Relax... Sit Down... Be Dollified

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; toys; inflatables; transform; lovedoll; boxed; reluct; X


Diana stared out the passenger window in barely concealed boredom as her boyfriend Wayne drove his Audi down the road leading into town and towards their destination: Ivan's Inflatable Idiosyncrasies. The store was renowned throughout the world as the biggest supplier of inflatable items of all sizes, shapes and types. In fact, there was rumors that Ivan had items that were unavailable anywhere else and had prices that were just as exorbitant.

For Diana, a professional internet poker player, that sounded like a fantastic thing when she and Wayne first met at a local club. The two had hit it off almost immediately and when they discovered they shared a mutual interest in things that could be inflated, their relationship intensified on several levels. From inflated chairs and other household items to sex toys ranging from blow-up dolls to more exotic items, the two indulged their fetish on an almost daily basis for the past nine months.

However, in the past ten days or so, Diana had found her interest in inflatable items starting to wane quite noticeably. This growing disinterest coincided with her growing belief that Wayne was far more passionate when he was fucking a sex doll than when he was being intimate with her.

"If it wasn't for the fact that Wayne is the heir to a huge resort in the Canadian Rockies and is set for life, I'd dump his ass so fast that he'd need one of his inflation pumps just to take care of his deflated ego! Ha!" Diana thought to herself as the car turned to the right and headed into the area containing many of the town's businesses.

A short time later, with the Audi sitting in a nearby parking garage, Diana and Wayne walked down the bustling town sidewalks and quickly found themselves standing in front of the inflatable specialty shop. Entering the business, they saw that the store's interior was much larger than the exterior led them to believe. There was two sets of stairs leading to a lower level in the middle of the main floor. Signs, painted in a wide array of colors, directed customers to different parts of the store that suited the individual's interest(s).

FURNITURE/HOUSEHOLD WARES was a section located to the front right of the store's interior and seemed to be the quietest area currently. Seeing Wayne drift off to the electronic section and quickly focus his attention on what looked to be a computer keyboard made from some type of balloon substance, Diana figured that he'd probably wind up being shown everything in the department by a sales associate eager for a big commission. With a slight look of disdain evident on her face, the blonde haired woman made her way into the furniture section and started to wander through pausing every now and then to look at the odd inflated chair or couch.

Fifteen minutes or so later, Diana had seen just about everything she wanted to look at in terms of inflatable things but she knew Wayne would be at least another 45 minutes or so. If boredom wasn't enough of a problem for Diana, she felt a growing horniness welling within her and there was no way THAT would be quenched here. She decided she would head back outside to the car and amuse herself with the vibrator tucked away in her purse. Unfortunately for her, the nearest store exit was located in an area that would require her to walk directly in front of Wayne and that would lead to a conversation she wasn't looking to be part of.

Rubbing her hair thoughtfully, Diana glanced around the area she was in for a few seconds with her eyes focusing on an open door marked EMPLOYEES ONLY. Walking over to the doorway quietly, she glanced around to make sure no one was looking a her before taking a peek inside. As she figured, the room appeared to be some sort of storage room with cardboard boxes of various sizes and shapes stacked on long metal shelves. She also saw to the right and was intrigued to see what looked like an inflated pink beanbag chair sitting by itself against a wall that was painted white.

Staring at the chair for several seconds, a naughty idea started to form in Diana's mind. She had been bugging Wayne on and off over the last few weeks to try making love in a public place such as a telephone booth or something similar. He had laughed off her suggestions as a weird joke on Diana's part but her voyeuristic tendencies were genuine. Given that, her actions over the next few minutes weren't surprising whatsoever.

Glancing around once again to make sure she was alone and no one was looking her way, Diana quickly made her into the employee room and closed the door behind her. After locking the door, the blonde haired woman started to quickly remove her blouse and skirt as well as her high heel shoes. Putting her garments on a nearby shelf, Diana removed her jewelry and tucked the items into the same pile before making her way over to the inflated chair wearing nothing but ankle high socks.

Sitting down on the edge of the chair, Diana reached into her see through inflatable purse and pulled out the reason for her nudity: an eggshell white vibrator with small black strips running up the smooth sides of the sex toy. With a mischievous look crossing her face, Diana put the top part of the vibrator into her mouth and wrapped her tongue around it as if the sex toy was an ice cream cone. After she figured a sufficient time had passed, she pulled the vibrator out of her mouth with a soft *pop*.

As Diana turned on the vibrator at the lowest setting and she prepared to insert it into her waiting vagina, she noticed for the first time that there was an odd smell permeating around the surface of the chair. To her, it smelled like an exotic type of perfume mixed with a sweet Asian spice mixed in. In addition, she also noticed there seemed to be something odd pressing against her ass from the surface of the chair though she dismissed that as probably an inflation plug improperly secured in the furniture.

