The Mask

by DollMaster

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© Copyright 2009 - DollMaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mask; magic; transform; latex; rubberdoll; mannequin; cons/nc; X


Angela had never been an exceptionally pretty girl. She wasn't ugly, just homely. Her beauty lay in her gentleness and kindness, but few men ever stayed with her long enough to figure that out. So, as a result, she was a very reserved and quiet person. She owned a small antique shop willed to her by her uncle, who had passed away some time ago. Every so often, a man would come in, but he told her was looking for a gift for his wife, and her hopes were dashed.

One day, while she was in for her monthly trim, Angela was reading on of the fashion magazines that the salon had. Normally, she didn't read them, because she was jealous of the beautiful women inside. But today, she felt some force pulling her in. As she finished the last article, a small advertisement caught her eye.

Looking for a man? We can help! 555-3851

For a moment, she thought how silly this was, but she copied the number and slipped it in her pocket. She got her hair cut into the same style she had worn for the past several years and left. She raced home and dialed the number. No one answered. Just as I figured, she thought disheartened, and hung up. A few minutes later, a shrouded person walked into the store carrying a large bag. Angela was not quite sure of what to make of her.

"Can I help you?"

"No, but I can help you. You called me, did you not?

"Well... I dialed the number, but..."

"Excellent. Close your shop so there will be no interruptions. Then we can begin."

Angela looked at her funny, but closed the shutters and locked the door.

"Very good. I am here to help you get a man. Now, sit."

Angela did as she was told, and the woman produced a set of calipers. She began to take measurements of Angela's face.

"I have just the thing for you, my dear."

She reached into her bag as pulled out a mask. The mask was pure white, and had beautifully sculpted features. Attached was a mass of thick, straight, black hair. It was designed to cover the entire head. Angela gasped when she saw it.

"It... it's beautiful. but, I don't have enough to..."

"Don't worry about that dear. Here, try it on."

The woman pressed on the sides of the mask, and the back opened to allow Angela to put her head in. She slipped it over her head and closed the back.

"It fits perfectly... I'm... I'm beautiful.", she said, voice muffled slightly.

"Yes, dear. very beautiful. But there is one stipulation. You must never take off the mask. Ever."

Angela didn't hear her, and she was captivated my her reflection in the mirror.

"Alright...", she said dreamily.

"Well, it seems my work is done. I'll be going."

"Buh bye... thank you. You don't now what his means to me."

The woman left the shop, and Angela turned back to the mirror and waited. That was when it happened. The mask grabbed her head and twisted it, reshaping her face. She would have screamed in pain, but the mask covered her neck too, and the compression kept her from making a sound. Her hands went to her face to try to rip the mask off, but her small fingers failed against the smooth white mask, and she eventually passed out from the pain.

* * * *

Angela awoke in front of the mirror. She slowly opened her eyes, and stared in shock at her reflection. She was beautiful. Her skin was ivory colored and as smooth and creamy as fine china. Her long, soft black hair framed her classic face perfectly. She stood up, and felt an odd weight on her chest. She completely stripped and found that her face wasn't the only thing that had changed. Her whole body was the same skin tone as her face, and just as smooth. Her breasts had been enlarged, and she could only guess at their size. She was neither fat, nor waif-like, just perfect.

She ran her hands all over her body, drinking in the sight and savoring the feeling of smooth skin. She paused as she neared her neatly trimmed sex, but something took hold, and she slipped a finger, then two inside her moist sex. The overpowering rush of pleasure nearly knocked her down, and she fell to her bed as her legs turned to jelly. She screamed as her first orgasm washed over her, and three more quickly followed. As she lay in the afterglow, she realized that none of her clothes would fit her new body. A rush of excitement swelled at the thought of buying new clothes. She threw on a sweatshirt and jeans and rushed out the door to the nearest boutique.

After flashing her credit cards, the attendant was helpful in every way, giving her tips on the cut and styles that were popular at the time. After several hours of trying on things, she left the store with several new outfits and pairs of shoes. As she was walking back to the store, she reveled in the stares of the drooling men, some with their wives, walking by. Almost back at her store, a small shop, tucked away in the alley, caught her eye. She went home to put her things away, and returned to the store in the alley.

