Read the Instructions... Always

by Northern Chill

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Storycodes: Solo-F; lotion; transform; lovedoll; cons; X


Wendy arrived home after another boring day working at the government job she had and looked forward to spending the weekend with her boyfriend Jake. However, to her dismay, she found a note waiting for her saying that he had been called away at the last moment to a conference out of town and that he wouldn't be back until Friday.

"Well, that sucks!" the blonde haired woman muttered as she tossed her purse on a nearby chair and flopped onto a nearby couch. "What the hell am I supposed to do for fun now?" Wendy muttered as she ran her right hand through her blonde locks. For something to do, she started leafing through a few of the magazines on a nearby table. After a few minutes of this, Wendy was about to set aside the books and head off to shower and get ready for the upcoming evening when she paused halfway off the couch and her eyes widened in amusement.

"Oooh, do I have an idea. Where's that magazine that Jake subscribes to with all the stuff about dollies and stuff like that?" Wendy said as she got down on her hands and knees and looked under the couch for the magazine. She had recalled that her boyfriend had quite an intense interest in inflatable love dolls though his feelings were not confined to the use of them in bed. Jake avidly followed the history of how the modern love dolls had evolved with all the different models and makes produced by companies on a worldwide basis. He talked with other doll devotees over the internet for hours at a time and had a fairly long list of bookmarked sites that he regularly visited. Jake had even tried his hand at writing stories or doing photo manipulations revolving one or more love dolls but was disappointed to find no site to post his work at.

However, Jake also found himself time to make use of the dolls that he had acquired through store owners, online auction sites and a few contacts he had in Europe and North America. From Wendy's perspective, this proved to be a problem when she learned of her boyfriend's fetish. She made Jake promise to never use any of his dollies while she was around and to keep them out of sight as much as possible.

One night, though, shortly after the two started to live together and Jake was away on an overnight trip, Wendy decided to indulge her own curiosity and got what looked like a doll Jake had recently purchased out of a hall closet. After she inflated
the sex toy, she saw that it was very realistic with a very inviting mouth and other openings. She even debated playing with it herself but decided to restrict herself to just feeling the surface with her hands.

With this in mind, Wendy started to go through the magazine ' Adult Doll Collectors ' she had found to see if there was anything advertised that Jake might like for a surprise gift. After going through articles with titles such as ' Inflatable vs Solid - Which are the Better Dolls? ' and ' Do Women Collect Love Dolls? YES!', Wendy came to a full page color ad that drew her interest.

' Make Your Girlfriend/Wife Your Dream Dolly!! ' was the ad's title. According to the description, the ad seemed to be pitching some sort of ointment that could make a woman resemble the most amazingly realistic love doll a man would ever see. In addition to the ointment, the ad promised an instructional DVD as well as a ' double your money back if you're not 100 % satisfied! " guarantee. There was the usual testimonies from past purchasers saying how much they enjoyed the product, made for better sexual relationships, will use it again and again, etc. on the left side of the ad with a blurb on the right saying that replacement quantities of the cream can be bought by customers at any time. Although the listed price for the package was a bit steep in Wendy's point of view, she figured surprising Jake by appearing to like one of the love dolls he collected would be worth it.

Looking at the bottom of the ad, Wendy saw that if the product was ordered over the internet or phone, the company promised delivery within 48 hours. Glancing at a calendar on the wall, she figured that she could get the package and have herself ready for Jake's return. Her smile grew broader when she remembered that Friday was also Jake's birthday and if everything went according to plan, it would be one Jake would never forget.........

36 hours later............

Wendy took the packaging and address material from the kitchen table and shoved it in a garbage bag that she tied and walked to the curb with it. With the garbage being picked up tomorrow, there would be no sign for Jake to be tipped off until he saw her looking like one of his favorite collectibles.

Walking into the living room, she sat down on the couch and looked over what she had placed on the nearby coffee table. There was a DVD case with WISHES FULFILLED stamped on the outside and a rather ordinary looking DVD visible on the inside. Taking no chances that Jake would find the label before she sprung her surprise, Wendy scratched off the label with her long fingernails and put into the garbage.

Returning her attention to the coffee table, Wendy examined the two tubes sitting next to the DVD. Both were devoid of labels save for a large A on one tube and an O on the other one. There didn't seem to be any set of instructions with the package but Wendy figured everything she needed to know would be on the disk.

Going back to her bedroom, Wendy quickly slipped out of her clothes and put on her favorite red satin bathrobe. She walked back to the living room and after putting the DVD into her home entertainment system, Wendy sat back on the couch to see what was on the disc.

At first, there seemed to be promos for other similar discs as well as credits for who appeared in the disc. Wendy quickly fast forwarded through this part as she didn't have the patience to deal with that. When the screen started to show several pictures of scantily clad women with the DVD title superimposed over the images, she let the DVD resume a normal play speed.

