Soft Comfort

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


Rebecca shook herself slightly as she woke up after a delightful night's sleep.  She was availing herself a weekend in the country to give herself some time away from her boyfriend Marty and the problems that had cropped up   It seemed that Marty, who had seemed to be a squeaky clean early 40's man that owned several large companies in the US and Canada, had a wife and two adult children.  Rebecca had discovered Marty's secret when she was surfing the internet one day and came across a file picture at a newspaper website that showed Marty's family at a company Christmas party.

When confronted by Rebecca, Marty first tried to deny the accusation but after Rebecca produced a copy she had printed of the family picture she had seen, he quickly changed his tune.  He reassured the red-haired woman that his marriage was one in name only and it would be ending for good within the next six months or so.  In the mean time, Marty told his lover to avoid him as much as possible while in public and, as a way of apologizing, invited to spend the weekend with him at a company owned cabin.  He told Rebecca that it would be just the two of them and it would be a weekend they would never forget.

"As nice as this weekend might turn out, if Marty thinks he's going to smooth things over with a weekend in the country, he's in for a rude surprise!"  Rebecca thought to herself as she slipped on a robe and made her to the cabin's patio.  Marty had driven into the town located twenty or so miles from the cabin for some supplies and to check his email leaving Rebecca to do as she pleased.  Looking out over the balcony of the patio, she admired the view of the dense forest surrounding the cabin in the valley below along with the sight of what looked to be a pristine lake unspoiled by boats or human touches.

"Ya know, maybe I will forgive Marty for his deception...... if he can arrange for me to own a place like this.... heh.........."   Rebecca  muttered out loud.  She was going to walk down the stairs and take a walk around the backyard when she heard a knock on the door.

When she answered the knock, she found a dark haired woman wearing a blue bikini top and white shorts.  The mid 30's woman had a physique that would cause most men to stop and stare in unabashed lust and even caused Rebecca to momentarily lose her focus.

"Hi!  You must be Rebecca.  My name is Janice Coulter and I'm staying at a cabin just down the road.  Marty asked me to stop by and say hello to you when I got a chance.  I must say, you're even more beautiful than what he described," the woman said enthusiastically.

Rebecca blushed and stammered a thank you before asking her visitor to step inside for a drink.  After pouring the two of them a couple of ice tea drinks, Rebecca joined her guest in the living room area.  The two chatted about various activities in the area for ten minutes or so  before Janice abruptly stood up and walked over near the patio doors.  Puzzled, Rebecca remained silent as she waited for her guest to say something but when she heard a loud sigh emanate from Janice, she became a little concerned.

"Is there something bothering you, Janice?  You've gotten real quiet all of a sudden,"  Rebecca said with a note of concern evident in her voice.

"I......I...... it's just...... I guess.... I'm sorry,"  Janice replied sadly.

"Sorry?  I don't understand.  What are you sorry for?"  Rebecca said softly, trying to comprehend her guest's melancholy.

"I'm sorry that I have to do this!!!"  Janice exclaimed even as she whirled and pointed her right hand in Rebecca's direction.  Almost immediately, a bolt of blue and silver energy flowed from her hand and struck Rebecca square in the chest resulting in her instant immobilization!

"Janice!!  Janice, what's going on?  Why can't I move?  What did you do to me?  Janice, answer me!!!"  Rebecca exclaimed as she tried to coax her body to move even a little bit but it remained rigid and stiff.

"Now, now, don't get too excited, Rebecca.  If you continue screaming and yelling, I'll remove your ability to talk and this conversation will become rather one sided in a hurry,"  Janice replied calmly as she took a seat on a couch opposite the immobile woman.

"What the heck are you talking about?  Look, I don't know if you think this is some sort of bizarre joke that you and Marty have thought up but I don't think this is one bit funny!  Let me go!"  Rebecca replied in a voice that was lower in volume but as defiant as before.

"Sorry but I can't do that, sweetie.  You see, I was hired by your boyfriend a short while ago to take care of you quietly before you openly disrupted his personal life.  As to how I managed to immobilize you, I suppose I can tell you now that I'm not a normal human being like you and the others living on this planet.  I am, in fact, a witch and practitioner of black magic for the last four centuries or so.  Going by the rankings set down by the Grand Council of Witches, I have attained 14th level proficiency in the art of immobilization and general paralysis.  As you might guess, that means that if I want to keep someone from moving, I can,"  Janice said smoothly while leaning over and glancing at the cover of one of magazines on the table in front of her.

