School of Rubber

by Rubberboy7451

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© Copyright 2009 - Rubberboy7451 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; kidnap; latex; bond; bodymod; mc; rubberdolly; nc/cons; XX

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The beginning

It was towards the end of semester that my life changed. My name is (or was) Samantha Morton & I was a college student at a small mid-west campus. I was a normal,18 year old girl. Blonde, slim but with large 36-D breasts that had caused me some embarrassment in the past. I usually wore baggy sweatshirts to cover them up & jeans. I knew I’d never be as pretty as the girls on the cheerleading circuit.  One day, Mitchell Thomas, the school hunk, asked me over to help him study biology. I gigglingly said yes! 

The night my life changed, I pulled out all the stops, a tight top for a change, a little tartan gymslip & knee length socks, just like Brittany! I knew he’d like that. I said bye to the girls who, as normal, were clustered in the living room watching nothing  & loudly talking about boys as usual.

I closed the door & hurriedly walked towards the waiting car. Mitchell opened the door for me & I got in. As we drove off, a hand clamped over my mouth! I tried to scream! Then the world went dark.

Lesson 1

I groggily came to, I couldn’t see, hear or move! My jaw ached & my mouth was filled with something big! A strange scent was in the air, sweet & heavy. I suddenly felt the blindfold peeled away from my face, I blinked in the harsh light, trying to focus. 

A face came into view, it was Mitchell! Thank god! He’d save me!

“Hello Samantha, or should I say Dolly? How are you feeling? Can’t speak, eh? Never mind, it’ll soon become so clear to you all! Ha, ha, ha!”

The slab I was strapped to tilted, in front of me was a mirror, staring back at me was a... thing! 

It was completely covered in a skin of seamless black rubber, it’s hands in some kind of round ball, it’s feet ended in impossibly high ballet boots & the head! Totally devoid of hair, nose or other features! The eyes were like that of a doll, round circles of white & a bright red oval for a mouth!

“How do you like the new you? We had to do some, ah, modifications to make you fit in around here. We reshaped your nose a bit, we also removed a rib or two. Oh, and your juicy tight little ass & cunt are so perfect now! Not as tight but our clients like that! Well, time for your first lesson”

A pair of headphones were placed over my ears & a visor was put over my eyes.

The headphones came alive, sexual moaning’s under a voice track, “ you are dolly, you are rubber, you are a rubber dolly, a fuck toy for men, you are dolly, you are rubber….”over & over the words went, after a while I found myself repeating them as well, my mind became groggy, hard to concentrate.

In the visor, I saw images of men & women, all clad in rubber, rubberdolls caressing swollen cocks, massive rubber dildo’s  rammed up tight asses & cunts, rubberdolls milking rows of rubbermen  into glasses & pouring the contents over themselves like spunk polish.

Gradually, my will was draining away……

Some time later, the headphones & goggles were removed & the table was tilted up.

I felt the penis gag removed from my mouth. A tube was put in my mouth & a slush was fed in, I sucked furiously. I was ravenous with hunger!

Mitc.. Master Mitchell came into view “ Who are you?” he asked.

“Saman.. Sama..  Dolly, Master” I replied, My mind cloudy & numb.

“What are you?” he asked.

“A dolly, a fuck toy for the Masters & Mistresses, A cum receptacle, a pleasure toy. Master” I replied, totally lost to the rubber & the perversities of the Masters & Mistresses that now ruled me, body & soul.

“Let lesson two begin!” Master Mitchell announced.

3 weeks after enrollment.
(note that dolly now refers to herself as dolly as her free will is all but gone)

Samantha  Morton was no more! In her place existed dolly, a fully rubberised sex toy, available for rent or sale to the most perverted (& highest) bidder. She was now starting her training in the art of rubber pleasure.

Dolly awoke as soon as the bright lights in her room snapped on. The room was bare apart from an open wardrobe, overflowing with rubber clothing of all designs, colours & purposes. A whipping horse sat against one wall, the whole room was smothered in rubber, rubber wallpaper, rubber curtains & even tufted rubber carpet! Dolly lay on a rubber bed, in fact, she was vaccumn sealed into it. Immediately she felt the tightness of the rubber sheets that imprisoned her like a fly in amber. The fullness of her crotch overtaken by the intense vibrations caused by the two immense dildo’s.

The seal around the edge of the bed eased & Dolly was able to slither out of  its rubbery confines. The huge dildo’s deflated slightly, but it was still a effort to ease herself off them.

Dolly went over to the full length mirror on the wall & studied what she had become. Her entire body was sealed into a perma-skin of breathable rubber, a miracle of bio-engineering. Her breasts were now  twice their original size, her waist so slender any woman would be jealous & her arse was a bum lovers dream!

