A Real 'Fun Party'

by Redneck Rubber

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My wife had been putting on those Fun Parties; you know the ones were all the women buy sex toys, books and other stuff, for a few years now. One day she tells me that she needs to add something to my sales line, something different. “Like what?” I asked.

“ I don't know” she said.

“You know how we like latex, why not some of that. It really works for us. Maybe some cheap catsuits or something.”

“That sounds like a good idea. I'll see if I can find a few different colors and styles on eBay”.

A few days pass and Sara comes in with a box full of latex clothing. “I can't believe I got all this latex on clearance sale. Check it out Brad”.

I wanted her to keep it all and wear herself, but she's in the selling business.

“Look at this catsuit Brad, this is one kinky number. It only has nose and eye holes. The mouth, ass, and pussy have internal condoms!! Even rubber attached feet and gloves. Plus a matching pair of ballet boots.”

“Damn babe, I'm sweating thinking about you in thing!”

“I might wear it if it didn't have that mouth condom.”

“I'll trim it off if you'll try it on”.

“We will later on tonite after the party I have booked already. I like this color too, all red catsuit with black accents and this wide black band at the waist is cool too. I don't know how I'll walk with these ballet boots that came with it. Maybe someone will buy them at the party who knows”.

Later on at the party, the girls are getting silly on wine and champagne. You know how women get. Sara returned home with no inventory of latex clothing. The girls thought it was super sexy and kinky as well. They couldn't wait to get home and try it all on. No one bought the catsuit and ballet boots.

Sara was sitting on the couch resting and having a glass or two of wine herself. I said, “Why don't you try that catsuit on for us?”

“Sure I'm horny as hell after all those women got through looking at all the sex toys and latex. It's right here in the box I brought home”.

“Wait a second doll, it has some instructions on this tag on the zipper. ‘Needs no powder or lube for use. Suit is pre-lubricated for ease of use, do not modify suit in any way.’ Glad I didn't trim off that mouth condom!”

I held it up for Sara to step into, “It's so slick and smooth inside and out, it's so easy to put on”, she said.

She settled the suit on her hips the zipper only went from her waist to the back of her neck, as access to the fun would be those condoms. I held up the front for her to stick her arms in and they just went in the sleeves with no effort, the attached gloves looked they were made for her hands not a wrinkle from neck to toe.

“Let's put your boots on before the hood”, I suggested.

“OK. Those are some kinky ass boots, I don't know if I will be able to walk in them”.

“See if you can stand up and walk babe”. She was able to a little bit. “Now for the hood, let's get your eyes and nose holes lined up and the mouth should be in the right place. Are you ready for me to zip the hood?”

She nodded yes because she couldn't say too much. Oh boy, when the last tooth of the zipper fastened it got a little weird. Sara began to quiver while standing right here in front of me, I kind of got worried because the zipper had disappeared and her boots had no seam where the catsuit tucked in. The eye holes grew to cover every piece of skin except he actual eye balls. The black band around her waist began to shrink to about 15 inches, her hips spread out a bit and her ass lifted a little bit.

Oh my, her boobs grew to soccer ball size and just as round. The attached condoms had found their way into her ass and pussy. Sara let out an excruciating loud scream from an orgasm as both holes moved up about three inches for easy access. My cock was rock hard and throbbing.

I was startled as Sara was able to speak now. She gasped and said, “What just happen to me? I don't know but I like it a lot”, Sara said I like it way more than that.

“Oh my gosh, you look like a sex doll Sara!”

“I feel like one”, she said, “that was the most amazing thing ever”.

“Walk over the mirror and look at yourself ‘doll’”.

“Holy shit I'm one hot fuck doll aren't I Brad. I think this suit has become my skin or something my fingernails are even growing out of it and the condoms seem to be part of me. Even my hair came through the thing. Look at my perfect poofy round fuck holes”. She spun around in the mirror looking at them.

“My ass and pussy have risen up for easy access, little round holes circles by a thick rubber ring just like my mouth”.

With that she strutted across the room like she had been born in those boots. She kneeled down in front of me and ripped my pants open to reveal my little blue pill induced rock hard cock. She had never been able to take all of it while giving head, but she went all the way this time. I mean up and down from tip to base and it was like no blow job I had ever had. That super slick mouth was too much. She began to orgasm before I filled her up with cum. When she came off my dick it made a popping sound.

“Oh my Brad. I have never had an orgasm while sucking your cock, but it was like you were fucking my mouth. It felt so good. I didn't even realized I swallowed your cum it was so good. Fuck my pussy hole quick”.

Sara began to Orgasm with almost every stroke. And it was not long before I could not hold it any longer. When I came in her she almost went bezerk.

“Holy fuck Brad it just keeps getting better. Fuck my Virgin ass right now!”

