Short Man, Big Man & Co

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2011 - Riptieron - Used by permission

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It was a very long night, and the small mid-town apartment was a dump. Officer Anne Frank was tired of getting the crappy stakeouts that never had anything to gain. The apartment overlooked a warehouse, about two blocks away. From this point, she could see both entrances, and the side loading docks; making anything going in or out of the premises impossible to miss. There had not been a truck, car or van near the place in two days. It was obviously empty, and she did not know if anyone was going to show up. After all the layoffs around the docks, this was not unusual, even the busy warehouses were at half staff, and most had part time shifts. This end of the docks was really slow by 3:00pm every day.

Anne’s partner was an older man, in his late forties, looking to retire in a few years; he obviously did not mind the slow jobs. He just sat in the window, and occasionally got up to get a cup of coffee. Anne was not so patient. And she would rather be doing something, anything at the moment, if just to get out of this smelly apartment.

“I’m going for a walk,” Anne announced, “I need some fresh air.”

“Ok, but don’t get lost!” her partner joked.

Anne took her jacket and walked out the door. The night air was crisp, and she wanted to get some exercise, so she began to walk down the sidewalk, briskly headed away from the apartment and the warehouse. Thinking about all her time in the force, she never had time for a boyfriend, and dating someone in the force was not her idea of getting away… so most of her free time was spent going out of town, and just walking around some new place. Anne thought about giving it up some day and getting into a private sector job, doing security for some corporation with a 9 to 5 day sounded really good to her.

Anne rounded the first block and turned left to go around the end of the block. She marched on at a good pace, the air helped to clear her head. After two day of breathing stuffy stale air in that apartment, Anne did not want to go back just yet. So she didn’t. Anne marched past the block that the apartment was on and headed down to the waterfront. She walked in front of the warehouses, and past them going up the docks, looking at the harbor. The street turned into the dockside park, where she walked along the concrete boardwalk. Before she knew it, she was in front of the warehouse she was casing. On the backside facing the harbor, two doors open to the boardwalk. Why had she not known this earlier? The doors are not visible from her apartment, where they would be watching.

Anne looked on at the doors from her distant position, wondering why nobody had thought of this oversight. If she could not cover all the angles of the warehouse, how could they be sure that nothing was happening? Anne looked around at the empty boardwalk, and then walked up to the back of the warehouse. The back door was propped open from the inside. Anne could see nothing on the inside, but a breeze of warm air steadily blew from the door. Something was going on inside, but what?

Anne decided to venture in; the door was open, after all. Legally, she could just walk inside and take a look, and if anything looks amiss, she could report it, or investigate further with cause. Just inside the door, Anne could see nothing but boxes stacked up all around, tall crates. Past the boxes, she saw some machinery, and a conveyer line, but nothing running at the moment. Anne looked at the line, and saw that it was empty, nothing on it. What could they be doing in here? “They” she said, as if she knew there was a “they”.

There were several lights on, but no signs of stirring, nothing at all. What would someone use a facility like this for? Anne moved to the front of the warehouse, hoping to find an office. Up near the front, there was an office, well, not really an office, but at least a low walled area. The door was locked, but there was a window. It looked like any other office inside, computers, papers, desks, cubicles, and some other areas that she could not see. Anne was so busy looking into the window, that she did not see the man coming up behind her. A huge hand grabbed her neck, and squeezed tight; Anne lost her breath, and began to struggle. Anne immediately groped at her neck to free herself of the great hand, but it was too strong. She was picked up and flung over the warehouse floor. Anne felt faint as she ran out of air, and blacked out.

When she came to, her head was fuzzy, and there was a strong smell in her nose of ammonia. She looked around and immediately found that her neck was immobilized. There was something else too; her wrists and ankles were held in place by something. Without being able to move her head, she could not see what was holding her, but it felt like steel. The area in front of her was dark, but she could see a wall. Was she on the conveyer? She couldn’t tell. She was in a standing position, her feet were supported by a little piece of metal that only came out enough for her heel to rest on, and they were spread shoulder width apart. Anne's arms were held up out to the side of her. She was not in pain but the position was not the most comfortable. Just then, a man came into the room adjacent to her, she could not see him, but she could hear him talking to someone.

