The Sleeping Beauty

by Caza Savira

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© Copyright 2010 - Caza Savira - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFM/f; corset; boots; catheter; mask; casket; encased; display; party; electro; toys; cons; X

With love and thanks to Grimm Searcher for the original idea, and for his keen eye.


"Party time! Come and let's get ready Caroline" called Jess.

We were going to a party. We'd been planning it for weeks, with another couple, Simon and Rebecca. They had a bigger house, so they had the venue. We'd organised caterers, a bar, a great DJ we all knew from University days.

I'd spent ages looking for something great to wear, and had eventually found a gorgeous dress in a stall in Camden market - strapless black with a pink rose print. Jess said it made me look even more amazingly gorgeous, but then she was a little biased.

I woke from my nap to Jess calling my name. I wanted to be fresh and relaxed for the party, so Jess had suggested I had a sleep in the afternoon - she said she had a few last minute things to take care of anyway.

"OK, I'm up, going for a shower." I called, and headed for the bathroom, shedding my clothes on the way. Somewhat later than necessary, I walked back to the bedroom wearing just a towel, and looked for the lingerie and dress I'd laid out before.

"Jess, where's my dress?" I called, a note of panic entering my voice.

"We're downstairs, Caz, come down"

Confused I descended the stairs. All three of them were standing waiting for me, and motioned for me to sit, which we all did.

"I know you've put a lot of time and effort into organising this party," started Jess, "and are really looking forward to it." I nodded, wondering what had happened.

"Well, we've come up with the ultimate way for you to enjoy it." Jess winked at me. I know that wink. It means that she's thought about this a lot, and knows it will be my best option, and that I will love it.

"OK... ", I said hesitantly, "what is it you have in mind?"

"Well," said Rebecca, "you know how we've got the theme of Fairy Tales? Well, you're going to be Sleeping Beauty!"

With that she produced the most beautiful gown I'd ever seen - bodice covered in small jewels, a waist I would die for and the most amazing ball gown skirt made of pink tulle. I gasped.

"We'll have to hurry" said Simon  impatiently, "We've not much time before the party." I went back to my confused state then - there were 4 hours.

"What's the rush?" I asked, "I know you think I can be slow sometimes getting ready, but I'm not that slow".

"You're not simply going to wear the dress, Caroline", explained Jess, "You're going to be Sleeping Beauty!"

"What? How? What are you scheming" I smiled looking at each of them.

Jess explained the detail of their plan, and, as always, she was right - I loved their idea.

We arrived at Simon & Rebecca's house - I wouldn't quite call it a mansion, but it was large enough and as I entered I saw all the decorations we had designed and made set out - Grottos, forests, fairies and nymphs. It all looked wonderful. There, right in the centre of the main hall was a casket. My casket.

"What would you have done if I'd said no?" I whispered to Jess.

"Seriously," replied Jess, "there was no chance you'd say no". She grinned. She was right.

Upstairs I removed all the clothes I'd hastily put on before leaving. I blushed as Simon entered with surgical gloves and a tray.

"Oh, I've seen it all before", he said. True enough - we'd dated for quite a while at college, and managed to stay very good friends when we broke each other's hearts and found we both loved different girls.

Simon was a trained nurse, and knew how to insert a catheter, which he did, into me. He also slid a large vibrator inside me, and another smaller one up my rear. I gingerly slid on some latex panties, "to keep everything in" as he delicately put it.

I carefully walked downstairs for the next phase - we'd decided it would be best to do the rest as close the casket as possible - Health and Safety, Rebecca joked. "We must watch our lifting and handling."

I sat, and Jess started with my feet, sliding a pair of thigh high white leather ballet boots onto them, forcing my toes en-pointe, and really there and then stopping me moving around. They were beautiful, covered in jewels, matching the bodice, and quite evil in what they did to my feet. She laced them tight as I sat on the casket.

Rebecca came in with the corset next: to call it a corset was severely undervaluing it. It was incredible, stretching from the top of my head down to my ankles. They helped me to my feet - well, my toes, and wrapped it around my torso, Jess taking her time arranging my breasts to sit in the cups, and give me impressive cleavage. Simon arranged the wires and tubes - there were holes in just the right places, and once my arms were through, Rebecca reached up and let down what looked like a trapeze.

