Rubber Doll Factory

by thelatexluver

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© Copyright 2010 - thelatexluver - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; kidnap; bodymod; sexchange; rubberdoll; toys; sex; reluct; X

This is one of my warped fantasies

Jimmy had lately been having strange sexual fantasies about being turned into a moving walking talking female sex doll. These fantasies had been disturbing him as he didn’t know how to react to them. Every night when he returned from work he started to research this fetish by watching sleazy videos and looking at transformation stories, but what he didn’t think to consider that any one was monitoring him which became a fatal mistake for him.

As he was coming home from work he was walking with his two workmates, a large white van came quickly down the road and the side door came slid open as projectile came flying out of the door and struck each of them in the chest. As Jimmy looked down and saw a large dart sticking out of his chest and slowly fell to the ground.

When the tranquilisers had taken effect a number of cloaked individuals stepped out of the van and picked Jimmy up by his arms and took him into the van and drove away leaving his friends unconscious on the ground.

As Jimmy slowly started to gain consciousness he noticed he was in a large factory, bound by his arms upright on a conveyer belt and saw two women dressed in skin tight latex suits and hoods, they were perfectly proportioned with large breasts and a thin waist. As the after-effects of the drug wore off he started to speak.

“What the fuck's going on here? ” he shouted at the women.

One of the women remained quiet and the other spoke “You’ve been a very naughty boy Jimmy, what with all the videos and forums”.

“How do you know about that?!” he demanded, “have you been spying on me”.

“Maybe we have, maybe we haven’t” she told him, “but that’s not important, what’s important is what comes next”.

“What comes next?”

“What you’ve been wanting”.

“No you can’t!” he exclaimed, “you wouldn’t”.

“Be careful what you wish for!”

The conveyor belt whirred to life as it started to move Jimmy into a large chamber. Jimmy struggled to get free but it was useless his fate was sealed.

As he entered the chamber many arms started to remove his clothes, he was still struggling to get free but he soon stopped moving as a computer chip was inserted into the back of his head, he suddenly started to get the overwhelming desire to do exactly what the two women said. The machine started to replace his skin with rubber, and removed his genitalia and replaced it with a warm rubber pussy, but it wasn’t like a normal rubber pussy he could feel it being prodded by the machine! The machine also placed on him a pair of fake breasts and as soon as they touched him he could fell everything touching them. The machine was changing his sex! Not only that but it was turning into a doll. His hair was removed and replaced with a blonde wig.

Jimmy was scared the machine was turning him into a living rubber doll and he loved it. His rubber pussy was sopping wet.

As he emerged from the machine, the women took her into a different room and dressed her in a maids costume and told her to serve them some drinks.

She said “Yes mistress” in a voice higher than her usual voice.

As she served her mistresses the drinks she curtsied and was about to leave the room, but then the mistress who had not talked yet and told her to wait and said, “You are now our slave and a woman so you need a new name”

“I agree” said the other woman, “let’s call her Alice”.

“Fine by me”.

“Its decided then your new name is Alice”.

“Yes mistress” she said submissively.

As Alice turned away to leave one of the women said, “Where do you your going “sit down slut!” she sat down. “You see this job isn’t just about serving drinks, you also get special perks”

As Alice sat down the two women sat on either side of her and started to fondle her breasts. Alice could feel their hands sliding up and her breasts she let out a small moan of pleasure.


“Looks like someone’s enjoying herself”.

“Yes they are”.

“Maybe we should crank it up a notch”.

One of the women jumped on top of her and started to stick her tongue through her rubbery lips. She could feel her tongue writhing in her mouth, as she was doing that the other one started to play with Alice’s pussy even though it was rubber she could feel it even more than if it were real. As it went on Alice could not stop Cumming. The woman kissing her dismounted and left the room for a few moments and the other then sat beside her and rubbed her pussy with her gloved hand Alice had never felt more stimulated.

The other woman then entered and nodded to the other.

“Come through here Alice, we have a surprise I just know you’ll love”.

They blindfolded her and led her through into a different room; she could feel her head being placed onto chair. As she was unmasked she examined the room at first look it seemed like a room out of a bad fantasy game but then she realized it was a bondage room and along the walls were many bondage tools. She wanted to run and tried to run but suddenly she felt different, like she wanted to stay and wanted to spend forever as her mistress’s doll. To do what ever they want and service them in any way they want, like a robot, like a object, like a doll!

She felt absolute bliss as one of the women put on a large strap on and began to strap her into the chair. The other woman played with a set of ropes and made the chair upside down. The chair had a hole where her rear was and padding so someone could lie on the other side. Her mistress began to place the strap-on in side of her anus. She could feel the lubed up cock sliding in and out of her. The other woman also put on a strap on and lay down on a padded platform beneath Alice and placed her feet on two panels the chair raised up and Alice could feel the big black cock probing her wet pussy.

Both women began placing there strap-ons into her. She wanted to scream with pleasure but couldn’t and began to sink back into reality, she was rubber, she was without friends she was alone. Suddenly the computer chip kicked in once more and as back to believing that she was in love with her mistresses.

All three of them were having enormous orgasms. Finally both women stopped and put the chair back to normal.

One of the women started to talk to Alice “Alice my darling doll” she spoke in a manner unlike she had ever heard, “we are going to take you into town now and show you off to the entire world”.

Suddenly a burst of fear over came Alice, *what if anyone I know see’s me?* and her mistresses spoke to her again.

“Don’t worry about people recognising you,” she said and held up a mirror. She looked at the image in the mirror. Her face was completely rubber but she could move her face.

Then the women unstrapped her and took her to the machine and asked her, “If you could would you return to normal?”

She thought about her life at home. Those people walking with her were only with her as she had money. And at work she was without friends and her parents were neglectful and always busy.

She shook her head 'no' and said, “What would you have me do mistress.”


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