A Situation that blows...

by Rubber Doll Jessica

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© Copyright 2008 - Rubber Doll Jessica - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mf; latex; bond; packaged; foam; lovedoll; reluct; X


A slender young woman walks down the street heading for her appointment. As you would expect she gets her share of looks as the various men, and sometimes even women peek back at her black nylon clad legs coming from under her trenchcoat and ending in 6 inch heels. Her long midnight hair perfectly straight and sheen. You would probably think Maria was a model from looking at her. But no, she wasn't. She was an average girl, with a regular life. Maria had a job as a secretary, an apartment, a boyfriend named Tom, and a rubber fetish you could only dream about. Ok, well perhaps its not all regular. She did have one problem, however. This was what she was going to this appointment to fix.

Maria stopped in front of a rather non-descript building. Walking by you might think its just a closed warehouse. Only one sign hang over the door. "LTX" in neon tubing. However the sign was not on. Like most good clubs, it was closed during the day. Maria was told the door would be unlocked so she opened it and went inside. The interior was about what you would expect. A bar, some tables, a dance floor, and areas with couches and chairs so guests can get a bit more of a communal atmosphere while exploring the world of latex, bondage, and domination. A rather enjoyable place and she and Tom had a few good nights here. Maria had become friends with the owner and was here to see her.

A knockout redhead came from the back room wearing a jet black rubber mini skirt, white top, and clear stockings. Her stiletto heels clicking on the floor as she walks. "Veronica!" Maria exclaims as they come together and hug. "Here, have a seat. You want some coffee?" Veronica offers as she directs Maria to one of the tables. 

"Yes, thanks" she replies. 

Veronica comes back with the coffee, sitting at the table she asks, "So tell me about this special session you want". 

Veronica listens while Maria explains, "Well I enjoy my relationship but Tom is obsessed with me blowing him. I probably wouldn't mind so much if it was occasional. But it seems like he wants it more then sex itself", she takes a sip of coffee and continues, "He wants it every time and many times he's got nothing left for me. I want to teach him a lesson but you know I was never that good at domination."

Veronica thinks for a bit. "I think I could arrange something." she replies. 

Maria is ecstatic, "Great! But how much is it gonna cost?" 

"You let me worry about that. I can get it setup in a week," Veronica smiles. 

Maria nods with her own smile, "Of course.. you're in charge."

One week later..........

Tom and Maria arrive at the club two hours before opening. Maria has told him that they are there as VIP's of Veronica with special club benefits. A rubber clad guard lets them in. He was told they were coming. "Miss Veronica is waiting for you. Please follow her.." he says. 

They look at the woman he was referring to and find themselves hypnotized by what they see. The woman is enclosed in a form fit black latex suit. It seemed as if it were painted on and was polished to an amazing shine. Her feet were in ballet boots that were one piece with the suit. They could see every curve of her body as they looked up from the floor. She had a locked slave collar on her neck with a shiny metal number 2 hanging from it and finally the most dramatic part was her face. Or lack of it. Her hood covered her entire head and had no facial features except for the barely noticeable lenses covering her eyes. 

"Hello," they both said almost simultaneously. The woman did not make a sound. Only gestured a greeting and for them to follow her. They assumed she was gagged. As they followed behind her into the hall and to one of the back rooms they noticed her suit was nearly seamless. A barely visible line running down her back. "We gotta get you one of those Maria. Except with a hole for that sexy mouth of yours. " Tom told her.

Maria only smiled and said "We'll see..."

Reaching the room the slave girl stops on the far end of the door, and gestures for them to go in. Tom and Maria enter to find Veronica and an identical slave girl to the one that lead them here except for a metal number 1 on her collar. The other slave girl enters and closes the door. "Thank you Doll 2," Veronica says. "We need our privacy.. for now" she finishes. Tom starts to wonder what 'benefits' Maria was talking about as he notices a mess of odd rubber gear in the corner. "You like my assistants?" Veronica says while stroking Doll 1's face. "They don't say much, but they're very obedient. Lets begin shall we?". With that the slave dolls move towards Tom while Veronica brings Maria over to the side to watch.

Tom at this point is wondering what's going on. "Um.. Maria?" he questions with a bit of tension in his voice. 

"Don't worry dear," Maria says. 

"Yes, we're just giving you what you want". Veronica tells him. 

