Rubber Robin

by PlastiClown

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Storycodes: M/m; capture; drug; naked; showercap; plastic; transform; inflatable; doll; bond; pvcwear; prisoner; anal; climax; mast; impregnate; reluct/nc; X


There was a new villain plaguing Gotham City, a prankster called Sissyboy. People assumed that he was a protegé of the Joker, because whenever one of his pranks distracted people, the Joker and his henchclowns took advantage of the confusion to pull off one of their capers. It seemed as if Sissyboy could work a strange kind of magic. On one occasion the poles holding streetlights turned to rubber and sagged into the street, blocking traffic. On another occasion the walls of the shower rooms at the Gotham City Country Club turned to the clearest of glass. And during the consequent disruptions the Joker and his crew, cleverly disguised as ordinary people, performed a little magic of their own by making money and jewelry disappear.

As usual the Gotham City police bumbled and fumbled, displaying all the finesse of the Keystone Kops. The sheer incompetence was breathtaking. Almost immediately Commissioner Gordon had to resort to the most powerful tool in his law-enforcement arsenal - a psychotic vigilante who thinks he's a rodent. On the roof of police headquarters stood a powerful searchlight with the silhouette of a bat emblazoned across its glass cover - the famous Batsignal! Unfortunately the weather was clear, so the Batsignal! was useless (it doesn't work so well during the day, either - PC). But a week later clouds rolled in on their vaporous wheels and Commissioner Gordon flipped the switch.

By a massive stroke of luck (which left luck half paralyzed and unable to speak - PC) Bruce Wayne, in his mansion miles from police headquarters, just happened to be looking out a window in the right direction at the right time and saw a bright spot on the clouds. The spot might have been circular and that dark area might have been the silhouette of a bat: it was hard to tell. But on the assumption that it was the Batsignal!, Bruce called to his ward Dick Grayson and together they changed into their swishy, not-at-all-gay, circus costumes.

Later, after meeting with Commissioner Gordon, the Dynamic Duo cruised Gotham City in the Batmobile looking for trouble. But trouble was playing hard to get. Aside from getting the Batmobile pulled over for running a red light, trouble seemed to be winning this round of hide-and-seek. That was an illusion: trouble was right there. As Batman tried to convince the officer that the light had actually been green for him, Robin, struck by a come-hither ray, wandered off and was lost.

The Boy Wonder (Yeah, we're going to wonder if he's a boy - PC) regained consciousness lying on a couch in the basement laboratory of Sissyboy. The red-haired, freckle-faced boy, who Robin recognized as a fellow student at Gotham Junior College, loomed over Robin and gloated over his prize (of course he did. Vile villains always gloat over their victims. The Villains' Union made sure it's in the contract - PC). Robin saw immediately that Sissyboy lived up to his moniker: over his tee shirt and shorts he wore a ruffle-skirted full apron made of paper-thin, skin-smooth transparent-pink plastic that hung limp and had a delicate lace pattern printed on it in white. Sissyboy absent-mindedly stroked his apron's bib as he spoke to Robin in his nasal soprano voice.

Filled with Suggestibilitine, Robin could do only what was necessary to fulfill his captor's commands. Helpless to disobey, Robin responded to Sissyboy's command to get up and take off all of his clothes. He stood passively as his captor examined him. The drug was really getting to him: he yearned for Sissyboy to give him a command to obey.

"Here," Sissyboy said. "Put this on." He handed Robin a girl's beret-style shower cap made of transparent-pink plastic, the same plastic that was in his apron but without the lace pattern on it, and a pink rubber headband.

Eagerly Robin took the proffered shower cap and put it on. His slightly longish hair puffed out the plastic almost perfectly. He listened attentively to the instructions that Sissyboy whispered into his ear, then went to the cage, about the size of a telephone booth, standing in the middle of the room, got in, and closed the door. From its case Sissyboy took a long, thumb-thick rod that seemed to be made of living, breathing light. He stood on Robin's left, aimed the tip of the rod at a point an inch below Robin's left ear, and said, "Now!"

Robin's penis swelled, lengthened, and, bobbing slightly, rose to full erection. Like a seven-inch long pink rubber banana, it stood up at a forty-five degree angle. A moment after it achieved full erection, Robin inhaled a deep breath, puffed out his belly, and let out a little moan. Sissyboy touched the rod to his neck, Robin appeared to go blurry, and then he snapped back into focus with an air-shaking "Boomp!"

With a Mona Lisa smile frozen on his face, Robin looked around as if confused and then tried to open the cage door. He failed and could only watch helplessly as Sissyboy put his magic wand back in its box and locked it away, then picked up a raincoat made of the same transparent-pink plastic that was in Robin's shower cap and also picked up what looked like a long, inch-wide ribbon made of the same plastic doubled over on itself.

