The Beginning

by Rubber Doll Jessica

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© Copyright 2006 - Rubber Doll Jessica - Used by permission

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The Begining - Part 1 of Rubber Doll Jessica

 Jack was a regular kind of guy. He had a normal life as far as anyone knew. he had a fairly successful job at a good company. Dated from time to time, but nothing serious. Even lived in a nice apartment in a good part of town. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However Jack did have one thing he thought was a problem. It kept him from having any real friends or being in a solid relationship. It kept him away from just about everyone, even his family. Jack didn't have a disease or disfigurement.  He was by far ugly. Slim and trim girl magnet really. So what was his problem?

 How it started......

 When Jack was an early teen he started checking out the internet. His parents, had no idea of the unusual things you could find on the net. So they didn't monitor his activities. As Jack looked around he came across a latex fetish site. In the grand scheme of it all, it was pretty tame. Just women in rubber stockings and dresses. But, he was fascinated. As time went on he looked at more and more. Soon, he came across bondage latex sites. He couldn't get enough. He was turned on by it but, for some reason he was more turned on by the pleasure the women in the pictures had then his own. Watching them wrapped in latex and climaxing, made him cum.

 After Jack grew up and moved out, he kept looking, but now since he was alone, Jack could now explore. He found some companies that sold latex items. He started with latex shorts. Eventually a male catsuit. It was good and he was enjoying it but it still wasn't his fantasies. Then one day while he had been doing some drinking while in his normal rubber routine, he decided to ordered some latex stockings, bra and heels. He got so lit he pretty much forgot about it. When they arrived he was kind of ashamed of ordering them. He threw them aside and didn't touch them for days. Then one day he came across them again... His desires got the best of him, he put them on over his catsuit. he looked in the mirror. Ignoring his head he suddenly felt like one of the women in the pictures. he was excited. he began rubbing his latex clad cock. looking at the stuffed rubber tits and legs. he only pictured the screaming face of a latex clad girl. He suddenly came with intensity. After it was over he felt ashamed again. For a long time thoughts raced through his head. Was he gay? The thoughts of being with a man as himself repulsed him. He wasn't turned on by it. then what?

 As the weeks passed, jack continued dressing in the women's latex. He even ordered a female catsuit with inflatable tits, and mask. It was like a drug. He kept on night after night. No matter how it made him feel in real life, it was like rubber crack at home. When he wasn't a rubber woman he would think in his head more of if he was gay, or bi. He had fantasies of being a rubber woman, pleasuring men and women in every way. taking it vaginal, anal, or oral. On the other hand he only felt that doing it was appropriate while being a latex doll. Never as a man. So perhaps he wasn't gay, maybe not even bi. He even thought of seeing a shrink. Thinking that maybe he had some kind of perverted split personality disorder. It was weird. The idea of both a strait man and a Bi rubber woman in his head. This is why Jack never had friends, or a real girlfriend. He didn't want them to find out. What would they think? what would he do? he would have to move. change his name.. anything not to face that embarrassment. So it continued like that, he would go to work, hang out at the bar, pick up a woman from time to time. For the most part he would only ever go home, cover himself in rubber and cum the night away.

 time went on.......

 It was a friday night. Jack was in the bar, drinking quietly in the corner, scoping out the women and like always tossing around his fantasies in his head. He looked down for a bit, and suddenly heard a woman's voice. "Hello there, handsome.". Jack looked up and was turned on in a second. The woman before him was a knock out brunette, with green eyes. She was wearing a black latex mini dress, clear latex stockings, and black heels. She looked like something out of a light latex porno. 

"You look lonely. Need some company?". 

Jack didn't even need to think "Sure" was his answer. She told him her name was Veronica. He asked about her dress, and she told him she loved the feel and look of latex. Jack told her he liked latex himself but didn't tell her the depth or oddity of his fetish. They talked for a while and before long they were back at his place. In seconds of walking in she was on him. She tore his clothes off, ravenously and kissed him with a sexual hunger. They didn't even make it to the bed. Before Jack could do anymore he was on his back on the floor. Veronica hiked up her rubber dress to reveal her latex stockings were more of a rubber pantyhose, with a molded rubber pussy. It even had a hole in it so he could enter her. She pulled out a small bottle of lube and lubed herself and his cock. Veronica thrust down on him. She began riding him like there was no tomorrow. As she moved up and down it felt to Jack as if she was actually lined in rubber even on the inside. His mind went insane with lust for this woman. He grabbed her rubber waist and thrust up into her as she thrust down. Veronica came, and kept on going, Watching her do so excited Jack more. They kept going for quite a long time. Veronica must of climaxed 10 times before Jack couldn't take anymore and exploded into a violent orgasm himself. One of the Hardest he ever had. He passed out.....

