She Was A Real Doll, Alright

by Akito01

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© Copyright 2012 - Akito01 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/doll; lovedoll; trick; emb; tease; kiss; insert; sex; climax; cons; X


Sometimes, we all get what we deserve. Now, I am not an overtly moral person by any means, and I'm not even sure who exactly got taught a lesson in this story. Certainly, it is an embarrassing tale to tell, but we all do some pretty strange stuff in our youth.

In this case (and as is often the case), it was the pursuit of sexual satisfaction that led me into this particular pit. All this was shortly after my first years of university, when I was living in my first apartment at my first full time job. A shame that a first girlfriend wasn't part of the package, but such were my circumstances then. Now that I was no longer in school, I didn't have the same opportunities to interact with the opposite sex as I had before.

In my pursuit of solitary pleasures, I would sometimes flip through the back pages of the city's weekly magazines and scope the ads. Here, with no masked subtlety, escorts of various kinds offered their services. In the back of my mind, I marveled at the fact that, with a modest amount of cash, there were women out there who would allow me to exploit their bodies.

It was perverse, but the idea of it alone would often lead me to masturbatory fantasy. It wasn't the thoughts of what I would do with these unseen women that set me off, but just the realization I COULD, that they were out there. It was no strings sex of the most salacious variety. For all the times I'd claimed that sex without emotion was meaningless and not worth pursuing, this was my great secret hypocrisy. Perhaps that fact made it exciting to me as well.

In a short period of time, my ruminations drifted from the purely speculative to the practical. I started clipping out ads that I thought were the most promising, where the details were most complete and interesting. One ad offered a rendezvous with a real doll, a blonde named Allison, who charged $100 for an hour. I know I could have paid less, but only for half an hour. Less than a full hour didn't seem worth it. The things I could do in an hour with an attractive young woman like that!

As young and savagely horny as I was, the prospect of paying for sex become less and less offensive than the alternative. I'm sure, based on my level of inexperience with the opposite sex at the time, one might imagine that I was a terrible geek. Well, some of that is certainly true, but I had actually inherited some very good looks from my parents. Now I'm at a time in my life where I can fully appreciate and exploit that fact. Back then I was far too riddled with insecurity to do much about it.

So, with the money finally set aside and my courage raised, I made the call and set a date and time with the alluring Allison. She sounded very nice on the phone, asking if I'd ever visited her before. We arranged that I would come down on the Sunday afternoon, at an apartment complex not too far out from downtown. I said I looked forward to meeting her, and that was that.

I already had an image in my mind of what this woman must look like. I dearly hoped she was attractive. On the other hand, just how alluring could a woman who sells herself for sex actually be? I was prepared for the disappointment of bitter reality, but I think I was horny enough that I'd do her not matter what she looked like. I hungered for the contact of smooth warm flesh against mine.

That afternoon, I dressed nicely but casually. Riding the subway over, I was constantly looking at my watch. I didn't want to be late, that's for sure. The apartment complex itself looked to be an example of public housing, and while the dubious environment might have turned me off, the truth is, I wasn't living in any nicer a place myself.

Entering the foyer, I found myself shaking nervously as I sought her apartment number on the board. Pressing the key, I announced myself on the com and she buzzed me inside. Riding the elevator up, I fought back the nerves, trying not to think too hard about what I was about to do.

Greeting my knock at the door came Allison, a woman whose looks were certainly beyond my hesitation. I think I must have mentally jumped in the air, screaming 'jackpot'. She was gorgeous. She was rather tall and delightfully thin and wane. She was indeed naturally blonde, with long hair that reached past her shoulders. She was dressed in an elegant black dress with a long hemline and bare shoulders. She smiled as she let me in, and with some nervous hellos, she led me through the front hall. Her apartment, from what I saw of it, was remarkably clean and well furnished, with a predominant theme of white and polished wood.