What she saw in the window made her squeal with delight. It was a catsuit made of the whitest rubber with feet and gloves, both with red nails glued on. But what really got her attention was the attached mask. It looked exactly like her, as if the mask was molded from own face. She walked inside and asked the clerk how much she wanted for the catsuit. Angela winced slightly at the price, but decided it was worth it. Along with the catsuit, she also bought a pair of white latex thigh high boots with six inch heels.

Arms loaded with bags, she went back to her place and stripped. Seeing that the latex would grab at her sex, she produced the bottle of depilatory use used for her legs. She spread it over her pelvis and let it set up, then she jumped into the shower. She smiled as she watched her hair wash away into the drain. She smoothed lotion all over her body, reveling in the silkiness of her skin. Her hands drifted over her crotch, and the delicious heat began to build again. She hesitated and decided to wait until she was dressed.

She pulled the catsuit from the bag and unzipped the back. Her smooth legs slipped easily inside, and she made quick work of the suit. She held the mask in front of her and smiled. She slipped it over her head, fitted the nose tubes comfortably, and zipped up the suit. Everywhere on her body was a wonderful tightness. She ran her shiny, featureless, rubber encased hands all over her body. The suit dulled sensation, but at the same time the slightest touch sent pleasure rippling through her body. She pulled the boots out and slipped them on. The high heels forced her foot into a unaccustomed position, but she soon was able to stand and walk easily. The rubber blended seamlessly together, and she looked like a latex-skinned woman with high-heels for feet.

She walked over to the mirror and squealed with excitement. The reflection in the mirror was one of a rubber goddess, and she couldn't believe it was her. She heard the door open in the store and a male voice ask if anyone was here. Eager to try her wings, she stepped into the store and watched the man's jaw hit the floor. He had never seen such a vision of female beauty. Though her mouth was sealed closed by the mask, her body language was very suggestive, and she got excited watching the man's cock get hard in his jeans. She caressed her breasts with one hand while the other went down and cupped her crotch. She moaned and arched her back, and the man couldn't take anymore. He quickly dropped his pants and drawers.

His manhood was a good 8 inches long, and went Angela saw it, she knew she was in for a treat. She unzipped the crotch to give him access to her glistening sex. He stood next to her, and she impaled herself on him. His length quickly passed her virginity, and the sweet pain washed over her. She wanted so much to kiss him, but the pleasure from her groin soon overrode all other desires. He lowered her to the floor and pumped her hard. She writhed and moaned in pure ecstasy. She felt the heat rise, and she knew it would be big. He started to cum, and pumped even harder to make sure she came to. This was more than she could stand, and her whole body was overcome by the orgasms. Her contracting muscles only drew him further inside her, and she was completely filled by his warmth. She didn't notice the man get up and leave, fixing his pants as he walked out the door and wondering how she got into that catsuit, because he never felt or saw and seams or zippers except for the crotch zipper. He passed a shrouded woman walking into the store.

Angela stood up and felt very stiff. She tried to move her hands, but fingers were spread in an unnatural position and would not move. 'What's happening?', she thought. She tried to take a step, but her knees were locked. The shrouded woman walked into the store and nodded her head.

"I see what you have done with my gift... you will be punished."

With that she removed the shroud, and Angela made a small cry. She was looking at herself. The woman had her face!

"You have become one of them, and forgotten your own inner beauty."

Angela felt her extremities getting cold. She looked down, and the shiny rubber seemed to be a part of her body now... a very permanent part. She looked pleadingly at the woman with her face as the chill moved up her torso. The pleasant feelings from her crotch faded as her sex turned to plastic.

"So you will stay as one of them, forever."

Angela tried to scream, but her chest and neck had already hardened. The woman smiled evilly. It was the last thing Angela saw as he eyes turned to glass and her consciousness faded way.

"You will make a fine window dummy, my dear."


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