Run, Lola, Run

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; chemical; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


Lola wasn't sure why she had agreed to work late night at the chain store she managed. On a cold January night with sub zero temperatures and blowing snow, the business had been deserted since early afternoon with the only visits being people looking for directions. If she didn't live more than a few blocks from the store, she would have closed up and gone home hours ago.

As it was, it roughly ten minutes from closing time and with no one inside except for herself, Lola decided to close early that night. After doing the usual closing chores, she snapped off the lights, locked the store and started the short walk home. The streets were completely deserted with only the sound of the wind whistling through the frozen tree branches.

Lola was about three quarters of the way home and had just turning the corner onto her street when she stepped on an icy patch that was partially covered by snow. The brunette tumbled to the ground and struck her head hard on the frozen pavement causing her to lose consciousness almost immediately.

An unknown amount of time passed before Lola woke from her unconscious state to find herself lying on a couch with a blanket draped over her. Sitting up, the brunette held her right hand to her forehead and winced in pain when she came across the bump on the back of her head. After taking her hand back down, she realized she was on a couch in a home she had never seen before in her life.

After checking to make sure she still had all her clothes on and still had her ID with her, Lola sat up and tried to get her bearings a little better. She saw that she was in the middle of an expensively decorated room with paintings and antiques located in different parts of the room. Standing up, Lola slowly walked around the room stopping to look outside to see if she could ascertain her location a bit better. To her disappointment, she could see nothing but white snow as the storm, if anything, had intensified while she was unconscious.

"Stuck in an expensive house in the middle of a nasty snowstorm with a bump on my head... this sounds like something straight out of a trashy horror novel..... " Lola said to herself as she resumed looking around the room. One thing she did notice was there was no sign of magazines, letters or anything that would indicate where she was.

"Good to see you're awake, Ms. Ferrari. I trust you're not suffering ill effects from your fall," a tall dark haired man dressed in a light brown business suit called out as he entered the room through a door at the far end.

"I'm fine, I guess, and glad not to be outside in the wicked weather, Mr. ?" Lola said as she walked over to the man and extended her right hand.

"Barnum.... Paul Tiberius Barnum. I was driving home when I spotted you lying on the ground unconscious. I put you in my car and took you here to my estate so you could recover in peace and quiet, " the man said nodding towards the outside view of one of the many windows.

"Uhhh..... thanks. Could you tell me where exactly this place is ?" Lola said as she walked out of the room and into a long hallway that lead into the main foyer. From what she could tell, they were the only two people in the house which made Lola slightly nervous at heart.

"Certainly. My home is about 10 miles beyond the city limits in the countryside. As it happens, we're the only house here for several miles in all directions which affords me the privacy I crave. I'm sure you'll be quite comfortable during your stay," Paul said with a voice that was slightly unsettling to Lola.

Despite her misgivings, Lola was fascinated by the things she saw on display inside the house as Paul took her on a tour of his home. She saw he had all the latest in electronic gadgets and gear including one room which seemed specifically set aside for surveillance monitors linked to outside cameras. The only thing she didn't see anywhere was a telephone of some kind but Lola figured that Paul carried around a cell phone with him or had them hidden out of sight.

After passing through a well stocked kitchen and large dining room, Paul led his guest into a large well ventilated room which he proudly proclaimed was his "creative space". Lola saw several pedestals and empty cardboard boxes at the far end of the room with framed pictures of nude female statues along one wall. The other wall had a heavy red curtain covering it completely which raise Lola's curiosity as to what laid behind it. However, Paul dampened her enthusiasm quickly by telling her the wall in question was set aside for future works and held nothing at present.

"Do you have any trouble getting women to pose for your works ?" Lola inquired as she looked over the amazingly detailed works on display. The brunette marveled at how her host was able to capture little things like tiny crow's feet under the subject's eyes and erect nipples that jutted outwards like tiny stone daggers.

"Actually, no trouble at all. Most of the women here were more than happy to take part in my work and only a few felt uncomfortable with posing in the nude. For them, I chose to do some work with them wearing luscious lingerie or latex," Paul said as he ran his right hand over the stone ass of one of his sculptures.

Lola thought briefly of asking her host if she could pose for such works but a wave of dizziness swept across her which she figured was the lingering effect of her fall earlier. "Is there... there a bedroom where I could lie down and get some sleep?" the brunette asked while holding her right head to her forehead.

