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by Redneck Rubber

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It was the fourth Thursday I had gone the psychiatrist office in order to help me with my "problem". Three weeks ago I came here to see Dr Lara about my obsession with women and tight shiny clothes. The receptionist let me into the room and said that the doctor would be in shortly. I was just looking at the wall covered with her credentials and other stuff. Doctorate in Biochemistry as well as a psychiatrist. The proverbial chaise lounge to relax in. The door opens and in walks this drop dead gorgeous woman wearing sky high heels, short little skirt, loose blouse, and hair up in a loose bun. Glasses and damn big ass boobs.

I said that I was waiting for the doctor.

"That would be me", she said in a voice that made me a little nervous. "I've read your questionnaire and other info that your regular Dr sent. Very interesting case here. Says that you are constantly visualizing women in super tight shiny clothes when you see them. Also sexy women's body's in general. Mr Smith, I believe that I can help you. Let's see if you can pinpoint where all this started".

"Oh I know exactly when. We had a reading book when I was in grade school that had this family of space travelers. They had landed in some way out of the spot for repairs on their spacecraft. The girl was dressed in a blue skintight outfit from her neck down. I would just sit and look at the pictures not worrying about class. Then when I was about 9, a cousin accidentally left her pair of purple patent leather go go boots at my house. They were so smooth and shiny, had to try them on. I still can remember zipping them up tight and how they squeezed my skin in a little at the top".

"This is a very vivid memory you have here". Abruptly Dr Lara said that she would see me next week.

Thursday comes. I continued about my story. "I never missed a episode of "Buck Rodgers", Erin Gray would always end the show in different colored spandex catsuits with matching boots. Then came Michelle Phieffer in Batman as Catwoman. I loved it."

"Ok James, oh I mean Mr Smith, we will see you next week".

"You can call me James, that's fine".

Thursday again. I'm laying on the chaise lounge just talking away. Then the internet came and there was way to much stuff I liked to look at. Latex clad women, boots, and all other kinds of things. If I was any good at body language, I would have noticed her fidgeting and squirming in her chair, Looking like she was day dreaming. Little did I know, she had been stalking my social pages and had a little plan of her own.

It's Thursday again. Dr Lara has become very interested in my history. Asking me lots of questions about my latex and women's body fetishes. I told her about buying latex catsuits, boots, and other stuff. I said, "Men's bodies just aren't that fun to look at. Women are just shaped right. All those curves and just everything. The way heels make their legs and butts look. Men, even in shape are just blah."

I mentioned that I was surfing the web looking for some latex images, and stumbled across some latex clad shemales. Dr Lara looked a little flush, I asked her if she was ok.

"Oh yes, I just need a glass of water", she said. "James would you care for something?"

"An ice cold beer would be great if I wasn't at the doctors office and almost time to go".

Dr Lara said, "It would be just fine and not to worry about the time, her next patient had cancelled for the day".

The beer was ice cold and was a little stout for me, but I drank it slowly. She said, "Go on about the shemales you were talking about."

"Oh yes, holy shit, there was what I had always dreamed of looking like. Some of these girls were smoking hot and covered in shiny latex. Some gifted more than some men". I was saying if I looked like that and was hung like some of them I would not ever leave the house.

"James would you care for another beer?"

"Sure why not, take the edge off a little".

The doctor brought me another strong beer and her a damn glass of wine. I remember thinking what kind of doctors office is this. My naive ass.

Dr Lara started in, "Well James that is an interesting. You want to have a woman's figure, but still have your penis."

"I guess that's right, I have no interest in men. But yes a fabulous woman's body is what I would love to have".

Dr Lara finished off her third glass of wine and said that she had a confession to make. I guess it was my turn to be the shrink. Wonder how much it will pay.

"I have a keen interest in latex clothing myself", she said.

"Oh really. I would love to see you decked out head to toe".

"Would you James".

"Oh shit, I said that out loud".

"Yes you did".

"Well you know I've been imagining you in it since you walked in the door three weeks ago. That's why I'm here".

She said that she too had become obsessed with latex clothing and had a large collection of garments. That her favorite color was metallic blue.

'Holy shit that's my favorite too', I thought.

She also said that she loved women's body's over men's, but was not a lesbian. "A strap on was no substitute for a rock hard dick and a crazed man on the other end of it".