I did like I was told to. I would just tease her by putting the head in and out. Watching it go in that super tight rubber hole was so much fun. Without warning she rocked all the way down on it like her life depended on it. She was shaking so bad from the intense orgasms I could barely hold on to her slick body. When I was about ready to cum she pulled my cock with that same popping sound then she turned to me and said, “Finish in my mouth hole”.

So I grabbed her by the back of her head and helped her down on my cock. I shoved it all the way in and held her there, she didn't buck or try to get off of me. It felt like her mouth hole was messaging my whole cock and I just had to let it go.

She finally came up and off and said that was what she had always wanted to be fucked and fucked and used like a fuck doll.

I said that I had always wanted to use you like that too. We rested for a few minutes. The zippers returned as did the boot seams. Her holes had returned to normal as well.

“I'm glad no one bought this suit at the party. I'm gonna keep it for myself.”

“You want me to help get you out of it "doll"?”

“Are you kidding Brad, I'm not sure I'm gonna take it off. I may want to stay like this.”

With that, the suits zippers and boot seams disappeared, and her holes repositioned themselves again. Her mouth was round and perfect again just like her ass and pussy. “Oh” she let out moan after moan as they moved up. So we went for another round of intense sex.

When we got done I found the tag with the instructions on the floor. “Uh babe we may have a problem, it says here to be careful what you think while wearing the suit it may become permanent!”

“So what!” she said, “I love it like this. Look at my hot sexy body, I'm made for you to fuck like you want to fuck me and I'm happy that you will. This may come in handy at those fun parties as well. They will just think it's part of the act.”

Part Two

Man after Sara's new outfit had become part of her, sales had been through the roof. Her customers had no idea she had become this gorgeous fuck doll for me. They just thought it was an expensive costume. They bought more latex clothing than she finds - catsuits, hoods, boots, corsets, the whole deal.

Only one thing, they could not get their outfits to fit or shine like Sara's. They wondered why they couldn't get all the wrinkles out of their latex. Or how her waist could be so small, let alone walk so gracefully with ballet boots. They just didn't know.

Sara would wonder if these girls would like to have a suit like hers and have mind altering sex every time they had it. Or be able to please their mate like they wanted to be. Somehow the packing receipt had been lost and no sign of the same company that she received the first shipment from.

So a month or two go by sales are crazy good. “Brad, look what I found, it's the receipt that came with my first order. It looks like it went through the wash”.

“I can barely see the name. Rubberdolls Llc. This is some crazy looking web address. “

“Are you thinking of getting another suit that made you into a rubber sex doll.”

“I love it. I just think maybe some other girls will too”, Sara said as she wiggled her ass and rubbed her boobs.” What do you think?”

“I know I love it too. It never gets old watching you strut around hot and sexy like. I don't know if every couple is like us though”.

“If they only knew what it was like, they would. This wonderful body, three fuck holes that make us both super happy. I think I'll order another color for me and see what my customers think. I want a dark flesh colored one with black accessories. The Barbie one on the fantastic rubber website is the style I want, maybe this company has it.”

“Here's your package from rubberdolls doll.” I've never seen a girl run so fast in ballet boots to get a package. Invoice says new and improved features are included on this model. Looks just like the one on fantastic rubbers site dark almost gold and dark in some places with a wide black band in the waist. Attached hood, gloves and feet.

“Where are the internal condoms?” Sara asked.

“Ok, let's look at the tag of instructions closer this time. ‘If you have already worn this model suit you should know the risk. If you are permanently in a suit now this suit will dissolve the other one as you cannot get out of it to put this one on. There are no holes in the suit other than eyes, nose and mouth. The fuck holes only appear when the wearer is aroused.’ “

“That's good”, said Sara, “I won't have to wear that rubber miniskirt over myself now at parties.”

"One should be careful what they wish for while wearing suit. Research shows this warning is generally ignored."

“If you wear it once you don't care!” said Sara. “Let me get that thing on and see how I look”.

Suit on, all accessories zippers closed, oh boy. The orgasms begin to rock her out of her mind. After they stop, Sara got up and strutted over to the mirror, those hips rocking and rolling right over.

“Holy shit, I look even better. My belly, crotch and ass are slick as wet ice. And look, my mouth looks normal now. Start rubbing and kissing me so we can see how this thing works.”

Her words began to slur as her mouth changed to that inviting O shape and her pussy and ass fuck holes appeared. Here we go again. As good as the first time or better.

“I can't wait till the next fun Party”, Sara said. “My clients are not gonna believe how hot I look now. I may even order some suits like this to sell.”

“Doll, the UPS man has a package for you.” Again, never saw a ballet booted woman move that fast.

One black, one red and one metallic purple along with all other kinds of latex clothing.

