She's Got The Look

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; corset; transform; lovedoll; model; packed; nc; X


Lana walked down the streets of the city late at night wondering if she was going to accept the offer from that new men's magazine 'Boobs, Boobs and more Boobs' to be an exclusive model for their magazine. She had been the feature model at 'Mammoth Melons' for the last eighteen months and she was quite content with the pay and other perks they provided. Nevertheless, her potential new employer had mentioned the possibility of her owning stock in the parent company and she knew there would come a day where her big boobs would no longer keep her living in the lifestyle she was accustomed to.

Arriving at the condominium she rented, she unlocked the front door and stepped inside with a broad smile coming to her lips upon hearing the ringing of her telephone near the door. The owner of the magazine trying to lure her away, Bob Gunsworth, had been calling her two or three times a day since the first proposal had been sent her way to see if she had agreed to model for him and if there was any other incentive he could offer that would help sway her.

"Gee, you'd think I was some high priced movie actress instead of a blonde with big breasts," Lana said with a chuckle as she stripped off her blue sweater to reveal her specially built 52DDD bra that she wore to contain her massive melons. Sitting down on the couch, she listened as the answering machine kicked in and Bob left his usual message only this time he was offering free trips to exotic destinations outside the country.

"Hmmm.... I might have to call Bob in the morning and talk to him in person about this offer or at least finagle a little more out of him, " Lana muttered as she went to her bedroom and stepped out of the rest of her clothing before donning a flimsy blue nightie that hid none of her womanly assets. Sitting down on the edge of her king sized bed, the blonde bombshell slowly laid down on her back (sleeping on her chest had proved to be much of a hassle especially since her head didn't even make contact with the pillow due to her mammoth melons) and dreamed of huge riches and how she would spend them......

Next morning.......

Lana sipped on a cup of coffee while enjoying the view from the restaurant patio she was seated in. Sitting across the table from her was Bob, with had a stack of papers on his left and a semi-warm cup of coffee in front of him, talking angrily into his cell phone.

"Look, I don't care how you do it but get that web site up and running by the weekend. I want to launch our European sales division by the 21st and it's going to be tough to sell anything over the Internet if there's no site to direct people to. I don't care if you have to write code all day and night but I want it up and running on time and no excuses !" Bob shouted before flipping his phone shut.

"Sorry about that, Lana, but some people don't understand what is spelled out to them in plain English. Now then, what's it going to take to get you to agree to sign a contract with me and make us both more money than we know what to do with ?" Bob said with a warm smile on his face.

"Well, tell me a little more about the incentives you said would be available to me. I understand you not only want me to pose for the magazine on a fairly regular basis but you want me to agree to have my likeness displayed on the products your company sells in return for a percentage of the net profits. Is that percentage guaranteed to be a certain minimum amount ?" Lana asked her host while looking him square in the eyes.

Bob chuckled while trying to keep his focus on Lana's lovely face and not let it drop down to her impressive chest that was straining mightily against the white blouse she was wearing. "You'll get a more than fair amount of money, trust me. I've had my accountant add up all the figures and they're all written down in this folder for you to go over. Take a look at them and if you have any questions, call me or send an email to my email address that is listed there. If everything is ok, sign the contract that is enclosed and send it to me via courier," he said confidently as he handed the model a blue folder with a business card attached to the top.

Lana flashed a bright smile as she accepted the proposal "How much time do I have to look over the numbers? I know you mentioned before that you have some new products and other items due to be released in a short time," the blonde said as she briefly glanced at the folder's contents before putting it on the table next to her coffee cup.

"Well, there's an incentive for you if you decide that the terms are acceptable within the next ten days. I have a company coming into the area during that time to shoot some promo spots for the magazine's new looks as well as the products I mentioned to you before. If we've agreed to terms before they finish the work I've asked for, I can promise you a sizable bonus as my way of saying thanks for not having to bring the company back to the area a second time," Bob said with a warm smile that only wavered a little when his cell phone started ringing.

"I'll look it over and let you know in the next few days one way or the other. Regardless of what happens, I wish you well, Bob, with all your business enterprises," Lana said as he raised her coffee cup in a toast, which was reciprocated by the business man. Once that was done, the two ate their breakfast peacefully chatting about inconsequential matters before finishing up and leaving for matters they had to take care of individually. Both hoped that the meeting just concluded would lead to better things for all involved.....

6 days later......

The studio where the company that was doing promotional work for Mr. Gunsworth's company had been divided into at least five different settings for the ongoing work. One area had three buxom women dressed in micro bikinis and lathered in copious quantities of suntan lotion fondling each other in highly charged erotic ways to the encouragement of a slick haired photographer. Another set had two nude women holding copies of 'Boobs, Boobs and More Boobs' on top of their massive chests with a large company banner draped in the background. Two other areas had naked men and women participating in what looked like scenes for XXX movies that were filmed for future release.