"You can't get away," Sissyboy said. "I've turned you into an inflated plastic doll. You're too weak to get away from me." He opened the cage door and stood blocking it so that Robin couldn't get out of the cage. He handed Robin the raincoat and said, "Put this on."

As Robin obeyed, he saw how widely the skirt flared. He was putting on his naked body what was essentially a plastic dress with an attached pixie-style hood. As Robin closed the placket by bringing the soft magnetized-rubber patches together, Sissyboy pulled the hood up over his shower cap. Robin felt the hood's plastic brush against something on the left side of his neck, where Sissyboy's rod had touched him. He reached up to touch it and felt his sexual arousal intensify.

"That's your valve," Sissyboy said. "I can use it to let the air out of you and then to blow you back up when I want to play with you again." He held up the ribbon-like thing and said, "Now, submit to me!"

The ribbon had been made by doubling over a two-inch wide strip of the plastic film and welding it. A two-foot length of the ribbon had been welded to the centers of a pair of fetters made of the same ribbon material. Sissyboy wrapped the free ends of the shorter fetter around Robin's wrists and allowed the magnetic patch on the end to engage the patch further from the end. The upper fetters held Robin's hands to less than a foot apart. The lower fetters, on his ankles, held his feet to less than two feet apart. With Robin bound in the plastic shackles, Sissyboy stood up and gazed into his eyes.

"Now, you're my helpless plastic prisoner... forever," he said. "Let's go!" He stood away from the cage door to let Robin shuffle out of the cage and then accompany him out of the laboratory.

Sissyboy opened a panel in the laboratory wall to reveal a hidden passage. He took Robin into the passage and they climbed two flights of stairs. Robin was intensely aware of the raincoat draped over his belly, caressing his buttocks, and stroking his penis as he walked. He felt the sinking sensation of a prisoner being taken to the gallows. Trembling, he went with his captor through another panel and into the rear of a walk-in closet.

They came out of the closet and into a large bedroom that would have been any teenaged girl's delight. An essay in pink, it was the most effeminate thing Robin had ever seen. It was obviously Sissyboy's bedroom and Robin couldn't help but notice the cage that sat along one wall like a jail cell with a big, fat pink plastic air mattress lying on the floor.

"This is where you will be my prisoner," Sissyboy said. He put his right arm around Robin's shoulders. "This is where I'm going to keep you forever. This is where I'm going to play with you. This is where I'm going to get you pregnant."

Robin panicked and tried to get away, but Sissyboy already had him in a full embrace and began kissing him. Robin struggled, squirming in an effort to get free of Sissyboy's warm affection. Then, against the lower part of his belly, he felt what Sissyboy was going to do to him and he froze.

Sissyboy couldn't wait any longer. He put Robin face down on his big double bed and slid the skirt of the raincoat above his hips. Then he took off his apron, shirt, shorts, and underpants and tossed them onto the love seat facing the bed. He knelt on the bed and, panting with excitement, mounted Robin with full intent. Robin felt Sissyboy penetrate him with a gentle pressure and then bring his full weight down on him as he slid his arms around his prisoner to take him in a full sexual embrace.

"Oh, you're so soft and warm!" Sissyboy sighed. "So smooth and rubbery!" He began pumping his penis in and out of Robin. "Ah, my big, fat plastic sex prisoner! Oh! Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes!"

Suddenly Robin felt something hot blossom deep within his belly in hard spurts and he climaxed as well. His penis throbbed as he bucked and squirmed under his master. He felt like he was trying to get the raincoat pregnant. Then it was over. Sissyboy went limp and lay panting on him.

After several minutes, having caught his breath, Sissyboy said, "Now, Robin, you're pregnant. You have copies of your raincoat and shackles growing inside you. When I shoot my jizz into you, they'll get a little bigger and you'll get a little fatter. Oh, I can't wait to see how big your belly gets." He gave Robin a squeeze. "Ah, this feels so good! I can rub myself against you all I want. I guess that makes you my rubber, Rubber Robin." He chuckled at his little witticism (very little - PC).

Some time later Sissyboy pulled his limp penis out of Robin's butt and got up off the bed. He put his underpants, shirt, and shorts back on and left.

Robin managed to roll himself over and sit up on the edge of the bed. He got up, shuffled over to the love seat, and sat down on Sissyboy's apron. He tried to remove the shackles, but to no avail: he just wasn't strong enough. With nothing else to do, he sat and masturbated, stroking his penis with the plastic of his raincoat. He discovered that, because he didn't actually ejaculate anything, he could keep his orgasms going indefinitely. He was limited only by a paucity of ideas of what he wanted to do to Batgirl.