"It's not like I'm going to be buying this chair..... I'm just borrowing it for a little while...hehe......" Diana thought to herself before starting to rub the edges of her vagina with the tip of the vibrator. As she started to moan with pleasure, she brought the sex toy into her moist and dripping vagina while stroking her upper body with her free hand.

When Diana turned up the intensity level of the vibrator as she prepared to plunge the sex toy deeper into her, she sensed that the plug underneath seemed to be wedging itself into her anus almost like a butt plug. With the smile on her face broadening, Diana cranked the vibrator to its highest setting and plunged it deep into her vagina.

Almost instantly, Diana felt a pang of pure pleasure that rippled through her entire body. The walls of her vagina clenched tightly around the sex toy as she found herself building rapidly towards a tremendous orgasm. While this was happening, Diana sensed that the chair's plug seemed to have some sort of liquid on it that was spreading onto her anus's inner walls. Normally, she would have pulled herself off the chair for a second or so but she was experiencing so much pleasure that she just sat there and reveled in the moment.

"Mmmmm...... ooohhh... feel so good.... oooohhh!!!.... what.... what's that odd feeling?.... feels strange...." Diana thought to herself as she felt some sort of liquid start to accumulate on the walls of her anus that seemed to be adding to her sense of relaxation. She quickly decided to ignore the liquid and concentrate on the orgasm quickly rising in her body.

As the seconds ticked by, Diana's eyes fluttered and her breathing grew more ragged as she struggled to keep from screaming out loud. With her entire body starting to twitch in response, she failed to notice that there was a growing gloss around her rear and it was spreading in all directions.

"Ooohhh!!!....Aaaahhhh!!!!!.....MMMMMMM!!!!!.....OOOOHHHH!!!!!........... " Diana gasped with a voice that was louder than she wanted but she couldn't help it. As she teetered on the brim of an orgasm, her right hand seemed to lose much of her strength and she was barely able to keep hold of the sex toy. In fact, all of Diana's limbs seemed to be weakening and if she wasn't enjoying herself so thoroughly, the blonde haired woman would have been worried by what was happening to her.

" YESSSSS!!!!!.......... " Diana cried out as the orgasm she was teetering on the verge of rippled through her body and sent waves of intense pleasure through her mind. The vibrator responsible for her pleasure slid out of her vagina and laid in her hand rather loosely. Diana was failing to notice not only this occurrence but the fact that her body wasn't trembling as much as it should have.

"Mmmmmm.... I've never felt this good before when I used my vibrator... I wonder if this store will give me a discount on this chair..... I.... I.... what's going on?...... why can't I move?... WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING??!!!.... I CAN'T TALK EITHER..... mmmmm..... I feel good though.... THIS IS LIKE A DREAM AND NIGHTMARE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!....." Diana thought to herself before she started to realize that there was something sinister happening to her body. Looking downwards with her eyes, she could see that her legs were starting to resemble two tubes of shiny latex with seams running up the sides of both of them. A star shaped tattoo on her right thigh that Diana had got to celebrate her high school graduation years ago disappeared right before her eyes as the bizarre changes swept over her motionless body.

"What... what is.... I'M BEING TURNED INTO SOMETHING INFLATABLE LIKE THIS CHAIR... I.... I'M BECOMING A HOLLOW DOLLY... A FUCKING DOLL FOR SEX..... mmmmm...... sex.... that sounds like something really nice.... oooooohhhhh......" Diana pondered even as she saw with eyes growing hazy that the changes to her body had swept into her pelvic region. She mentally screamed as a wave of pure bliss washed over his conscious mind as her vagina started to twitch and contort as if it had a mind of its own. A moment or so later, the walls of her vagina clench tightly together before opening into an ovular opening with bright pink walls of latex lining the interior. Diana could sense that the interior was now nothing more than a latex and rubber sac that already ached to be filled.

With eyes that were becoming harder to move by the second, Diana saw her finger nails were changing to bright red in color with a hollow feeling sweeping over her fingers similar to what she was feeling in her lower torso. As the transformation swept into her upper torso, Diana saw her breasts swell in size by at least two cup sizes even as they formed into two spheres of shiny latex . Bright pink nipples, each being an inch or so in length, appeared on each of her hollow boobs framed by idealized areolas. Even as this happened, Diana could feel her anus shifting and forming into an opening similar to her pussy (why was she thinking her vagina was her pussy?).

"This can't be happening... can't be.... be.... be a good fuck toy......" Diana thought to herself as the transformation swept into her head and shoulders. She felt her teeth and tongue dissolve as the interior of her mouth changed into a smooth sac similar to her anus and pussy. The exterior of her mouth formed into a sensuous O framed by bright red lips that ached to be wrapped around a sex toy or cock. Her blonde hair became synthetic threads sewn into her head with the latter becoming hollow and full of air like the rest of her body. With her eyes becoming nothing more than painted features and her cheeks taking on a bright pink color, Diana's transformation into a inflatable love doll was complete.