Paul nodded and motioned towards the top of the stairs. "First room on the right... there's a washroom right next door if you need to freshen up. Take a few hours and lie down and by then everything will be all set, " he said with a smile that seemed strangely unsettling to Lola.

After reaching the top of the stairs and the room in question, Lola looked around and, seeing there was no one else around,
decided to strip off her clothes and take a nap to recover her equilibrium a little bit. Before dropping off, she locked the bedroom door as she had some lingering self doubts about Paul.

Some time later, the brunette slowly woke up and found that the pain and dizziness she was feeling before had completely disappeared. However, the relief she felt in her improved physical health quickly dissipated as she looked around and saw that her clothes had disappeared from the chair she had set them on. In their place, Lola saw what looked a sports bra and lycra bicycle shorts both bright blue in color.

Puzzled at the sight, Lola got out of bed and searched through the room's closet and chest to see if her clothes had been stored away. To her disappointment, there was no sign of them anywhere in the room which distressed her to say the least. Picking up the bra and shorts, she slipped them on and although they were a tight fit , it was better than walking around naked. Walking over to a mirror, she noticed the top was rubbing against her nipples causing them to become erect and poke against the material in an embarrassing way.

"I better go and see if Paul had anything to with my clothes disappearing. Maybe he'll give me a ride into town after the storm is over," Lola said softly to herself as she went to the bedroom door and unlocked it. To her surprise, when she opened the door, she found two burly men on either side of the door waiting for her.

"If you're ready, ma'am, the owner will see you now in the entrance to the competition area. We're here to make sure that you don't get lost on the way there," the first man, a dark haired man wearing wraparound dark sunglasses, said in a clipped tone.

Lola was going to ask what was going on but the look on the men's faces indicated the answers she desired wouldn't be coming from them. Mentally shrugging, she slipped on a pair of slippers handed to her by one of the men and dutifully followed them downstairs.

Walking the length of the house, the dark-haired man stopped at a door located at the back of the house with a keypad mounted on the wall next to it. After depressing a series of numbers, there was a loud clicking sound followed by the door slowly swinging open. Lola was ushered inside by the two with the door closing tight behind her with a loud CLICK! that sounded foreboding to say the least.

"Welcome, my dear. I guess now would be a good time to tell you the real reason you're here with me. You see, you weren't found by me last night by accident. I often go into the city when the weather is inclement to obtain new models for my new studio," Paul said as he he strapped on what appeared to be a belt with plastic light indicators across his chest.

"Ummm... that's nice but I'm not really interested in doing the modeling thing for you. If you could get the clothes that I originally wore here, I'll call a cab and be on my way," Lola said as she tried to edge away but found the doorway blocked by the men who had accompanied her.

"I'm sorry but I'm afraid I must insist for now. You see, my artistic abilities are limited by the medium I use so I decided some time ago to create the masterpieces in my studio with the models themselves as the base of the work, " Paul said while slipping on a pair of leather gloves.

"You.... you.. you're crazy ! You killed all these women for sort of ghoulish art gallery! Let me out of here!" Lola cried as she tried to spin around and run out the door once again. However, the men working for Lola grabbed her arms and prevented her escape.

"Now, now, calm down, my dear. First off, the women aren't dead... just transformed into the state they currently are in. They still retain conscious thought in their state and, I've been told, find their forms extremely sensitive to the slightest touch. I even change their forms from time to time to keep things interesting, "

"To make things even more fair, I let them participate in a game to determinate their ultimate fate. I was a big fan of the Laser Tag game when I was younger so I had my private gym altered to resemble an indoor fight area. I, and the woman in question, both wear light belts and carry guns designed to trigger the light and sound of a ' hit' on the opponent's belt. If the woman scores 3 ' hits' first, she receives 5 million dollars of my money and a one way trip to Europe in return for a written promise not to say a word what she saw here. If I win, she joins my gallery as my newest piece of erotic art," Paul said as he picked up a plastic and steel gun from an open box nearby before gesturing to a set of doors behind him.

" Behind those doors is where it all starts and ends, Lola." Paul said with an evil smile. "A game with only one winner.."

"You mean...? "Lola gasped trying not to scream.

"Game on, Lola, " Paul said tossing her a brightly colored belt like the one he was wearing.

30 minutes later.....

Lola was puffing and wheezing as she ducked behind a wooden box covered in bright red carpet. The dimly lit room that this insane game was been played in was frightening to the brunette. When the game had started, she immediately tried to scramble back out the way she entered but to her dismay found the door only opened from the other side. Scrambling around, she had managed to score two quick hits off her opponent but her confidence was her undoing as Paul surprised her and rapidly evened the score with two scores of his own.

