The New Rubberdoll

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2022 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; fpov; latex; bond; doll; F2doll; straps; catsuit; costume; corset; hood; gag; blindfold; toys; tease; cons; X

All stories based on stories by Allatex

Part One – Introduction (An Unexpected Upgrade)

My name is Rubberslut, it used to be Susan, but most of the people I mix with now know me by that name. How did I get that name? Well, that is a long story, but one that I hope that you’ll find entertaining. I will admit first that I have always had a love of tight restrictive clothing, and of course, bondage, tie me up, and I am yours to do with as you wish. I used to be more ‘vanilla’ in my tastes, but over time have developed to enjoy my body and what it can do.

Before I get too distracted, I had better fill you in on how it all started for me, and it was an accidental chance encounter that changed my life. I had been working as a personal secretary for my boss Mr. Soames, he was a kind, gentle man who always treated me fairly and we got along just great, for an employee/employer relationship I mean, not what you and many others thought about the ‘personal’ part of the job title. 

At the time, I was also dating this jerk of a guy; I won’t bother to mention his name as he’s not important, so anyway our relationship was, I thought going along just fine, it wasn’t exclusive. I had made that point clearly when we started, but both he had other ideas, it seemed. And after a disastrous date one night, I found myself alone in the city, we had some very heated words, and I walked out on him, the people in the restaurant getting a good show as I stormed out, leaving him for good.

The only place I could think of to get away and gather myself was where I worked; it was just a few short blocks away from the scene I had left behind. I had left work after getting myself ready, with plans to stay over at his place. I was dressed in heels too high to walk home in, with a short dress that revealed more than it covered, and I had nothing in my purse to cover the cab fare home. So going back to the office was my only option at this moment; there, I could get changed and at least get home without every set of male eyes seeing me dressed this way.

The small office where I work is attached to the warehouse part of the business, the factory part is located in another part of town, so there were only a few employees at this location, and my office was on the third floor, next to my boss’s office. Everything was closed down for the night, with just a couple of hands cleaning and packing orders ready for the next day. I walked in, and as I passed them, waved and smiled, but I didn’t want to engage in any conversation as I was still angry & distraught from breaking up with my now ex-boyfriend, and they were busy finishing up to go home.

So, I headed up to my office, I would get changed there and then head home, well that was the plan, but things changed that night, and maybe for the better, I’ll let you judge. What I didn’t realize in my haste to get changed and head home was that my boss, Mr Soames, was still in his office. He was working late, which I guess that’s what most successful business people do to get ahead. Anyway, after seeing the lights on in his office, I thought that I’d better just pop my head in and let him know that I was here and would soon be on my way.

What I wasn’t expecting was the sight that greeted me as I entered his office; there at his desk was Mr. Soames going through paperwork on his desk, but in front of the desk was a woman tied tightly to a pole on a stand. She was dressed head to toe in some tight, black suit that covered her from top to bottom. There appeared to me to be several straps binding her to the pole so that she couldn’t move, and when looking at her face, the same material covered all of her head. I didn’t know what to say at that point, I had just stumbled in on some kinky scene with my boss and his partner, and at that point, I wanted the ground to open and swallow me whole.

The look of surprise/shock on his face as he saw me enter the room matched my own on discovering that my strait-laced boss was, in fact kinky, I had no words and tried to stumble out an apology for walking in like this; my thoughts of a quick change and head home, even the recent break up seemed to recede in my mind at this moment. I stood there frozen like a deer in the headlights, and I didn’t know whether to run or help the lady bound to the pole. Several thoughts then ran through my mind, who was she? Was she here voluntarily? What was she wearing?

My thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Soames spoke; after getting over the shock of me walking in on him to discover his little secret, he thought that it would be better to explain to me than have me run from the building, not knowing what was going on in the office and either reporting him to the police, having an awkward conversation the next day or even having to find a new assistant when I didn’t show up for work. He said that I had better sit down and that he would explain to me what I had just discovered.

Looking from him to the bound female, I was unsure if I was indeed safe to stay, but his manner indicated to me that he was more embarrassed that I had walked in on him and found the pair of them playing some bondage fantasy rather than finding out that he was some fiend who kidnapped females and kept them bound. Sitting down at his request, Mr. Soames walked around the desk; he offered me a drink and went over to his drinks cabinet; grabbing a bottle, he poured two glasses and walked back and gave me one, saying that we both needed it at this point. I sure did after my disastrous night and then discovering my boss’s fantasy life.