“Yeah, she was just pokin’ around, looking at everything…” he said. He pushed a button, and the conveyer began to move. It jolted her slightly as she realized she was on the conveyer. Now moving, she realized that her clothes were gone! Her body felt the crisp air and her nipples firmed up as the line moved down, her body attached to a frame of some sort.

As she drew closer to the two men, she noticed they were in dark suits. The big man that had grabbed her was enormous, and the short one was overweight.

“You two are in a lot of trouble,” Anne said calmly.

“Really?” said the short one, looking at his big friend, “We are in trouble…” he whispered, and chuckled to himself. “No, officer, uh, Anne Frank…” he read after glancing down at her badge in his hand, “You are the one in trouble.”

“Do whatever you want with her; I just don’t ever want to see her in a courtroom.” He said to his large friend, who turned the line back on at the push of a button.

“What are you doing?” Anne shouted, “You are breaking the law, let me go!” Anne screamed as she began to move.

“Scream all you want, Miss Frank, nobody can hear you, its 2:00 am in a port warehouse, there is nobody to hear you.” Said the Short Man, turning to his partner he continued, “Get the rest of the girls on hangers, I want this line moving ASAP.”

Anne moved off into the next room where her hanger was derailed to a holding area automatically. The Big Man came in, wearing coveralls, (Big Man the only thing she could think of to call him) and reached up to her hanger and pulled her off to the end of the rail, which ran along the ceiling above her, suspended.

“You can’t get away with this, I am a police officer, there will be someone looking for me.”

The Big Man kept moving, arranging the hangers on the line.

“You hear? Big trouble. This is kidnapping.” Anne said, but the big man just ignored her.

“If you help me now, you may be able to cut a deal…” Anne bargained, but still, the big man just ignored her.

“You hear me?!” Anne screamed, and the man just left the room.

When he returned, he had a naked woman with cuffs on her wrists by the neck, guiding her around like a rag-doll. He easily lifted her to the rack, and hooked her body up just as he must have done Anne’s. The poor girl was disoriented, looked tired and did not have much fight left in her. Anne could not see her directly, but a dim reflection off the aluminum paneled wall in front of her gave her a view of the line behind her, where the girl was. Big Man disappeared and returned again with yet another girl, hooking her up to the line as well. He repeated this about twelve times, each time putting another girl on the line. All of the girls had been drugged, and were all unsure of what was happening.

With each new girl, the line was moved up a few feet. Anne eventually was pushed up to the door of the next room, where her breasts pressed into the cold metal of the door. The other girls were starting to become coherent, and soon whispers could be heard among them. Anne was confused by the whispering, it was not like any of them had any reason to whisper.

“How did you all get here?” Anne asked aloud, to anyone that could hear her.

“What do you mean?” said one girl, in an almost surprised voice.

“I mean, do you know how they took you?” Anne asked, trying to be clear.

“We weren’t taken, we all work for Tang.” She said.

“Tang?!” Anne exclaimed, “That criminal?”

“Watch your mouth, disobedience is not tolerated by them!” she said with concern. Tang is the largest mob family in the “Frisco” area, reaching everything from drugs to legitimate businesses, all reporting directly to a Hong Kong syndicate. Smuggling and slave trafficking would not surprise Anne, which this looked to be just that; but how were they getting them out of the country?

“What are they doing with all of you, uh, us?” Anne inquired.

“Well, we are in the ‘entertainment’ biz, or at least were, and now it seems that we are used up. So, just like all old horses, at some point it is more useful as something else. I heard rumors that the girls that are over the hill are sent off to be ‘repurposed’ I think this is it for us.” She said sadly.

“Repurposed? What does that mean?” Anne asked.

“Some say they send the girls off to another country, but I think they are doing something else…”

“Like what?” asked Anne.

“Like I don’t know, but it’s for good.” She said sternly, “When they replace a group of girls from a house, they are never seen again. Some of us would have been heard from again, we have friends within the mob.”Anne did not like that implication, and was wondering why go to all the trouble of hanging the girls on racks?

“What do you mean, a ‘house’?” Asked Anne.