"But.... but I don't understand.  How would he contact you?  Why would he need the services of a witch?  Please, let me go!  I'll pay you double whatever Marty is giving you!"  Rebecca pleaded in a voice that seemed to be on the verge of breaking into hysteria at any minute.

"Shhhhhh!!  Marty got hold of me through a friend of friend of mine.  I don't dabble often in the affairs of mere mortals but his request had a certain level of nastiness to it that I found appealing.  You see, he wants you out of the way permanently, but leaving no clues for police or other people to trace back to him.  The only way that can be done with any kind of certainty is by transformed you into something that is inanimate in nature but wouldn't be considered out of the ordinary in appearance.  In short, you'll be transformed into an inflatable blow-up doll.  Marty will have you from now on as a latex and rubber fuck toy to enjoy at his leisure.  I know it's something you might not like but, hey, that's just the breaks in life, "  Janice said as she briefly waved her right hand while talking.

Rebecca watched as a colorfully decorated cardboard box appeared in the witch's right hand.  To her silent dismay, she saw that the cover of the box showed a picture of herself, posed naked in a sultry pose, with smaller pictures of herself as a love doll adorning the corners.  RAUNCHY REBECCA appeared in big red letters on the top of the box with other obscene phrases written on the sides and bottom of the cover.

"Sorry to say this, honey, but I'm in a bit of rush today as I have a BBQ to get ready for so we'll have to wrap this up.  Do you have any final words before you join the land of latex, rubber and other artificial substances?"  Janice said as she glanced at her wristwatch in an impatient manner.

"I..... I guess I only have to say at this point.  When you plan to trap and transform a target, you might want to check into their background a bit more.  SHAZZAKAZAMM!!!!"  Rebecca cried out before her body was surrounded by a sphere of black energy that obscured her form completely.

Before Janice could react, the energy crackled loudly for several seconds before fading away.  When it did, the witch saw that Rebecca was no longer standing in the room and there was no indication where she had gone.  Realizing that this was turning out to be far more difficult than she planned on, Janice started to plan on a more offensive strategy than what she had anticipated.

"You see, dear Janice, that if a thorough background check had been carried out by you prior to today, you might have found that Rebecca Masters was more than just a friend and romantic fling for Marty.  You have discovered that your target was, in reality, herself a witch of some repute and thus one not so easily trapped by a low level spell, even one as expertly cast as your was,"   the voice of Rebecca called out, though Janice was unable to place where it was coming from.

Glancing nervously from side to side, Janice walked around the couch and peered out to the patio to see if anyone was there.  Seeing no one, she had just turned her attention back to the living room when a large, purple haired fist whizzed by her head and slammed into the wall behind her.

"One thing that I'm surprised at is you don't have a 'friend' you can summon if you feel threatened by a rival witch.  Janice, say hello to Cuddles,"  Rebecca yelled out as Janice's opponent turned and stared at the behemoth behind her.  The witch saw what looked like a ten foot tall monster covered head to toe in purple fur with a crazed look of rage evident in its three eyes.  The six fingered hands of the brute seemed to have letters tattooed on the knuckles with the word ROMPER visible on its left hand and ROOM on the right hand.  Perhaps the scariest aspect of the monster, from Janice's perspective, was the fact that Cuddle's gaping maw, with three rows of jagged teeth, looked large enough to swallow her whole and several other items as well.

"ROOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!"  Cuddles bellowed as it took a menacing step towards its target.  However, just as the monstrous brute was about to grab Janice's head with it's right hand, the witch waved her hands in a flurry while muttering several words in a language that seemed to be a hybrid of ancient Egyptian and Greek.

In the blink of an eye, Cuddles was surrounded by an orange and purple aura and the brute froze in mid motion.  Thankful that she was able to remember an old time freeze spell at the last moment, Janice carefully sidled around the stilled monster and continued to look for her quarry Rebecca.  Walking into the kitchen, she saw what looked to be a cute little white-furred rabbit sitting by the back door next to the coat rack.

"One other thing I should also mention is that highly skilled witches usually have more than one 'friend ' with them, especially if they sense something might go wrong.  Fluffy is my other associate and I think you'll find that he's just as fierce as Cuddles.  In fact, he even was a stunt double in a British comedy movie back in the 70's.  Have fun!"  Rebecca called out from her unknown location.