 As Jack lay spent on the floor, Veronica composed herself and went to the bathroom to clean up. There, she expertly cleaned herself out, and redid her makeup. Leaving the bathroom she sees Jack still out cold on the floor. "Hmm... Did a number on him...." She thought to herself and decided to explore a bit into this new guys apartment. "well, he seems to have good taste" she thought as she noticed the different artsy items and nice furniture. Veronica entered his bedroom and saw the closet door was slightly open. She opened it up and noticed a small trunk on the floor. Opening the trunk she found his little secret. "Well well. He IS into rubber. I'm gonna have to find out a bit more" she said to herself, as she went over to his computer. Like a hacker she went right into his system and dug out all the sites he goes to. Seeing he seems to favor a lot of the feminization and total enclosure rubber bondage sites. Pictures of himself in his latex girl suit. Veronica read some of his library of stories he had, and even one or two he wrote himself. She returned the computer to the state it was when she started and smirked. "Your going to just love what I got in store for you Jack ol' boy", she whispered in his ear and left a short note on the sleeping wreck that was jack. With that she left quietly....

 Jack woke up an hour later to find no Veronica. He almost thought it was a dream until he noticed the note that fell from his chest as he got up. On the note it said "I've seen your latex supplies. I've seen your pictures and what you like. I can give you what you want. Call..... Veronica", below was a number. Jack was horrified. She has seen his secret. What would he do? Then he realized that he only met this woman less then a day ago. She barely knows him. He hasn't even seen her before tonight. This Veronica is probably new in the area and doesn't know anyone who would be of circumstance. He decided he shouldn't call, and tossed the note aside, and went to bed.

 In the morning jack woke. Went about his normal weekend routine, of showering, turning on the TV and making a breakfast out of some cold pizza in the fridge. While he was walking past the counter he noticed the note again. Jack couldn't keep it off his mind as he dressed. "How can she give me my fantasy?" he asked himself. By the time 11:00am rolled around Jack's mind got the best of him. He couldn't take anymore and called the number, then hung up on one ring. "No!" he said. Then picked up the phone and called again. This time he stayed on the line. It picked up and a woman answered "Hello?". It was Veronica. "Um... uh.... Veronica?". he stammered. "Yes this is Veronica, who's this?" she replied. Jack swallowed a big lump and continued "Thi..s is jack. You met me last night?". He started to relax a bit more. "Ah, Jack. So what do you say to my little offer?". Jack thought for a minute. "Hello? you still there?" she asked in the silence. "Um... YES! I mean yeah..". Jack was so nervous. "Very good then. I'll be by to pick you up in 2 hours. No need to bring anything. I got it all... Covered" she said the world with a kind of sexy voice, and hung up.

 2 hours later......

 Jack sat outside his apartment waiting. He was so nervous he couldn't keep still. Walking back and fourth and playing with his fingers. Just then a black car pulled up. The window rolled down. It was Veronica. "Get in doll..." she said. Jack got in the car and they pulled off. They drove out of the city and for quite a ways. Jack soon didn't even know where he was. They pulled onto a gravel road that lead up to a large house. 

"Is this your place?" he asked. 

"You'll like it here" she told him. 

They pulled up and got out and went into the house. It was beautiful inside. the foyer had a grand staircase in it leading upstairs. Everything looked.... well expensive. Veronica took him into the kitchen and made him lunch. Still a bit nervous he was rather silent while eating. 

"I'll be back in a bit." she said "I have to go... prepare some things." she winked as she left.

 About 30 minutes later she came back. She was a vision. From head to toe she was encased in a transparent latex suit. Virtually seamless except for one zipper down the back. Over that she wore black rubber stockings, and garter, with black spiked heels. It had the same kind of moulded vaginal insert she had when he first met her. The suit perfectly moulded to her breasts and face. The rubber moulded up her nose and into her mouth around her lips. He wouldn't of been surprised if it actually went around her teeth and down her throat but he couldn't tell. "It's time.". "time for what?" he asked, while entranced by latex beauty. "You'll see.....". she lead him upstairs and to a door at the end of the hall. As soon as the door opened the smell of rubber invaded him. He shuddered. She lead him in. Looking around he saw rubber items of all sorts.