“You know, a flop house,” she said plainly, “…house of ill repute… whore house!” the girl said finally, “Hey gals, this one is a saint!” she jeered at Anne, getting a few chuckles from the women.

Big Man came back to the room and went to the front of the line where Anne was pressed against the door. He pushed her back enough to open the door, and then flung her forward until her rack met with track outside the door, in the inner warehouse. The machinery was out here. What were they planning? Anne could see her rack was attached to the chain that pulls the line, with her wrists and ankles and neck trapped in irons, she had no possible way out.

Big Man began to sort the line, pushing each girl into the chain fed line spacing them out about one every 20 feet. This meant that Anne was now last in line, facing forward. The warehouse was cold, and in the big room, there was an air handler that kept the air moving making Anne chilled. Big Man completed the sorting, and pushed the big green “Start” button on the wall, and the line slowly jolted to life. The line jerked several times before settling into a slow crawl of a pace, about a foot per second. This was no amusement park ride, it was quite serious. The line wound around the outside perimeter of the warehouse, and after the first bend, there was a large covered room, it looked like a giant booth, with no doors, but had hanging plastic flaps, to wall off the opening, but let the racks pass without hanging.

Soon the first girl went into the room, and Anne watched to see what was happening, but could only see a blur thru the thick plastic wall. Now three girls inside, Anne could hear them squealing, as something was sprayed at them from all sides. Four more girls went in, and Anne got a bad feeling about what was going on. She could see the spray hitting them hard and the girl ahead of her yelped as it covered her body. Now the girl directly in front of her went inside, and as she did Anne followed seeing the blast hitting her as she came in the flap. The room was smelly, like acetone, or some other solvent, and there was a strong blast of air from the grated floor. Anne held her breath, as the spray blasted her body, and a flash of pain covered her skin as the liquid hit her, it stung like needles. A few seconds later, the spray shut off, and Anne was thru the room, smelling like the solvent. The next room was just another section of the first room, divided by another plastic flap curtain. Here, another spray was shot at the girls, and blasted them. Anne could see the girls screaming as they passed by the spray, and with good reason, all their hair was gone! Bald to the scalp.

Anne was horrified to know that the spray in the room before had dissolved her hair, and now this booth was washing the remaining hair and solvent clean from their bodies. Mounds of hair lay on the floor where the sprayer hit the girls. The sprayer hit Anne and the powerful jet wash scrubbed her naked hairless body clean. It was not kind or pleasant. Anne began to cry as she felt the last of her hair fall, and she left the room in tears.

The last room in the row was a dryer room, hot air blew dry all of the girls, and even the tears from Anne’s eyes dried off her face by the cone of hot air coming down from the ceiling. They left the room back into the warehouse floor, and the line turned hard to the left, and rose up to the second level near the roof of the warehouse. Anne looked around and saw the layout of the warehouse, there were about five or six buildings, or machines about the warehouse that she thought might ‘do’ something to the line she was on, but there might be more, some of the buildings were obstructing her view.

Now there was another flap coming up, and this one was not clear, but white. The girls disappeared one by one into the building thru the second story entrance. Anne’s turn came and she saw a wall in front of her, then the line dropped downward, quickly into a pool of something warm, her body tingled, and she gasped at the top of the pool, only her head sticking out, but the line lowered again, and under a wall, Anne held her breath as she went under, and all of her body was immersed into the solution, whatever it was.

Anne came out after about forty-five seconds of being under, choking and reeling from being under all that time. Anne could feel the liquid penetrating her skin, and she felt a bit nauseous. This chamber was up high again, and some mechanical device was being lowered from the ceiling to do something. Anne saw it coming toward her and it attached to her jaw, forced it open, and a tube shoved into her mouth and down her throat all at once. Something was pumped into her, then a vacuum removed it, and then again it pumped, and vacuumed, Anne contorted as it forcibly removed and cleaned her stomach over and over. The pain was severe as the machine did its work. Anne’s eyes streamed tears from the stringent washing of her stomach. After this was over, another few feet down the line and another arm came from below, it was a rectal tube Anne surmised, and Anne gripped the irons hard as it came to her. Two calipers forced her cheeks apart as wide as they would go, and the tube pushed clear of her anus about six inches inside, and a bulb inflated, filling her anal cavity up as far as it would go. Anne cried out in pain, she had never experienced anything like it in her life.