"Where did that come from?" I asked, a little surprised. It hadn't been there the week before: we'd had dinner in this room and I would have noticed.

"We had it installed this week" replied Rebecca, "this wasn't going to work without it"

She tied my wrists to the bar, and pulled me up so I was just balanced on my toes, but my whole body was stretched by my own weight.

Simon & Jess started threading the laces - Simon went up from my ankles and Jess down from my neck. Rebecca stood on a step and pushed my hair inside the hood, and started lacing that shut.

Simon took the laces at my waist and started pulling. My ankles were pushed together, my leg squeezed as Jess tugged at the loops. I felt her hands on my rear as she moved her way up and my buttocks were squeezed, forcing the dildo in harder. My waist was compressed so tightly I had trouble breathing and things started to go a bit grey round the edges - Rebecca must have seen my distress, so they stopped tightening and waited for me to catch my breath.

"I'm OK, carry on" I said after I'd managed to calm down my breathing and adjust a little.

They started at the bottom again, and I was squeezed even tighter over my whole body, from my chest down I was completely immobile and rigid. Simon lowered the trapeze gently down and I rubbed my wrists to get the blood flowing again.

I examined my enclosed body in the mirror strategically placed in front of me - I was an amazing shape, my smallish form was almost stretched in appearance as I stood on tiptoes, my chest heaving as my breathing was laboured. I felt things going a bit grey again, and told my body to calm down before I fainted.

Jess approached with the dress, and slid it over my head. I hadn't noticed before, but the sleeves were actually long gloves, attached with decorative, but solid, lacing to the shoulders. As I pushed my fingers into the gloves, I realised that they were being held rigid. I wasn't going to be moving anything soon. Jess laced up the back of the dress, fluffing out the skirt to make sure nothing was caught. In the meantime, Rebecca was lacing up the gloves over my arms, which were becoming more and more immobile, held clasped together in front of me.

"We're going to fill your ears now, Caz - you'll still be able to hear, at least to start with." I flinched a little as something warm and wet slid into my ear canal - suddenly everything became muffled in one ear. The other ear followed very quickly, and I suddenly felt very much more isolated.

Simon fiddled with something off to one side, and suddenly everything went completely silent. Absolutely no sound whatsoever. I could see my friends mouthing things, but nothing!


"Now, can you hear us?" Jess asked.

"Yes, what just happened?" I answered.

"This is the latest noise cancelling technology - it measures the sound entering your ear, and exactly cancels it out with an opposite sound wave. It should be completely silent."

"It was... amazingly quiet."

"Good - sorry, no time for chit chat, I'm afraid, we have a schedule which we need to catch up to."

Jess made sure that all my hair was inside the hood, and finished tightening the laces up the back of my head from my neck. I heard a dull click, and immediately my head was immobile too.

"I guess I'm stuck completely now" I said, jokingly, nervously almost. Jess smiled at me, and leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips. We gazed into each other's eyes as if it would be the last time we saw each other. "I love you" she mouthed to me. "I love you more" I mouthed back.

"Any major pain or discomfort?" asked the ever practical Simon.

"Apart from *all* over my body, no," I shot back.

"Seriously, now" he said, seriously, putting on his serious face.

"No, I'm good" I replied.

"Point of no return then, last chance to bail."

I just grinned.

Rebecca brought forth the final part of the costume: it was a beautifully crafted mask, which fitted my face perfectly, and was so beautifully painted, like a porcelain doll, it almost brought a tear to my eye as I thought that that was how I was going to look all evening. Attached at the top was a mass of blonde curls, which would go over my head and down my back. Behind the painted lips was a gag which would go into my mouth and a small brass key just between them would expand it, locking it against my teeth and cheeks. There were small eyeholes, and two tubes to slide into my nose. These went in first, and it was quite a shock how far they went in.

"That'll stop you smelling too - you'll be entirely without any senses" Simon explained.

The gag squeezed into my mouth, and I felt a series of clicks and the mask engaged with the hood. The gag expanded as the key was turned and filled my mouth, pressing against my teeth and cheeks. It was tight against my face, made exactly for me, holding me as tight as the rest of me was held. I felt the tickle of the soft curls against my heaving chest, my little remaining bare skin. I could just see out through the eye holes, and my view in the mirror was stunning. There was little to tell it was me inside, just a beautiful sleeping beauty.

