Rubberdoll Fantasy

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; latex; catsuit; shave; enema; prepare; gag; collar; motel; bagged; cartrunk; transported; rubberdoll; object; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X


It all started out by my going online to find some information about rubberdolls, the kind where the entire body is covered in a delicious layer (or more) of shiny latex. I’d come across the idea whilst surfing around the internet and looking at various sites, when I came across a website with stories about rubberdolls, at first I didn’t know what they were, just the name intrigued me, I spent many hours reading and rereading the stories, my sex becoming moist and the overall feeling of being turned on by this. The afternoon turned to evening and I continued to follow links to various sites including a dollification forum and chat room.

I started out just being an anonymous visitor, and then as I got more into the idea of rubber dollies I joined the forum as Rubber Lou, Louise being my first name, not original I guess but it was easy to remember. I joined in on various conversations and posted entries on the forum, then I decided to check out the chat feature and this opened up my world.

Being female you get hit on a lot by the guys on the forum, you can either ignore them or sometimes hit back. Most times they were encouraging messages and I got to know a circle of online friends and would chat for hours about rubber dolls, my fantasies about being one and other stuff.

It was about this time that I got my first latex items, I started out with just panties and bra, which felt lovely but they were missing the overall feel that my mind and body craved. I had to get my hands on a latex catsuit and after several searches and recommendations from people on the forum; I decided to purchase my first catsuit.

When it arrived I couldn’t wait to get it on and spent several hours that evening clad from top to toe in its lovely embrace. I spent the weekend dressed only in latex, cleaning around the house, doing chores and even just watching TV. My toys got a workout that weekend and I was glad that I have a good supply of batteries!

I continued in the chat rooms and got to know one person in particular, he seemed to share my passion for rubber & dolls and we would chat for ages online, we then moved to an off-line chat so we could just talk in private without everyone else watching and it was there after we’d spent some weeks chatting that he brought up the idea of me being his rubber doll for the weekend.

Well yes this is what I wanted in my fantasies, but could I really do it for real. It’s one thing to dream about being a rubber doll and being used and played with but for it to actually happen, well that scared me. I hadn’t thought about this happening for real and told him my concerns and fears, he said that if I didn’t want to do this then I didn’t have to, there was no one forcing me to do this and that I should think things over.

We continued to chat online for a few more weeks, though he didn’t bring up the subject I usually did and we talked through various scenarios of me being his rubber dolly, usually with my hand jammed down my pants by the end of our chats! That’s when I wasn’t wearing my catsuit, then I would use my fingers on the outside and feel through the soft, warm latex that covered my hot girly bits, usually ending in a wonderful climax.

So to get more to the point of this story I finally agreed to be his rubber doll for the weekend and that he would use me, keep me and play with me just as he would with any other sex doll. I was scared witless waiting for the weekend to arrive, my nerves were on edge and I seriously wanted to cancel many times, the more I thought about it the more it seemed stupid for me to place myself in the hands of a stranger I’d only met online, in a chat room of all places, I didn’t know where he lived nor anything about him other than his online name and what we’d talked about and shared together online. He did seem to be well known on the forums and several people always chatted with him when he was online, and he didn’t seem to me to be the axe murderer type.

Anyway Friday came at last, I had to make the decision to go or to pull out, well I thought it’s a bit late to pull out now, he’s probably got everything in place by now, if I pull out I’d never have the same opportunity again. As you can imagine I didn’t get much work done and come lunchtime I was glad to get away, I had to do this otherwise I’d regret not going and be kicking myself that I missed it.

Heading out to my car to drive across town I still was in two minds, but once behind the wheel and driving I seemed to be on auto-pilot heading for the motel we’d agreed to meet at. Well I say meet, the idea behind me being a rubber doll was for me to be anonymous, he didn’t want to know what I looked like or talk to me, he said that way he would be able to treat me more like the doll I wanted to be, if he knew more about me he might not be able to separate the two.

Once I’d checked in and parked my car outside the room, I stood outside the room door with my keycard in hand, my hand shaking and the doubts returned, maybe if I go in to the room and see what he’s got planned I may feel better I tried to convince myself. I moved my hand forward and slid the card through the reader slot, the door lock clicked and I entered the room. It was just a standard motel room, nothing to speak of really, just a queen sized bed, a chair and table and the washroom off to the side.

On the bed was a large canvas bag with a note attached to the top, I walked over and picked up the note. This was further instructions from him as to how I was to get myself ready. First up was to give myself an enema, we had talked about this & I have given myself them in the past, so no problems there. Plus I’d been eating light all week in preparation for this weekend, once in the doll suit I wouldn’t really be going to the toilet – dollies don’t do that.