Dr Lara had become agitated again, all sweaty and fidgety. She had to go get more wine to settle down, I guess. I didn't even ask for this beer.

"There are two ways to handle your affliction", she said. "Quit cold turkey or go ahead wide open to drowned out your obsessions. I have a special catsuit for you to take home and see if it fits properly", doc said.

"Sure I'm game. You got another one of those strong beers for the way home".

"Sure. You be sure to be here tomorrow at four".

"My appointment isn't until next week doc".

"Just come in tomorrow. Take this bag with you and follow the instructions to the letter".

The cab dropped me off around 6:30 at my apartment. I opened the box to find the instructions. 'Take this bar of soap to the shower and cleanse your self thoroughly'. I did so, noticing all my body hair went down the drain. Only the hair on my head remained, which seemed to be turning bleach blonde and growing.

'Once out of the shower, dry off well, mix both clear and cloudy gel in a bowl and apply liberally all over your body. The suit already has its own lubricant', said the instructions.

I pulled out the catsuit to inspect it. Metallic blue all over, A black corset, black knee high boots with silver buckles on the front, black opera length latex gloves, and a blue hood with a translucent face.

The note in the box said 'Just relax and let this overdose of latex make your desires go away'.

I thought what the hell, she's the shrink. I applied all the lotion to my body and started sliding on the suit. It was like super slick grease going on. Almost like it was doing it on its own. My feet found the bottom and I just kept on pulling it on over my scrawny narrow ass and body. I wrestled with the suit until I had my arms all the way in. The zip only went to the small of my back to the base of my neck.

The boots were next. I had become all nervous and shaking almost as I looked at the boots. They had silver eyelets up the front and a zipper on the side. I unzipped one and slid my latex covered foot all the way in. Then the other one. The zipper did not quite make them tight enough. I pulled the laces up tight so that you could see them squeeze the latex a little around the top of the boot.

Next the corset, I pulled it as tight as I could and was still able to breathe. Next, the hood, I managed to get the hood on properly. The mouth hole made what little bit of lips I have pooch out a little. There was a hole just above the zipper for a pony tail to go through. I zipped it closed and made sure all the seams were hidden. Almost forgot the opera gloves I felt so good. They rolled up my already latex covered arms with no problem at all. They had that little swell above the seam. I walked over in front of the mirror only to see a man in rubber. Blah blah blah. I stood there in disgust.

At that moment, I began to feel a strong tingling sensation all through my body. Looking in the mirror again I felt and noticed the corset begin to tighten, almost taking my breath. It pushed up my chest somewhat and then two mounds began to form like small soccer balls. Oh my, they looked so perfect as the latex continued to follow them out. The pressure from the corset shrank my waist down to around 18 inches. The boots felt like they were becoming my feet and calves. The heels grew 2 more inches pushing my thighs and butt into perfect shape. The gloves began to shrink my manly arms into longer sexier female ones. My fingers became long and slender. The gloves became so tight you could see every detail almost like they had become my skin and fingernails.

As I was marveling at this transformation, I could feel the hood begin to tighten. My neck, chin, and my cheeks took the shape something like that of Dr Lara's. The clear latex covered my now pouty lips, the skin around my eyes. Even my eyelashes grew out of the latex. Blonde hair began to grow out of the top of the hood all the way down my back. A small latex tube formed about five inches at the base of my new pony tail. I was looking at my new glorious female body.

Rubbing myself all over, my beautiful breast looked and felt so good and my lifted butt looked and felt like buns of steel. Oh my new feet that looked like boots. The seam was there but I could not get finger under it. The seams had melted together on my gloves and hood as well. My legs were the sexiest legs I had ever seen. I ran both hands down between my legs. Smooth as glass. I didn't care, I just kept on rubbing. I couldn't feel a hole or a bulge of any kind. All I knew was that I had never been so aroused and horny in my life.

A bulge began to appear where my dick should be. The latex followed with it, forming my new cock and balls covered with black latex. A thick black ring formed at the base of it, growing tighter and tighter making my cock grow to about 12 inches and girth grew as well. My new cock was throbbing and twitching, had to stroke it with my new latex skinned hand. It was slick as wet ice. Watching in the mirror as I stroked it, I had a strange feeling in my mouth and throat. My mouth began to form a perfect "O" shape made for a hard cock. The latex spread down my throat as my teeth disappeared. Is this about to happen I thought to myself.

