Programming Toys

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Sexdoll TF

Natasha was a lot of things. Beautiful, smart, and fun are just a few of the traits she claims for herself when asked. But she knew she wasn’t as talented as other people. Here she was, a recent college graduate with a degree in programming and yet she was working a boring desk job instead of something exciting. 

Her name was Natasha Brown, a 5’5 woman at the age of 23. Short black hair sat atop her head and framed her pale face and green eyes perfectly. She always dressed in business casual with tighter tops to accentuate her large B-cup breasts more. Her hips and backside draw enough attention as is so she doesn’t tend to worry about showing off in that regard. 

She was tempted to just give up and go work for some random small time company until one day she received an email. 

“Dear Miss Brown,

We here at the Shadytree Toy Company love what you could potentially bring to our company. 

We wish to offer you a full-time position with our team as the lead machine operator and programmer. 

If you accept our offer you can start one week from today at the factory in South San Francisco. 

Hope to see you there, 

Darryl Shadytree.”

After reading the email she was over the moon. Finally, an opportunity to show what she could do and make a profession out of what she loves. She immediately packed up her things and handed in a rather rushed resignation letter. She wasn’t concerned with that though, she was ready to get home and prep for her new job. 

The week passed quickly and she could not be more excited to arrive at her new workplace. She hopped in her car wearing her usual attire and drove to the company. 

Upon arrival, she parked her car outside of a rather large building that had both an office section and what appeared to be a large factory. Grabbing her purse, she walked into the large double doors and came face-to-face with a gorgeous blonde-haired woman in a tight black business dress. 

“Um… hello ma’am. I am here for my first day on the job,” she said a little timidly pushing some hair behind her ear. 

The woman looked up and smiled at her. 

“Oh! You must be Natasha! My name is Kennedy and if you are ready to start I can show you to your office and then give you a tour!” the voluptuous blonde said happily as she bounced up and down and grabbed Natasha’s arm. 

She gave her a quiet “…yes” before she yanked her down the hall to a rather neat office space nearest the back of the office portion in the building. Quickly she opened the door and gave her the rundown of the room. After placing her bag on the desk, the secretary dragged her through a large metal door and into a large open floored factory. 

“Now I am sure you read the spreadsheet with all of the data on the machines we use here right?” she asked pointing around at the large machines that were starting to run for the first time that day. 

“Of course, I would be an awful worker if I didn’t study my craft before I started working on them.” Natasha said proudly. 

She smiled at her kindly. “That is a great start sweetie, but do you know what we make here?” 

Natasha just raised an eyebrow at the woman and nodded. “Of course, it was all in the name. I assume you make children’s toys and other things in that vein of business.”

A beautiful, melodic laugh carried up to Natasha’s ears. Kennedy was laughing with a huge grin on her face. It took a moment but she composed herself and dragged her over to one of the now moving conveyor belts. 

“Oh honey. You are in for a shock. No we don’t make children’s toys… we make adult toys,” she said with a smirk as she reached down and pulled a large dildo off of the belt and held it out towards her. She dropped it into Natasha’s hands and giggled. 

Natasha at this point was blushing a raging red and had her jaw on the floor. Kennedy just kept laughing and led the blushing girl through the remainder of the factory. She showed her all of the machines that made things like dildos and anal beads. Laughing all the way as the new worker realized what she had signed up for. 

When Kennedy finally stopped near the front of the building, Natasha spoke up. “So is that it? I may not have known it was a sex shop, but that doesn’t change the fact I want to work here.”

The buxom blonde shook her head. “I am glad you are taking this so well. However, there is still one more stop and this one will make or break your future here.” She said rather ominously as she stepped into the viewing area, expecting the black-haired girl to follow. 

After a brief moment of hesitation, she did so. Once inside her jaw hung loosely once more as she saw a machine moving multiple women down a belt and doing many things such as painting and penetrating them. She saw women of all races with open mouths being pounded by metal phalluses or metal arms squeezing their breasts in sequence. 