Several hours later, well after nightfall, Sissyboy returned. He removed Robin's shackles and sat down next to his prisoner. He put an arm around Robin's shoulders and patted his belly, then took him in an embrace and kissed him.

"I am so much in love with you," Sissyboy said as he put his head on Robin's shoulder and hugged him. "When I first saw you in your clown costume, your bare thighs just cried out to be touched." He ran a hand over Robin's thighs and then his belly. "Now I can touch you all I want anywhere I want." He pulled back a bit, gazed into Robin's eyes, and said, "You're so pretty in plastic. I can't wait to have you again. So take off your raincoat and get into bed."

He released Robin from his embrace and slowly, reluctantly, Robin stood up, took off the raincoat, and dropped it onto Sissyboy's apron. With his head bowed in defeat, he went to the bed, got under the covers, and slid himself over to the side with the plastic pillow. Sissyboy took off his clothes, turned out the light, and got into bed with the quivering Boy Wonder.

Several times that night Sissyboy rode his warm plastic bride to climax. Several times that night Robin felt hot love-juice gushing into him. A frisson of horror (and a little sexual titillation) flashed through Robin when he envisioned Sissyboy displaying him to the Joker and his henchclowns, his pregnant belly bulging against the plastic of his raincoat. He lost all hope of ever being anything but an inflated sexual punching bag.

All hope? But what of Batman? Surely rescue was on the way!

Unfortunately, when Sissyboy captured Robin he learned his secret identity and thus inferred Batman's. Shortly after Robin became Sissyboy's prisoner, Batman disappeared. What happened to him? Almost surely he was made into an inflatable doll. Did Sissyboy give him to the Joker? What would happen to a helpless plastic prisoner at the hands of a lunatic clown? One can well imagine.


The Mad Adventures of Captain Klutz (Signet Books, 1967) provided the basic inspiration for this fantasy. It comes from the Sissyman episode, in which Captain Klutz is trapped in a teenaged boy's bedroom. The sexual connotations of the location along with the pursuit and capture theme make for a good Bondage and Discipline story.

In the early 1960's a Batman story showed one of the Joker's henchclowns playing with an inflatable plastic Robin punching bag. The clown was defeated by the bag, to the Joker's amusement. The imagery certainly suggested Robin as a plastic prisoner.

Batman #174 (Sep '65) featured the story titled "The Human Punching Bag" The cover shows Batman inside a clear plastic bag suspended from a high ceiling being attacked by three thugs wearing boxing gloves.

The Batman TV series (1966 - 1968) portrayed the caped crusaders as clownish. At the same time Multiple Toymakers produced an inflatable Batman punching bag.


I remember the physical punishment I received as a child. I was taken to my bedroom to be spanked and it felt like the prelude to an execution, the "last mile" ritual. I felt anxiety and a sinking sensation in my gut. When I tried to approach girls I got the same feelings, so I made a subconscious connection. Somewhere in the shadows of my unconscious mind the prospect of having sex, of being led to the bedroom, feels like being led to the gallows. Thus the ritual of an execution became a template for sexual fantasies.

The focus of these fantasies is a very specific form of polyvinyl chloride plastic film. It's paper thin (4mil or 8 mil; 0.1 mm or 0.2 mm) and is usually a copolymer with vinyl acetate. It's as smooth as a young girl's skin and as limp as a silk scarf. In the 1950's and 1960's that plastic was popular in such items as shower caps, household aprons, and pretty raincoats, as well as in shower curtains and inflatable toys. As far back as I can remember, even before I knew what sex was, the sight of that plastic made me think of sex. Rainy days could get downright pornographic for me: my reaction to seeing a girl or woman in a plastic raincoat would be essentially the same as my reaction to seeing a woman wearing no clothes at all.

I also understood from the beginning that people would disapprove of such an attraction to plastic, that they would regard it as a perversion. As a consequence, a sense of guilt attached to the attraction, a feeling that perhaps I deserved to be punished for it. That feeling led to fantasies in which a character is forced into association with plastic, thereby evading the responsibility that would lead to punishment or making the association part of the punishment for something else. The phrase "plastic prisoner" became a kind of sexual password.

The conflation of the convict's march to the gallows and the bride's march down the aisle provides the vicarious anxiety for the reader in this story. As in all such punishment stories involving male victims, the victim ends up being thoroughly humiliated through progressive feminization. It begins with Robin being made to wear a girl's shower cap and raincoat and ends with Robin getting pregnant. The reference to Robin as "his warm plastic bride" puts an exclamation point on his feminization. The climax of the story breaks the anxiety by imposing the final humiliation on the victim and produces a vicarious sense of surrender and relief that can lead to a release of sexual tension.




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