Almost like an outer body experience, I watched in the mirror as my now rubberized body bent over to suck my own huge cock. Feeling it go into my tight round lips, stretching them as it penetrated them. I did this over and over again. Watching my tight round lips stretch then going down as far as I could. My new skin gave way to the cleavage of my new breasts. As if I was a pro at this, I bent over again to push my now fully engorged cock through them, sucking it with each stroke. I could take it no longer. I stopped my cocks head right at the tops of my boobs and here it came. All over my chin and boobs. It made a little pool right between my breast as I pushed in the sides of them.

'Oh what had just happened'. My dream had just come true. Nothing could ever come close to this experience. I rubbed myself until all the cum absorbed into my new skin.

Part 2

When I woke up, it was just plain old me In. Blue catsuit with all the accessories still on. No goddess like body. I guess I dreamed all that crazy stuff, how could suit do that to a person anyway. I took all the shiny clothes off and put them neatly back into the box and then into the bag. I showered off and did notice all my body hair was gone still. Just bathe and get over to Dr Lara's office I was thinking to myself.

'Well that was a waste of time', I thought, 'maybe she has some more treatment ideas'.

Dr Lara let me in herself. "Come on in and tell me what happened with our prescription for you last night".

"Well, I showered with the soap like the instructions said, rubbed all the dressing aid on that the instructions to mix up and then put the outfit on with all the accessories. I remember looking in the mirror at my unflattering male body, then I woke up on the bed around 10 am."

"That's it, you didn't read anymore of the instructions".

"I don't guess so".

"Are you serious James".

"What's wrong doc, that's all that happened."

"Let's find out", she said. "Give me the box you took home with you. You see this round spot on the box. It's a hidden camera. I'm gonna put the flash drive on the monitor so we can see what really happened".

Mine and docs eyes were big as pie plates watching what was happening, with her mouth covered by her hand she let out a scream. "You didn't read the rest of them did you! They clearly state that you should keep from getting turned on by the transformation, we know that's hard to do. It also says if you cannot help it, under no circumstance get any semen on your suit!!"

"What difference would that make?" I asked.

"The dressing aid already in the suit combines with the other lotion you mixed up to keep the latex from turning into your skin!" Lara shouted. "Your bodily fluids react with that compound and weaken the resistance of this happening".

"What made my body change shape?"

"The compound does absorb some of your Genetic make up, but I have not yet determined what makes your body change, maybe it's your body and minds true desires being absorbed through the hood. Judging by this video, your desire was very intense indeed. Judging by the amount of cum you rubbed into the suit, you may not want or put that suit back on. It may be permanent this time. It's a good thing you didnt swallow any, it would have been permanent".

"If I had known that, I would have swallowed every drop of it."

Dr Lara looked like she was giddy at what I said. "Really, James, permanent."

"Oh hell yes I would have".

Lara sat me down on the chaise lounge and told me how she had been searching for me. "This was the reason I chose psychiatry after I got my biochem doctorate. I knew this was the only way to find someone as "crazy" as me". Lara said she was just like me. "Every time I started dating someone for a while I would let them see my "other" side, telling them about how I wanted to be their rubber sex doll, they would be gone soon".

I asked her what kind of damn fool would leave someone that looked like you, not to mention you in latex.

Lara explained how she wanted to be a rubberdoll since she was in college. I think we were both getting crazy horny as we talked. Her and my voice were cracking all nervous like.

"Let me show you something James, better yet, let's go for a ride."

I said, "lets go".

We drove for about thirty minutes out of town. She turned into a gated house and slid her card through the switch. The gates opened up, I asked if this was her place.

"Yes, my company Biochem makes lots of money. Enough money for us to stay here. Whatever we need we can have delivered. Come on in, we have some playing to do. Come on downstairs with me" she said. "This is the latex catsuit I want to be in."

It looked just like the one I had on the night before. Even the hood was an exact match. Metallic blue, except for the translucent face.

"Where are the holes for your pussy and ass?" I asked her.

"They only appear when the wearer gets sexually excited. Like your mouth and cock did last night".

I became hard at the thought of putting my cock in her holes.

"I'm going to show you James, the rubber fuck doll I want to be just for you".

"Please do Lara, I can't wait".