It was the set at the far end of the studio that found Lana, in her new role as the star model for Bob Gunsworth's magazine, sitting in a folding chair wearing a blue silk robe that covered her nude body. There were several people fussing with the furniture and decorations in front of her with a king size bed dominating the middle of the set. Piled up in a corner next to the bed was a pyramid composing of a variety of sex toys, ointments, creams and lotions all colorfully packaged to attract a buyer's eye.

"Ok, Lana, here's how the video is going to start : after the company logo is shown, we cut to a montage of past issues of the magazine with a voice over recounting issues that were special to our readers in the past. The narrator then talks of a bold new direction for the magazine that will be unlike anything the readers have seen in the past. The center of this will be the newest member and featured spokes model for Boobs, Boobs and More Boobs - Lana Luscious ! We then cut to a series of still pictures of you posing in various settings and in different attire or lack thereof. Naturally, we'll include a few from the ones we shoot today as well as a few teasers for some upcoming magazine shoots. After that, some montage shots of subscribers reacting to the news that you'll be modeling for the magazine. Finally, we'll show you being interviewed by an unseen person getting your personal feelings about coming to work for Mr. Gunsworth as well as revealing that you'll be soon seen on a line of adult sex toys and such which will show your picture on them prominently which guarantees to the buyer the high quality of the item in question. Do you have any questions, Lana ? " the man standing opposite intoned to Lana all the details in a concise and businesslike voice.

Amazed that Mr. Jackson, the man who had just spoken, had managed to rattle off all the details without pausing or seemingly to take a breath, Lana looked around in silence for thirty seconds or so as she let everything sink in before speaking.

"Well, it seems that everything is going as was described to me earlier. Where shall we start for today's shoot ? " Lana said as she doffed her robe and stood before the assembled people with her massive breasts jiggling slightly up and down.

Later that day.......

".....and I really think that this magazine is the best adult oriented periodical on the market today. I look forward to talking to and meeting many of my fans in the future either at the new web site or at the upcoming convention Boobicon VI in Raleigh, " Lana said as she gazed into the camera with a seductive look in her eyes. She licked her thick, glossy lips with her tongue while running her right hand along her massive boobs for additional effect.

Once the camera had stopped rolling, Lana stood up and thanked the interviewer for his professionalism and, she joked, his ability to make eye contact. She then walked over to the area where they had set up for some more promotional pictures to be taken. Since it was late in the day, all the other staff had either headed home for the day or were in the process of leaving so it was just her, the photographer and his helper.

After exchanging pleasantries, they began taking a series of shots for the upcoming promo blitz for her signing. After some pin-up style shots, Lana stepped behind dressing screen where she put on a black corset that cinched her waist and made her breasts protrude even more. She then tied strips of green cloth around her neck and wrists before reappearing and moving to stand before a floral background that had been erected by the photographer's aide.

"What's with these green strips of cloth and why do they smell like potpourri ? " Lana said as she started to do her posing for the camera. Privately, she was looking forward to finishing the work soon as she felt a growing sense of fatigue throughout her entire body.

"Well, the cloth is for the St. Patrick's day promotions Mr. Gunsworth plans to run in the Boston area as well as other select areas in the US and Europe. As for the potpourri fragrance, well..uhh... my assistant Jack was buying a present for his girlfriend and he stored it in the same bag that contained the shoot's props. Don't worry, you won't notice it after a few more minutes," the photographer said with a weird smile crossing his face.

"Why would he say something like that about the fragrance ?.... uhhh... and why am I feeling like all the strength is draining out of me....? " Lana thought to herself as she assumed a heroic pose with her hands, curled into fists, planted against her hips with her legs spread apart in a confident manner. Her mind felt like it was becoming cloudier by the second and she was having trouble focusing on the task at hand.

"Ok, Lana, for your last pose, why don't you keep your hands clinched tight into fists and press them tight against those magnificent boobs of yours, " the photographer called out encouragingly to the blonde model. When he noticed that Lana was moving very slow in compliance with his request, the photographer silently motioned Jack to carefully give the model a hand. A second or so later, Jack gingerly grasped Lana's arms by her forearms and moved her hands in position before stepping back.

"That's great, Lana. Hold it right there and your transformation will be all done in a minute or so, " the photographer said as he grabbed a different camera and started clicking away with the flashes much brighter than before.

"Transformation !!!... What the.... !" Lana gasped out in anger and confusion and tried to move towards the camera guy to confront him but found her ability to move had vanished altogether. This was quickly followed by her falling silent as she was unable to talk as well as she stood before the two men, who seemed not the least bit surprised by what was happening.

Before the blonde bombshell had a chance to absorb the loss of some of her abilities, she felt a growing sense of lightness starting at her extremities and moving rapidly through her body. Lana saw her reflection in one of the mirrors opposite her next to the set and the image would have caused her to gasp if she still could.

