Pool Dolly

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X


If there was one activity Erika liked on a typical weekend morning, it was putting on a sexy bathing suit and luxuriating by her pool to work on her tan. Her husband Steven, a well known producer and director of Hollywood films, was currently in Toronto shooting "Metal Birds 4 : Death From Above" leaving Erika by herself to do as she pleased. She used to hit the club scene pretty heavily on weekends like this but the drugs and alcohol that pervaded the atmosphere frightened her on some level.

With most of her friends away for the weekend or recovering from Friday night binges, Erika was busy putting her plans in order of getting a fabulous tan in the warm sun. She slipped on her favorite bikini, a bright red and silver suit cut high on the legs with a top that showed off ample cleavage, and headed to the pool patio area with a spring to her step.

Erika laid out a long, white beach towel on one of the pool chairs and put a bottle of suntan lotion on the table next to it. The brunette set a bottle of chilled Canadian spring water next to her chair before sitting down and starting to liberally spread the lotion over her arms and legs while dabbling a generous amount around her boobs.

Laying back in her chair, Erika flipped down her designer sunglasses and was about to start working on her tan when she grumbled out loud and abruptly sat up in the chair. Reaching behind her, Erika quickly untied her top and put it to one side leaving her impressive tits to bounce freely. She then settled back and let the warm rays of the sun beat down on her lithe body as she basked in its' warmth.

However, roughly twenty or so minutes later and much to her consternation, Erika heard the buzzer sounding indicating someone was waiting at the front gates of the property.

"This better not be Melanie wanting me to go pick up her boyfriend Don from the police station after he got drunk on a Friday night yet again. Don's been such a jerk since his TV show got canceled...." Erika thought to herself as she swiftly sat up, retied her top and threw on a bath robe. Throwing on a pair of white sandals, the brunette hurried down to the entrance determined to get rid of whoever it was that interrupted her day.

When Erika got to the gates, she found a large light blue van parked in front of it with the image of a pool with a blonde bikini clad woman laying next to it and POOLS 'R US - POOL CLEANING AND PRODUCTS was written below it. Standing next to the van was a brown haired mid 20's man dressed in blue and white overalls with a clipboard in his right hand.

"Sorry to bother you, ma'am, but your husband, Mr. Soderberg, contracted my company to perform maintenance and cleaning on your home's pool. It shouldn't take more than an hour or two for me to finish my preliminary work and then you can get back to enjoying your Saturday morning," the man said, whose name tag read BRIAN, as he handed a clipboard to Erika through the bars in the gate.

"It's just like Steven to arrange something without telling me about it. When he gets back from Toronto, we'll be having a little talk about communications and such." Erika thought to herself as she looked over the papers on the clipboard and nodded in approval.

"Well, everything looks to be in order. How long will it be after you're doing cleaning before the pool is available for use once again? " Erika said while silently letting her eyes wander over the man's well built physique.

"Actually, that's something I was going to mention to you. My company has developed a new chemical similar to chlorine but allows pool owners to use the pool only ten minutes after its' addition to the water with no possibility of skin rashes or other such things. Furthermore, our new product is guaranteed to make the owner feel better after using the pool for a swim or they get the next treatment free," Brian said with a warm smile.

"I might test that guarantee if you want to stick around for fifteen or so minutes after you're done if you've got the time to spare," Erika said fluttering her eyes seductively while she swung the gate open courtesy of an electrical switch.

"I think I can do that, ma'am, no problem at all," Brian said cheerfully as he strolled back to his van and hopped in the front seat. A minute or so later, the motor roared to life and the van drove by a bemused Erika, who figured her day might be more active than she first thought.

Five or so minutes later, Erika stood by one end of the pool and watched as the pool cleaner brought up his equipment next to the pool. By the looks of it, everything seemed fairly routine except for a large plastic bottle containing a clear green liquid and no labels visible anywhere. She was going to ask what Brian was planning to do with the bottle but figured she'd find out soon enough.

As the brunette looked on, Brian did the usual pool cleaning chores such as skimming the water, checking the drains and filters and taking a sample of the pool water to check it's PH level. As he went about his work, the pool cleaner and Erika engaged in small talk about each other lifestyles. It was during this chat that Erika learned that the pool cleaner had in fact just recently graduated from a college in Europe and was working in America on a temporary basis.

"Once six months are up, I plan to open up my own business in Eastern Europe using my savings from working here and the knowledge I picked up in college," Brian said with a confident smile as he put some of his equipment in the van and pulled out a set of rubber gloves which he quickly pulled on.

Erika arched her right eyebrow when she saw the cleaner don the gloves and walk over to the bottle of green fluid. "Ummm, I don't mean to bother you but is that stuff you're about to use toxic in any way? I'm planning a pool party here next week and I don't want my guests to get sick after they go for a swim," she inquired while glancing at the bottle in question.

"No, no, don't worry about it, Ms. Soderberg. The owners of POOLS 'R US assure me that the cleaning solution I'm about to add has been tested thoroughly before we started using two weeks ago and they guarantee there is no side effects possible. If you're still not sure, I could use our routine cleaning solution today for your pool and save the new stuff for your neighbor down the road.... Karel something or other, " Brian said with an understanding voice.

"Karel Swarzenburger ? The famous movie star from Europe who is always talking about his movies being mistranslated when brought to North America and is always bragging how his estate is his area of perfection to compensate for it. If he got the new stuff in his pool, he'd brag about it more than all his acting awards," Erika thought to herself before turning to the waiting pool man.

"Go ahead and use the new stuff, Brian. I'll be inside making a few phone calls and doing some chores. When the pool is ready to be used, please signal me and I'll be right out," Erika said with a smile before turning and heading back to her house.