"We're going to move you now," said Jess, and I felt myself tip horizontal, and seemingly dangle - my now upwards view was of the trapeze above me and a pair of ropes attached to me somewhere.

Down I went, and settled into the casket. Jess and Rebecca fussed around me, arranging my hair and my skirts, placing a single rose in my clasped hands, and making sure I was in the right place on the cushions. Simon made sure my catheter and wires were all in the right places, and connected up.

A glass lid was lowered onto the top of the casket, and clicked into place.

"Goodbye, Caroline" said Jess, "I'll see you when you get out. Love you."

"Love you," I thought back, knowing she couldn't hear.

Everything went black. Everything went quiet.

I was suddenly alone and still, so incredibly trapped. I almost orgasmed there and then, the feeling was so amazing, a mixture of sheer excitement and anticipation about what was to come.

Another part of me made me relax. The previous 3 hours had been a flurry of activity to get ready in time. Now all was still and silent. My heart slowed gradually, and I started to savour my enclosure, pushing imperceptibly against every squeezed part of my body.

I imagined Jess getting ready, changing into her first Cinderella gown - it was all rags, but still very sexy. She planned to change about halfway through the evening into an amazing ball gown she'd also seen when we wandered the market together.

Simon and Rebecca were going to be dressed as Jack (complete with beanstalk) and Little Red Riding Hood

I must have dozed, because the next thing I knew there was a tingling inside me, which woke me up with a start. My heart raced as my mind quickly worked out where I was again. At this the tingling turned into a buzzing and I felt myself start to get quite damp.

As soon as it started it stopped. My mind raced as I tried to recall Simon’s explanation earlier, it seemed like an age ago. It was sound activated, essentially a microphone and amplifier, directly connected to the dildo. He'd actually filtered the signal, so that bass noise went to my rear intruder and higher tones to my front. I would know when the music started, he had said.

I figured there must have been someone talking near me, but then they moved on.

Minutes later I felt a light shock across my nipples - it started with one shock, and then they kept coming - I would have screamed if I could, if my mouth wasn't filled and if my body wasn't completely immobilized. "If anyone touches your casket, it will discharge a small shock through electrodes on your nipples." Simon had said.

The shocks subsided, and all was peaceful and still for a while.

"Hello Caroline" Jess's voice suddenly broke through my silence. "I hope you're still alright in there - the sensors we have on your breathing and heart show you are still alive. I hope you're enjoying yourself so far, however our first guests are arriving, and I thought I should warn you to expect some more excitement. Love you"

I lay there, unable to answer or show any evidence of having heard, but whispered "I love you too" silently to myself.

Within a few minutes, the plugs inside me started to throb, gently at first, then faster and faster. The music must have started, as my rear was hit with a rhythmic beat like a bass drum. My pussy was alive and felt like there was something dancing inside me. My first orgasm of the night hit me suddenly - all my previous hours of build-up poured through me and I almost passed out from the sheer intensity. Everything stopped as I came, another feature Simon had explained: a brief respite. About ten minutes later (not that I could really tell) I started feeling the vibrations again, and the thumping in my rear.

This time it took me more time before I came, and just before I succumbed to the orgasm, there was a searing pain in my breasts as someone above me must have touched my casket. I shivered in my respite period, knowing there were people above me, around my casket, seeing me tranquil and peaceful, not knowing the feverish excitement going on within me.

The evening wore on, and I came too many times to count, my brain was starting to blur the edges of my consciousness, and stopping me from thinking clearly. I was exhausted, but couldn't sleep, as my torture devices started up just as I nodded off after a respite.

Eventually, the vibrations reduced to a light buzzing and finally stopped entirely, and my mind let go and I slipped into a deep sleep.

I woke the next morning, lying on a soft bed, with Jess lying next to me, gazing at me. My body ached all over, and I must have smelled none too pleasant, but I stared into her eyes, and saw my love gazing back at me. She reached down and kissed me gently on the lips.

"Thank you," I whispered weakly, "what did I miss?" I asked.

"You missed a wonderful party, there was a beautiful sleeping maiden as the centrepiece of it, but she slept the whole way through it, as there was no handsome prince to wake her up." She giggled at this.

"But don't worry, I have plenty of pictures to show you."

She hugged me close, and said "I love you", and I was now able to answer "I love you too, so much."


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