Seasons in the Sun

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Self/ff; transform; lovedoll; potion; nc; X


Allison stepped out onto the pool deck in her home's backyard stretching her arms wide as she basked in the mid day sun. Even though she was still a little fuzzy mentally from the gala party she had hosted the night before, there was nothing better in her mind to clear away a hangover than to laze about the pool just enjoying the weather. Dressed in a bright mutli colored bikini lined in black, she took great pride in the fact that her body was the envy of every woman she met and desired by the men she flirted with.

Walking around the edge of the pool deck, she saw several empty wine glasses and bottles that were still scattered on tables and chairs all around the pool.

"The staff were supposed to have cleaned up all this trash after the party last night. Sigh.. it is so hard to get good help these days." Allison muttered to herself as she picked up the odd glass and bottle.

She threw the trash she had gathered up and threw it into a nearby basket before going over to the bar that was set up nearby. Looking with disdain at the mess that had accumulated on the wooden bar top, she swept aside the empty wine glasses and bottles with one sweep of her forearm. Before she headed to the pool for some well deserved lazing in the sun, she noticed a small crystal bottle sitting at the far end of the top. Plucking it off the alcohol drenched top, she took the stopper and sniffed the aroma of the contents.

" Mmmm... smells like peppermint schnapps.." Allison said pleased by the delicious odor. She poured herself a glass using one of the few clean credenzas on the bar and carried it over to the edge of the pool. Sitting it down on the edge, she pulled out an inflatable plastic float from nearby the pool and inflated it using a hand held air pump before placing it in the still pool water and picking up her drink.

" Nice.. it tastes as good as it smells.. makes me all tingly.." Allison said obviously enjoying the drink. After just a few seconds, she had polished off the whole glass with a flourish. Putting the now empty glass back on the bar, she looked around quickly to make sure there was no one in the immediate vicinity. Seeing no one, she untied her bikini top and draped it over one of the bar stools freeing her magnificent breasts which seemed to float in the warm summer breeze.

She walked over to where the float was near the pool edge feeling tingly all over her body like her husband Antonio was running his hands all over her body stimulating her like only he could. Sighing softly out loud, she gently lowered herself onto the air mattress planning to work on the tan for her back first before her buttocks and front torso.

As she laid there, the warm feeling seemed to be intensifying throughout her body and with it a feeling of stiffness that seemed to be creeping through her entire body. "Hmm.. must have really overdid it at the party last night... still feel so good..." Allison mumbled out loud as she felt so good as if she was floating a cloud.

After a few minutes passed, Allison decided she would turn over and exposed his breasts and torso to the bright sun's rays. However, her arms and legs were moving extremely sluggish to her thoughts and she had difficulty pulling herself up. She managed to put herself in a position where she was on her hands and knees and only then noticed the shocking changes to her body that had occurred.

Her skin , formerly made of smooth pink flesh with just a few freckles, now seemed to be rapidly changing into some sort of shiny vinyl substance. To her horror, she could seem long seams appear seemingly out of nowhere running the length of her arms as if her body was made of sheets of man made materials. She slowly looked downward and saw her breasts which she was so proud of slightly inflate and become two domes of taut plastic capped by bright pink nipples and ringed by the same seams which now ran down her body. She could feel the same changes happening to her pussy and her anus beneath her bikini bottom as they seemed to be widening for.. something...

Allison tried to shout out alerting someone, anyone to her predicament but found she was no longer able to utter a sound or move an inch out of her current position. She found her mouth forming a round O shape and she was starting to think it was for s..something. The waves of pleasure were intensifying throughout her body and she felt herself growing lighter as if she was filled.. with air. Through the erotic haze she was in, she could faintly hear the patio doors swing open and a female figure walked though dressed in a maid's uniform.

However, her thoughts had radically changed from what her situation was " Yes... maybe she is my owner.. I can make her happy... she can squeeze my tits.. use my mouth.. pussy.. or just let me support her here on the water. .I hope she lets me please her..!! " thought the newly created sex doll as she sat silently on top of the float.

Consuela was shocked by the sight she saw on the pool surface. If the owners saw the mess and this X-rated sight together, she surely would be fired on the spot . Walking quickly to the pool, she managed to pluck the amazingly lifelike sex toy out of the pool. She reached behind the doll and, grasping the inflation valve, opened up the nozzle to deflate the doll.

" Nooo.. let me please.. you.. please..." thought the living love doll before her mind slipped into darkness as her body quickly lost form and became a limp piece of plastic.

Consuela was about to hurl the toy into a nearby rubbish bin when she looked down at its' features and over at the many bottles resting on the bar. A slow smile crossed her face she thought of a very nice way to spend the evening. She quickly went about cleaning up around the pool area but at the same time stuffing the doll and a half empty bottle of wine she spotted in a box which she carried away...

Several hours later..

Antonio stepped through the patio doors talking to another man as he did. " Yes, I'm sure your sample for your new product is here somewhere, Gunther. I'm sure the military will be greatly interested in a substance that can alter the molecular makeup of any material it comes in contact with. Hmm.... I don't see it anywhere around the pool. I better check with Allison.. Allison ?.. Allison, honey, are you home ? " Antonio said mystified by the lack of activity around the pool.

Meanwhile, at that moment in a house several miles away, the sex doll that until a few hours ago was the woman known as Allison was resting on a unmade bed. Her clothing had been changed and she now wore a black leather bra and matching panties with an opening for her smooth pussy to be available.

Consuela walked towards the doll wearing nothing save a very flimsy blue thong panty. In her hand, she was carrying a large wine glass and had a very sultry look on her face.

" Well, my little dolly, shall we have a litttle fun tonight ? I know I am after drinking this wonderful wine... hmm.. smells like peppermint schnapps..." she said as she sat down on the bed abruptly. She felt a little light headed....

Strangely enough, Consuela failed to show up for work the next morning....



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