Sexy Sam Doll

by SparkyMira

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Should really learn my lesson when it comes to hanging out with Nancy. I love her to death but she causes me to get into all kinds of situations. So when I decided to meet her at this old adult toy factory I figured “What could go wrong”. That was mistake number one.

As usual when I hang out with Nancy we were both naked and wandering the upper levels of the factory. Nancy decided to go towards the back and I wanted to look around the factory portion seeing as how I love machines so much. 

When I reached the working area I was a bit shocked to see suck lifelike woman hanging from chains or laying on different belts scattered around the room. I went around and inspected each area and was giddy with it until I heard the doors on the far side of the large room open and the lights turn on. 

My heart nearly stopped when I heard a deep voice yell “Who is in here?” I panicked a tad and started looking for an escape route but to my dismay the only exit towards the upstairs area was near the man who was starting to search the room. 

With no escape option I began quickly scanning for the best hiding spots and sighed in relief and embarrassment when I realized what I could do to get out of this. 

I sprinted over to a group of semi-finished dolls that were laying in different positions and laid down next to them. I adopted the slightly parted legs and O shaped mouth in order to blend in and awaited the man. 

It wasn’t long until a rather large man with a uniform for the company walked over and started searching around my area. I remained still with shallow breathes as he glanced at myself and the doll piles and sighed in relief when he went past us to check the last part of the factory floor. 

I was about to make a break for the exit when the man came back around the corner and approached me. “Man Kyle you always have to leave such a mess for us on the night shift. These damn dolls should have been prepped and ready to get finished when I started the machines tonight.” He said frustrated and scooping up one of the dolls, a black haired and tan skinned beauty, and walked over to the nearest belt. 

He reached up and placed the doll spread eagle on the conveyor and then attached some type of holder to each limb before coming back over. A pit in my stomach started to form and just got bigger with each of the dolls from my hiding pile that were placed onto the belt until it was just me and another red head and big breasted doll were all that remained. He came back and looked over us appraisingly. 

“Man why would they make two of the same doll?” he questioned out loud before he scooped up my apparent twin and followed suit in the same process. I was half tempted to run right there but I was frozen in fear of being both discovered in this situation and what this man would do to me. 

Slowly he came back and grabbed me in one fluid motion. Just like all of the dolls before me I was placed onto the cold metal belt and then fastened in for the ride ahead. With one final look the man nodded and then hit a series of commands on the console nearest to us before leaving.

The machine slowly whirred to life and began edging me and my fellow trapped women forward and although I was the only living one I felt oddly calm. Soon enough I entered the belly of the beast and was greeted with a large spray nozzle that sprayed a very warm liquid into large bowl that I was then dipped and held in.

The liquid smelled awful and was very nearly boiling. It felt like ages until I was removed and then a large fan cooled me off. It didn’t take a genius to know that I was now coated in a very thin layer of a rubber or latex type of material that made me look a bit more artificial but not much. 

I was then placed onto a table where several arms started probing all three of my main holes causing me both great discomfort and pleasure. Once they were done I could no longer close my mouth fully and my other two holes felt similar. 

‘Looks like I was just prepped for easy access’ I thought to myself as I was slowly lowered onto a stand with the other several dolls from my pile and a few others. I don’t know why but I felt very content and slowly drifted to sleep.

When I next awoke the lights were on again and there were many workers lined up at where I guess the normal positions for work would be. Several of the other dolls near me were being inspected and it appears that I was already given the green light seeing as how another man was moving me and my carbon copy towards the back room I had come from originally. 

Once we were there I saw a man in a suit that looked very rich with wide eyes. He approached me and grabbed each of my breasts before doing the same with my doll sister. He nodded in approval. “Yes as always you make the most high quality dolls. I will take them both. Please load them into their boxes and put them into my car.” Richie Rich said walking away as the large man placed me into a large crate and fit me into a cut out and slowly closed the lid, sealing me in darkness.


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