Tom calms a bit as the two dolls undress him. They seduce him with their hands as Doll 2 drops to her knees and begins to pull a new catsuit onto him. Now Tom is just going with the flow. Enjoying the doll slaves. Maria and Veronica watch as his body is encased neck to toe in black rubber. Doll 1 helps to seat the front plumbing of the suit onto his genitals while Doll 2 works the plumbing into his rear. Thinking to himself while wincing, "Well I guess I always wondered what that felt like as she inserts the plug into him.". In moments the suit is zipped up and Tom is smooth black rubber from the neck down. The Dolls then direct Tom to a panel on the floor with metal shackles on it.

Tom is put on his knees and before he can even protest the slave dolls lock him into an arm binder and neck collar, and shackle him to the panel. Now a bit nervous Tom starts objecting, "Hey I don't think...". 

He gets cut off by Veronica, "Quiet you. I suppose your wondering about all this. Well it seems you've gotten a bit too concerned with your own pleasure as of late. So your going to learn a lesson.". 

The dolls hook his wires and tubes to a set of ports on the wall. and begin putting panels around the one on the floor, boxing him in. Now in a rubber coated box on the floor the dolls move to him with one bucket each. they pour the buckets into the box and when the liquids hit each other they expand into a hard foam immobilizing him to his neck.

"What are you doing to me? stop!" he demands but to no avail.

"You'll see" Veronica tells him. Even Maria is wondering what exactly is going to happen.

The two slaves now shave the foam down to meet with the top edge of the box. They come over with bigger pieces now. A solid box is bolted to the floor in front of him and an empty one behind him. Then the twin dolls come over with a very unusual piece. Half of a rubber bed with a hole in it and a set of flesh tone doll legs. He takes note that the hole happens to come up inside the crotch of the doll. Trying anything to escape now he's thrashing inside the box to no avail. He cannot move even an inch. 

"I guess I can go into details now as you won't learn anything if I don't!" Veronica begins to talk, "You see Maria here has been a bit upset that you only seem to want her for a good blow. Well if blow jobs are what you want. It's what you'll get."

As she finishes her explanation the dolls lower the bed onto the solid box and Toms box. They fit his head into the hole and pull a hood that is attached to the inside of the doll crotch over his head. They push a gag sheath into his mouth. He tries to resist but its all futile now. Veronica completes her explanation while they bolt the bed to the boxes. "You see now your mouth is the dolls love hole. You'll get more blow jobs than you can stand. If it gives you peace of mind think of this. When the sheath is penetrated, stimulators will activate on your nether regions as well. Giving you pleasure..".

Maria stares in awe, "Wow. That's amazing. You've outdone yourself." she says then gives a look of puzzlement. "But where's the rest of the doll?". 

Veronica Smiles and says, "Well let's see." she motions Maria closer. Showing her that the back of his Toms hood has a large dildo on it. "Well my dear, This bondage is built for two." Veronica tells her.

"But wait. I..." Maria tries to object but is quickly chloroformed by Doll 2. Her vision blurs out to darkness as she barely sees the dolls moving over her.

Time goes by....

Maria wakes... she's laying down. "mmph!" she cant speak, she's gagged. Her vision seems different. She's wearing a hood with lenses. She tries to move but to no avail. Her arms are bound around her sides, corseted down. She feels tightness. She's inside a catsuit.

"Ahh. you're awake, and right on time." Veronica and Doll 1 come into her view. "Well I suppose your wondering what just happened. Let her see." She commands Doll 1. The doll goes from view and comes back with a full length mirror. Maria freaks at what she sees. Veronica can hear her slightly through the gag. "Beautiful isn't it? It was a bit difficult but I think this might just be my best work. Your arms are bound to you as you can tell, and you are inside the top half of the sexdoll. joined to your boyfriends head by that dildo you'd seen and sealed together."

She looks in the mirror only confirming what Veronica is saying. She is the upper half of the doll. There is no visible seams between her crotch and the legs. "The dolls ass is extra large to accommodate your pelvis so everything doesn't look stretched out. From my experience a lot of men like a big butt on a girl anyway.." Veronica chuckles. "Some polymer framework took care of immobilizing you. You are of course plumbed up too so you both can be here for a good while. If you were wondering your legs are in the last empty box and held in place with more expanding foam. Oh and don't worry about pleasure.. As the different men who will come in here have their fun with your boytoy.. his head with be pushed back and fourth and push the dildo in and out of you. Now you don't have to worry that only he's getting any. It should only take 30 or so men to pay back the cost of your predicament."

Doll 1 and 2 clean up a little and leave. Veronica heads for the door. Before leaving she finishes with, "Hope you two enjoy yourselves. Your going to make me a fortune. I'll be back to let you two out... eventually.." and begins to close the door. "Well maybe not..." Leaving the two in a prison that Maria now fears will be a lot longer then she ever thought...



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