She Loved... to be a Lovedoll

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; cons; X


If there was one thing that Alice loved more than sex, she couldn't think of anything off the top of her head .It was then a great surprise when her lover Jane said she was bringing over a little something to bring greater pleasure to both of them in their intimate romps. Flicking aside her jet black hair, she spent several minutes putting on make-up while looking into a mirror before heading into the bedroom to change for the evening. Picking out a slinky silver and black mini dress, she slipped it over a black set of panties with no bra on underneath. A set of extremely high heel black shoes completed the sultry look Alice wanted for when Jane arrived.

Walking out into the living room, Alice dug out a digital camera to use for the night's escapades. If it was going to be half as good as Jane had promised, she wanted a few pictures to look back at with fondness and perhaps for repetition in the future. She then got out the usual variety of sexual oils, ointments and the naughtiest sex toys the two of them had accumulated over the years for nights like tonight.

A low doorbell chime heralded the arrival of Jane and Alice felt her heart jump a few beats as she scurried over to the door to let her lover in. Dressed in a red latex dress with long earrings and matching pumps, Jane had a look of someone who really wanted to party hard that night. She was carrying a large shopping bag in one hand and an expensive looking black leather box in the other.

Alice hugged Jane mightily as she entered the home and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. " Hiya, sexy! So what did you bring tonight to play with, huh ? " Alice queried while trying to steal a peek in the bag for a hint.

Jane grinned and disentangled herself from Alice " As I told you, Janey, this will be a night unlike any we have ever had before in terms of pleasure but it will require a bit of an explanation which may sound a little unbelievable. " Jane said looking dead serious for a second before resuming her glowing smile.

Alice threw herself onto the overstuffed sofa and looked up at her lover. " Go ahead.. I'll believe whatever you tell me as long you keep your promise to make it a night to remember for us both." she said running her tongue over her lips thickened with ruby colored lipstick.

Jane sat down next to Alice and looked her in the eyes " As you know, I'm in charge of acquiring rare and unusual objects for the antique store I help run. Well, recently I acquired a beautiful blue crystal which had a curious legend behind it. It seems that whoever possessed it in the past had the ability to assume the form they desired by repeatedly chanting it out loud. The effect is apparently temporary and after 24 hours the person reverts back to human form and retains the knowledge of what has happened before. I have it here in this black box if you want to try it out tonight. So does this sound interesting to you, sweetie ?"

Alice smiled mischievously " I don't know if I really believe the legend but I'm willing to give it a try. How about I wish to become a nice thick dildo or vibrator for tonight, huh..?" she asked with a big wink.

" Actually, seeing that camera you have out plus a few accessories I brought with me tonight gave me an idea. How about you wish to be transformed into an ultra realistic sex doll ? That way, I can take some pictures of us two tonight with all our usual toys and you'll be able to tell it really works." Jane said hoping Alice would go along with it.

Her worrying was quickly put to rest as Alice jumped up, stripped off her clothing and took the crystal from Jane. Putting it around her neck, she flopped back on the couch and started to chant softly out loud " I want to be a love doll... I want to be a love doll..." over and over again.

After a few minutes, Jane noticed the crystal was glowing brighter by the second. As it did, Alice's breathing and overall movement seemed to be growing quite slow. Alice's skin began to change form becoming glossy and smooth in nature all up and down her body. Her breasts seemed to grow taut and stand out like domes of perfect plastic capped by thick nipples and bright pink nipples. Her mouth seemed to stretch until it froze in a perfect round shape with only visible folds of plastic visible inside. The transformation finished with the slow growth of an inflation plug out of what had been her belly button and transformation of her pussy and anus from living pink flesh to soft blades of plastic.

Jane's eyes in amazement. The legend was true after all ! She reached over and gently rubbed her hand over the newly created doll. To her amazement, it felt like warm plastic with the same kind of give she had felt from handling similar type dolls.

" Oohh, let's get started having fun, shall we ? " Jane said to the silent doll before she hopped up and walked over to where the digital camera was and positioned it facing the couch. After stripping her clothes off, Jane went into the bag and brought out several items. She attached a red ribbon with PULL PLUG OPEN TO DEFLATE to the doll's inflation plug before leaning it up against the couch standing on it's plastic feet. Removing the crystal from the doll, she moved the doll's hands so they were cupping it's impressive breasts. She then quickly ran over and set a 45 second time delay on the camera before she hurried back to the doll. Jane laid on the floor and , with one hand massaging her pussy and the other holding the doll up, she leaned up and darted her tongue in and out of the doll's open pussy. A soft CLICK! indicated a picture had been taken at which time Jane stood up and started to pose and play with the doll for many more pictures.

After a night of extensive fondling, petting and using of every sex toy she could find, Jane slipped the crystal back on Ann while she showered and got dressed. When the 24 hour mark came and went with no change to Alice, she started to worry and spent most of the next night waiting for a sign. Finally, almost two days after waiting, the crystal glowed once more and slowly the doll changed back into Alice who looked none the worse for wear.

Alice smiled and slipped off the charm " That was incredible ! I could feel everything but I couldn't lift a finger even though I wanted to. When you stuck that double dildo in me, I thought I was going to explode with the sensations. " she exulted.

Jane took the charm and put it into the box " Yes but one thing is obvious .The 24 hour time limit apparently applies while you wear the crystal otherwise it seems to stop when it's removed. Interesting.." she mused.

" Interesting, indeed ! " thought Alice to herself before she looked at her lover. " I just have one question though.."

" Yes ? "

" When are you going to use it ? " asked Alice arching her eyebrow.

To be continued.........


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