“This is our signature line of realistic sex dolls. Our company has been the leader in this department for over seven years and this plant alone ships dolls all over the world. This is our biggest money maker.” Kennedy said before pulling an African-American doll off the finished line and holding it to her. “Welcome to your new job Nat! I hope it becomes more fun than awkward for you over time!”

Three months later and her assumption was correct. After getting past the initial awkwardness of working for the rough equivalent of a sex shop, Nat really began to enjoy herself. 

The machines were fun to learn about and work on. They were very complex and had so many intricate parts that the graduate just loved studying. Just three months in and she was already an expert on most of the things in the factory, and she was starting to experiment. 

At first it was unimportant things. A dildo made of different material here, or a doll that wouldn’t move out of doggy style there. Nothing serious that she would get in trouble for. 

But now she was again grasping at straws for something fun to play with. With her shift for the day done, she went home and dedicated the evening to research for ideas. It didn’t take her long to find some inspiration. 

She spent the entire afternoon browsing some very suggestive websites and reading stories of all sorts. Who knew so many people online were interested in becoming love dolls? Well she guessed there was a fetish for everything, but this one was more common then she thought it would be. 

After reading until the evening she couldn’t help but be excited. What better way to show her mastery of the doll machine then by making herself into one? There was no other option for the ambitious mechanic now, her mind was set. With a quick message to her boss she told him she would be working on an upgrade for the machine over the next few days so she would not be in. 

It wasn’t a lie either. She would be able to improve the process of making dolls by a minimum of 10 percent after going through it herself. She did however set an automatic message that would be sent to Kennedy should she not return home in two days. Those stories while entertaining, had some nasty endings so she wanted to be careful. 

With that done she put on some tight leggings and a sweater with slide shoes before going out to her car and heading for the now closed factory. Being the lead mechanic, she had access to the factory 24/7. Something that was crucial for this project. 

It took no time to reach her office and place her keys into her desk. Before leaving she stripped down nude and did the same with her clothing. “Won’t be needing these where I’m going,” she said with a grin and a blush on her face. 

With that stop out of the way she headed to the control panel for the doll maker and started messing with the settings. The machine was still running as it filled the online orders for tomorrow’s shipment. Waiting for the last order to be started, she filled out her own. 

It was simple enough putting her measurements and features into the machine. She opted to skip the latex spray that made the dolls hold their poses and look shiny. The full body cleaning was also a nope, seeing as she wanted to keep her hair on her head. Things were wrapping up when she filled out the final box, saying that she was a test model that was to be stored in the back room.

With nothing more to keep her away she headed off towards the entrance of the machine. If she would have waited another few moments she would have seen one final online order placed and processed after hers. 

With a little skip in her step, she arrived at a small blocked off area that held hundreds of blank doll models that waited to be customized. “Well sisters, sorry to cut in line, but I need to get in there.” Nat laughed at her comment and climbed over the railing that surrounded the bin. With little effort, she dropped down and landed at the front of the bunch. 

She was only in the bin for a few moments before a pair of claw-like appendages appeared and pulled her into the machine. She was held firmly above the ground by her shoulders until the claws placed her onto a conveyor belt, which locked her feet to the moving floor. She was pulled further in and saw the deep cleaning station approaching. 

“Well, no turning back now. I’m going to be carried through this thing and become a doll!” the young woman said to herself in a mixture of both glee and nerves. What she wasn’t expecting however was the belt to slow at the cleaning area. With a perplexed look on her face she looked around.

She let out a shriek as she was drenched in warm soapy water from hoses on the walls. She was sputtering loudly and spitting out the substance when mechanical arms holding brushes came down and began scrubbing her all over. 

Her body was in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the fine-tipped brushes assaulted her skin, making it slightly pink in the process. Her breasts were viciously scrubbed as her moans became mostly pleasure-filled. She was nearing climax from the act when instead she was sprayed with chilly water that swept away both the soapy mixture covering her and most of her arousal. 

She was heavily panting from that outing, but the machine didn’t know that it was dealing with a real human. So, with no rest given to the poor girl, it moved forward to the next destination. 

Nat couldn’t believe what was happening. She specifically told the program not to run the wash protocol on the doll that was designated to be her. This was troubling in more than one way if the machine didn’t know what her designed process was. 