The next thing was to shave from my neck down, well that was already covered, I keep myself that way for when I wear my catsuit at home, my hair is kept short on my head too so I can slip into a hood pretty easy too. Then I was to retrieve the items from inside the bag, starting with the lube to ease the suit on. He’d be here in about 2 hours’ time the note stated, so he hoped that I would be ready by then.

Leaving the half read note on the bed I headed off to the bathroom for the enema, stripping off my clothes and leaving them in a pile outside I stepped into the bathroom and there waiting for me was the enema bag and tube, well I won’t bore you with the details but after a couple of flushes I was cleaned out. Next I headed to the shower, I wanted to smell nice even though I’d probably be sweating in the latex soon – don’t ask me why it’s a girl thing.

Fresh from the shower I headed back in the room and over to the bed, I opened the bag and brought out all the items inside. I found the lube and started to apply it to my skin, as it went on it started to tingle a bit, I wondered what was causing it but continued to lube my body, once done with both legs I did my arms, then my body rubbing around my breasts gave me some wonderful goosebumps and pleasant feelings seem to spread out from my ripe peach if you get my meaning.

Before picking up the catsuit I read some more of the note, it said to also use the lube on my face too and to wear a bathing cap and cover that in the lube too. I reached back into the bag and found the cap, pulling it onto my head and tucking my hair away, I then applied the lube to those places, I was now covered head to toe in the stuff. It was a milky white in color but didn’t particularly smell of anything, I just thought it was another brand of lube but I would find out later what it was.

But that’s jumping ahead, the note said to put on the catsuit but to also finish reading because once inside the catsuit I would not be able to see, there was only mouth and nose holes in the hood part, plus the two down below for my lady parts. Oh so I wouldn’t be able to see my intended owner this weekend but then he wouldn’t be able to see me either, I would be covered in latex and remain anonymous.

Looking at the clock I’d better get a move on, the last thing the note said was to put the collar on after sealing myself in the catsuit and climb into the bag and await his arrival. I would be nothing more than a doll once inside and would be treated like one all weekend. I looked at the bag and wondered how I’d fit in there but remembered many photos online of girls the same size as me bound inside one just like this, and I did recall that we’d spoken about this and it had turned me on at the time.

I picked up the catsuit and placed my left foot in the leg and watched it disappear into the inky blackness of the rubber, the smooth feeling against my skin felt wonderful and I realized why I loved rubber so much, especially when I reached the foot and the latex clung tightly against my skin. The right foot followed and soon both legs were covered by the black material, the tight rubber held against my flesh making delightful little flutters run around my tummy.

Next I pulled the suit over my hips, the lube making this easy and then I slid my arms into the waiting holes my hands soon finding the gloves, well I say gloves these were more like paddles as there were no individual fingers, just one part covering my hand, I guess I wouldn’t be using my hands much this weekend anyway. I adjusted the front of the catsuit to fit my breasts into the part of the suit made for them, I had to push them into place as there seemed to be a tight ring around where the base of my breasts would be, but they did present well.

Looking down my rubber covered body I noticed there seemed to be what looked like a rubber penis hanging out the front, it looked weird to me, well I don’t have one of those when I’m naked do I! Then I realized that this was the sheath that he’d spoken about, this was meant to be inserted inside me, it was more like a big rubber condom but I wore it instead of the male. And then I remembered that there was also one behind for you-know-where.

I started to push the front one inside me, then I remembered that he’d asked me to bring along one of my toys to ‘aid’ getting it inside me he’d said. Retrieving a small vibrator from my handbag I pushed it and the remaining rubber inside my vagina, and then I started to tackle the rear entry one. Once both were comfortably inside me I placed the vibe down on the bed and ran my hands over the outside of the suit, it felt wonderful against my body, my hands enhancing the feelings I was receiving.

I did think about giving myself a quickie, something to take the edge off but I really didn’t have time and I wanted to retain the special feelings I was getting from this experience. I stopped playing with myself and took up the hood in my hands, I did a final check of where the collar and bag were and then slipped the hood over my head, I adjusted the nose holes to line up as well as the mouth, the inner part of the mouthpiece had a rigid ring inside of it, it seemed to fit just inside my mouth and held it open, well I could close it but the ring would then make me want to keep my mouth open and it seemed easier to keep it open than closed.