With that she flung the suit outright in front of her. It was already dripping with lubricant. Lara glided in that suit like greased lightning. I was just enjoying the show. She put her boots on first, corset, gloves, then her hood. I helped her with her long black hair through the pony tail tube. Lara didn't need any shaping from her new skin. The only thing that drew in much, was her corset. The pony tail tube tighten up so tight it made her hair bush out a little right at the end of the tube. Even the seams of the corset melted away. Lara said to let her see my transformation.

I asked what will make this permanent this time.

"You have to get enough cum in me to make the suit bond to my body. Notice I did not mix the two lotions that keep body fluids from reacting in the suit. Yours does not have it either."

"How will it make mine permanent?"

"When you fill my holes with cum, both of us will absorb enough into the latex to spread all through our body".

I took my suit and slipped it on just like Lara did. Same accessories too. After I got my hood on last, it all started again. When it finished, I was a mirror image except for my blonde hair of that wonderful psychiatrist who found me. We walked around looking at each other's perfect body. Feet, legs, butt, hips, perfect stomach and breasts. Beautiful translucent latex covered faces. We both looked at each at the same time. We rubbed all over each other do the longest time, rubbing and looking, not a blemish anywhere on us. She began to run her hands all of my smooth crotch area.

"Well there it is", she said.

My cock began to arise out of my smooth skin. Again, it looked like it was covered in a black cock and ball sheath with a heavy ring around the base. We both said, "This is the last chance to turn back".

Lara started to say something but her mouth had already started to change into that inviting "O" shape made just for sucking cock, I knew my answer was the same. I sat down on the bed beside a mirror to watch. She knew just how I liked it because she saw me do it on the camera. Slowly put the head in and out just to stretch those wonderful plump lips then all the way down. She would come off of it and her mouth would web over with lube then plop back on it. She went down on it one more time and even put my balls in her mouth and kind of shook her head. She began climaxing constantly causing me to join in. I came for what seemed minutes while she steadily went up and down on my cock until all the cum was gone.

She continued to stroke my cock, which seemed to have gotten almost as big as it was the solo night. I began rubbing Lara's crotch to get her pussy to appear. It did as a tight little black thick ring that looked like it was just glued to the outside of her new skin. My mouth began to look like Lara's perfect "O" shape mouth and pussy. I pressed our holes together and I believed she came again. I then laid her back to expose her new hole for me. I placed my mouth hole on her pussy and just began to lick the whole inside of it. I thought she would snatch my pony tail off.

It sounded like she was saying "fuck me" through her wonderful mouth hole. It was time. I did just the same with the head of my cock just inserting and bringing back out to watch her hole stretch to accept it. I then pushed it all the way in. Her back arched a foot off the bed as she moaned and orgasmed repeatedly. I knew that I was about to fill her pussy up with cum, so I held it deep as I could until I had finished, I continued rocking in and out until all the cum had disappeared.

She lay moaning and squirming on the bed trying to say fuck my ass hole quick. It was hard to make out but I got the message. I again put my mouth hole to her ass and licked her until she was wet enough to fuck. I knew the teasing was killing her. I had to get in that virgin ass too. I was still teasing it when she rocked all the way back on my now 12 inch cock. She shuttered and bucked so that I almost lost hold of her sixteen inch waist. She was slamming her ass to the base of my dick.

"Here we go!" I said to my own new rubber fuck doll. Hell I was her fuck doll so it worked out great.

As I filled her ass with cum, I just kept on fucking her until it to was gone. She turned around to finish sucking off what was left on my throbbing cock. Her and my mouth taking normal shape again. Her holes disappeared and my cock retreated as well.

"Oh it was so good. I could start to feel the last bit of permanent skin replacement, this is wonderful!" she said. "I have never felt like this. It didn't feel like I was sucking your cock, it felt like I was being fucked in the mouth with almost the same sensation as my ass and pussy holes. My skin is so soft and smooth, not a wrinkle or blemish". Lara added.

"Oh it was amazing Lara. You can call me Jamie from now on".

We were rolling on top of each other and then relaxed for a few minutes while we let all this sink in.

"How about a glass of wine Lara?"

"Oh yes Jamie".

We both walked I into the kitchen like twin latex goddesses. Hips swaying as we went. Sitting out by the pool having wine was great.

"Boy you look great with that late sun shining on your new rubber skin Lara".

She started to say something back but her words got all garbled, were we in for fun times ahead.

Part three may be a little down the road.


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