".....hadn't thought about that. Maybe a line of inflatable cars that can be deflated and stored in a locker would solve parking problems in a big way. Anyway, let me find that chair I mentioned to you a few minutes ago. Where is that... oh.... oh my.... " the owner of Ivan's said as he opened the door and he and Wayne walked into the store room. Almost immediately, the owner's voice trailed off as he spotted the inflated pink chair and the realistic love doll sitting atop it.

" What the..? What is...? Diana? Is that Diana? She's a, umm, a love doll! " Wayne exclaimed as he spotted what looked to be his dollified girlfriend on the chair at the other end of the room.

" Well, umm, lemme see. Here's the purse of the woman that chose to sit on our experimental Woman to Inflatable chair. Is Diana Johnson the name of your female companion? " the owner said softly as he glanced at the ID within before handing it to Wayne.

" Yes, umm, is she, uhhh, fully, ummm, transformed? Can she hear us at all? " Wayne muttered as he walked quietly over to the chair and removed the dildo from the doll's right hand. To his surprise, the slight bit of pressure he exerted on the doll's right arm and leg caused the arm to slide off its lap and jut up into the air in a L position. Simultaneously, the doll's legs slid apart into a V shape with the hollow limbs straightening out in straight lines.

" Unfortunately, I can't answer that with any degree of certainty, sir. You see, the chair Diana used was a prototype that we had just received from a third party manufacturer last week. We were going to start testing it this week with volunteers that had signed up for the experience and document the results. Before you start get worked up about your friend, I have a bottle of antidote that, when applied to the doll's surface, should reverse the transformation and leave the woman back to normal in thirty minutes or so, " the store owner said as he walked over to a nearby set of shelves and started rummaging through them for the item he mentioned.

A minute or so later, Wayne was handed a plastic bottle containing a pale blue liquid with C.A. marked on it in big, black letters. " Use any cloth you see here and wipe a generous amount of this antidote over the doll's surface. Fifteen or so minutes after application, the doll should revert back to its normal form. With that, you and your friend should be able to go with no problems at all. In fact, I'll even give you all of your purchases free of charge. How does that sound to you? " the owner said a note of nervousness evident in his voice.

Wayne continued to stare at his dollified girlfriend as he mentally pondered the owner's words for several long seconds. As he stood there, a plan began to ferment in his mind that was helped by the growing tingling sensation in his groin as he gazed upon the doll.

" I'll tell you what, I accept your proposal but there is a few things I'd like to add to it. First, if it's possible, I'd like to transform my girlfriend back to normal in my own home and not a room where a store employee can stumble into without warning. Second, I'll actually pay for all my purchases if you give me the doll making chair free of charge along with a generous supply of the antidote that I'm holding. Diana, and a few of her female friends, might be interested in the transformation provided I can ensure them that the whole deal isn't going to be permanent, " Wayne said as he rubbed his chin in a thoughtful manner.

After a few moments of considering the counter proposal, the owner nodded in agreement. " As it happens, I happen to have a case of the antidote I received just today in preparation for selling the chair and similar items next week. I suppose I could give you three bottles of it on top of your purchases. Shall I have the staff find two large boxes for you chair and, umm, girlfriend? " the owner murmured as he moved over to another shelf and retrieved the bottles in question.

" To be honest, I'd kinda like to leave as quietly as possible. Would it be possible for me to deflate these two, uhhh, items and take them out in smaller boxes? " Wayne said softly while glancing towards the store room door once again.

" Oh, I can understand that. I'll go and get the boxes you need right away while you get your, umm, purchases ready to go, " the owner intoned before quickly heading out the door and back into the main area of the store.

" Mmmm, purchases, yes......" Wayne said as he reached behind the dollified Diana and pulled open her inflation valve. As the doll quickly lost shape, he draped it over his right forearm while he went to deflate the special chair that he was taking home. An odd smile appeared on his face as Wayne contemplated what he was planning to do in the future.....

10 days later..............

".....say that you have the most inflatable items I've ever seen in one place before! Geez, this chair is just as comfortable as you said it would be though I don't know why you insisted that it's more comfortable when you sit on it without any clothes on. I think you just said that to get me naked, Wayne! " Patti called out as the redhead sat back on the inflated pink chair her date had insisted she try out.

" Oh, I didn't ask you to try it just to see you naked. You see, there are certain, oh, abilities that the chair has which I want you to experience first hand, " Wayne intoned as he walked into the living room and past a garbage can full of empty bottles marked C.A.

" Abilties? What are you.... ooohhhhh.... " Patti started to reply with a quizzical voice before she felt the oddest sensation of something odd invading her anus. As the sight started to fade from her changing eyes, she swore saw a naked Wayne standing before her holding a blow-up doll in his arms.

"Maybe someday I'll use that antidote... for now, though, I think my inflatable collection is going to expand by quite a bit over the next little while...." Wayne thought to himself as he caressed the dollified Diana and waited for the chair to finish its business....

The business of change......


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