Dolly picked up a tin of silicone rubber polish & began the morning ritual of washing herself.. Soon her body was gleaming, the rubber casting off light like a mirror. Dolly’s door unlocked & she  went out & joined the end of the line of Dolls in the corridor, these were the other “students”, both men & women, depending on the purchasers requirements.

The line went into the dining room & each doll went to its assigned  place at the table.

Dolly stood behind her seat until the teachers filled in to the head table. Among them was the man who had changed her life, Mitchell Thomas, as well as his mom (Headmistress), dad (Headmaster), aunt (Head nurse) & a few other Masters & Mistresses. Each one was clad in rubber, along with a rubber cape & mortarboard hat.

“SIT!” barked the Headmaster.

Dolly sat down on the intruding dildo’s fixed to the seat. When she was seated, the intruders sprung to life, exiting a gasp from the students, which made the teachers laugh.

As the teachers tucked into ham & eggs, coffee & croissants, the students began to feed. Dolly placed the pipe before her into her mouth & began to “eat”. The slush  she ate was made up of  nutrients, semen from the male slaves & Dolly’s own nightly secretions, gathered from her during her sleep by a sophisticated network of piping in the vac-bed & the dildo’s ,

When breakfast was over, Dolly unplugged herself & joined the other dolly’s & went off to class. As they exited the dining room, a Mistress grabbed a nearby male doll & pointed out a few things to a new Mistress.

“See here, the penis is surgically enhanced, enlarged & thickened, giving the doll a permanent hard on. Tiny nanobots ensure a constantly enriched supply of spunk.Over a pint every half hour!!” The Mistress roughly grabbed the dolls 15 inch dick, pulling it up to show  off the tennis ball  sized balls. As She does this, the doll groans & slumps slightly, before regaining his composure, the end of  his sheath bulges obscenly as it is filled to bursting.

“AHH, see how the slightest touch of a  Mistress is enough to bring him off! Each male doll has to relieve himself every 30 minutes & produces a pint of cum. Although  he only gets pleasure when touched by a Mistress. GO! GET AWAY & CLEAN YOURSELF UP, DOLL!!” the Mistress barkes at the doll as it scurries away. while the two Mistresses retire to the comfort of the teachers lounge.

Dolly went into the first class. 'Care & proper use of dildo’s & other toys.' Announced the sign on the door. Dolly went to her seat & immediatly knelt before it like all the other Dolls & Dolly’s. Dolly stuck out her tongue & began to lick the dildo from end to end, deep throating it at times to get it really slick with her saliva. When it was good & wet, dolly stood up behind her chair  while the teacher inspected each one. 

“Good Dolly, rreeeaaalllyy  wet & gooey, that’ll easily slide in your arse & cunt.” The teacher offered her hand & Dolly kissed it lovingly.

Dolly eased herself down onto the dildo feeling her arse fill up with hard plastic. The teacher went to her desk & picked up a large butt plug. “This is the smallest size you will wear! DOLLY, HERE!” snapped the teacher. Dolly eased herself off the pulsing dildo with a wet slurp & went to the front of the class. She turned to face the class & bent over, grasping the padlocked ankles of her ballet boots.

The teacher picked up what looked like a grease gun & eased the nozzle into Dolly’s arse. She squeezed the trigger, sending cold lubricant into Dolly’s arse. 

”Brace up Dolly!!”

The teacher places the tip of the immense butt plug at the opening of Dolly’s rubber anus & shoves.. HARD! Dolly cries out as the massive intruder forces itself past the tight ring of muscle at the opening. The force bringing tears to her eyes.

Suddenly, a bell goes off! All the male Dolls get up & go to a pipe affixed to the wall at intervals, tubes hang loosly. Each male Doll plugs the end of the tube into the end of his penis sheath & begins to masturbate furiously to relieve the immense pressure building up. The result fed to the Dolly’s at mealtimes. Each male Dolly wearily went back to his seat & impaled himself on the chair.

Dolly straightened up slowly. her arse  cheeks splayed apart by the butt plug.

“How does it feel, Dolly?” asked the teacher.

“Good Mistress, thank you Mistress” Dolly replied.

 “Then sit!”

“Yes Mistress, thank you, Mistress.”

Dolly waddled over to her seat, & sat down, the chair dildo slotting into the hollow base of the butt plug.

Over the next 8 hours Dolly  & the rest of the class learnt about every concievable type, size, shape of dildo. Some regular shaped but some very perverse in design. Dolly learnt how to use them in every way possible. even some new ways!

At the end of the day, Dolly wearily climbed  inside her vac-bed, impaled her cunt & arse on the dildo’s.

The rubber sucked itself tightly around her & Dolly drifted off into a rubbery, contented sleep.



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