As she crouched down scanning around for Paul, Lola debated her next move. Looking at her gun, she decided that if she didn't get the next score, she would use the gun to try and bash Paul's head in rather than meekly submit to be his living art. Creeping quietly into the center of the battle area, Lola thought she heard a sound coming from one of the boxes near her. Sitting partly on one of the boxes, the brunette aimed her gun in the direction of the sound and fired when she saw Paul emerge.

"Yes ! I win ! That was three hits ! Lola exulted as she set down her gun down and leaned back on the box.

Paul looked at her and raised his light gun "I don't hear any chimes for a third hit.. on me...." he said with an evil smile as fired his own weapon at Lola.

"WHAT????...... " Lola gasped as she felt the belt she was wearing beeping indicating a third hit. Before she could react, she felt a tingling sensation surge throughout her entire body and found herself unable to move or talk in the slightest! She could only stare ahead in silence as she heard the doors to the room open and Paul's men enter in a hurry.

"Ok, guys, get her to the exhibit room right away. The change will be underway in a matter of minutes and I don't want to miss it," Paul said as he headed out of the room in a hurry followed closely by his henchman carrying the immobile Lola between them.

"Change ?.... it's true... I'm going to become one of those statues this madman is so proud of... though... why do I feel like I'm getting lighter instead of heavier....." Lola thought to herself as she was toted into a room near where she just was and set down upon what look liked a couch lined with furs of all shapes and sizes. Paul was there and had set up a large mirror in Lola's eyesight so she could see what was about to happen.

After the henchman stripped Lola of her clothes and put a set of high heels, they left the room quickly leaving Paul and the immobile Lola alone with their thoughts.

"You see, Lola, the game we just played is actually the way I transform my subjects. The belt you wore contains powerful chemicals that are released onto your skin when the light cell is triggered by my gun for a third time. Of course, my belt didn't have any such ingredients, " Paul said quietly as he removed the belt from Lola's nude body.

"Bastard !..... you never intended to let me go.... now I'll wind up as a statue for the rest of my life...." Lola shouted mentally as she felt Paul let his fingers linger over her body.

" In case you're wondering, my dear, I've decided to start a new part of my studio and you'll be the first part. Unfortunately, it'll be a part I can never show anyone as you're about to find out, " Paul said plainly.

"What does he mean ?Why me ? Why.... OOOOHHHHH!!!!" Lola thought to herself before the tingling sensations she had felt before returned with an intensity that was incredible.

At the same time, she saw her skin was changing in appearance from flesh dotted with blemishes and freckles to a smooth glossy look devoid of any imperfections. Lola felt herself growing lighter like before only now this feeling had spread to every corner of her body. She could see what looked like seams appearing on her now tan colored body around her waist and on her arms and legs. Her breasts, which rode high on her chest, stopped moving as did her breathing as they changed into twin mounds of plastic capped by bright pink areolas and rubbery nipples surrounded by the seams she saw elsewhere on her increasingly inanimate body. Lola sensed her pussy clench slightly before opening like a flower with it's interior now composed of pink folds of rubber that were very sensitive. Her anus felt like it was moving upward of its' own accord for several inches before forming into an O shape.

Lola felt her mouth, frozen in a state of shock, twist and contort into an ovular shape much like her other openings while her teeth and tongue melted away as the interior formed into a rubbery sac. She started to slightly bob up and down in the bed as her new rubber body was light and filled with nothing but air.

"Well, Lola, I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to guess what's happen to you, does it ?" Paul said standing to one side with a broad leer on his face.

"A LOVE DOLL!.... A SEX TOY FOR HIM AND ANYONE ELSE TO ADMIRE.... DAMN YOU TO HELL !!" Lola screamed to herself before she mentally moaned in pleasure as Paul walked over and squeezed one of her soft rubber breasts in admiration.

" Well, my dear, I have to go as my business needs my attention. I should tell you that this part of my studio will be an 'active' part compared to the rest of my works as I'll be testing out the dolls myself for long term durability. If all goes according to plan, you might just be the first to be tested. Until then, you can wait here... till I bring a new work to join you. See you then!" Paul said before flicking off the lights and closing the door behind him.

Alone in the dark, Lola was left with her thoughts......

And hoping to stay alone for a long time....


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