As she moved further into the machine she took notice of the cold wind that was blowing by due to the movement she was experiencing. With a strangled half sob half gasp, she realized that all her hair was gone from her body. The beautiful and well-kept hair on her head was no longer there and her eyebrows were much the same case. 

She was about to let a few tears fall until she noticed the belt slowing again. With wide eyes, she saw a scanner lower and a green light encompassed her whole body. Seconds later a computerized voice spoke to no one in particular, but she was dreading it. 

“Model does not have the designated body type for order. Initiating molding process.” The synthetic voice said as two large metal plates that were thicker than her entire body came out from the walls. On the sides closest to her it had the form of a busty woman standing stiffly, that was to ensure the proper body shape. It slammed around her body and sealed, leaving only her head exposed. 

She tried to move her body in the mold, but already she felt warm liquid filling up the area and heating to the limit of what she could bare. Just as the heat peaked, she felt cool air hit my body and sighed in relief. She had to hold in a gasp as she looked down and noticed the instant changes to her body. 

her breasts were easily C-Cup maybe D-cup now, shining slightly like they were covered in a mix of latex and silicone, which they were. Her arms looked thinner and her hips were insanely objectified. She could probably just barely walk like this if she got out of here with no more changes. 

Despite the entirety of her body from the neck, down being coated in the special second skin, she could still move easily and feel almost everything. She took her hands and roamed over her body, gasping as she discovered that her sensitive areas were now even more so. 

She knew her breasts looked faker now than they actually were, but the lips of her womanhood were also covered and appeared to be artificial too. She gasped and pulled her hand back after briefly touching it. She wanted to get out of here, but she knew there was still more to come. 

She was taken further inside the mechanical monster and this time it was her face that was attacked. A helmet like device came down and latched onto her head. Filling to the brim with the same warm liquid. This time however, she was not able to breathe. Seconds in her oxygen was cut off and she felt the world swim before fading to black. 

Natasha didn’t know how long she was out, but she was just happy to feel the fresh air entering her system as she awoke. With bleary eyes she looked around and say she was dangling above the factory behind many other dolls. She found it extremely difficult to blink, and even harder to move any other part of her body. 

Knowing that many of the taller machines had rather reflective surfaces, she looked off to the side and gasped. Staring back at her in the reflection was not her. Instead there was a busty redheaded woman with large lips hanging from a claw. Her body was slightly shinning in the light and it was clear that she wasn’t real. 

However, much she was scared, Natasha was equally turned on by her current predicament. Especially when she noticed the doll in front of her was nearly an identical replica of herself, the only difference being she had blue eyes that looked glossier than hers.

With trepidation and a lot of effort, she moved her hand up to her face and felt it. The feeling was amplified and she wanted nothing more than to take one of the dildos on the lines below and have some fun, but she knew that would have to wait. The real issue now was finding out how to get out of this mess.


Thankfully for Natasha, the doll she had been made into was ordered as a prank, and thus the shipment was cancelled. She spent the entire next day in the storage room of her work, gathering dust and looking perfect. She really got into the roll and even started spacing out until Kennedy finally arrived with a worried look and began frantically searching for her.

Of course, when she found the doll that she was supposed to be she was disappointed and started panicking when she didn’t respond. It took a full five hours before Kennedy found her and laughed at how much of a ‘babe’ she was. Nat laughed weakly in return as she was helped up and into the machine to be returned to normal. 

Unfortunately, the only thing the machine could do was take some of the gloss from the second layer of skin, making it look more natural and tone down the curves. The layer of latex was now part of her and she would have to live with that. Nothing much changed other than her enhanced sensitivity and slightly stiffer movements. 

Natasha took the changes in stride, going as far as frequently changing her hair color as she was unable to grow any of her own now and was forced to wear wigs. The machine became something of a hobby for her since she would frequently trap herself as different dolls and allow Kennedy to find her and sometimes use her for both of their pleasures. 

The workers around started referring to her as the company mascot and masterpiece as she would frequently get stuck in strange forms and need help getting back to normal. Meanwhile, the doll-woman was having the time of her life.


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