"......spicing up your love life? You've tried sexy lingerie, ointments, bondage and everything your local adult store offers yet your night in bed still results in yawns for you both. Well, thanks to a revolutionary new ointment, your love life will be better than it ever has been before! You're probably saying to yourself, how is this possible? To provide a little backdrop on the wondrous lotion that you're holding in your hands, let me introduce you to the man behind this amazing product..... Dr. Mainheim Birdenheim!!!! " the show host exclaimed to a studio audience that cheered wildly at the end of every sentence spoken.

Moments later, an elderly man, wearing thick eyeglasses and wearing what looked like a white lab coat, walked slowly from behind a curtain to the left which resulted in thunderous applause. "Thank you! Thank you, ladies and gentleman! I worked in a private lab for many years to perfect the formula and it was tested on female volunteers, coworkers and even my lovely wife. Tanya, will you stand up so everyone can see what a pretty woman you are?" Mainheim exclaimed with a thick German accent. Moments later, accompanied by a tremendous ovation, a buxom blonde that looked to be in her mid twenties stood and waved enthusiastically to the camera as well as the people around her.

"Gosh, Mr. Birdenheim, you certainly have an attractive wife! Do you think that she was a little wary of your amazing discovery when you asked her to try it the first time?" the show host asked the scientist, which elicited small titters of laughter from the assembled crowd.

"Ah, yes, yes, she was a little nervous. However, when I told her about the entire process and the incredible pleasing effect it would have on her subconscious mind, she agreed to test the formula. After the first treatment, my wife was so pleased by what she felt that she is, umm, a little more intimate with me when we're together...... well..... maybe a LOT more intimate!" Mainheim replied with his cheeks reddening slightly at the end. In response, the audience cheered and applauded for several seconds before the host motioned for them to settle down.

"Ok, I think we know why we're here today..... to demonstrate the usage of this incredibly amazing product. Let's bring up our camera that we have in our display room. One of Birdenheim's female lab assistants, Candi Cottondale, is inside along with Henry Blake, her common law husband of five years. As you, the viewer, and our stage audience can see, Candi has removed all her clothing and is reclining on the table in preparation for this amazing procedure that will turn her lovely body into a mindless, inanimate latex doll containing nothing more than air. You'll find yourself rubbing your eyes in disbelief at what you see!" the host exclaimed even as the image switched to a red haired woman lying atop what looked like a marble table with a black haired man standing nearby with a tube in his hand.

At this point, the screen went black as Wendy clicked on her remote and set it on the coffee table. "Well, if I'm going to be spreading this stuff all over me, I better get ready for all of this," the blonde haired woman muttered as she stood up and removed the bathrobe and nightie she was wearing. After returning the clothes to the bedroom, she took her seat on the couch once again and turned the DVD player once again.

"All right, now, you can see Henry has removed the top from the tube containing our revolutionary ointment and is now standing next to his wife with a definite look of happiness on his face. He's squirting a generous amount of the formula onto his gloved hands and is starting to apply it to Candi's body. As you may have noticed, Henry is concentrating on spreading the formula to Candi's most sensitive areas - her breasts, sex and a little around her mouth. By applying the formula this way, you'll find that the formula is rapidly absorbed by the body and, for the woman being transformed, is extremely pleasurable," the host intoned as he looked at a nearby monitor showing the room in question.

"Well, I may as well start applying this stuff..... hmmmm.... smells ok....... " Wendy said softly as she uncapped the tube in question and briefly sniffed it before starting to apply it onto her body vigorously in the areas the DVD commentator mentioned. After a minute or so of rubbing the lotion, the blonde haired beauty started to feel a little on the weak side so she leaned back on the couch and propped her left leg on the side of one of the cushions.

"You can see, by the clock located outside the demonstration room, that it has been approximately 3 1/2 minutes since the formula was first massaged onto Candi's lovely body. As our interior camera zooms in, you can see that the skin IS ACTUALLY CHANGING!!! Skin is actually turning into soft, supple latex! If this amazing product is on you right now, you'll be noticing these same reactions as I speak!" the DVD host exclaimed in a voice-over as the camera showed Candi's breasts start to take on an artificial appearance.

"Mmmmm, I'm definitely starting to feel it........ " Wendy murmured as she slid onto her back even as she continued to rub and massage her body. She could see that her skin was already to shiny latex around her lower torso and the faintest of seam lines was becoming visible across her waist. Her eyes fluttered as she felt what seemed like a series of intense waves of pleasure permeate her conscious mind. She continued to massage her right breast vigorously even as she felt the strength starting to drain from her limbs.

"Ok, it's been about six minutes after this fantastic dollifying formula has been applied to Candi and the changes are really starting to become apparent. Gerry, can we get a close-up of Candi's mouth as it forms a perfect O shape?" the show's host exhorted to an unseen cameraman. Moments later, the image on the screen changed with the image of Candi 's mouth appearing and the audience gasped as they saw the woman's teeth and tongue disappear right before their eyes. The camera panned downwards to show Candi's breasts once again with the nipples and areolas becoming bright pink in color with a definite glossy sheen to her boobs.