The bedroom itself was rather bare, but certainly clean. A white-sheeted mattress lay directly on the floor by the far wall, and two short wooden stools formed the only other furniture present.

"You're here for the hour, right?"

"Yes, exactly," I confirmed, keeping the waiver from my voice. I handed over the single hundred-dollar bill, and she nodded. She told me to undress and she would join me shortly. Closing the door, she left me alone in the barren room. There was a lump in my throat, but I reminded myself I had nothing to fear. I quickly took off my sneakers and proceeded to strip down.

I stood naked and waiting, my clothes now piled neatly on the nearest stool. I set my watch on top, counting the minutes, and thinking of all the things we are going to do during the hour. I knew I was going to spend ages just caressing those lovely legs of hers, and exploring her pussy to no end. Heck, I had already spent the hours of the day before hand masturbating just thinking about this.

"All set?"

Allison came in, still fully dressed. She stepped over to the closet and opened the shuttered door. To my mute horror, she pulled out an already inflated love doll.

"OK, there you go," she said, laying it out on the mattress. "Just don't come in it."

"What is this," I asked, already suspecting the answer. Flashes of an old Clint Eastwood film were already flitting through my confused and racing mind.


She sat down on the stool closest to the window, watching me with a completely placid expression.

"Well, this," I said lamely, waving my hand at the doll on the bed.

"What did you expect? It's says right there in the ad, 'a real doll'. Do you want me to go show you?"

"No, but that's…"

"I'm not a prostitute," she said, voice now tinged with (false) indignation. She made a gesture towards a small security camera mounted in the corner of the ceiling. "I'm not involved in anything illegal. What exactly were you expecting? Hmm? What?"

"Who would pay a hundred dollars to fuck a blow up doll," I retorted, "You could buy one for less."

Allison simply shrugged, obviously not considering it her problem.

Right, so, a hundred bucks spent for nothing. I had been had. My first instinct was to grab my clothes and get out of there. I just felt hugely angry and stupid. What could I do? It was over. In amongst the anger was the conviction that I was somehow going to get my money's worth. After all, I did pay for a full hour. Still, it was hard not to feel foolish, standing naked in a stranger's bedroom while she sat fully clothed and this unsavory love doll lay on the mattress.

The humor of the situation gradually caught up with me, and I found myself wondering if anyone had ever called her bluff. This had all the makings for the worst threesome in history, and that thought caused me to smile. Actually, I was smiling already, but that was purely out of disbelief. Now, as I continued to stand there in this silent contest of wills, I decided to try and salvage this experience after all.

I examined the inert rubber doll, its cartoonish face staring up blankly at the ceiling; I don't think I'd ever seen anything less likely to inspire passion. Allison, on the other hand, was very attractive. Perched on the stool, her legs were crossed in an imperious way that also showed off her slender calves to great effect. I didn't try to make it seem like I was ogling her directly, but I did brazenly reach down to take my soft prick in hand.

Allison barely reacted at all as I began to massage my organ. I guess nothing was shocking to her, or one just acquires a kind of metal callous in this business. I was extremely nervous myself, and was still flushed with adrenalin from the surprise and betrayal. I'm sure I was shaking at least as much as when I first entered Allison's apartment. Needless to say, I wasn't bearing much wood at that moment, despite the efforts of my fingers.

Kneeling down on the mattress, I let my hand glide up the smooth plastic surface of the love doll's leg. Well filled with air, the artificial skin gave slightly under my fingertips, imperfectly mimicking the suppleness of real flesh. The vinyl material didn't compare favorably to the real thing, and it smelled strange, but the shape and form of the doll's unreal leg were definitely agreeable to the eye. Glancing over at Allison, I looked at her bare calves while I moved my hand further along the doll's thigh, following the line of the seam towards it's crotch.