Her skin was changing in color and appearance from normal flesh tone to a smooth, artificial appearance with all her freckles and blemishes disappearing rapidly over her arms and legs. Lana could see what looked seams appearing on her shoulders and legs as well as forming around her breasts as if she was made of sheets of latex or rubber that were sewn together. The lightness that she felt before was becoming pronounced throughout her entire body and it seemed to be affecting her thinking as she was having trouble focusing on her predicament.

Lana felt, as well as saw, her pussy clench together in a rapid motion before blossoming like a flower into an ovular shape with the interior forming into a smooth latex sac that seemed to ache to be filled by someone or something. She felt her anus moving slightly upwards by several inches, forming a separation from her pussy, before forming the same O shape and interior that her pussy now had.

At this point, Lana would have moaned out loud in pleasure ( if she still could and in spite of her predicament ) from the changes happening to her body. Her legs were wobbling slightly now as they slowly slid apart into a V shape on their own which exposed her bright pink pussy even more. The change engulfed Lana's breasts and caused them to push outwards as they grew even larger than their already mammoth proportions. Her breasts now seemed to be F cup in size now and Lana felt like she was going to tip over though that was rendered moot as her boobs took on the same look and substance that the rest of her body was now. Twin mounds of latex were now where her tits were and Lana could see what looked like pink areolas visible under her rigid hands. As the process reached it's inexorable conclusion, Lana finally mentally concluded what was apparent right from the beginning of this insidious change.

"I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL... A SEX TOY... A DAMNED BLOW-UP DOLL.... WHO DID THIS TO ME AND WHY ?... THIS ISN'T FAIR..... FAIR.... I HOPE SOMEONE USES ME FAIRLY SOON... NOO... CAN'T THINK THAT.. THAT.. THAT GUY ACROSS FROM ME... IS HE MY OWNER ?... I HOPE SO... NO!...." Lana mentally shouted even as the simplistic thinking of a fuck toy threatened to overwhelm her consciousness.

The process swept through her shoulders and face as her head seemed to slightly swell with her mouth contorting into an O shape and a smooth latex sac inside like her other two openings. Her mouth ached for a cock, dildo or something to fill it up and make her feel good. Her eyes grew wide as they became nothing more painted features on her face with no trace of humanity left in them whatsoever. To cap the process, Lana felt something growing out of her back and as she toppled to the floor as an inanimate love doll, she saw it was an inflation plug for her future inflation and deflations as her owner saw fit.

The photographer and Jack looked down at the doll that was lying on it's side on the concrete floor and shook their heads in amazement. Even though they were told in advance that the camera flashes, in combination with the chemicals applied to the cloths placed on Lana, would trigger the process they saw, it still amazed them to see it for the first time.

"Well, deflate her and get her ready to be shipped out like the boss wants, Jack, " the photographer said to break the silence before he moved off to pack his stuff up and leave.

Jack nodded and walked over next to the love doll that was slightly rolling on the floor due to the A/C flowing through the room. He picked up the doll and ran his hands lightly over it's face and breasts muttering softly how he'd like to have her for a night. Sighing, he quickly stripped off the doll's corset before flipping it over and pulling open the plug on it's back.

"TOUCH ME MORE... NOOO.... DON'T DEFLATE ME.... PLEAAAASSEEEEE...!!!!" Lana mentally shouted as her body rapidly lost shape until it was nothing more than a flat piece of latex and rubber. Jack then folded up the doll and placed in a box that was marked IMMEDIATE DELIVERY - B. GUNSWORTH........

3 days later....

" sure and mention that the company feels great sorrow in the tragic passing of Lana Luscious as a result of her plane crash in the ocean and we hope that her body is recovered soon. As a tribute to her and her fans, we pledge to donate a percentage of all products sales that she had endorsed before her untimely demise to a charitable foundation. Make sure you send that out right away, Ms. Smith, and then ask the boys in Marketing to go ahead with the promos on the new Lana love dolls, " Bob said into a speaker on his desk before standing up and walking over to a locked cabinet.

Digging a key out of his suit pocket, the company executive opened the cabinet where the deflated form of Lana waited along with an air pump. With a wolfish smile on his face, Bob quickly inflated the love doll and carried it over with him to a nearby couch.

"Well, Lana, it seems according to my accounting guys that my agreement to you could have cost me quite a bit of money by the time it was done with your salaries and percentage of the gross sales of product endorsements. This way, I don't have to pay anything out, the products sell better than ever and I have something to keep me happy after those long business days, " Bob said as he slowly ran his fingers over the doll's soft, latex form before standing up and doffing his clothes.

"YOU BASTARD... DON'T... STOP... DON'T STOP TOUCHING ME... I WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY.... OOOHHHHHH !!!!...." Lana mentally shouted as her resistance was quickly overwhelmed by the base instincts of a sex toy. As she felt Bob's tongue slide into her inviting mouth and his firm cock enter her latex pussy, her thinking seemed to dissolve in a sea of erotic bliss.

Lana had indeed found a new employer though the work conditions were unlike anything she had anticipated...

And they weren't going to change for a very long time... unless she was acquired by a new owner as part of a hostile takeover...



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