Plumbing, Pizza, Dolls

by Monkey Steals Peach

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Storycodes: M/f; F/m; majick; amulet; transform; lovedolls; inflatable; seams; deflate; box; store; insert; sex; oral; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X


A few years back, Frank's weird bachelor uncle had died. Frank had been hoping to inherit some money or something, but that mostly went to Frank's other siblings and their kids. Frank got a necklace. An amulet. It looked like amber, with a figure of a woman embedded inside. He'd thought of selling it, but left it in a drawer for a few years. Things changed when a package came, with his Uncle Fred's diary in it. That was when he found out what the pendant was supposedly really about. It was supposed to be magic. His first thought was that that was actually bullshit, but it made some other things about Fred fall into place. Frank took to wearing the amulet regularly, looking for the right chance to use it. Being a plumber, he figured it was just a matter of time before he had to fix the toilet for a hot piece of ass.

His chance came after a couple weeks, when he got called to the apartment of a single woman off of Central. Her kitchen sink wasn't draining, which was simple enough to fix. She was slender and athletic, with tits that strained at her tight T-shirt, bright blue eyes, and blond hair. He set his tools down by the sink, and held the amulet in his hand, muttering the alien words that had been in his uncle's diary. This was where he either got what he wanted or felt like a total idiot, and his heart was pounding.

The woman—her name was Sarah Parker—looked up, and slowly walked over to him. There was a glaze to her eyes, but he didn't care because she was pushing herself up against him. He wasn't a bad-looking guy by any means, he just didn't really know how to deal with women. The feel of her putting her arms around him, her breath on his neck, was everything he'd hoped for. He'd watched women built like this in the street, at the mall. He kissed her, and she kissed back. It was working. Unless he'd stumbled onto the set of a porno or something, the magic was working. He ran his hands along her curves, and started pulling down her jeans. He had to get her naked for the second part to work.

She was wearing ordinary white panties, and following his cue, she shimmied out of her jeans the rest of the way, exposing her shapely legs. He undid his belt and let his pants drop to the floor, revealing the bulge in his boxers. She gently touched it, making it stiffen even more, and then pulled her shirt off. Her bra was also plain white, but it gave him a great view of her chest. She pushed her body against his again, and kissed him on his mouth, down to his neck. He reached to her back and, after a little fumbling, unclasped her bra. She let it fall to the floor, and then slid her panties down too.

He took her by the hand to the back, where he found a messy bedroom with clothes and books strewn on the floor. Without being told she lay on the bed and spread her legs. Frank had to remember the right way to do it. Poised over her, pointing with two fingers, he traced the first lines, around her breasts. Each time he formed a seam, and each time the breast seemed to grow and stiffen. She let out a little moan. He traced the lines around her shoulders, around her neck. Then he delicately traced the lines along her arms and hands. It was working. There were the little raised seams on her still-warm skin. He drew the lines from her armpits to her waist, and she giggled just slightly. Then around her waist, then about the crotch, his hand getting within inches of her dripping pussy, and finally along the legs.

Now for the fun part. He finished undressing, and positioned himself over her. He rammed his cock inside her, and she cried out loud enough to wake the neighbors. After a few strokes he pulled out, because he was going to just cum everywhere. But it had been enough. He saw that her pussy now looked oddly rounded, and pinkish.

He remembered something else from the diary, and he grabbed hold of her nipples and pulled, watching the breasts go up a cup size. He also squeezed her waist in a little, making her that much slimmer. He had to finish all three holes for the process to finish. He turned her over, straddled her again, and rammed his way into her ass. His grip was making squeaking sounds now, and her skin felt more plastic. The hole was tight at first, but it widened, and she cried out again.

Finally there was the mouth. He maneuvered around a bit awkwardly, and finally decided to try 69ing it, sticking his dick in her mouth while he licked her pussy. The sounds coming out of her mouth vibrated his dick as he kept thrusting and licking, but they slowly subsided. He felt her limbs moving just slightly, her legs spreading apart and her arms bending at the elbows, as he busted a load into her mouth.

When he rolled over next to her, he saw that it had worked. He had his love doll, and she was fucking beautiful, better than any doll you could buy in a store. "Was it good for you?" he murmured, then laughed. Once he'd caught his breath, he pulled out her plug, which was in her belly button. He got dressed, cleaned out her mouth, and put her in a grocery bag. He went home with the biggest damn smile on his face, and nearly got into an accident.

A week later he got his pink slip from the plumbing company. It wasn't actually a pink slip, but a meeting with Rob at the office and some paperwork in white. Having an unfinished job, with a female customer vanishing had caught up to him, and really, he was lucky he was just losing his job.

After spending a week or so drinking and cursing, he figured he had to hit the pavement again. The pizza place a couple blocks from his house hired him fairly quickly, and the neighborhood got treated to the sight of a pizza delivery van. It was a shit job with shit pay, but on the other hand it wasn't a literally shit job like being a plumber. There was also the possibility of using the amulet. He hadn't stopped wearing it. Maybe it'd get him in trouble, but maybe he could get a doll to top Sarah.