The doll's cunt was not located in exactly the same spot as a real woman, but further up on the pelvis. It formed a kind of oval slit, bright red vinyl lining the interior pocket of the doll's nether regions. Little painted-on black dashes crudely described the doll's pubic patch, a rather futile illusion. Still, my fingers instinctively sought out the inviting fissure, and dipped into the smooth plastic pouch of its cunt.

"Um, do you have any lubrication," I asked tentatively. "It's a bit of a tight fit."

Allison frowned in annoyance.

"You're not su…"

She caught herself before saying what I assumed was going to be, 'you're not supposed to actually do it'; or something to that effect. That admission would have pretty much spoiled the integrity of her entire scam.

"Right, fine, hold on," she muttered, storming off out of the room. I sat back on my heels, stifling a laugh. This really must have been the first time anyone had called her out like this. I turned back to the poor doll, whose supine form made a rather pathetic invitation to lovemaking.

"I don't suppose you get a cut of any of this action, hmm?" I joked.

The doll was molded in the form of a very short but slender woman, her legs stretched out and parted, her arms raised in a perpetual hug. Her hands and feet were undefined to the point of lacking fingers or toes, but were shaped in a very rough approximation. Evidently these blow-up toys were not suited to the man who enjoyed hand or foot-jobs. But the legs were formed quite nicely. Her breasts were rather nice too, made from separate plastic into pert domes and capped by delicate pink nipples. Unable to resist, I reached up and took one between my fingers, pressing softly.

"Getting into it?"

Allison tossed a fresh tube of KY jelly onto the mattress before resuming her place of judgment on the stool. I looked down at my cock, and from its half hardened state, it appeared she was right –I was getting into it. If nothing else, I definitely intended to give this charlatan a good show, whether she liked it or not.

I bent down, and took that pink painted nipple into my mouth, teasing the hard plastic nub with my tongue. I squeezed the other breast with my free hand, before letting it glide down her side to her hip, again following the line of her seam. Though light, the pressure of air made her body very solid indeed, and I hugged it against me with little reservation. Allison watched me impassively, perhaps still unconvinced that I would actually waste our mutual time in this manner. Well, I had paid for the hour, so I figured I could waste it anytime I wanted.

Half watching the real living woman sitting nearby, I played out my pitiful revenge by caressing and molesting this plastic substitute. My erection rubbed repeatedly against the smooth side of the doll's outer thigh, growing stiffer by the moment. I rose up on the mattress, looking at the open mouthed face of the doll. Its crudely painted eyes stared blankly, the tufts of hair on its forehead tied into childish ponytails. While not exactly the picture of beauty, it did have a nicely rendered cute nose, and the wide open mouth with its red tinted lips promised some pleasure for those willing to engage their imaginations a little.

Trying to ignore the sharp smell of PVC, and Allison's disapproving stare, I brazenly kissed this fake lover, wetting those lips with my saliva. I made a show of it, teasing my tongue all along the doll's gaping mouth. I then reached for that tube of KY, and breaking the seal, squeezed a generous gob of the translucent fluid onto my glans. It felt cool against my heated skin, but pleasant, especially as I spread it around and down the length of my shaft.

Sure to be facing Allison, I rose up on my knees and poured some more KY over the waiting opening of the doll's cunt. Using two fingers, I forced the slick substance all up inside the red colored vinyl pocket, finger-fucking her in long deep strokes. My cock throbbed in sympathy, quite eager of its own accord to delve into the smooth wet channel my digits were currently ravaging.

Clasping the inflated doll into an embrace, I positioned myself between its outstretched legs and let my cock find the opening that lay below. As my moistened skin found contact with the equally wet plastic, I braced myself on my toes and thrust down with firm conviction. I literally grunted out loud as the walls of her unreal cunt parted for my hardened flesh. It was a hundred times better than I ever would have expected, the pressure of air hugging my cock on all sides, offering a mild and pleasant resistance to my intrusion. Once I was inside, I looked down to observe my penis disappearing into the vivid red hole of the doll, my pubic hair brushing against the thinly painted rendering of her own pubis.