 She told him coldly to take off his clothes. He did. She removed them from the room. "You won't be needing those for a while." she told him. Veronica moved him towards the rubber bed. On it was an assortment of rubber items. "First this..." she told him and held up a rubber corset. He lifted his arms, still entranced by her latex beauty. She fitted the corset around him and began tightening. He had never worn a corset before, and was a little short of breath at first but soon got used to it. She didn't really need to lace it too much since he was already slim. Soon his waist looked like that of a knockout woman. Then she came with a black catsuit. It was much like hers. head to toe with only an opening in the back. She powdered him down and rolled it up his legs, as she got to the crotch she put his now erect manhood into some sort of sheath. But it didn't go to the outside of the suit, on the outside was a moulded pussy. It also had a plug for his anus. 

He wasn't sure what to think but as soon as everything was seated and the suit was to his waist, she pushed a dildo into his new rubber pussy and it felt somewhere between being jerked off and all out fucking. "This way you can be pleasured like the latex woman you want to be, And enjoy it" she told him. He still wasn't too sure about the sheath in his ass but he IS after all supposed to be a totally latex woman. She pushed his arms into the arms of the suit, clipping some kind of covers to his nipples, she put it up to his neck. He realized the purpose of the clips. the suit had moulded D breasts built in and felt and acted like real latex covered breasts. When Veronica played with them he felt it. This suit was amazing. She zipped it to the back of his neck, had him sit and put on a pair of ballet boot heels. After lacing them she told him to stand and look in the mirror. He wobbled over to see.

 Looking into the mirror, Jack saw more woman than man. His body from the neck down was a vision of latex beauty. It seemed the suit was built to mould his body into feminine features. With the help of the corset he was now a neck down rubber sex dream. All that was left was the hood attached at the neck. "Ready to become your dream?" she asked. He only nodded as he felt the absolute need of a rubber orgasm. She moved the latex hood over his face and pushed a rubber sheath into his mouth. Then zipped the hood the rest of the way. Veronica aligned the face a bit then began pushing on his back. She was pressing in something that resembled a sandwich bag seal that hid the zipper and seam from view. She brought over another mirror and told him to look. As Jake looked at his new form he could hardly contain himself, what stared back through thin black latex lenses, covering his eyes, was the ultimate rubber woman. from head to toe shining black beauty. The face was moulded so it form fitted his own on the inside and had the appearance of a beautiful ebony woman on the outside. Turning slightly he couldn't even tell there was a zipper or even a seam. 

"Say hello to Rubber Doll Jessica" she told him/her...

 Rubber Jessica only stood for another second looking then began to push her fingers into her rubber pussy. She felt it on the inside and at this point the sight of what she was looking at she felt as if it was a her pussy being stimulated instead of a cock in a fake pussy. "Let me...." said Veronica as she pushed Jessica's hand away and inserted her own clear rubber fingers. Veronica kissed her new rubber doll. The sheath even included a rubber tongue. It of course wasn't moveable enough to use for speaking but Rubber Jessica still could kiss with it. The back of the sheath was also open, presumably for long term enclosure so she could eat. Soon Veronica had a vibrator in her hand and was thrusting it into Jessica. The stroking and vibration put her in ecstasy. They were both writhing on the bed. Just before Jessica had her first rubber doll orgasm, Veronica stopped. Jessica begged. But she only kissed and nibbled on Jessica's nipples. The pressure translated exactly to the person inside. Then she stopped and went to one side of the bed. 

 Veronica came back with two double ended dildo's in hand. one dildo was longer then the other. She took the shorter one and pushed it into Rubber Jessica's pussy. Once it was seated she pushed the long one into her ass. She then mounted herself onto the two dongs, linking the two rubber girls at their pussies and asses. She began humping up and down on Rubber Jessica. Mostly moving the one in their pussies in and out but the other shifted back and fourth stimulating their asses. Then she reached down and pushed something and both dildo's turned out to be vibrators. The two began moaning. Then Veronica pulled up one last dildo, she pushed it into Jessica's mouth. making her suck it as she fucked her. Just as with Jack, Veronica started having multiple orgasms. This only excited the new Rubber Doll more until finally she came as well. Veronica fell back carefully so the vibrators stayed in. The two just laid there and soaked in the stimulation until Jessica was ready again and they began pushing crotch to crotch into one another both on their backs. It wasn't long before both came again. it also wasn't long before they did it again. After the third time they were both worn out. Veronica pulled off and removed the invaders from the both of them. The Rubber Doll started to doze off.....