“What about your lady friend? Does she want to be set free?” I asked, looking at her still tightly bound to the pole, thinking that maybe she would have been embarrassed at being found like this.

“Well, no, I don’t think so, for you see…” he told me hesitantly, “That’s not a lady; it may look like one but rest assured that she is not real.”

“Not real?” I replied, “What do you mean? She’s standing there dressed and bound like some sexual goddess.”

“Goddess, you say, that’s interesting. But no, it is just a doll, a realistic female in every way except for a heartbeat and a soul. Just a facsimile of a woman, so no, not real.” As he told me this, he seemed saddened by revealing this fact.

I was shocked that the woman I thought was bound there was indeed just a doll, and then the thought ran through my mind as to why he would have a doll there instead of a real woman. Was he some type of pervert? The irony lost on me at this point that my concerns for the female bound there had now changed, that it was now strange to me that he had a doll bound to the pole in his office and not a real woman, and what sort of thing did I just walk in on. I thought it was okay to have a woman dressed like this and bound there was okay, but having a doll instead seemed weird.

“Check for yourself if you want to?” he then said to me, his hand extending out towards the bound female doll.

Hesitantly I stood, unsure that this was not some trick, and then standing up, I walked over to the bound form, my hand shaking slightly as I reached out and made a connection to the outer surface, the black material shining in the office lighting, the reflection of my hand showing in the shiny material. Hesitantly I touched the bound female; I was surprised to find that the surface was cool to the touch. I had expected to find the body warm, at least that would have been my expectation if I were tied up there like that, my mind now wondering what it would be like to be in her shoes, or boots in this case, and bound that way.

Happy that it was indeed a doll and not some poor unfortunate female bound there, again my thoughts went back to why would he bind a doll dressed as it was to a pole in his office? My hand now freely moving over the soft material that covered the doll, my mind still wondering what it would be like to be in her place, and then coming back to the reality that I shouldn’t be thinking like this, there is no way that I would ever want to be bound like her, or did I? My confusing thoughts were interrupted when he spoke again.

“As you can see, it is indeed a doll and not a real woman under the latex suit.” He told me, happy I guess that I had not freaked out by the whole scene that I had discovered.

“Latex?” I asked.

“Yes, the doll is dressed in a latex catsuit. Have you ever worn latex?” he asked.

“Urm, no, I don’t think I have,” I replied, my mind now wondering what latex was and what it was like to wear. “I do have some tight clothing that I wear on occasions, mostly when going out as they show off my body, and I have some spandex outfits like tops and pants, and I must admit that I do love the way that they feel on my body.”

“Would you like to try the latex catsuit on?” he asked me, gauging my interest as he watched my hands as they continued to explore the suit the doll was wearing absent-mindedly.

His request seemed to be genuine, and his smile and manner made me feel at ease; he didn’t seem to be the kinky pervert that I had first thought of when he told me about the doll. I was still slightly shocked at what I had stumbled into, but then I had thoughts of the trouble of having to find somewhere else to work, or could I get over this embarrassing situation and make finding out about his little secret less humiliating for both of us. I really liked this job, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to please his feelings and smooth over the whole thing. And in fact, I had also been thinking about what it would be like to be in the doll’s place, dressed as it was.

“Well, I do like the way it looks, so I guess that I should try it on, just to see what it feels like to wear it.” I told him, pleased with myself that I had overcome the initial embarrassing situation and would be able to keep my job by trying on the outfit to please him, “As long as I can get dressed in private.”

“Sure, that is not a problem,” he said to me, a visible sigh of relief showing on his face, happy that I had agreed to try the suit on and not run out, leaving him humiliated on finding him in this situation, he seemed to be much happier now and more relaxed.

Walking past the bound doll, he went over to a cupboard and brought out another catsuit. I had initially thought that I would be wearing the one the doll had on, not expecting him to have another, and then wondered, just how many suits does he have? After I had looked at him and then the doll as if to say what was wrong with that one, he explained that it would take too long to get the one off of the doll, telling me that this one was nearly identical to the one the doll currently had on. He also handed me a can of talcum powder, saying that I would need this to get the suit on as it would be tight.

