the transformation was on the whole quite stimulating and would have resulted in the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Unfortunately, she was no longer human so she could not experience that.

With a loud beep, the controller switched from 1 to 2 on it's own which caused Jessica to sit up with her arms jutted out to the side and her legs slowly spreading wide apart. After thirty seconds or so, the controller went to setting 3 and the doll found itself pulling itself up on it's knees while cupping it's rubbery breasts with the hollow tubes that were now its' arms. When the controller clicked to 4, the doll turned around and placed its' hands on the bed with its' soft pliable ass sticking out in an enticing manner.

Unfortunately, this last positioning of the doll resulted in the wire coming loose from it so the sex toy remained in the position.. waiting....

Several hours later.....

The lights of the house flickered on as Bill arrived home from a day of filling orders at the office. He was a little puzzled as to why Jessica wasn't answering the phone but figured she must have been out running errands or trying out one of the company products.

"Jessica... honey, where are you ? " the brown haired man called out as he wandered down the hallway. He stopped suddenly when he saw the love doll sitting on the spare bedroom bed next to a cardboard box. Bemused, Bill walked into the room and looked over the doll with unabashed appreciation. He ran his hands over the doll's back and face amazed at how life like it was.

"She must have found my little surprise earlier today. I hope Jessica thinks that the boys in the factory did a good job copying her likeness." Bill said softly as he traced his finger over the doll's face and torso before noticing the controller on the bed besides the doll.

"Darn it ! This isn't supposed to be the controller for this model. Lemme see..." Bill said as he rummaged under the bed and pulled out another box. Reaching inside, he pulled out another controller and switched it with the one on the bed.

"If Jessica thought the other controller was neat, wait till she gets home and sees what my ' Good Doll/Bad Doll ' controller does. " Bill said as he headed back into the house leaving the doll where it was.

Both waited.... Bill for his wife's return...t he doll, who now thought of itself as sex toy only as Jessica's mind had disappeared, to be used by the brown haired owner...


The light flickered on a computer panel and the man sitting in front of it smiled evilly." Bill fired me from R & D for trying to sell designs to his main competitor. I hope his pretty wife enjoyed my latest work." he said before laughing uproariously....

Over..and over again...


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