"What could a cute little bunny do to me that is worse than Cuddles back in the living room?  It's not like it could..... YEOOOWWW!!!!"  Janice thought briefly before suddenly throwing herself to the left as the bunny hurled itself in the air towards her.  Hitting the floor hard, Janice looked behind her to see that the bunny had bit through one of the kitchen table's legs with a single bite and the table crashed awkwardly to the floor as a result.

Fortunately for Janice, she had dealt with this type of attack in the past as well as just a few minutes ago and had a spell prepared for the menacing bunny.  When Fluffy launched itself into the air with an intent to rip Janice's throat out with its razor sharp front teeth, the witch zapped it in mid air with the prepared incantation.  With a bright blue and red flash of light, the harmful hare fell to the floor with a quiet PLOP! and remained there.  Laughing out loud, Janice picked up what was now a stuffed animal that one might find inside a baby's playpen.

"If your associates are an indication of how strong you are at spell casting, you might as well get used to spending the rest of your days inside a cardboard box, my dear.  Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and Marty will keep you inflated and fucked regularly,"  Janice called out to her unseen opponent.  However, for now, Rebecca chose to be silent and remained out of sight.

"What's the matter, Rebecca?  Are you scared to face me without your big, bad friends to protect you?  If you show your face now, I might even alter the spell so you'll resemble one of those ultra realistic silicone love dolls instead of a cheap synthetic blow-up dolly you'd buy for under 20 bucks at a skid row shop,"  Janice exclaimed loudly as she walked slowly back to the living room.

Passing the immobilized Cuddles, Janice glanced around the room tentatively but saw no sign of her quarry.  The witch was so focused on her search that she didn't notice her right foot was sagging into the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace.  By the time she realized something was amiss, both of her feet had sunk deep into the rug and Janice found herself unable to move at all!

"What the hell??!!!"  Janice yelled out as she found herself continuing to sink into the rug.  She attempted to cast an incantation to raise herself upwards several feet off the rug but found that her spell provided nothing save an odd pink and red glow around her hands.

"Tsk, tsk, Janice.  You spent all those years learning the spells necessary for 14th level and you never thought to learn spells outside of immobilization and general paralysis.  For all your big words and bravado, a simple first level trap incantation - with a few modifications - was enough to catch and render you helpless,"  Rebecca said as she suddenly materialized in the far corner of the room.

"I'm not helpless!  In a couple of seconds, I'll, uh, figure out a counter spell to this and, ohhh, ummmm, get, .....ohhhh.....uhhh.....uhhhh?,"  Janice replied before her defiance seemed to dissipate as she sunk further into the rug and an odd look of pleasure appeared on her face.

"Hmmmm?  What's that?  Are you having trouble figuring a way out of this trap?  It could be that the 'rug' you stumbled into does more than paralyze your lower body and inhibit your spell casting abilities.  You see, when you told me of your little plan for me, I figured that something along those lines would be perfect for you.  Of course, I've added my own little touches  that I've learned as a 17th level master of immobilization and head witch of the transformation practitioners.  I think you'll appreciate them in some lasting way,"   Rebecca chided her immobilized opponent as she watched the woman sink slowly out of sight.
From Janice's perspective, she thought she was going to drown in the carpet fibers as she sank rapidly into the rug.  The last thing she saw before she completely disappeared from sight was Rebecca's smirking face before she found herself completely surrounded in a sea of white.  Oddly, there was also a strange feeling starting to creep into her conscious mind that made her feel like she was mired in a bubble bath.  However, when she glanced downwards with her eyes, she saw something that would have caused her to gasp out loud if she was capable of talking at this point.

"My beautiful body!!..... it's changing shape somehow..... uhhhh..... have to think of some spell to get myself out of..... oohhh.... out of...... feel pretty..... wait.... I'm starting to rise upwards..... I feel so light..... not a care in the world.... mmmmm,

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Janice thought to herself even as her body, which was now bereft of clothing, slowly emerged from the magical rug.  She was still unable to move in the slightest but she noticed that Rebecca had taken the time during Janice's capture to erect a large mirror directly in the immobile woman's fixed line of sight.  Upon seeing her reflection in the mirror, Janice mentally gasped at what she saw and realized the true meaning of her adversary's words.

"I'm...... I'm turning into a love doll..... that bitch!!!...... she won't get away with this.... this.... oooohhhh!!!!....