He indicated that I should use his private bathroom, and walking in, I shut the door behind me, wondering again why I was doing this? Part curiosity and part wanting to please my boss and keep my job as I didn’t want two break-ups in one night, and I suppose my emotions were slightly off after the scene in the restaurant earlier. As my mind swirled with my conflicting thoughts, I found that I had subconsciously removed all of my clothing and was now standing there naked with a can of powder in my hand, ready to apply to my body. Well, might as well get it over with, I thought to myself.

Covering my legs and feet in the powder, I then reached for the catsuit, I found that the latex material was cold to the touch, and it sent shivers through my body, whether by anticipation of what I was doing or the coolness of the suit, I wasn’t too sure of at this point. Holding my balance, I soon had one foot inside the suit; at this point, I didn’t want to be found naked, so I needed to cover myself with the suit, in some weird way that my mind was working now. Then soon after both feet and my lower legs were encased in the smooth material, I found that I liked the feel of the suit so far and looked forward to seeing what it felt like when it covered the rest of my body.

Taking my time, I didn’t know if the material was fragile or not and didn’t want to damage the suit in any way; that would just be something else to add to my embarrassment if I ripped the suit while putting it on. Now I had the suit covering both of my legs, and at this point, it made contact with the outer parts of my vagina, the soft cool material encountering the warm and now slightly damp outer folds of my most delicate flower, was I getting turned on by wearing this? My body seemed to be liking wearing it. I seemed at this point to be lost in my feelings; on the one hand, wearing the suit felt nice, but on the other, my thoughts conflicted; I shouldn’t be here and certainly not enjoying wearing this kinky piece of clothing.

My thoughts were interrupted by a voice from outside of the bathroom, “Are you okay in there?” he asked, wondering what was taking so long, clearly not used to any woman getting herself ready for whatever she was going out for.

“Yes, I’m okay…” I muttered, struggling with the arms of the suit, “I’m just getting my arms inside.”

“Do you need any help?” he kindly asked.

I did seem to be stuck at this moment and really needed some help with getting the suit on, but I didn’t want him seeing me naked; though the suit would cover my body, it did seem to reveal every detail, every lump and bump was there to be seen, my sex now split in two, with the folds of my outer flower now displayed in vivid detail, but the feelings that it gave me down there was worth the price. At this moment, the door opened, and he walked in. I was shocked at first but realized that without help, this suit would either be damaged, or I would be.

With his help, the suit was soon pulled over my shoulders, my naked body was now no longer on display, not that there was much at that point that he would have seen from his position behind me, and it now seemed much easier to put on with his help. Adjusting myself inside the suit, making sure that the thing fitted properly, and with his guidance and assistance, I was soon dressed in the suit. The latex, now warmed by my body, felt much easier to pull on. Satisfied with how the suit fitted, I closed the zipper at the front and admired the suit on my body in the mirror.

“There’s a full-length mirror in the office, if you want to see how good you look,” he said to me.

Taking my first steps from the sanctity of the bathroom, I felt nervous when I walked out into the main part of his office. But then I saw just how my body looked in the suit, taking in the whole vision before me in my reflected image; I must admit that I did look good wearing the suit. Far from showing off my curves and lumps in a bad way, well every female has them or thinks they do, the suit seemed to enhance how my body looked, covering me from my neck down; the suit made me look like an ebony goddess. It also made me feel my feminine power rising through me, and I felt emboldened wearing it like a suit of armor; nothing could hurt me again.

Mr. Soames watched as the change in my mind came over me; at first, he thought that I would be running out, thinking him the worse type of pervert there was, but now dressed there standing and looking at my own reflection, he could see that I had started to enjoy wearing the latex suit. I had gone from humble secretary to a sexual goddess, one that he could admire in just a few moments. I caught sight of him as he watched me in the mirror, and I must admit that it did turn me on with him watching me dressed like this, that I started to move my body to tease him, just slightly, and I did enjoy both the feeling of power and the sexiness in the way the suit reacted to my body.

I moved about in front of the mirror, admiring the way I looked, turning this way and that to get a better look. I also liked how the suit felt on my body and wondered why I hadn’t worn anything like this before. Mr. Soames suggested that I walk around a bit to get the ‘feel’ of the suit, which I did, each step making the suit move in ways on my body that I found incredibly arousing.