 It didn't seem long before the dolly woke again. This time she found her arms in an arm binder, and a neck corset. Both were locked on, Now she was a doll until Veronica said so. Although somewhat frightening, it also turned her on. In the mirror she could also see she was now wearing a latex mini dress. Veronica entered the room. "How is my little dolly?" she asked with a smile on her transparent rubber lips. "Told you, you would like it here". Veronica brought in with her a tray with some sort of injector device and a tube. Jessica soon realized what it was for. It was an injector full of a food substance. Veronica injected the food down her mouth sheath so she could eat. then followed it with some water from a sport bottle. "There you go my sweet. We must have our energy up for tonight. Gotta have energy for clubbing.". This idea scared the crap out of Jessica. The idea of being a Rubber doll in public was terrifying. She tried to express this but all that came out through the rubber was muffled "uhhhggghh". 

"I knew you'd love the idea" Veronica said.

 Later that night, Veronica, still in her transparent latex skin, stockings and heels. But, now also wearing a black latex gown with a slit up her right leg. brought her new rubber doll lover out to the car. This was interesting to say the least since this is the first time Jessica has really walked in her new ballet boot heels, other then a short training session upstairs. They got into the car and drove into town. The car stopped in front of a rather non descript building. "This is a very exclusive, and secret club my love doll. the best stuff happens here." She said as she gently fondled her bound toy. 

They got out of the car and walked into the club. Jessica was still staggering a bit in her boots. As soon as they entered all that could be seen was a room full of latex people. Some were only in dresses or regular latex clothes, most were in catsuits, encasement, or... more.... Slaves were everywhere. Pleasuring their masters, mistrisses, or even other peoples slaves. Scores of people came to Veronica and gave her a peck on the cheek as if they knew her. Veronica clipped Jessica to a ring on the bar by her armbinder and said "stick around dolly. I wanna dance. Here's some fun for you.". She pushed a vibrator into Jessica's rubber cunt and walked off.

 Rubber Jessica was in a mix of terror and sexual stimulation. The whole scene of people all in latex, thrusting and undulating along with the vibrator turned her on, but at the same time so many people seeing her like this. Her mistress was on the dance floor with a woman and a man dancing very seductively over them. Both were in total enclosure black catsuits but with open eyes. All sorts of people who came by Jessica getting a drink from the bar, touched and fondled her. There were other slaves also clipped to the bar as she was. Some where in total awe of Jessica's shining rubber body. A bit later Veronica came back. "I got someone you have to meet...." she told her and unclipped her. She took her dolly to a back room.

 Inside the room was a rubber clad man. His penis was perfectly encased in rubber and hard as a rock. A small hole was at the top to allow his cum through. He had no mask on. The latex suit stopped at his neck. He was immediately intrigued by the sight of Jessica. Veronica began to whisper to her "Now my rubber love. This person is very special and dear to me. Your fantasy is to become a bisexual rubber love doll and I want you to have that. We will both be with you now. Just remember. I promised to give you what you wanted. If I can't, I can't very well release you." This struck more terror into Jessica's heart. Pleasure this man or be a doll forever? Is that what she meant? Jessica inched into the room and the door shut.

 The man walked forward and began to touch Jessica. "I'm Peter Xavier. Veronica is a dear friend of mine. She tells me you are just beginning as a latex girl." He told her. Did he even know that underneath it all was a man? did he care? "Don't worry. After tonight you will have pleasure beyond anything you can imagine." 