"Ooooohhh..... mmmmmmmm...... yesssss............ " Wendy moaned as changes similar to what was happening with Candi became evident on her nude body. Her breasts had slightly inflated even as they were becoming two mounds of supple yet firm latex with nipples and areolas that were pink like Candi's. In addition, her pussy was starting to twitch and contort on its own with the pubic mound above it growing smaller by the second. Wendy could feel herself growing lighter by the second and realized that her complete transformation was rapidly proceeding.

Glancing downwards sluggishly as her head seemed almost locked in place now, Wendy saw that seams were now visible on her legs and across her waist as if she was really made of sheets of latex or rubber sewn together. Her toes seemed to be fusing together as her feet became solid appendages that were slowly spreading apart with her legs forming a V shape that all love dolls had. Wendy also sensed that her anus was shifting upwards by several inches before undergoing the same changes to it that had occurred with her pussy.

"You can see that Candi's arms are forming into L shapes similar to what you might see with mass produced love dolls. However, I want to tell our audience, as well as everyone viewing this at home, that such positioning with the arms and legs are not guaranteed with every application of the formula. If it does happen, consider it just another bonus courtesy of WISHES FULFILLED! " the studio host exclaimed as the camera showed the doll's arms raising into the air.

"Uhhhh............... " Wendy moaned before falling silent as her mouth underwent the transformation that had just happened to her pussy and anus. Her teeth and tongue seemed to dissolve as her mouth's interior formed into a soft sac made of rubber and latex that ached to be filled. Wendy could feel what seemed to be an inflation plug growing out of the small of her back for the adding or releasing of air by anyone who came across her.

With her eyes becoming nothing more than painted features and her hair turning to synthetic threads sewn into her hollow head, Wendy's change into an inanimate love doll was complete. The doll stared up at the ceiling with a look of lust and desire evident in its colorful face with Wendy's mind racing to try and comprehend the exciting change to her.

"A LOVE DOLL.... I'M ACTUALLY AN AIR FILLED BLOW-UP DOLL!!!..... WOW!!!!!....... JAKE WILL THINK THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!......." Wendy thought as she reveled in the sensations that seemed to ripple through her mind again and again. Even as she enjoyed the feelings of her new form, the TV screen continued to flicker as new images showed on it.

"Wow, that's incredible!! We've seen a living, breathing beautiful woman transformed into an inanimate latex love doll that would result in hours of intimacy for her lover, boyfriend or husband. Once the process is reversed by simply wiping down the doll with soap and water, Candi would revert to her normal human form and revel in the intense memories of pleasure as a sex toy. In fact, I somehow think this will be a process repeated not only by Candi but by many of the people in the audience and those watching at home. At this point, we're going to drop a curtain over Candi and Henry to give them privacy and we're dropping another over this presentation. I hope this explains our product to everyone viewing and we look forward to your future business! Have a great night, everybody!!! " the host exclaimed to wild cheers from the crowd as the screen darkened with the producer and director names flashing on the screen.

Wendy, incapable of moving whatsoever, laid silently on the couch with only the rapidly quieting noise of applause evident in the room. If the newly transformed doll's head had sat facing the television, she might see the caption that was appearing on the screen at that moment and its ominous meaning:



A graph appeared on the screen at this moment showing how the subject's personality is affected between 24 and 48 hours of transformation with the human thinking decreasing dramatically in direct proportion to a rise of simple love doll thinking.

However, Wendy was unaware of this and sat in silence even as the DVD ended its run and the player, as well as TV, automatically shut off after an hour so.

Monday morning............

"......don't know why Wendy didn't answer when I called to let her know that I was delayed and wouldn't be getting back until today. She's probably pretty pissed off at me so I'll be spending the next few days making it up to her, " Jake said to himself as he dropped his bags by the front door and dug the key for the front door out of his pocket.

"Wendy? Wendy, honey, are ya home?" Jake called out as he entered his home only to be greeted by silence. Puzzled by his girlfriend's absence, the dark haired man tossed his bags onto a nearby chair and closed the door behind him before wandering around for a sign indicating where his girlfriend might be.

"Hmmm, it' not like her to just take off without some kind of warning or......what the? What the heck is this?" Jake muttered before falling silent upon seeing the inflated love doll lying on the couch. Walking over next to it, he was amazed just how realistic the sex toy was and the close resemblance it had to Wendy herself.

"Geez, Wendy must have had this specially made up as a birthday gift for me. I bet she even posed for it so the manufacturer could model the doll after her. Ya know, seeing it makes me think I should try it out before she gets back, " Jack murmured as he lifted up the doll and carried it into his bedroom.

"Oooohhh.... this must be my owner.... I want to please him...... he seems excited...... mmmmm..... I hope he uses me a long time" the doll thought with all traces of her existence as Wendy completely gone from what mind it had left. As the sex toy felt its owner run his hands along its soft latex box even while he was quickly removing his clothes, it felt content that its owner was going to use her like any other doll.

For Jake, it was a gift unlike any he had ever received before......

If only he knew that the giver and the gift were one and the same.....


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