by Northern Chill

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Storycodes: Solo-F; chemical; transform; lovedoll; toys; nc; X


Pamela arrived home for another day of work as head scientist for Kinetic Futures, a company that manufactured and sold everything from adult sex toys to chemicals for water purification and experimental use sold exclusively to the US and foreign governments.

She took off her jacket and walked over to where her answering machine was and checked to see if she had any messages. The serene look on the blonde quickly dissipated as she heard the sound of her boyfriend Jack's voice become audible. Jack had left a message saying he wouldn't be able to go skiing with her that weekend as he had to go out of town on business but he'd try and be back by Monday at the latest.

"Well, this sucks. It's Friday night, my plans are shot all to hell and I've got a weekend to kill... what the hell am I going to do now?" Pamela fumed out loud as she tossed her purse on a nearby chair and headed into her bedroom. After glancing over her mail, which mainly consisted of bills and junk mail, Pamela took off her work outfit and headed off to take a quick shower before making her plans.

A short while later, Pamela was seated on the couch in her living room wearing her blue terry cloth robe holding her head in her left hand while leafing through a magazine with her right hand. Several minutes later, she tossed the magazine onto the coffee table in front of her and sat back on the couch to think.

After a minute or two, a mischievous smile appeared on Pamela's face as an idea crossed her mind. Hopping off the couch, she hurried to the room she set aside for work related matters as well as samples of products she was helping to develop in the lab. Pamela sorted through several cardboard boxes that were marked for various items being researched for different clients. After going through several stacks, she came to one at the bottom that was already open with XPMT # 10001-ADST/L marked on the front in big letters.

Opening the box, she found an object wrapped in a red satin cloth sitting next to a crystal bottle that contained a clear fluid inside. Smiling, Pamela picked up the cloth wrapped item noticing that the cloth wrapped around it was slightly moist to the touch. She unwrapped the cloth slowly to find what she knew was there - a black dildo flexible and fairly long in length.

"I think it's time I tried this sucker out... maybe even try a few poses out for Jack while I'm at it," Pamela said softly as she clutched the dildo in her hand and headed off for her bedroom. After putting aside the dildo, Pamela quickly took her robe off and made preparations to be sure she wasn't disturbed. She then pick up her new toy once again and headed into the living room and near where she had her fireplace lit for background warmth.

Sitting down on the light blue carpet, the nude blonde beauty spread her legs wide apart with her right leg propped up to allow her easier access to her moist pussy. Pamela had turned off her phones to make sure she was undisturbed while she prepared to have a night of sexual entertainment.

Holding up the dildo to her mouth, Pamela thought briefly of licking the end of the sex toy with her tongue or getting out a tube of lubrication to apply to it. However, it seemed the dildo was moist already judging by the way it glistened in the light from a nearby lamp. Smiling, the blonde lowered the tip of the dildo and touched it up against the lips of her waiting pussy.

"OOOOHHHH!!!!" Pamela cried out as she felt a sudden jolt of pleasure arc through her entire body. It was as if every pleasure point in her body has been stimulated intensely by the sex toy. Her eyes fluttered and she gasped for breath for several seconds. She felt slightly disoriented but now determined to use the dildo very thoroughly in her search for pleasure. In her preparation for further usage, she was oblivious to the fact that her feet, still in the black heels, were taking on a smoother, almost artificial look compared to the rest of her body.

Lifting her right leg high in the air, Pamela slowly lowered the black dildo downwards with a hand that was slightly trembling in excitement. Closing her eyes as the toy neared her waiting pussy, the blonde plunged the dildo into her much like she would imagine Jack doing the same with her when they made love.

"YESSSSS....!!!!" Pamela moaned as she twitched and writhed in pleasure. She ran her left hand over her breasts and torso as her eyes fluttered and her breathing came out in gasps as she reveled in the sensations going through her. Strangely, she felt a rather odd sensation going through her as if something was happening to her physically. Pamela dismissed as she concentrated on pushing the sex toy in and out of her.

If Pamela had been looking, she would have noticed that the skin on her arms and legs were taking on the same look that her feet had before with no sign of blemishes or freckles anywhere. The faintest signs of seams were becoming visible along Pamela's limbs as well as around her bountiful bosoms. The effect is also becoming visible around the edges of her pussy, which seemed to be contorting into a circular shape.