The device began to tremble as it began to force its enema into Anne’s helpless body. Anne felt the liquid filling her bowels, as more and more was put into her. The machine was not merciful, and did not stop when Anne cramped from the severity of the enema. Anne felt her stomach rising above her intestines filling up. The machine flushed the liquid several times, pumping her full at least twice, and vacuuming it out. On the third time, the bulb deflated and whatever was left inside was blown out her ass, and the machine pulled out leaving Anne exhausted and weak of the ordeal.

Anne was feeling more and more like a thing, and less like a human. Being treated as a ‘thing’ she had no say in what was happening to her. Anne felt like they wanted her to be a ‘thing’ and not a human. Anne felt she had to fight the feeling and remain conscience to get thru the punishment if she wanted to ever survive.

Meanwhile, in the office, Big Man and Short Man were having a meeting with a Boss.

“As you can see, we have quite an operation here…” Said Short Man, “…we have 14 girls on the line right now and more on the way next month. Our East Coast partners are shipping us 30 girls every two months starting next month, and we are looking into bringing a male line into production as early as next June. If all goes well, this will pay for itself in two months. You will get your investment back, and on the following month, 40% of all earnings.”

“Sounds great, but there are always things you can’t foresee.” Said the Boss, “I don’t want anything to happen to our operation before we break even… at least then we can show that it was viable.”

“That is why we are taking no risks at all, Sir.” Short man said with a smile and a small bead of sweat on his forehead. “Ah, there are already 232 orders needing to be filled, that is twice your investment… I am confident…”

“I don’t care about your confidence…” said the Boss cutting him off, “I care about the money.”

Back in the warehouse, none of the girls were making a sound, they had all just gone thru an excruciating enema, and were all out of energy. They all hung in silence in mid air between the two buildings, waiting for the line to start again. Anne wondered why they were stopped, but nothing really made sense anyway. Anne was tingling on the outside from the hair removal, and her insides turned from the enema. But everything was soft, and smoother than ever. Anne began to feel rounder, slightly full, not full like she ate too much, but full as in her skin was tight, and her breasts felt bigger, which she felt were big enough already. They did seem to lift themselves up a bit however, making them nice and perked.

The line jolted back to life after about ten minutes, and soon the girls were disappearing into the next chamber. Anne could not imagine what could be inside this room. After passing into the door, Anne saw the arms rising and falling in front of the girls ahead, but she could not make out what was happening. Anne’s turn came and the arms placed a wedge between her legs that spread her open, and a second arm opened her lips. At the same time a lubricated nozzle was pushed into her pussy. Anne did not try to fight this, it would only hurt more. With the nozzle in place, the machine pulled away.

The next area in the room came, and arms again came down, and this time hooked a tube to the nozzle. More arms came down and placed a catheter into Anne, relieving her bladder. She had no way to fight any of this. Now the line moved to the next station and something else came. This arm hooked up to the nozzle and the catheter, and a new arm came from below and one from above, one for her mouth and one for her ass. Each had a large nozzle and forced themselves into her. Once inside, all four of the nozzles began to pump something into her.

Anne could smell something synthetic, like rubber. It was thin but warmed her like alcohol; Anne had to swallow the liquid going down her throat. Inside her ass, Anne could feel it penetrating her bowels, and being absorbed by her intestines. It was also being pumped into her vagina, and up her urethra, to her bladder. Anne felt very woozy, and now her insides began to numb as the liquid penetrated her insides fully. Not being able to feel what was happening inside any longer, she assumed that it was still going to fill her completely; she could hear the pumps still going. Anne began to cry as she was forced to swallow more and more of the liquid, and now the liquid came up to the back of her throat, and she gagged as the machine quit, pulling out spraying it all over her mouth, just like the other nozzles left, spraying her insides coating them thoroughly by the liquid. Anne choked and spit off some of the liquid that made its way up from her stomach, and finally she could breath normally once again.

