Red and Pink Toys

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; toys; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X


Nancy giggled as she opened up the door to her apartment and sauntered inside. She tossed her purse onto a nearby couch and fell into a nearby chair while running her hands in a fatigued way over her face. Going home from her favorite night club Studio 69 at 3 am was a little difficult for her considering the amount of alcohol she had drunk that night. Nancy managed to fend off the numerous offers from guys at the club for her to go home with them and caught a taxi home while she was still conscious.

"Next time I go to the club, I'm going to have to remember to start refusing to accept free drinks. Ooooh...! " the dark haired beauty muttered as she ran her hands through her hair. Nancy was going to go online for a bit and check to see if any of her friends were in the various chat rooms at that time but frankly she was exhausted so she headed for a nice hot shower and sleep afterwards.

Next morning, after Nancy had her breakfast and got dressed to start her day, she checked her computer for any messages that might have been left for her when she was at the club the night before. After clicking through the usual amount of spam as well as proposals from various anonymous guys wanting to have online sex with her, she came across an email from Jacques aka "Toymaker". Nancy and Jacques had talked online for about 2 1/2 years and had developed a friendly and trusting relationship to the point where the two exchanged Xmas cards last year.

The email from Jacques stated that he had just got a new job as head of product development for a major national company that was well paying and came with lots of perks. It went on to say that he'd be coming to visit her in a week and he'd even send some samples the day before his visit for her to have a look at and make use of them if she wants.

"Gee, isn't that nice of Jacques? He gave me the impression in our online chats of being an ambitious guy who would do anything to get ahead at whatever he undertook. Well, right now, I've got to get over to my neighbor Lucinda and see if she's going to give me back that $300 she owes me. If she begs off one more time, I don't know what I'm going to do...." Nancy muttered as she headed towards the door and to talk with her neighbor.

6 days later.....

Nancy opened up the lid to the cardboard box that was sitting on her kitchen table with a certain measure of excitement and anticipation. Seeing Jacques' name on the outside made Nancy more than a little curious as to its' contents. However, she was surprised to find inside a wide variety of adult sex toys and other products that she had seen for sale at the local adult shops.

"Geez, I didn't think Jacques would go to work for that kind of company. I always pictured him wearing a business suit trying to get people to buy the latest hot stock or mutual fund. If he's selling these kind of novelty items, he must have some kind of angle to this somewhere," Nancy muttered to herself as she looked over the various colorfully packaged items.

The auburn haired woman was about take one of the items out of its' packaging and see if it was any good when she heard a knock on her front door. Going over to the door, she opened it expecting to find Jacques standing there but instead she found her neighbor Lucinda.

"Hi, Nancy! I thought I'd swing over and see if I could borrow a few movies to watch tonight. My date canceled just a few minutes ago and I don't have a thing to do tonight, " Lucinda chirped as she walked briskly inside wearing a blue bikini top with a white mesh wrap over the bottom part.

"Geez, is there anything Lucinda wouldn't borrow? I better not let her get near Jacques if he turns out to be a really cool guy..." Nancy thought to herself as she closed the door and walked over to her energetic guest with a broad smile on her face.

Lucinda had found the box Jacques had sent and was busy looking over the contents of it like a kid going through gifts under a Xmas tree. Her eyes sparkled with interest as she examined the various packages and reading the descriptions of the contents. When she came across a red and white striped vibrator that promised to play a musical melody after five minutes of continual usage, Lucinda turned to Nancy with a bright gleam in her eye.

"Can I have this one please? I promise to give you whatever money it cost you no matter what! " the red haired Lucinda chirped in a pleading voice one normally associated with an eight year old child.

"Umm.. well, you see..." Nancy started to say before she found herself being hugged tightly by Lucinda.

"Thanks, Nancy! I'll call you tomorrow and let you know just how good this baby works. Bye!" Lucinda said before dashing out the door leaving a flabbergasted Nancy standing there with her mouth partly opened and her right hand up in the air ready to gesture for a point she never got to make.