Looking at the bound doll still strapped to the pole, I noticed that she wore boots as well. Mr. Soames caught me looking at the doll and asked if I wanted to wear the boots too? Well, the suit had after my initial doubts had felt wonderful, and I did like wearing boots, and the way they enhance the look of my body when I wear them, again they make me feel powerful as well, so I quickly agreed to try the boots on, thinking that he would remove the ones the doll was wearing.

Again, reaching into the cupboard, he brought out another pair of boots, these seemed slightly different, but again I assumed that he didn’t want to take the doll’s boots off to save time. He advised that I would need to sit and that he would put the boots on for me, again that they would be tight to fit and that it would be easier for me if he did it. Not thinking too much into it, I sat down and waited for him to fit the boots.

Now the strange thing about it was that I enjoyed him dressing me like this, I didn’t realize why at the time, but it just seemed right that he was getting me ready, dressing me in the clothing that he wanted me to wear. I just sat there and watched as he fed my feet into each boot and pulled them up my legs; it felt sexy to me to be treated this way, being dressed by someone else. The boots were longer than the one’s the doll was currently wearing; these covered my entire leg, while hers only came up over her knees. It felt funny to compare her to me; was I already just another doll being dressed by her owner.

The boots had laces that started at my feet and went the entire length of my legs, and he started to pull them tight, sheathing my legs in them; the feeling as they tightened felt arousing, and I felt a little embarrassed when he caught me looking as he tightened each boot, a slight sigh leaving my mouth as he continued to work on them, the laces getting tight encasing my legs inside. He finished off by tying the laces at the top of my thighs, his hand dangerously close to my now very aroused feminine parts. (Sorry DA won’t allow me to say otherwise)

Satisfied that he had encased my legs within the boots, he helped me stand and held me as I felt unsteady at first; he aided me as I took my first steps in the very tight boots, my legs felt like rigid columns, and I found it hard to walk normally in them. He then told me to adjust my stride and that once my body had warmed up the boots, I would find it easier to move about in. Guiding me back to the mirror, I took in the vision that I presented there. I did look fantastic; the boots seemed to enhance my body and changed my posture to a more sexy look.

Leaving me to admire myself, he walked back to his little cupboard of kinky things, as I had come to call it, while I continued to be lost in admiring myself in my reflected image. I could also see the bound doll in the reflection and began to compare myself to her, we were now both dressed in the latex catsuits, and both wore boots, mine a bit higher, and I thought sexier than hers, so I had that over the doll. My thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Soames returned, this time with a spray bottle and some cloth. 

“So, what do you think?” he asked.

“Mmm! I love the way the suit feels on me and looks; I am surprised that I have never come across something like this before; I could get used to wearing something like this.” I replied, not as an invitation to do it again, but as something that I found that I liked.

“Well okay, that is understandable; you do look amazing wearing it, much better than the doll over there.” He said while indicating the bound doll. “But there is more to the outfit should you want to try it on.”

“More?” I asked, now intrigued by his suggestion; the doll didn’t seem to be wearing anything else other than the thing that covered her head, then I spotted the corset the doll was also wearing. I hadn’t seen that in my initial embarrassed look at her. The corset looked like it was made of the same material, so maybe that is why I didn’t see it at first. “I’m not sure…” 

“That’s okay, we can just stop here, and I’ll let you get out of the suit now.” He said, the sound of his voice showed that he was disappointed in me, that our little game had now ended and that in his mind that I hadn’t enjoyed wearing the suit.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant; please, I’m just a little unsure,” I said, trying to soothe him. I could see that I had let him down, just when he thought that I wasn’t enjoying this. “Please, could you dress me in the corset? Sorry but I have never worn stuff like this before, please dress me like you would your doll.”

His face seemed to light up when I told him that, and he gave me the bottle and cloth telling me to use it on the areas that I could reach, as he went back to the closet to retrieve whatever he had wanted me to wear next. Pleased that I had made him happy and that I could continue to wear the suit for a while longer, I did enjoy the feel of the suit on my body, the tightness, and the all-over hug that it gave me. The boots, too, after the initial pain of wearing them, now felt right; the tight fit holding my legs in their rigid grip felt good as well.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I could see, once that I had now overcome my awesomeness, that there were indeed marks on the surface of the suit and that he had given me the cloth and spray to wipe them off. I started to work spraying the liquid and then rubbing the suit, the feelings transferring themselves to my body underneath, an amazing feeling that seemed to stoke my already hot body to further heights of arousal. What had I become, now a latex-clad goddess, enjoying being dressed like the doll I had first discovered? I wondered what would happen next.