He got his chance when he was delivering a Hawaiian pizza (why the hell do people eat those?) to a pretty nice house near Park Avenue. The woman who opened the door was wearing a sheer bathrobe, open to reveal black lingerie underneath. In the warm lights of her house, she looked like a photo from one of the Playboys he'd had when he was a teenager, with sexy curves, full breasts, and, when he finally looked at her face, sensual lips, teased-out blond hair, and sultry eyes. It was like he'd walked into a porno again. She stepped aside, and motioned him to come in.

The interior of the house had white walls, with the lamps in the shapes of naked women, like old statues.

The woman got just close enough to him for her chest to brush up against his. He felt something in his pocket, and when he glanced down he saw she was pushing a twenty in there. "For the pizza. Though if you'd like you could stay a while."

Who the hell cared about pizza? Fuck the pizza. His dick was already straining against his jeans. Frank stopped himself from shouting "Fuck yes!" at the top of his lungs. "I'm game if you are."

She took hold of the cord of the pendant, and drew it out of his shirt. "Now that's interesting."

"It, uh, belonged to my uncle."

She pulled it off of him and tossed it aside. Before he could think of what to say or do about it, she kissed him, and he felt her tongue push into his mouth. Having another doll would be nice, but having a good fuck would be just fine too. He kissed back, and slid the bathrobe past her shoulders down to the floor.

She undid the button and zipper of his jeans, and started pushing them down. He urgently pushed his way out of his shoes, and his manhood stuck straight out behind his boxers. He pulled his feet free of his jeans, and put his hands up to her breasts, which were everything he'd hoped for. She pulled up his shirt over his head, leaving him momentarily blind, then standing there in his boxers and socks.

She took his hand, and led him down the hall to a bedroom. The bed was ordinary enough. "Lie down," she said. When he was laying on the bed, his head propped up on some pillows, she went over to a statuette on the nightstand, of a nude woman in a sort of dancing pose, and kissed it. "For greater pleasure," she explained.

As she pulled his boxers off, he felt an odd tingle go through him, like every hair was standing up on end. She went to the trouble of taking his socks off too, and then slid onto the bed. "This will be like nothing you've ever experienced before."

"Sounds good to m—"

He broke off when he felt her put his dick in her mouth. He'd had a blowjob or two in his day, but nothing quite like this. He though he was going to cum immediately, but it kept going, the sensation becoming more and more intense.

When she finally stopped, he was gasping for breath, and he couldn't say if it'd been a minute or a year. But there was something different. His cock looked bigger. Like, thicker and nearly a foot long. He didn't know how she'd done it or why, but he could live with this. "The next part is where things get really interesting."

She put her hand at the base of his cock, and pulled. It strained, and then it came off with a popping sound. She was holding it in her hand admiringly, and it looked like a big plastic dildo. Except he could still feel through it. That was when Frank knew he was in it deep. Whatever happened next was going to be insane.

"Why're you—"

"You have my sister in your closet, in a box."

She set the dildo down, and put her hands around his waist. She squeezed, and his waist was permanently smaller.

"Oh, fuck. Please, I..." What was he even going to say?

She took the dildo and jammed in into his mouth. She started pumping it in and out. It felt good, amazing, twice over. He was breathing hard through his nose. When she finally took the dildo out, he found that his mouth couldn't move or make a sound. "That should shut you up." That was when he knew he wasn't going to just become a woman.

Then she went onto the next step. She grabbed each of his nipples and pulled and shaped, until his pecs became breasts. The touch of the dildo was enough to make his nipples grow and harden. She ran her hands over his new bosoms, and again there was that foreign but electric jolt of pleasure. She made some more adjustments, squeezing his shoulders, arms, legs, and face into more feminine shapes, pulling at his hair to make it longer. There were two more holes left though, and that was the part he was dreading the most, especially because he was pretty sure he was going to enjoy the hell out of it.

The woman pulled at his now dainty feet, then flipped him over. After some butt-squeezing, she positioned the dildo right over his butthole and unceremoniously rammed it in. It didn't hurt. If anything it felt like an amazing fuck, but he was also aware of the hole getting bigger.

Then she returned him to facing up. "Now for the most important part." She held the dildo in front of where his cock had been attached. This was it. Time to have a pussy. It went in slowly, pushing his balls inside of his body, making the hole that went there. When the dildo was a good ten inches inside, she pulled in out most of the way, and rammed it in again. "Got to make you come for it to finish the spell."

As it went in and out, assaulting Frank's (Fran? Francine?)  mind with more and more pleasure, he (she) felt her pussy form around it, and felt her skin getting tighter, with strange itching, tingling sensations running in lines around her body. Her legs began to spread apart on their own, and her arms started to bend at the elbows. The tightness grew more and more intense, and the force of the dildo going in and out rocked her whole body. She could feel something pushing up from her belly button. Oh god, the inflation plug. It was becoming tighter and tighter.

Then the little plug popped open, and she started to deflate. At least that relieved the feeling of pressure. But it wasn't over just yet. The woman pulled a ring off of one hand, and then began her own change. Her features twisted and warped, and a few seconds later there was a man there in his boxers. "You know, it's going to take a little while, but we're going to turn Sarah back to normal. You on the other hand... I'll think about it."

There was nothing she could do but wait passively as he blew air back into her and fucked her.


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