Sex Doll

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2014 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; drug; captive; computer; program; sbm; wrap; rubber; insert; transform; sexdoll; tease; mast; sex; cons/nc; X


"I’m going to make you into my sex doll. That’s right, SEX DOLL. Never again will you be able to move, at least not without me ordering you to, or be able to dictate what is going to happen to you."

"I am fed up with dealing with men, and their sexual advances, always clamoring over my body when I am not in the mood… tiresome, so I have found out how to turn people into objects. YOU, my sexy man, will make an excellent sex doll!"

"You might be wondering why you are paralyzed? Oh, that’s the drug I gave you about an hour ago, and it is really powerful, you wont be able to move for about three hours. After that it won’t matter, you will be a piece of rubber! Hee-hee!"

"The first step is to animate your functions by hooking them up to my computer, then I can run a program that will do all the work for me, and you too… why, the program will make you turn yourself into a sex doll for me! SO, lets get you hooked up…"

She hooks up a piece of tape with a wire to his neck and downloaded the program, then with a smug smirk, “Ready or not?” Hits the “enter” button. He jerks to life and begins to wrap himself and performing all the automated functions of her perverted program, prepping himself for conversion into an inanimate sex toy.

"I’ll give you a few minutes for the program to run, then I will check in on you… see how you are doing. I’m sure that you’re gunna love what it does to you, I know I’ll enjoy it."

He wraps himself completely and inserts a giant plug, unable to stop the program’s pre-determined motions. As he wraps he cannot help but wonder how she obtained this technology and if there was a way out. After the program finished, it walked him over to the sofa where she was sitting, and stood in front of her, almost as if to say, “I’m done!”

She looks up from her book and inspects the work.

"Very good, now for the fun part, let’s get you rubberized, shall we?"

She leads him to the bed, and lay him on his back. She takes what looks to be a vibrator out of the drawer, and plugs it in.

"Now, this may look like a normal vibrator, but it is anything but. It is a molecular realignment tool. It will convert the rubber that I have programmed you to put all over your body, into melding right into you skin. While all that is happening, I will also be making you breathe a chemical agent that will set the rubber inside you faster. At the right time, I’ll turn on the Molecular modifier, and you will simply turn into rubber, helpless, open, filled, and hard. Then I will have a sex doll."

He lay there motionless, unable to stop any of it from happening. The first few moments he could feel no difference, but he knew that the wrap and the plug, along with all the programming, he would soon be affixed into a never moving object; his body would be transformed into a toy for her enjoyment.

"Ahh, that’s it, stay hard now, I want a fully erect doll… It will take about an hour for the rubber to penetrate deep enough to fully turn you, so I’ll be back to finish you off."

She left him on the bed, helpless. His body was now soaking in the wrap, being treated for her diabolical plan to turn him into her doll. All he could do is wait.

It seemed like forever, but she returned and woke him.

"How is my sex doll? I want you awake when I change you, I like to see them slipping into their new role as my doll, its rewarding. So wake up! I’m about to rubberize you! Don’t you feel it inside you now? Lets get you hard as you can get for this, I really want you to turn out right!"

She rubbed over his stiffening shaft a few times, gave him a solid once over, and began filling up a bag with some type of gas. She thrust it over his head and tied it off. She pumped his engorged cock a few times for good measure. He now felt his arms changing, along with his legs, as the rubber began to saturate deeper into his body.

He now felt the rubber transforming his muscles and seeping through his chest.

After a few more minutes he began to feel something happening to his skin, tingling, like something was melting into him, penetrating his body, all over him. He knew this was the beginning of the rubberization. But that wasn’t all, he began to feel light headed as he breathed in the gas, and she was intently staring at him, gauging each phase of his demise. Utterly incapable of stopping it, his body began to get terribly turned on, inside and out, he was turning, slowly, into something rubber!

"Ahh! You must realize by now that it’s going to happen! That is such a pretty face you just made, the face of a man about to be turned into rubber! How does it feel knowing your really going to become a fuck toy?"

"Good breath it in, turn yourself into my doll… just think, nothing can stop it now, your big cock is what got you here, I’m just making the best use of you… fuck toy…"

He felt the tingling go away and his thoughts turned to mud, all he could think was “fuck toy” as his entire body became erect with pleasure, stiffening up, and he began to change as she vigorously pumped on his cock, the vibrator at his head, changing his entire body, shockwave after uncontrollable shockwave, she pumped longer and harder as he contorted, she knew if she kept him going longer his transformation would be more complete… finally, she removed the bag, and stroked her motionless toy, still pulsing as the transformation settled down, and now she had her doll at last, laying on the bed, fresh and new...

"My very own sex doll, all mine, forever..."

She stripped off her panties and mounted the motionless doll, and began to pleasure herself on the doll. Now hers, the once animated man would be there anytime she liked, for anything she liked. She came at the thought of it more than once...

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