Anne was really in bad shape now, she did not know how this was going to affect her body, but she knew it could not be good. Despite what was going on, her body was turned on, and very horny. Anne blamed this on the bath that she was dipped into, and now she felt that it was doing something to her body too.

The line moved to the next room, and new arms came and plugged up Anne’s holes, her ass, pussy and mouth. The arms stayed in place and more arms came down to release her irons, and then they positioned her into an open position, holding her there. Anne realized she was free except for the tiny arms holding her, but she could not move, her limbs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds. By this time, Anne had no energy to fight, and she was feeling stiff, suddenly her body was beginning to tighten up. Anne had no way to move, she was at the mercy of the machine.

The line moved to the next area with all the arms in place, and began to spray the girls over with another liquid, with each pass the liquid was absorbed into the skin of the girl, then, slowly the liquid began to settle on top of the girl. Three more passes of the sprayer, and it stopped spraying that girl, coated, the girl looked less like a human, the features somewhat blended by the coats of liquid over them.

Anne was last and could tell this process was not temporary, but was meant to be permanent. She would be changed into a doll, and plasticized by this machine. Anne could hardly breath, whatever was inside her was slowing her down, and even her eyes were in a fixed stare straight ahead, locked by something internal. The sprayer washed its first wave over her, it coated her eyes and numbed her skin, soaking in immediately it stopped her from motion completely, and her thoughts began to slow. Anne knew that the plugs in her mouth pussy and ass were meant to keep her open while this spray plasticized her into a motionless form. She would become a fuck doll, to be sold as a commercial product.

The second wave hit her and now she felt it soaking in deeper, spreading to everything around her body. She could no longer move, all motion had stopped. Her breath slowed as the liquid soaked into her body, time felt as though it had stopped. Anne was lost inside the shell of her own body, her thoughts slowed, and the world before her went white.

The third wave sprayed her body and Anne had become an object, no motion, no life, nothing. Deeper and deeper the body was saturated, each wave being gulped up by the body, taken inside, spreading to the heart, and going thru out. Her last thought was of how she would be used as a doll, used for sex, a masturbation tool under a lonely man, passed from room to room in a fraternity, or perhaps used as a partner in some other games…

Her thighs glistened for a short time before the liquid sank in, freezing all life inside. Her cells transformed to rubber, all the parts of her anatomy preserved as they are; never to change again. Anne’s thoughts melted away as the fourth wave sank into her eyes, moving down her body immortalizing her perfectly erect nipples atop awesomely perky DD’s. The liquid began to seep into her skin slower, already saturated to the bones, Anne had no choices to make, and her time was over.

The fifth wave stood on her body, glistening over her skin, and then very slowly soaked into the body just before the sixth wave, and last the seventh wave, she looked very much like a fuck doll, with the plastic-like rubber skin over her own, making her features less distinct, and glazing the body into a bulbous beautiful object. Anne was now a new sex toy, shiny and new, amazingly perky, and fully positionable.

As the line moved onward, the other girls and Anne moved into a large room, surrounded by heating elements, a warm glow surrounding them, the line stopped, and they sat inside the over for two hours. Their bodies warmed to the temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The rubber in them cured and now being cooled down slowly. The line began to move again.

The dolls are sprayed with a light pink pigment to mimic a skin tone. Now they look like mannequins, eyes glassed over, and the plugs removed, nicely formed openings inside. At the end of the line the dolls stopped and waited. Big Man came in and began to take down the dolls, placing them all to the side of the line, on carts. He pushed the carts down the hallway, into a room. Big Man locked the door, and left.

The dolls sat for the night, waiting piled up in the carts. The next day, Chinese workers came in, and began to paint the faces of the dolls, making them pretty, filling the order details, creating the desired personas for the new life of the girls. Their eyes colored and lashes attached, even the pussies colored. Next wigs placed onto the dolls. Anne got platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and ruby red lips. The Chinese woman worked on her fast, making all the details for the order. Finished with her work, Anne was left to dry, out on the table. Talc was thrown on her, and a blanket drawn over her.

A box was prepared for each doll. Their wrists and ankles and waist tied to the box. Anne was not boxed, Big Man kept her.

The End?


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