Sally the latex doll

by Kinkysilvia

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© Copyright 2011 - Kinkysilvia - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; mask; latex; bodysuit; majick; transform; doll; cons; X


Sally was the typical blond girl that would become the dream for every man that would get to see her.

Long slender legs, tall and thin as a swan, a wonderful body with big breasts and thin waist, as she was able to be corseted as Rossella O’Hara in “Gone with the wind”, an angel face with big blue eyes and a cascade of curly blonde hairs reaching the shoulders and free to move and enchant the university boys and not only.

She was 22 years old, a big brain able to let her pass all the exams with not too many efforts.

But she had also a horrible character.

A lot of guys and girls consider her only a bitch, not only for her sexual appetite, but also for her way to use people and discard as she does with used shoes or dresses.

But she had some friends with the same character as her; he or she can stand her.

In particular, this group of friends (quite all girls, with some boyfriends) decided that once a season, during the equinoxes or the solstices, a fancy ball must be done to see who would be the queen and the king of the season.

Each time the costumes for the ball had a different theme, from sci-fi to Victorian, from ’50 to bimbo girls and so on.

Summer solstice was arriving, and so Sally had to find something for the ball.

The theme that time was “Dollies”.

She was quite sure to win, because she knew practically everything about dolls. She'd liked them since she could remember, and she had a huge collection on her family home. From Barbies to classical ones made of ceramic, to blondes to red-haired, to historically dressed to pure fantasy.

So she had the perfect idea for the dress.

She searched on internet, paying quite a lot, (but money was not one of her problems), a quite funny dress.

It was a white and blue dress, composed by a frilly long sleeved shirt with puffy sleeves, a blue overall sleeveless and with a large skirt that had to be maintained filled by tons of petticoats that were in any case covering her legs just under the buttock, giving her the appearance of a really naughty girl.

White and blue striped socks just under the knees and 5” heels shiny shoes were completing the look.

She had also the correct wig, blonde, with long and curly artificial hairs.

But she was still missing something.

She tried with her make up to create the correct face, but she had to find something good enough to make sure she won.

Her face was not enough artificial, shiny or at least false to be at the same level of her costume.

She started to search around on the net for make-up advices, or masks, but nothing good.

It was only a couple of days before the ball that she was walking from the university to her flat, when she noted in a lateral way a small shop, apparently really old, named “Ultimate Wish”.

She moved that way, curious, not knowing exactly the reason why she decided to go there. When in front of the entrance door, she noted on the small window that there were items from watches to shoes, scarf but also small toys, and dolls.

“Maybe…” she thought, and entered.

Inside there was a lot of items, one over the other, in a sort of strange chaos. At the desk on the left an old woman looked to her and smiled.

“Good afternoon, my dear. How I can help you?”

“Well, I don’t know… I don’t think you can help me, but… Well, I need desperately a something for a ball.”

“Ah.” She smiled. “A dress?, or a jewel, or shoes for your ball?”

Sally sighed.

“No, I have all of it, but I need a mask.”

“A mask you say! Ah, a fancy dress ball. How good there are still people who do it. And what kind of mask do you need?, a witch one?, A princess one?, Maybe some famous artist now so popular?”

“Do you have masks?”

The woman nodded.

“All the ones you want. Rigid, soft, leather, rubber, iron, ask me and I will give you. This is the ultimate wish shop; we must have what you need.”

She smiled, happy about the woman's answer.

“Good. I have a nice dress to let me be similar to a china doll, a mix between a classical china doll and the Japanese Lolita that can be seen on manga or television. I need a mask to appear as artificial as possible but at the same time lifelike.”

“Good, maybe I have what you need. A Japanese girl, you say? Artificial! Maybe... Please, wait a second…” she said, moving to a door Sally didn’t see up to that moment, and disappearing in it.

She returned some minutes after, while Sally was not moving, just looking a round with the fear that touching something would lead to let fall a lot of items, apparently one over the other against the gravity law.

“Yes, this I think it’s what you need.” She said, showing to the blonde a marvellous mask, thin as a surgical glove and covering also the neck. “Do you like it?”

“I love it. Can I?” she asked, showing her hand.

“Ah, yes, this is exactly what you need. Consider that this is the best latex mask you can find around the world, it’s so lifelike that it seems it has been obtained directly from the girls face, no?”

“Really…” she mumbled, feeling the slippery, quite warm latex in her hand, looking at the perfect gloss of the cheek, at the perfection of the eyeholes, so thin and small she could see the black of the eyes, the thin nose, the perfectly smiling lips, the gentle curve of the chin and the long neck. “How much do you want for the mask?”

