The Real Doll

by SweetAngiedoll

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© Copyright 2010 - SweetAngiedoll - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; drug; kidnap; bodymod; transform; realdoll; boxed; nc; X


Joe was a normal guy, he loved football and he loved women especially large breasted blonds. 

One day his neighbor had enough of his whistling and yelling "Hey baby, come over some time and I will show you a real man".

Jane worked at a top secret government lab and she decided to use her PHD and her lab work to fix the problem once and for all. 

Jane sent Joe a letter telling him that he had won a Real Doll (a realistic looking sex doll).  Joe always wanted one but, could never afford it so, this was great.

That weekend Joe went to the address on the letter at the time shown on the letter of 11PM.  He thought it was funny that the building was in the middle of no where and had no one around but, then again he is getting a $1,000.00 doll for free.

Joe went in the front doors and felt something sting in his right shoulder.  He placed his hand there and pulled out a dart.  He then looked up to see Jane walking towards him before he passed out.

Joe woke to find himself strapped to a table naked.  Jane was standing next to him smiling.

"So, you know what a real man looks like do you", said Jane.

"You bitch, let me up and I will show you", said Joe as he tried to free himself.

"Now we can not have you hurting yourself before we even start", said Jane as she prepared a syringe.

She then gave Joe a shot and Joe felt his body slowly go limp.

"What are planning on doing to me", Joe demanded.

"Oh, a little snip and tuck here and there", Jane said with a giggle.

Jane then informed Joe what was going to happen.

"You see Joe, you really did win a real doll only it will be you". 

"Your talking crazy woman ", yelled Joe.

"You see Joe, I am a scientist and this is my lab or at least it is where I work since the government owns it".

"We were trying out a new formula to make soldier’s bullet proof but, instead we turned them to rubber". 

"Well with a few ticks here and there I am going to turn you into rubber, a rubber doll after I make you female".

"What, your crazy woman".

"I know but, you drove me there, I must warn you, some of this will hurt like hell".

And with that Jane gave Joe another shot, a shot of special hormone booster.

Joe at once felt different.  He could feel his bones shrinking with the rest of his body to a small 5’5" female size.  Then he felt his man hood start shrink to nothing. 

"Oh, this part will hurt, you better get ready".

Before Joe could figure out what Jane met, he felt a great deal of pain in his crotch area as it ripped open to form a vagina. 

Joe then felt his breast start to inflate and watched as they blew up like balloons. 

Before he knew it, he had size DD breast.  His hair then started to grow while all his body hair felt out and was replaced with very fine, translucent female hair.

Soon, it was all over and Joe could see in the mirror on the ceiling that he was a young 20 something blonde female bomb shell with size DD breast. 

Jane then decided to have some fun.  "I am going to let you know what it is like to be female before we go to the final part".  And with that she inserted a dildo in Joe’s pussy set on high.  She also played and sucked on his nipples which were very large.  Before long Joe had cumm.

"Now for the final part and this will also hurt some".  And with that she gave Joe a shot of green liquid. 

At once Joe felt funny all over and his body started to go feel stiff.  He watched in the mirror on the ceiling as his body started to take on a rubber latex look.

Then Joe felt the pain start in his gut and spread like wild fire through out his body. 

He was starting to have trouble breathing as his lungs and heart turned to rubber. 

He soon could no longer move his feet or legs as they became totally rubber. 

Then his torso had completed changing and Jane at this point released the straps.

"You only have a few seconds before it is complete".

Joe reached up and felt his rubber body and then noticed his hands were now rubber.  It soon spread up his arms as Jane straightened Joes arms by his side. 

Before he knew it the pain was gone and he was totally rubber now.  He was still able to see, hear and even feel.

Jane looked over him and asked, "Well Josephina how does it feel being a real doll". 

She then started to laugh as she picked him or her up and placed her in a box to ship off to her new owner.



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