I remained like that for a short while, enjoying the sensation of being enveloped, and looking up to Allison as she watched. Her expression was tight, and I wondered if she wasn't holding her breath as well. Could this be the first time she's watched a man in the midst of coitus, noting the erotic tension of muscles along his legs and back? Withdrawing almost entirely out, I plunged myself back in again, holding the doll across it's back to keep it from escaping.

Whether it's rubber or flesh, the act of intercourse feels damn good, and I can't pretend otherwise. My cock, blind to the source of its stimulation, reveled in the combined feeling of wet, motion and pressure. No longer so concerned with Allison, I closed my eyes and buried my face into the doll's shoulder, fucking it with shorter and faster strokes. The room was so quiet that nearly every tattered breath I made bounced across the bare walls of the room, letting Allison know just exactly what I was feeling.

I clasped the doll's breast in one hand, caressing its nipple as I looked down to watch the actions of my prick within it. Since its cunt was not positioned exactly between its legs, I could see every detail without hindrance -the gaping red hole and my rod swallowed up inside, moving up and down. The sight of that alone was so obscenely pornographic I thought I might come then and there.

Closing my eyes, I relaxed for a brief moment, feeling the first drops of pre-cum leak out of me. Sweat had started to appear on my back, and I was breathing heavy with the effort. Allison remained silent, but I could hear her shift uneasily on her stool. What effect must this sight be having on her? Could even someone as clever and cold as her be turned on by the sight of a young man in the throes of sexual excitement, the rhythmic lunging of lean hips and buttocks?

Digging my tense feet into the mattress, I rose up again and fucked the doll harder and faster now, the drive to orgasm urging me on. In the back of my mind, I recalled her prohibition against coming inside it, but I didn't care. The doll, nearly light as air, bounced on the mattress in response to my thrusts, and I had to hold it firmly in my arms to keep it still. The integrity of the KY gel breaking down, the rubber interior of its cunt clung to my moist skin, causing even more intense sensations.

I let out a loud grunt, thrusting as deeply as I could go and hanging there, on the edge, feeling the crest of orgasm finally wash over me. I let out another broken gasp as the first jets of semen exploded from my cock and into the vacant sterile womb of the doll. I don't think I'd ever come so hard, at least not outside of the embrace of an actual woman. I remained in that pose for a long while, letting the waves of pleasure finally subside.

"Oh, shit, you didn't come, did you?"

The evidence was impossible to ignore as I reluctantly pulled out, a thin stream of white fluid staining the red plastic and running out to the gap between the dolls legs and down onto the sheets.

"God, that wasn't half bad," I rasped, rolling off of the inflatable fuck toy.

"Go on, get out of here," Allison snapped, grabbing my clothes and throwing them at me.

"What, I thought I had a whole hour? I still have time for another go."

"I also said not to come in it, you ass," she countered. "What am I supposed to do with the damn thing now?"

"I'm sure it'll clean off," I smiled reaching for my underwear. My softened cock was soaked with my own seed, but I guess I'd have to wait until I got home to properly clean up.

I barely had time to dress as she pushed me out of the bedroom and out the front door. I was literally laughing as she slammed the door on me, my shoes still in my hand.

I left there with a strange sense of euphoria. I guess you could say we both did a good job of screwing each other over –just not in the way we originally hoped.

And, in the wake of that experience, I used the next hunk of cash I was able to save to buy myself my own love doll. No, it wasn't as good as a real woman would have been, but I was content now to wait until I could get a proper girlfriend. In the mean time, I knew I could have a great deal of fun and pleasure from this cleverly shaped bit of inflatable plastic. I was even able to buy it a nice black dress to wear, and a pair of nylons to enhance its smooth attractive legs. I undid the ribbons that kept its hair tied back, so that it now spilled over her face in a state of erotic dishabille. And I gave the doll a name –Allison.


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