When he returned, he looked over the suit where I had cleaned as best I could; picking up a cloth himself; he started to work on the areas where I had either missed or not been able to reach. With him taking over the cleaning, I found that the whole thing was even more enjoyable, his hands moving the cloth over my body, sending delightful waves of pleasure throughout my being. I began to shiver and give tiny little cries as he reached more sensitive areas, but allowed him to continue, now lost in the lustful pleasure garden of my body.

Sensing that I was enjoying what he was doing to me, he continued to rub and clean the suit in areas that would have been off-limits beforehand, bringing me closer to my own personal nirvana, but only going so far; he had other plans that he wanted for me to join him in, getting me dressed like his doll. Stopping the cleaning process allowed me to recover my senses before the next part of the outfit. Picking up the corset, again this one seemed slightly different; he began to place it around my waist, taking his time to adjust the corset so that the cups fitted under and supported my breasts, satisfied that it was in place, he went behind and started to close the laces on the corset.

With each pull, he managed to squeeze my waist inwards, the tightness getting more and more, making it harder to draw a breath, and when I started to think to mention that it was maybe tight enough, I remembered what he had said earlier about stopping and the disappointment on his face and knew then that I wanted to continue, so I decided to say nothing and just let him get on with the task.

It wasn’t too long after the tightening stopped anyway, so my concerns were at that moment pointless, the corset while tight did feel good once my body adjusted to it, I thought that the all-over body hug that the suit gave me felt good, now with the corset hugging my waist it was even better, the rigid corset holding my body firmly in its grasp. Again, he started to clean, but mostly the corset and the feelings that I got were nowhere near as good as when he rubbed the suit, but it felt good to stand there and be dressed and prepared by him, something I didn’t expect.

Looking again in the mirror as he continued to clean, the corset pulled my waist in, displaying my curves even more, my breasts held firmly in the cups that supported them from below made them look bigger, or was that the fact that my waist was smaller, either way, I looked very sexy and felt that way too. He left me for a short while to admire my reflection. I know that I sound like some narcissistic woman, but the vision before me was beguiling; I had never felt or experienced anything like this before.

He had some more of the black latex in his hand when he returned, and I wondered what it was. He seemed hesitant to show me; maybe he was starting to have doubts that I was enjoying what he was doing to me. I knew that having gone this far that I didn’t want to disappoint him or myself for that matter; here I was experiencing something different and wonderful at the same time, though for sure I was nervous at first, but after seeing myself in the mirror and what I had become, I knew that at this moment that I didn’t want to stop and simply go home, wondering to myself what else would have happened and would I have enjoyed it or not.

“So, what’s next?” I asked, looking at what he was holding in his hand and hopefully indicating that I had no objections to continuing what we were doing.

He looked surprised and then relieved and said, “It’s a hood, like the one dolly is wearing.” Indicating that the doll was wearing one. “It’ll complete the outfit.”

“Would it be okay to try it on?” I asked, my mind made up to please him and also enjoy what he was doing to me. “Dress me like your dolly.” I teased.

Again surprised, but overcoming his initial reluctance, he reached up and began to place the hood over my head. It was tight at first, and pulled on my hair as he slipped it over my head, but soon he had worked it around and pulled it down to cover my face and neck. Unfastening the zipper on the catsuit he moved the bottom of the hood inside and refastened the zipper. My head now enclosed inside the hood, he adjusted the face part so that I could see out of the eyeholes and breathe through both my nose and mouth.

“There dolly, all covered now from head to toe.” He said, making the final adjustments to the hood.

This was the first time that he had called me his dolly; it sent a wonderful shiver throughout my body at the thought of being his doll. This came as both a surprise and delight to me. Was I just something to be used and displayed, played with, and I had never thought of myself this way before tonight. It was by strange circumstance that I had found myself here and then dressed the way I was to compare myself with the lifeless lookalike that shared a similar appearance to my own. This is not something I would have contemplated beforehand in my life, but at this moment, it all seemed right, I felt safe and secure, wanted and desired, and I loved the feeling that all that was happening to me was doing to my mind and body.