“Nothing really, you can take it for free. You need it only for the ball, no?”


“Ok, so if you are going to use it, and return it back to me when you have finished, and the mask has no damage, I don’t see a problem. I can see you are a good girl, I can trust you.”

“Why, thank you!”

So she returned home with the mask in her bag, well protected because it was inside a small wooden box the woman gave to her. Sally promised to return the mask within four days, and asked for some advice from the woman for the care of the thin latex. The funny thing was that the woman suggested her to have the mask on for as much as she can, to let her skin get used to the latex and to wash the mask in and out every time she used it.

“I have to try it anyway, so it’s not a big deal.”

When at home, she took a good shower, then she seated still naked on the bed and extracted from her bag the box, opening it and looking again at the mask, a lifeless face that was so perfect that was quite frightening, now that she was looking at it better. But at the same time she was so beautiful that she just took out and looked again, touching inside and outside to feel the strange material.

She put it near her nose, sniffing the strange, sweet, alien perfume, watching how the lips of the mask were curving so they would cover totally her lips, how the nostrils had small hoses inside to avoid movements of the holes and suffocate the wearer, how the eyes were totally closed, the apparently existing hole in front of the eyes only a small piece of transparent rubber.

There were no zippers or laces; it was really a sort of plastic head.

She was worried about her hair, but then she remembered that she had somewhere a bathing cap, and after some minute of searching, she tugged all her hairs under the white rubber bathing cap, rendering herself quite bald, her hair crushed under the rubber surface of the cap.

She looked again at the mask, then she turned it and closing her eyes, she put it on, stretching and pulling, until with a faint “plop”, the mask was all over her face.

Quickly she aligned the nostril holes inside her real nose, so she could breathe, and then moved the eyes and the lips into position. Still with her eyes closed, she moved her tongue over the rubber lips and breathed deeply, only the rich aroma of the warm rubber filling her lungs.

She opened her eyes, and she gasped, the Asian pale face gasping as well in the mirror, the small eyes looking at her, searching for the gap between the neck and the shoulders, finding it and considering it quite disgusting.

She was bald, but she could find immediately a solution, while for the strange skin colour difference she was thinking how to deal with, also if she knew that the costume dress had a high neck, covering the edge perfectly.

Moving in the room, she grabbed the blonde wig she found for the dress and put it on, finding how the colour and the style were perfect for the face she had that moment.

She dressed, finding a high necked sleeveless shirt and a pair of jeans, and then she started to study, thinking that the best way to get used to the mask was to do everything with it on.

She forget the item quickly, also if she continued to note the slight lack of vision due to the latex over her eyes, so she could only see big characters or move the books near her. Also she noted that she had to turn the whole head from side to side to see around, because if she moved the eyes, they saw only the dark of the latex inside the mask and over the eyeballs.

The afternoon moved quickly to evening, and so Sally decided to eat something, removing the mask and cleaning it inside and outside, only a thin layer of sweat over her face that dried immediately.

The mask was looking at her when she returned from the bathroom where she left it, after the dinner, a quick salad and a glass of wine.

The eyes of the mask were looking at her, and the lips half opened, half smiling in a strange smile seemed to say to her to fill again the mask with her face, to become again Reiko (as the mask seemed to whisper inside her head), the Japanese girl.

Sally was startled for a second about the idea that the mask had a name, and then she giggled, thinking that effectively the name was Japanese, and it suited to the mask really in a good way.

So she checked the mask was dried, and she found it was perfectly dry and again smooth and soft, slightly warm at the touch.

The blonde, used again the cap, being sure that all her hair was under the rubber, then she let her face disappear under the latex, smiling when the soft rubber caressed her lips and nose.

With attention she touched her face, to remove the small air trapped inside the mask, to glue the sensual material to her skin; to let the two things became one.

Reiko dressed herself in a quite conservative yet erotic way, with black high heeled shoes in black shiny leather, over the knee tight pencil leather skirt, a white shirt, long sleeved and closed to the neck with small button to hide the end of the mask and the start of the skin.

She noted that if the smoked pantyhose were perfect to hide her skin colour, her hands were not so good, so she grabbed a pair of elbow long gloves in black patent leather she bought for an event sometime before and sealed her fingers under them.

“Perfect!” she said, her voice slightly different form the one she had when not masked.

She added a different wig, one that was lifelike, black long straight hair she used to become a sexy Morticia Addams years before.

Picking up the small bag of Sally, the new girl exited and went out into the city for a walk, noting that no one was looking at her as she had on a mask, sure that the perfection of the disguise let the world believe she was really a strangely high, wonderfully beautiful Asian girl.