"Umm..bye..." Nancy muttered softly as she heard the door across the hall where Lucinda lived open and close quickly. Shaking her head, the auburn haired beauty walked over to the box and looked through it herself for something to have fun with. After a minute or two, she pulled out a bright red plastic dildo that promised "hours and hours of erotic pleasure!" according to the packaging. She was about to take the sex toy out for some private testing when she heard her cell phone ring from her bedroom.

Putting the dildo down, Nancy hurried off to answer it. She was happy to discover it was Jacques, who was calling to tell her that he had just arrived in town and wanted to know if she got the package he sent her. When she told him yes, he went on to say that he'd appreciate it if she could try some of them out and let him know what she thinks about them. Laughing out loud, Nancy told Jacques that she'd test out the items as thoroughly as possible and her neighbor across the hall had already borrowed one item to try out. After a few moments of silence, Jacques said he hoped everyone like the stuff and he'd be over around midnight to talk and reminisce about their previous chats.

"Same old Jacques.. always wanting opinions he can use for himself somewhere down the line..." Nancy thought to herself after saying good-bye and hanging up. She headed off to her bedroom to pick out an outfit for Jacques' visit later on that night. After stripping down to her red silk stockings and black shoes, Nancy rifled through her closet for several minutes looking for just the right thing to wear.

Finding nothing that really sparked her imagination, the auburn haired woman wandered back out to the living room where she saw the shiny red dildo sitting on the table waiting for her to play with it like any of the toys she had when she was younger. Giggling out loud for a second, Nancy strolled over and ripped open the packaging on the dildo where, to her surprise, she found a small tube included with the sex toy. "Lubricating for love - make it a smooth and pleasant journey" was the product's claim for what was obviously a cream to be applied to the dildo before usage.

Taking the two items in her hands, Nancy strolled over to where she had her imitation bear rug lying on the floor and sat down on it with her legs slightly splayed. Unscrewing the top to the tube, she squeezed a generous amount into her left hand which she then applied to the end of the dildo. Setting the tube aside, Nancy then laid back and started teasing the edges of her moist pussy with the soft dildo in her hands.

After a minute or two, she noticed her body seemed to be tingling with an energy she hadn't felt before and it seemed to be spreading from her left hand and around her pussy. "Hmm.. that cream must really have some aphrodisiac elements... mmm.." Nancy moaned softly as she slowly started to insert the dildo deeper into her. The cream, along with her own rising sexual heat, allowed the toy to slide in as smooth as butter.

As she started to rhythmically pull it in and out of her, Nancy felt the erotic energy in her growing stronger and at a quicker rate than she had ever experienced before. She also felt a growing sense of lightness as if her imaginary male lover had lifted her off the carpet and was making mad love with her. She arched her back momentarily and screamed out loud as she pulled the toy in and out as fast as her right hand could move.

Settling back, Nancy let her mind settle into a sea of erotic pleasure that she had never felt before. She found herself approaching orgasm faster than she had ever experienced before. At the same time, the energy she had felt before had been building to a crescendo that made her feel like every inch of her body was being caressed and stimulated simultaneously. She caressed her body with her free hand as her breathing came out in excited gasps in response to the pleasure she was feeling.

Finally, like a great body of water bursting forth from behind a dam, Nancy achieved the moment she was looking for and cried out "YESSS!!!!!!!!!..." as she felt an orgasm far stronger than she had ever felt before. She arched her back once again before falling back on the rug and closing her eyes in pleasant bliss.

After several minutes of enjoying the euphoria of the sexual release she had just experienced, Nancy opened her eyes and went to pull the dildo out of her and sit up. However, to her shock and horror, she found her body almost totally unresponsive to her wishes and just laid there in the state it was just a few minutes ago.

"What the hell?... what's going on?..." Nancy said in as loud a voice she could muster as she desperately tried to move her arms and legs but found they stayed put where they were. The only thing she could move was her head and even was just enough for her to raise it and look at her immobile body. When she stared at her body for a few seconds, she saw something strange happening to her lower torso that reminded her of those cheesy sci-fi movies of the 60's.

Nancy saw her skin was changing in appearance in color and look from the normal flesh color to a shiny tan brown look devoid of freckles or any blemishes. She could also feel a growing sense of lightness in her legs as if they were becoming hollow tubes of plastic or latex instead of ones she used to walk around on. She felt her fingers fuse together and become one solid mass of whatever her lower body was turning into.