“I have a fun party booked for Friday night”, Sara said all excitedly. “Maybe one of the ladies will purchase one of these catsuits and we will what happens.”

Well the party starts with all attendants compliments on my "costume", if they only knew. Some of the regulars were there and they could not get over how my new outfit looked. After the regular stuff for sale I asked everyone to settle down and to pay close attention.

“I have three suits that will make your sex life into a dream. Your mate will be so satisfied , they will do anything for you. I only have three of them now, so bid carefully.”

They went quick. All other latex clothing sold out too. At next weeks "fun party" there were three permanently latex clad women there to help with the show. Business is getting good

Part 3: Why should Girls have all the fun

One Friday morning several boxes arrive from rubberdolls llc for Sara. I like to watch the delivery guys and girls when she goes out to receive the packages. The fun parties have all but turned into latex clothing parties. Sales are out of the roof.

She hasn't sold any more of the catsuits that have the ability to become permanent, the women keep buying all other items. Sara giggled in excitement as she tore into the box. “Oh I hope the new item I ordered for you is here Brad.”

“Something for me, you know I just like women in latex. Men's bodies just don't show it off well to me.”

“Well I got you something special anyway. I know you will love it. Here Brad open it.”

“I'm not sure, you have that sneaky squeaky tone in your voice. I'll do it any way. Doll, what am I gonna do with a beach ball.”

“Just take it out of the box and look at it.”

When I grabbed it, things got fuzzy and I almost panicked, but it felt too good to try to get loose from the ball. The ball split only to equal size balls. One on each hand. “Sara, what the hell is going on?”

“Just relax and enjoy it.”

The balls began to shrink around my hands and started to spread up my arms to my neck. The more I tried to get it off, the faster it spread. Oh the feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced. It met at my neck and began to go in all directions and soon had my entire body covered in rubber.

“Great, Sara, now I look like a beach ball.”

“Uh, you are not even close to done.”

“What do you mean doll?”

At that point the covering turned black and so shiny and smooth. First, from my knees down turned red and shiny as what looked like knee high platform boots formed on my legs. But there was no seam, they were part of my legs. Then I did panic, the black shiny rubber began to flow to the top of my head. I wanted to scream, could not because the rubber had cover my entire head. Right when I thought I would suffocate the rubber opened around my mouth, eyes and nose.

Then a red ten inch wide band formed around my waist and began to tighten down to the size of Sara's waist 15 inches. It forced my belly up to my chest which looked as big as hers too. My ass cheeks rose up and my legs grew to look like my perfect wife's. I looked like her twin. No sign of a dick or anything I was as smooth as a new penny down there. Holy shit that suit was tight, but it felt so good.

“Hold on!” Sara said, “one more thing, well two actually.”

As she started to rub me all over.

“What's next?” I asked.

“This” she said. And pressed her lips to mine.

I felt the rubber going in my mouth and down my throat and all through me. Holy shit it was mind blowing. Then the tingling in between my legs started. I could feel my cock growing out of my shiny new body. It kept on till it was about 12 inches long and about three inches thick. Sara backed up from me and smacked her now super puffy perfect round lips.

“Doll how did you know?”

“I have seen your search history on your computer, latex Shemale, came up all the time”.

“It is amazing doll. You should have done this to me a long time ago.”

“I've had rubberdolls working on it for some time now. We are not sure if its permanent yet or not.”

“I don't care if it is I love it. Now let's see if you can stretch those lips over this thing.”

Sara began to tease me, just putting her perfect O shaped lips on the head of it. So I grabbed her head and helped her on down. All the way down and back up until I could not hold back. I filled her up with something, she was dripping black goo out of her mouth when she popped off my cock. Her other fuck holes had appeared now.

“Fuck my tight perfect O pussy fuck hole Brad”.

It was so slick that my huge dick went in effortlessly. That poofy O looked you had your fingers closed around one of those long circus balloons as my cock went in and out. Her waist looked like it was swelling every time it went all the way in her. Finally I filled her with more black cum. And then she flipped over and put her ass fuck hole right there for me to get.

When we had finished, Sara turned over and sat up on the sofa, grinning like I don't know what.

“Do you like it Brad?”

“I love it doll, now I look like a doll except with this giant cock.”

“It will go away in a few minutes after you settle down. It works like my fuck holes, it will grow back out when you get excited. Look in the mirror, your lips are round and puffy too when you are excited to. They perfectly match my holes. I want to see how it feels when you put them to my fuck holes.”

“I love the black and red Sara, I'm not sure how I can walk and roll these hips like this in these boots.”

“They aren't boots, silly, they are your feet. Oh and remember all the colors of the beach ball, in time they told me you would be able to change to any color that was on it and in different combinations. I'm a little jealous.”

“I just hope it's permanent!” Brad said out loud. With that, my cock grew hard as brick and here we go again.

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