She stopped again in front of the same shop, and entered.

“Do you need help, my dear?” asked the woman inside.

“Do you recognise me?”

“Sure. I remember the mask I give to any girl. It seems you are well used to it already. Do you find your new face good?”

“It’s perfect, but in some way I think I need something else…”

“Do you need something else?”

“Yes. I dressed this way to hide the fact that only my face is Asian, while the rest of the body is white and not good as the face.”

“I understand. You are searching for something better, for something that could link to the mask?”

She nodded.

“Wait here…” the woman said, disappearing again on the back door, and then reappearing after some minute with a box in her arms.

“This is the perfect friend of your mask, Reiko. This suit is made of the same latex as your face, but it will cover all of your body, rendering you a perfect Asian doll, also if no one will know the difference, as you already discovered coming here.”

The girl smiled and went to the changing room, where she undressed and picked up the two pieces that formed the suit. One was a long sleeved leotard with closed crotch and high neck, with sleeves so long that only in a second time she discovered there were included gloves with also fake nails.

The second item was pantyhose with separate toes and nails too.

With extreme care she started with the pantyhose, stretching the material and slowly engulfing her legs with the suffocating latex, the warm material stretching and snapping over her skin, quite reshaping her limbs, massaging them as a lover hands.

Then she looked at the leotard, searching for a zipper, but she didn’t find one. So she just stretched the high neck, putting one foot, then the other inside the neck and putting the garment on, moving her breasts inside the preformed ones of the leotard, flexing her fingers inside her new latex slender ones.

She discovered that the neck finished just under her chin, so practically disappearing and giving the impression of a perfectly sealed suit if not for the line of the leotard at waist height.

“This... is... perfect!” she breathed smiling, the mask following perfectly her face, as it was hers.

She redressed quickly, avoiding totally closing the shirt neck and not gloving her hands.

“It seems you like also the suit. You want to go out with it on?”

She nodded, and extracted the money holder for the suit.

“No, no, as for the mask, you don’t have to pay me, as long as you will return with them still intact.”

“No problem, I will care for it as it is my own skin, my real one.”

“I was sure of it.”

Reiko thanked the woman and went to the entrance door.

“Wait, my dear...”

“Yes, something wrong?”

“No, on the contrary” she said smiling. “I’m sure that you will like a small gift.”

“What kind of gift?”

The woman gave her a small envelope in dark brown paper.

“Open it at home, my dear. And beware; it’s only for you, not for someone else.”

She nodded, smiled and thanked profusely, then left and returned quickly home, curious to see what the gift was.

The paper revealed a wonderful minidress in a strange but interesting brown colour, really simple in cut but maybe also for that reason so sexy.

Reiko smiled and undressed again, looking for a second in the mirror at the perfect body created by the suit she was sealed in.

Not sure why, she started to feel a strange heat on her stomach, something that she never expected to feel just looking herself in the mirror.

She started to run her latexed finger between her breasts, circling them, and then her hands cupped her latex breasts, twitching her nipples while her tongue licked the latex lips of the mask.

Closing her eyes, she fell on to her big bed and she moaned while she continued to touch herself.

Her fingers arrived at her secret flower, but she discovered that also if thin, the latex over her magic spot was not so supple to let her touch inside. So she had to move the fingers around the secret spot, the small button where all her pleasure was resting, and slowly, very slowly but in a strange and wonderful way she built her pleasure, the heat trapped and augmented by the latex over her, as she was not touching herself, but there was someone else to touch her, an invisible lover so good to build in her a small Big Bang of pleasure that exploded while her lips opened in a mute howl of joy.

She opened her eyes after some time, when she returned to think in a coherent way, her breathing rushing in and out her nostrils.

She passed her fingers through her hair, gave a sigh of relief and sat up.

A quick shower refreshed her, also if still sealed in the boiling latex.

For some strange reason she liked the sensation of the material hugging her, enclosing her, in some way restricting her, not in the movements, but in her soul, because she was looking at the reflection on the mirror and she was looking at Reiko, not at her masked.

After the shower she picked up again the brown dress, apparently done in a real shiny silk, and put it on, completing the attire with black shoes with slave criss-crossing up to the knee and some jewel.

“I’m beautiful, I’m really a perfect Asian doll.” she mumbled continuously, painting her false nails with a dark brown similar to the dress and putting some small make-up over the mask. “I would like to be forever this way! Forever a doll! In this moment this is my ultimate wish…” she dreamed for a second.

In the small and crowded of items shop, a woman smiled.

“Pick up a life-size Asian doll tomorrow morning…” she wrote on a piece of paper, before disappearing.

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