A Prank Gone Awry

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Sexdoll TF

I was never a hangout at the mall kind of girl during high school, but my best friend and roommate in college Annabel would nonstop bugging me until I came to the new adult store in that she works at.

During the first big break on our school year, I decided to step out of our dorm and pay her a visit. 

Before I do I suppose an introduction is needed. My name is Bridgett Trotter, a 22 year old junior in college. I am a pretty good looking girl according to the boys on campus at least. My upper back length blonde hair is tied into a neat ponytail. My tan skin is accentuated by my teal V-neck shirt and khaki shorts that also show off my D-cup breasts and curvy body. 

After a short drive from our campus and walking into the mall I spotted the store appropriately named “Sensual Paradise” and headed inside. 

The store was rather empty as I glided through all of the aisles looking for my friend who was supposed to be on duty. The shelves are filled with various devices designed to pleasure anyone who purchases them. 

After I exited a row of dildos in multiple shapes and sizes, I arrived at the back of the store and my jaw promptly dropped. 

There against the wall were 3 very sexy and lifelike female sexdolls completely nude to the world. I looked the one closest to me with wide eyes. 

She was a woman that looked the same age as me but with black hair and lighter skin. She had her arms bent and slightly to the side and legs parted to show off the folds of her synthetic womanhood. 

As I watched over her body a sudden pang of envy popped into my mind. ‘What if I was to try that? Would anyone notice?’

I had browsed sites like dollstories.net before and enjoyed the works posted their enough to follow the site frequently. Just the thought of putting myself in the position of one of the dolls laying against the wall was turning me on. 

Quickly stowing those thoughts away I turned to the desk near the front of the streams saw Annabel talking to another customer. Smirking I started formulating my plan. 

I hastily made my exit from the store and retreated back to my car. As inconspicuously as I could be I hid all of the belongings I had on me including my keys in the glove box of my car. I reached up into my hair and pulled the tie holding my ponytail out before tossing that inside as well. 

I was now ready for stage two. Walking back into the store I avoided the sight of the few customers brave enough to enter the adult store but most importantly I remained unseen to Annabel. 

I slipped to the very back of the store where the objects of my infatuation laid still and beautiful all the while smiling to myself. 

My plan was as follows:

1. Sneak out of the store and place any of my valuable possessions where they would remain safe during the remainder of the process.
2. Strip naked and take a position identical to the dolls.
3. Prank Annabel

Now it was time for the next step. I slowly started to remove my top and slid it under one of the racks filled with merchandise so that no one would be able to find it. One by one I removed each piece of clothing that I wore into the mall and placed it with my shirt under the shelf. 

It only took a few minutes before I was standing just as naked as the dolls I was trying to emulate and instead of being nervous I was just getting more excited.to do said prank!

As I was thinking about all the things that might happen to me I heard a pair of voices approaching my area so I was forced to act fast.

I shoved the black haired doll I had been admiring earlier over a bit and laid myself against the wall on the large shelf. A tad sheepishly I spread my legs apart to match the other dolls and exposed my somehow still dry vagina. 

After that I set my arms to my side and adopted the small grin/smile on the face of the other dolls. I got settled just in time as a pair of teenage guys walked around the corner laughing at a large pink dildo in the taller ones hand. 

The shorter of the duo pulled himself under control and smiled. 

“Dude this place is full of stuff to get your girl off, just buy that dildo and let’s get out of here.” He said before the larger man just laughed.

“Alright man but we need to make sure it will fit. See those slutty dolls? I’m going to measure this thing with one of them.” 

I could almost squeal with glee as I saw him approach us and he singled me out before roughly grabbing me. ‘This is just like in one of my stories’ I thought to myself as he flipped me over.

“Wow this thing feels so real!” he said loudly before I felt a large intruder penetrate my womanhood and I was forced to hold in the pleasure filled sounds trying to escape my mouth as he pushed the beast of a dildo into my unprepared hole. 

As I was pleasured by the forceful invader I just imagined that I was nothing more than a normal doll. The pressure below kept building inside of me until I felt ready to blow.’

Just before I climaxed the intruder was removed with a wet squelching noise and a look of shock was on the man’s face.

“Wow these new dolls even have wet pussies. That’s crazy! Oh well, c’mon man let’s grab a dry one and head out!” he said before roughly dropping me onto the floor and walking away.