"Let's shift around... see how this feels if I'm on my hands and knees... " Pamela said softly as she swiftly turned herself to put her body in such a position. She did notice that her arms and limbs noticeably wobbled as she moved and wondered if that was in any way associated with a growing feeling of lightness she was starting to experience.

"Uhhh... I wonder...oohh... if there was some sort of cream on this dildo when I started using it. It might explain these weird sensations and the look of... look of.... OH MY GOD! MY BODY! IT'S CHANGING!!!!" Pamela gasped as she felt, as well as could see, that her appearance was rapidly changing. Her arms and legs were both now smooth and glossy and seams were much more prominent along her limbs. She felt her pubic hair disappear rapidly as the area became the same glossy material the rest of her was becoming.

"What the hell is going on ? My....ME... MY legs... they feel like they're becoming completely hollow!!!! HELP ME!! SOMEONE HELP ME !!!! " Pamela pleaded though she knew no one would answer her pleas. She was considered somewhat of a screamer when she was making love and when her neighbors confronted her about the racket, she bluntly told them to mind their own business.

Pamela desperately wanted to reach around and pull the dildo out but her arms refused to budge in the slightest. The only thing she could hope for was that Jack would return home soon and realize what had happened to her.

Pamela shuddered mentally as her pussy clenched tight sending a wave of erotic passion rippling through her body before it opened again into what felt like an O shape. The blonde beauty felt the same happening to her anus as it migrated upwards by several inches at the same time. Pamela tried to scream for help but found her voice had disappeared along with most of her mobility. Only her face seemed still untouched, outside her loss of voice, as her eyes darted wildly about and her mouth still twitched in silent protest.

"I'M.... I'M BECOMING AN INANIMATE LOVE DOLL.... A DAMNED BLOW UP SEX DOLL TO BE FUCKED, DEFLATED AND STORED AWAY IN SOME CLOSET.... HOW COULD THIS BE ?..... WHAT CAUSED THIS TO HAPPEN ?....." Pamela mentally shouted as she desperately tried to deal with what was happening to her and hoping that it was all just a temporary situation though there was no indication the latter was true.

Pamela felt lightness spreading through her torso as well as the rest of her body that made her feel like a good stiff breeze would topple her over with ease. She felt something growing out of the small of her back and was certain, though she couldn't turn her head around to confirm it, that there was an inflation plug appearing out of nowhere.

Like a candle winking out, Pamela's transformation completed it's progress as the blonde's head slightly swelled with interior becoming nothing but air like the rest of her body. Her eyes, frozen in a look of shock and horror, changed to painted ones devoid of lifelike qualities save for a look of eternal lust. At the same time, her mouth twisted and contorted into the same ovular shape her other openings. After just a few more seconds, the change was complete and an inanimate, amazingly realistic love doll sat on the floor with a black dildo sticking out of it's latex rear. Pamela was alone with her thoughts that ranged wildly from horror to desire and everything between as she waited to be found.

Monday night....

There was a rattling at the front door followed by it opening and a man in his late 20's stepping through carrying several suitcases in his hands.

"Pam? Pam, are you home, honey? I'm sorry we missed our weekend together but it couldn't be helped. Maybe we can skiing in the mountains next month and stay in a friend's private chalet while we're there. What do you think, Pam? Pam? " Jack called out as he wandered from room to room. After dropping his baggage in one of the rooms, he walked around for another minute or two before coming into the area where Pam, now existing as a latex love doll, waited in silence.

"Hmmm, Pam's not here but judging by this dolly she left me, I think I know what she had in mind for tonight. It must have cost her a pretty penny to buy something like this," Jack muttered as he walked over and ran his hands over the soft, supple surface of the doll.

"Ooooohhh.... I, you idiot, I'm the doll !...... yes, run your hands over my boobies.... NOO!!!!.... Jack, look around... think... .it must be the chemical on the dildo... you can... can use me like a dolly...." Pamela thought as her thoughts shifted back and forth seemingly based on whether Jack was stimulating her new form with his gentle hands.

"Well, until Pam gets back, why don't I bring you to the bedroom and see how good you are, dolly?" Jack said as he leaned over and gently removed the dildo from the doll (which was completely dry now). He then picked up the doll, whistling a happy tune out loud as he did, and strolled toward the bedroom thinking how many hours he should use the doll before getting ready for Pam's return.

Unknown to Jack, a trip Pamela may never return from...


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