“Dolly thanks you,” I replied, not sure at that moment, but falling more into the role that I was playing, or did I really think of myself as nothing more. I walked around a little getting the feel of the whole outfit, the suit, corset and boots felt wonderful; the hood made me look and feel less of a woman and more like the other doll in the room, but it also made me feel a strange sense of power, I felt like a sexual being, I was now the goddess that I had seen before in the doll.

Walking around the room, I felt my own sexual energy rising; my whole body felt more voluptuous, I had never felt this so turned on in my entire life, and I knew that I wanted more. I walked over to where Mr. Soames sat on the edge of his desk. I leaned in and kissed him.

“Dolly thanks you for getting her ready. But…”

“But what?” stunned that I had kissed him, he was unsure of what I wanted.

“But I’m not yet finished,” I said, looking at the doll bound on the display stand.

“You’re dressed like her; you both look the same, you’re even more stunning than the doll to be honest; what more could there be?” he replied.

“What do you do with your dollies once dressed?” I asked, again looking at the bound doll, hoping that he would get my message. “Do you put them on display?”

“You mean…” Finally getting the message, “that you want to be bound like the doll, to the stand?”

“Well, I am your new dolly. I should be treated like one; please put me on display like the other doll.” I said to him.

“Okay…” he replied, still unsure that I had asked him to bind me to the pole. I walked over and ran my hands over the straps, “Dolly likes straps; please put this dolly in lots of straps.”

He moved over and started to release the straps that bound the doll to the pole, all the time his eyes kept looking at me as I sat on the edge of his desk, my hands playing with my latex clad body, teasing him and hoping that he would take me and use his dolly, but knowing that I wanted to be bound first. I like bondage and to be used sexually when bound; it is one of my turn-ons, something that my previous boyfriend found hard to understand; maybe that’s why we broke up, my desires had led me to find someone else who would satisfy me and my bondage desires.

My thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Soames said that he was ready for me; taking my hand, he guided me over and helped me stand on the platform, the pole now firmly against my back as I stood there waiting. Picking up the straps, he started to place them around my ankles; working upwards, he placed the next two above and below my knees, then around my hips, and followed shortly after that my waist. Even though the outfit I was currently wearing held my body rigid, the added straps made me feel even better. Lost in my own arousal, I was brought back to reality when he announced that he had finished.

I tried to wriggle and move my body; each time that I did, he adjusted the straps to make them tighter and then added a couple more to ensure that I really bound tightly to the stand. I must admit that I encouraged him to add more straps by trying as best I could to get myself free; well a girl has her wants and needs. It was only after tightening and adding more straps were we both satisfied that I was not getting myself off of the display stand. I was now bound like the doll previously but much tighter, and I loved the way it made me feel.

Standing back to admire his new dolly, Mr. Soames drank in the vision before him, and he wondered what had happened tonight to turn his personal secretary in his one of his rubber-clad dollies, this was something out of his wildest dreams, something that he would never have thought would have happened, he had always wanted someone to share in his own kinks, a life-long love of rubber and a desire to dress women that way, to be kept and used by him for his, and hopefully their own, personal enjoyment. Not finding a suitable woman to share, he had turned to using dolls to fulfill his desires, that was until today.

Now that he had this female dressed and bound the way that he wanted, he was sure that he would never want to go back to using just his dolls; he wondered if his secretary would want to stay as his new rubberdoll. And his thoughts drifted to maybe keeping her this way, after all, she lived on her own, he reasoned, she had enjoyed being dressed by him and had even asked to be bound the same as his other doll, she had even thanked him as his dolly for getting her ready for him. He knew that no matter what, he would have to keep this new dolly as his own.

All of this was unknown to me; I was enjoying my time in bondage, dressed in the tight outfit; this was all I could think about at this moment; any future thoughts were not a consideration at this point. It was lovely feeling his hands on my body as he again polished the latex outfit, bringing it to a shine, cleaning every last part of his newly minted doll. I was too lost in my own arousal and fantasy to be concerned with anything other than being used by him at some point tonight.