At first she cringed back but remembered what Veronica said. So she allowed it. He slowly moved the tip of his tongue from the top of her head. down over her latex lenses, and down her face. Across the opening of her lips and down to her breast. He bit softly and Jessica arched slightly.  He looked up. "Amazing.. Can she feel.... everything?". "yes. all" said Veronica. The man put on a rubber hood. It covered his head except for his mouth. It had black plastic lenses over his eyes. Veronica raised the doll's dress. He then pushed his latex fingers into Jessica. She felt it and had mixed feelings. Veronica came around her back and licked and kissed her neck while fingering her ass. This made her feel better. She suddenly found herself enjoying it. They moved her over to a pole in the middle of the room. it had a large dildo on it, they raised her onto it and clipped her armbinder to a cord coming from the floor. Then clasped rubber coated shackles around her ankles, keeping her legs spread. A moment of nervousness was ended quickly when the pole began pushing up and down by some machine below the floor. Rubber Jessica soon found herself being fucked by a mechanical penis. Before she knew it, it began vibrating on and off at random. it drove her wild. Just as she felt an orgasm coming the machine stopped till it subsided and began again. This continued for a long time. Jessica was in a torture of pleasure. How much could she take of this? Then they finally stopped the machine and took her off of it. unhooking her from the floor. She was kind of disappointed not to have been driving over the edge.

 They brought Jessica over to another part of the room. Pushing her down to her knees they locked her legs to the floor with some clamps that were there. She was now bound into a kneeling position another vibrator was located on the floor below her rubber pussy. Veronica brought it up into Jessica's rubber pussy. She removed her own dress and then mounted her with a strapon of her own from behind. The man was in front of Jessica with his rubber covered cock awaiting his own pleasure. Jessica was horrified, remembering the mouth sheath was open at the back. Surely his cock was not long enough to reach the whole way but his semen would go right into her mouth and down her throat. 

"Remember what I said before. You wanted to pleasure others." Veronica whispered. 

With much apprehension the rubber doll allowed his lubed latex prick into her mouth and began to stroke it in and out. As she did, Veronica turned on the floor vibrator that began to fuck her and also began her own penetration of the dollies ass. The stimulation was almost too much to bare but Jessica managed to keep sucking. 

 Suddenly through the stimulation and sucking, Rubber Jessica found herself starting to feel pleasure. Not only from being fucked in her rubber cunt that stimulated inside. but also from the invader in her rubber mouth. This really was the fantasy Jack had all those times he dressed like a latex woman at home. Looking at the pictures. The stories he read and wrote. This was the culmination of it all. The vibrator in her cunt turned on and off and started and stopped pumping as she got close. keeping her from cumming before the man she pleasured. She realized even Veronica was being pleased by this as the strapon she wore was double ended. Inside thoughts changed from horror and disgust into pleasure and stimulation. Before long she yearned for what was happening, she found herself sucking with a vengeance, wrapping her rubber tongue all around his shining prick. The man was suddenly surprised by this but, was ultimately turned on even more by her sudden excitement at what was happening to her. Even Veronica in the back noticed the new enthusiasm and excitement and herself got more turned on by not only what was happening but what pleasure Jack/Jessica was in. Even though by this time she was sure Jack had taken a back seat.

 Inside the head of rubber doll Jessica thoughts were moving "Uhhh. this feels soooo good. God fuck me! fuck me!". She wanted to climax so bad but at the same time never wanted it to end. The pleasure was torturous and Absolute at the same time. 

"What have I become?" she asked herself. 

"Oh my pussy... my ass.... fuck me!" She had nothing on her mind but this moment and the ongoing debate of her desire. Jack HAD become just a rider inside. Jessica continued on, thrusting in time with the trio. She started to concentrate on Peter's rubber cock. She looked up at him. Seeing his pleasure. Jessica could hear veronica behind her moaning. "I want this... I need you... cum in my mouth!". 

The sudden thought was almost terrifying, but turned on Jessica even more. "My god I really am a rubber doll. A perfect rubber doll!" this revelation dissolved any more problems Jessica or Jack had with the situation. They weren't fucking him. They were fucking Jessica. The doll. Everything got slower, as if a slow motion replay. What was really happening was beginning of the climax. 

Veronica leaned forward as she continued moving in and out of her, and said "oooohhh. Just think of this my doll. Your mouth is open so you can eat, your rubber ass and cunt can let you relieve yourself. There is almost no limit to how long you could be a doll.". 

With that a stream of fantasy thoughts rolled through Jessica's head. "uuuuhhh, fuck me, fill me with cum, make me your doll, your mannequin, your latex love toy. As long as you want! forever! I don't care! I could... could.....". Just then Peter began to climax, which almost immediately Jessica and Veronica followed. In the Explosion the thought ended. "Be... A Rubber Doll... for life....." and continued to climax the hardest she/he could ever remember....

 Did she stay a rubber doll? only time will tell........


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