"What.. what the.. help me!.. I'm turning into... into something... " Nancy shouted though her voice had dropped quite a bit in volume in just the last minute or two. Strangely, the appearance of what her body was changing into reminded her of something she saw in a brochure that was with the toys Jacques had sent though she couldn't quite place where.

The change moved up into her waist and around the area where the dildo stood out from her pussy and resulted in more sensations of a general lightness over her body. Nancy could see what looked like seams appearing on her body where the change had taken place along with the disappearance of any body hair especially around her pelvic area. The erotic stimulation that Nancy had felt before returned again coinciding with her pussy changing from the folds of pink flesh to glossy material of latex that she could still feel being caressed by the dildo lodged in it.

"Oooh... God.. that feels good.. good dolly... huh ?... why.. why.. wh.. " Nancy gasped as her words tumbled out in response to the pleasure she was helpless to stop. The transformation moved swiftly to her upper torso and arms changing flesh into sheets of latex that appeared to be sewn together judging by the seams that were appearing on her arms. Nancy's breathing, as well as her ability to talk, abruptly vanished as she saw her breasts become taut mounds of plastic capped by rubbery nubs and bright pink circles with seams forming circles around each of them.

Suddenly, as the process neared its' inexorable ending, Nancy realized what it was that she was changing into. "A LOVE DOLL... A DAMNED SEX TOY !... WHY?... WHO?...NO!....." she mentally shouted as her head fell back and to the side as her final bit of control over her body dissipated. She felt her mouth slowly stretch into the familiar O-shape that was common to all sex toys of this nature. She could feel her eyes slightly widened as her gaze became fixed before her pupils, like the rest of her facial features, became nothing more thanpainted on colors of different types and shades.

Seconds later, the process was complete and where a woman once laid was now nothing more than an incredibly lifelike love doll filled with air with a bright red dildo sticking out of its' pussy with two other ovular openings where its' mouth and anus was ready to be probed..probed by anyone...

Later that night...

Nancy laid there for an unknown amount of time until she heard someone fiddling with the lock to her apartment door. Seconds later, she heard it swing open and someone enter the apartment and move quickly over to where she was laying. The person leaned over and pulled out the dildo from her plastic form with black gloves before dropping it into a bag nearby.

"Ah, Nancy, it's a good thing I learned how to break into locked rooms and houses as a troubled teenager before I grew up. I must confess that I haven't been totally honest with you in regards to the box I sent you. You see, these toys are fine by themselves but when they are used with a special gel included with them, they turn the woman using them into an incredibly lifelike love doll. The dolls that I collect are then sold to unknowing buyers throughout the world for whatever they want to use them for. In fact, I have a fellow in Canada who has a standing order for the first two... it seems he wants to start up his own line of dolls and needs a few prototypes to get started. Of course, when he gets the dolls, if he chooses to 'test' them out, that's up to him.." the person said with an evil smile.

"Jacques !!.. You bastard !!... I'll get you... you... ooooohhhh!!!..." Nancy screamed mentally in rage before what little conscious thought she had mostly dissipated as the dark haired man pulled open the inflation plug in her back and air rushed out of her latex body. In a minute or so, the deflated form of a doll hung loosely over Jacques' right forearm with his left hand holding what appeared to be a soft cardboard box and clear plastic bag. Chuckling softly, Jacques folded the doll up so that it's lovely face sat on top staring up at whoever looked at it with a look of lust tinged with anger. He then slid the doll inside the bag and then placed the bag into the box.

Carrying the open box over to the table, he set it down next to the samples he had sent before and then straightened up with the same smile he had before.

"Well, I suppose I should go see which of your neighbors was 'lucky' enough to try out one of these samples. Don't worry, I'll be back soon with your friend and then it'll be off to your new home.... though I think it might be more cramped than what you're used to.. Ha! Ha!" Jacques said with an evil laugh before closing the lid of the box.

Nancy plunged into darkness at that point... her only vague thoughts was where she was going to ultimately wind up...

And how many orders would Jacques ultimately fill this way......?


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