Thirty or so minutes later, Erika was just finishing paying her bills online when she heard a tap at the patio door. Seeing Brian standing there, she headed back to the pool area where she quickly doffed her robe and walked over to the pool's edge.

"Ummm.... Brian, where's that green stuff you were adding to the pool water? Did you change your mind on the additive?" Erika inquired of the pool cleaner, who was bent over gathering up some hoses and other equipment he had out. She had seen the water looked the same color as it did before with no change in appearance at all.

"No, ma'am. In fact, I added the ingredient about twelve minutes or so ago so the pool should be perfectly safe to use, " Brian said reassuringly.

Nodding slightly, Erika gingerly stepped into the pool and slowly let her bikini clad body slip below the surface of the water. As the brunette swam slowly from one end of the pool to the other, Erika felt a tingling sensation build through her body starting at her feet and toes and spreading rapidly elsewhere. However, when she looked at her hands, they looked perfectly normal other than a bit smoother than normal.

"Oh, I forgot to mention. The new addition is supposed to act like bath salts and invigorate the people swimming in it like nothing they've experienced before," Brian called out upon seeing the perplexed expression on Erika' s face.

"Ok, I understand though this is.... ooooh.. much more intense than bath.... uhhhh...salts, " Erika murmured as she flashed a smile at the handsome pool cleaner. She wondered to herself if Brian might be available to visit her on these type of weekends when her husband was away. He could clean the pool or keep her entertained in other ways that would be just as satisfying, she mused.

It was with these thoughts going through her head that Erika, after five or so more minutes of leisurely swimming back and forth, made her way to the right end of the pool and pulled herself out. The tingling she was feeling grew stronger over the time in the pool to the point she was moaning softly out loud in enjoyment. Erika was so wrapped up in the sensations she was experiencing that she was oblivious to the fact that her bikini had completely disappeared leaving her toned and naked body exposed for all to see. Judging from the expression on Brian's face, he was aware of the bikini's disappearance though he was strangely silent.

"Brian, I feel so strange now. Is there something else you... you forgot to tell me? " Erika said as she walked slowly over towards the cleaner with a noticeable shine starting to become evident on her arms and legs.

"Well, there is the part where the additive changes the subject into an inflatable toy depending on a variety of circumstances. In your case, I think you'll make a very attractive love doll, " Brian said as his smile turned decidedly evil in nature.

"Whaat??? You.... you bastard !.....I...I.... uhhhh...." Erika shouted as she raised her right arm up as if she was going to hit the pool cleaner with her left arm raising upwards to cover her exposed nudity. However, it was at that moment that her mobility faded completely and her arms frozen in the positions she had moved them into.

Erika's shouts of protests quickly shrunk to whispers as the water's effect took more of a pronounced effect on her body. The shine that was first visible when she stepped out of the pool was quickly spreading throughout her body with blemishes and freckles vanishing as if there was an invisible eraser being used on them. The mound of finely trimmed pubic hair on Erika's torso receded quickly before vanishing altogether as the area became just as smooth and glossy as the rest of her was becoming. Seams started to become apparent along her arms, legs, waist and around her waist which made it appear that Erika's body was nothing more than sheets of latex sewn together by a factory machine.

While Erika's outside was rapidly changing, she sensed her interior was changing just as rapidly. She felt a growing sense of lightness as if she had nothing more than air or lightweight gas. She realized, to her horror, that in the form she was changing into, an inanimate sex doll, this would be added or subtracted on someone else's whim.

Erika's ability to talk ceased altogether as her transformation into a fuck toy continued. Her pussy clenched together on its' own which triggered what felt like an intense orgasm to ripple through her body. After a second or two, it opened again like a flower blossoming and formed into a perfectly round ovular shape. Erika shuddered mentally as she felt the pussy's interior form into a smooth, latex sac perfect for probing by a tongue, cock or sex toy. At the same time, she felt her anus move upwards and form into a round opening just like her pussy. The brunette started to wobble slightly as the strength left her legs with the limbs turning into hollow tubes of latex.

The process swept upwards as Erika felt her breasts tingle as they pushed outwards by at least two cup sizes with her nipples and areolas becoming bright pink in color and the nipples growing longer to stand out like erasers on pencils. The seams encircled her boobs as they hung out waiting to be fondled, caressed, suckled or all of the above. Needless to say, all these changes were quite stimulating to Erika and she thought she might black out from the waves of erotic pleasure that accompanied these changes.

Finally, the transformation claimed Erika's head as her mouth pulled and contorted into an ovular shape with the teeth and tongue melting into a smooth latex sac Her eyes changed from sparkling ones that showed fear and pleasure to lifeless painted ones that showed nothing more than eternal lust. From Erika's perspective, she was still aware of what was going on around her but it seemed so unimportant now...all that mattered was making her owner happy.

"Well, Erika, it seems you have a date with a cardboard box in a shop I own about a hundred or so miles away. After a couple more stops, I'll have my inventory back up to normal and be able to reopen, " Brian said as he grabbed the doll around the waist and carried it over to his van. With a quiet hissss-ssss, he pulled open the inflation plug on the doll and watched it deflate in his arms. He then folded the doll neatly and put it inside a box on top of what looked like several other deflated dolls.

Closing the back doors of his van, Brian walked around to the right side of his van where he saw his signage had fallen to the ground. TOYS FOR ADULTS was the logo underneath with images of several sex toys visible underneath and on the sides. After a second or two, the image of Erika as a love doll appeared in the center of the logo. Shaking his head, Brian picked up the pool business sign and covered up the logo underneath.

"It's hard trying to run two businesses at once these days but there are rewards, " Brian said as he walked around to the driver side. As he did, his appearance changed to that of a late 30's brown haired man that looked overweight with the tattoo of a dagger visible on his right hand.

" Very rewarding indeed...." the pool man said before driving off.....


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