Janice thought as she saw her body was now completely glossy from head to toe with no signs of blemishes, freckles or marks she had possessed since she was a young witch.  She could see what looked like seams were now visible on her arms and legs as well as around her waist and breasts.  The feeling of lightness Janice had experienced before was even more prevalent as she hovered above the rug and was buffeted by the light breeze emanating from a nearby air conditioner.

If those changes in appearance and sensations weren't proof enough of her transformation, Janice saw what had happened to her vagina and mouth and knew her suspicions were indeed true.  Her pussy had transformed into an ovular shaped opening with the interior changed into a sac of pink rubber and latex.  Although Janice couldn't see it, she could sense the same thing had happened to her anus with the added feeling that it had moved upwards by several inches to further suggest she was an inflated sex toy and not a live woman.  Her mouth was now devoid of teeth and tongue with the exterior formed into a perfect O-shape that looked perfect for the insertion of a dick or a sex toy.

"My boobs... they... they're bigger... need to be squeezed and sucked by my owner.... NOOOO!!... I'm starting to think like one of those stupid sex dolls... must... fight.. think of spell... to hope my owner fucks me soon.... NOOO!!!! "  Janice thought as she saw her breasts had grown in size to the point that they resembled pink basketballs capped by what looked to be inch long nipples that begged to be suckled or nibbled.  With her eyes changed to nothing more than painted features that had an eternal look of lust in them and her hair transformed into synthetic fibers that were sewn directly into her hollow head, there was no sign whatsoever that Janice was really a witch of considerable power instead of the fuck toy she closely resembled.

After a few minutes passed, the love doll that Janice now existed as slowly settled back on top of the floor rug though she did not sink into it like she had before.  As she lay the rug, with her hollow legs bent at the knees, she felt her hands being pushed into grasping positions by Rebecca so they held her feet.  Janice watched in silence as Rebecca freed her subordinates from their predicaments before turning her attention to her vanquished opponent.

"I shall be leaving now before Marty returns.  In case you're wondering, on some level, I intend to take my revenge on that miserable bastard in the near future that will be very appropriate.  Oh, before I go, one last little thing to be done to make sure I've tidied things up neat and properly,"  Rebecca said, with a nasty look appearing on her face before starting to gesture in the air with her hands.

"Nasty?.... how could you get any nastier than what you've already done to me, bitch?..... oooohhh...."  Janice thought to herself before she once again felt magical energy spread across the surface of her body.  Unfortunately for her, the mirror that the dollified witch had stared into earlier was gone so Janice could only guess what fate awaited her next........

7 hours, 43 minutes, 27 seconds later................

"....... gotta say that Janice did her job in a totally fantastic way!  This is the most realistic fucking sex doll that I've ever seen!  Man-o-man, I hope this doll is as great to fuck as she is to look at,"  murmured Marty, who had stripped off his clothes, lowered himself to the rug that the doll was on, and started to stroke his newest possession's glossy curvy surface.

" You idiot!.... I'm Janice, not Rebecca!.... Why can't you.... ooooh..... can't you see what happened?.... uhhh..what...WHAT THE HELL?"  Janice thought even as the sensations of being caressed started evoke feelings of pleasure in her air-filled body.  However, it was at this point that the doll 'saw' her reflection in a nearby video camera (no doubt set up by Marty ) and realized that her face, as well as her hair and other parts, now resembled Rebecca completely!  This must have been the result of Rebecca's final spell and there was nothing she could do about it!

Suddenly, Janice heard another voice enter her consciousness even though there was just her and Marty in the room.  Almost immediately, she realized the owner of the voice... an all too familiar source......

"Hello, sweetie.  This is a little prerecorded message I included with the incantation I used before leaving.  By now, you've realized that Marty sees you as nothing more than a dollified Rebecca and he will be enjoying his new toy over the next little while.  Oh, and if you're curious, the final part of the spell will become apparent to you very shortly,"  Rebecca intoned before her voice faded away.

"Final part?.... what is she... ohhh.... good dolly.... want to please owner... make him happy.... need to be used and fucked......."  Janice thought to herself in silence before Marty slid his stiff cock into her pink vagina and her thoughts changed drastically.  The rational thinking of a high powered witch was replaced by the simplistic thoughts of a love doll being used for pleasure by its owner.  From that point on, the only time Janice would think in human terms was when she was not in use....

And judging by Marty's look of bliss, that probably wouldn't happen too much to her in the near future...

              THE END


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