It was only when I felt the cold thing enter my open mouth did I realize that he was gagging me, now in the past, I have been gagged usually with some piece of cloth or clothing, but once I had what my boyfriend at the time had called a ‘penis’ gag used on me, he had pushed it to the back of my throat while I was bound and helpless (sigh), but it had hurt so I didn’t enjoy it, this one too felt the same and I struggled to stop him placing the gag in my mouth.

Mr. Soames then forced the gag in harder, saying that dollies don’t speak and that I would be gagged whether I wanted to or not. There was nothing I could do to stop him, and after a brief struggle, the gag was firmly in place, the tip of the penis part edging towards the back of my mouth. It felt uncomfortable more than painful, and it was the shock of him forcing me to wear it that made me struggle against wearing it. It seems that things had changed between us now, I was just his dolly, and he could do what he wanted to me now, when before he had asked or had been reluctant to do anything without me letting him know that I wanted this.

I suppose the adage, ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ had come true, I had wanted to find out what it felt like to be dressed just like the doll, and now I had found out, it was only when he moved the doll from the floor where it currently was laying did I notice the gag that it was wearing too. So I was practically identical, both sisters in latex and bondage, and I did want this, but maybe without the gag, but as I was now his doll, there was nothing I could do to stop him.

He carried the doll over to the cupboard that he had retrieved all of the things I was wearing from; there must be some secret part of the cupboard I had not seen before, as the cupboards in the room were not that large inside. When he returned, he had something else in his hand, some more straps and what looked like a plastic microphone, and also a blindfold. I looked at the blindfold and started to struggle again; what was he going to do to me?

“Now, now dolly, no need for that,” he said to me, “It’s time for some fun.”

Placing the blindfold over my eyes, it connected to parts of the hood that I was wearing, the audible click sounding the finality of taking the last of my vision away, now the only thing I could see was the darkness that covered my eyes. I was truly helpless now.

I then felt more straps going around my body, especially around my hips and the top of my thighs; I thought that I was already tightly bound enough, but it seemed that he had other ideas. It was then that I felt something pressing up against my sex, some hard and round; he began adjusting the straps to hold whatever it was in place. I would soon find out what it was when the thing started to vibrate and rub up against my outer folds and the little nubbin that hid behind the screens, as I called it.

The sensations felt odd at first; sure, I had used a vibrator in the past, but this thing was on a whole new level. The thing kept changing up and down, teasing and tormenting me. It never occurred to me as to why he would have something like this to use on his dolls, and maybe he had brought it to act out when playing with them, and now that he had a real-life doll, he could use it to the fullest extent possible.

I couldn’t see what he was doing to me, but he watched as each time I got near to any sort of climax, he would either switch the damn thing off, leaving me wanting or just slow it down enough to be more of a torment than a delight. He enjoyed having the power over me, and he watched as I squirmed about strapped to the pole, his latex clad dolly, his new plaything. He was like a child at Christmas with his new toy.

My torment was interrupted when the phone rang, and he stopped everything to answer the call, leaving me bound there hot and bothered, but controlled by him, I started to feel more like his plaything than the woman I used to be, what had he done to me? The conversation continued, I could hear his voice as he spoke to whoever was on the other end; it was only when he mentioned to the other person that he was currently playing with his latest acquisition that my clouded mind began to take notice.

The person on the phone seemed to share the same things that he did, judging by the conversation as he continued to speak on the phone, but now he had started to play with the vibrator again, teasing me by keeping the thing on a low setting. My mind was drifting between my desire to climax and the talk on the phone, and I could only hear garbled parts, that was only when he hadn’t turned the wretched machine on to the highest setting, driving me oh so close, but never over the top.

I heard that he had invited the other person to come to his office, and that they would both be able to play with the new doll, after they had packaged it up and taken it home. I wondered what he was talking about; surely, he didn’t mean to keep me like this? It then struck me that I was helplessly bound, dressed like his other doll and that nobody knew that I was here, I was truly his to take and keep if he so wanted, and that was when the most powerful orgasm ripped through my body, so hard that it was only the tightness of the straps that kept me rigid to the pole. It even amazed him sitting there watching.

After that, things went even darker as I blacked out from the all-over climax that had overwhelmed me, the straps holding me in place. Mr. Soames checked that I was still alive but otherwise kept me bound as I was until his friend would arrive and they would both get to play with the new doll, something that they both looked forward to, and another story from me as to what happened to the newly minted rubber dolly.


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