I was sorely disappointed that I was not brought to climax by that encounter but the current position I was in, ass up in the air and my face down on the floor, was very uncomfortable and had me more worried about how I was going to see Annabel coming to prank her now. 

I lost track of time as I stared blankly at the feet of the other dolls for what seemed like hours before the silence was broken.

‘Finally someone is here! Jeez I thought my brain would rot away…’ I thought as a foot was placed in my field of view. 

Soon after I was hoisted easily into the air by who I expected would be Annabel but instead it was a woman who looked to be nearing her 30s with long red hair and a curvy body who was wearing a uniform similar to what Annabel was wearing to signify she too worked here.

“Hey Anna, did you put this doll out on the shelf? I don’t remember her being here last shift.’ She said holding me up as my best friend walked into view.

Upon seeing me a look of shock passed over her face before it was replaced with a smirk.

‘There is no way she found me out just by looking at me for like 2 seconds!’ I screamed in my mind as she walked over and poked my breast.

“Nope just toss her in the back. I will deal with her in a few minutes after I close.” She said walking towards the front while chuckling.

I had talked multiple times to Annabel about my fantasies and now those bonding talks were becoming my downfall. 

Whoever the other worker who was holding me carried me through a set of double doors in the back. Once on the other side we were in a much larger room than even the store, it was filled with machinery and other doodads I couldn’t make out while we were moving.

She didn’t seem to care much about her current cargo’s comfort as she approached a large pile of dolls just like the ones placed out on the shelf. Abruptly she tossed me onto the pile and left me to my own devices as she left, most likely to clock out for the night.

I sat up in the large pile of my fantasy come to life and sighed, 

“Well it almost worked…” I groaned to no one as I stood up and despite my naked state I decided to browse the large room.

Various areas were filled varying sizes of machines that probably were involved with the production of the large piles of miscellaneous items being packaged or dispensed at the other ends.

After a quick scan of the room I found the only gadget I was really interested in sitting towards the back and running. 

“Hello my little dream maker! Are you ready to help me with my prank?” I asked the large hunk as metal I approached its control panel.

This was of course the doll maker and as each doll was perfectly crafted they were placed on a specific shelf based upon their body proportions and specifications like skin color. This was my chance to revitalize my prank.

All I had to do was enter my specifics into this machine and step inside so it would make me look and feel as if I was nothing but another doll rather than just pretending.

Quickly I entered my bodies’ specifics and rushed to the small entrance of the belt. I allowed the arms of the machine to grab me and drag me into the complex contraption.

With all of the specifics I entered the machine worked overtime to get me past the standard making of the doll.

I closed my eyes as I was assaulted with air brushes that began covering my skin in a light layer of the synthetic skin commonly seen on the other dolls. Just thick enough to hide my normal feel but not enough that it would affect my body adversely.

Soon the brushes stopped and I reopened my eyes with a little difficulty and gazed at my now slightly shiny second skin. 

I was a little surprised and gasped when a trio of penis shaped probes made themselves known and entered all three of my major orifices. 

I tried to blink the small the tears that formed as the probes… probed deeper, but my eyes seemed to have been glued to my new second skin so I could no longer close my eyes.

It wasn’t until the probes were removed that I realized my mistake. Now my pussy, butt and mouth were coated with thin amount of the same second skin. I tried to make some noise from my throat but it came out soft and easily unheard under the machine’s noises.

I wasn’t snapped out of my predicament until I was deposited by another arm on a shelf with other busty dolls and saw Annabel come out from near where I entered the mechanism. 

She placed a hand on her hip and laughed.

“Seriously Bridge? I knew you really liked your fantasy stuff but when I saw you in the store and how you easily passed off as one of our dolls I knew you would try and get even closer to the source. So I waited until you used the machine and boom! Welcome to the inventory bestie!”

With that she lifted me up and walked over to a box in the center of the storage room. I tried struggling but failed to do enough to make her release me until I was laid in the large box.

“This box is addressed to our school’s biggest frat alongside a few more of our dollies. You are going to be one of their specialty orders and in a few weeks after you have been used enough as their toy I will bring a replacement and swap you out and release you. See you then!”

With my fate for the next few weeks spoken she pulled the lid closed and shoved me against a few others before waving and shutting off the lights.

“I guess I was asking for this…” I spoke in my now whispered tone.


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