I reached behind me and found the zipper and began pulling it upwards, it squeezed my body further as it closed and I eventually closed it behind my neck, reaching up I brought the other zipper down to meet at the back of my neck. I ran my hands over the suit to make sure that there was no wrinkles and that everything was in place, plus it just felt nice to do so, my body felt alive as my hands stroked over the outside of the suit. I couldn’t see what I looked like and wondered how I looked but I knew that I wouldn’t know until after the weekend when I’d see the pictures he’d be taking.

Feeling around on the bed I found the collar and brought this up to my neck, bringing both ends of the collar together I found the clasp and fed one end through and closed the collar about my neck but also covering the zippers on the rear of the catsuit. One final thing was the gag, I wanted to wear one in case I spoke or made any noises (or tried to back out), he at first didn’t want one as dolls don’t need them, but I said that this rubber doll could make some noise especially in the deep throughs of climaxing! So a gag it was.

So now everything was ready, the catsuit was on and zipped closed, the inserts were pushed deep inside of me, the collar was in place as well as the gag, now all I had to do was follow the last instruction on the note and climb into the canvas bag. Reaching out in my darkness I climbed onto the bed and felt the bag laying there, should I be on my back or lay inside on my knees? We hadn’t discussed the finer details of this part. It would be easier if I was on my back to close the zipper but it may be more comfortable on my knees.

Well I know you’re all saying why get in the bag at all and give yourself to this complete stranger, and you’d be right it should be setting off alarm bells but I deep down wanted this, this was one of my deepest desires to be someone’s rubber doll, to be used, owned and played with, even left and discarded when they’d finished playing with me, I was to be merely an object to them. This was my best fantasy, the one that brought the most intense orgasms when I played with myself back home. But I very nearly backed out at this point.

It was only the fact that I was already dressed for the ‘part’, I was now a rubber clad doll, I had prepared myself for this and even closed a collar around my neck, as if that isn’t enough of a symbol of ownership, as many subs will testify. I have to go on with this otherwise you’d be giving up on my dreams.

I climbed inside the bag, I didn’t care what position I was in, I wanted to get myself inside to wait for my new owner. In the end I opted for the lay back inside option, it was easy to close the zipper this way, which I did without another thought. I was now just a rubber doll inside a bag waiting in a motel room for my owner to come and use me. The room suddenly sounded very quiet, it seemed that time stood still as I lay there in the bag, my knees brought up to my chest and my arms at my sides.

Well I don’t know about you but being inside the bag with my knees held up against me chest became tiring very fast, it soon became uncomfortable to try to hold my legs up that way even though my feet were resting against the wall of the bag, so I decided to turn over to lay on my knees, the way I’d seen in many pictures and I understood why. But rolling over inside the tight confines of the bag wasn’t easy and I had to reopen the zipper to allow me to change positions, but once done I managed to close the zipper most of the way behind me and lay there in more comfort, waiting.

Soon there was a sound at the door and I thought I heard the door unlock, it was a bit harder to hear with the hood and the canvas bag covering me, but I did here someone walking into the room. I hoped that it was my new owner and not someone from the motel, how would I explain it to them! But soon hands found me inside the bag, the zipper was opened slightly and hands ran over my latex covered body, the feeling was very intense for me. Lucky I had the gag in.

Then I felt the hands run up my back and stop at the collar, I felt a slight tugging then I heard the click of a padlock, he was securing the collar so I couldn’t take it off. I was now truly owned by him, without the key to the lock I couldn't get the collar off and also the catsuit. He then began to close the zipper of the bag sealing me inside, again I heard the distinct sound of a padlock clicking shut, I was now also secured inside the bag.

He left me laying there enjoying my predicament, now just an object inside a bag, his love toy to use and play with. I was no longer a woman, or even human, just his play thing. I heard him walking about the room, he was picking up my clothing and effects, placing them inside a garbage bag he’d brought along, everything in the room that I’d used went inside the bag, though I didn’t know at the time.

Once satisfied that he’d cleaned the room he walked over to the bag containing me on the bed and picked it up by the handles and carried me out of the room, his car was outside next to mine reversed into place, he carried me over and opening the trunk then he placed the bag containing his new toy inside, he closed the lid and went back inside the room to gather the other things inside, these too joined me inside the trunk of his car, I felt them as he tossed them in and they bounced off of my bag.

He shut the car trunk and climbed into the car, I heard the engine start and the car started to move, I was just an object in the trunk and he didn’t seem to give me any more thought as he drove off with my rubber clad, bagged body inside heading to an unknown (to me) destination. And I came to realise that he’d not spoken the whole time, so his voice as well as what he looked like was still a mystery to me.


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