Some Very Sexy Furniture

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; pills; transform; lovedoll; kidnap; boxed; nc; X


Jill looked around her home and frowned in consternation. She had asked her husband to buy a new furniture set so that when she did her daily exercise, she wasn't tripping over some tacky furniture while doing her routine. " Hmm..I'll have to leave him a note to remind him when he gets back from his meetings.." she thought to herself as she wandered over to her kitchen counter.

Jill poured herself a tall glass of orange juice and opened up a cupboard to get out her bottle of diet pills. She was momentarily irritated when she couldn't find her bottle but after looking behind the water glasses, she spotted it near the back of the cupboard. She took it out and shook a few pills into her open right hand before putting the bottle back. Tossing the pills in her mouth, she swallowed them with a swig of juice as she wandered over to where her home entertainment unit was.

After about thirty seconds or so, music started to emanate from the speakers in concert with images of several women in tight lycra outfits exercising flickering on the television. Jill checked quickly to make sure that her bright pink leotard's shoulder straps were straight and her shiny tan pantyhose had no runs in it before she started to gyrate and move in concert with the onscreen instructions.

After 45 minutes of steady exercise, Jill reached over and turned off the television. Rubbing down her sweaty body with a bright white towel, she headed off to the shower basking in the glow of an exhilarating workout. After showering, she put on her bathrobe and walked into the kitchen where she noticed a light blinking on the telephone indicating there was a waiting message.

When Jill played back the message, she openly sighed upon her husband's message that he would be away on business for the next two weeks. Once she finished with the message, she decided to plan for a few nights at the local clubs for a little wild fun after her rigorous exercise routine. For now, she planned to take her usual protein shake, a quick shower and off to bed.

After drinking the shake and taking a long, hot shower, Jill went into her bedroom where she quickly put on a very sheer nightie before combing out her blonde hair. She then took out a tape recorder and head phones from a dresser drawer. Putting a tape into the recorder, she put the headphones on and turned the recorder on before settling into bed for the night. The tape was a subliminal weight loss tape Jill listened to while sleeping as part of her exercise regimen.

The next two days were fairly routine for Jill although on the second night she could have sworn that she heard noises inside her home after she had gone to bed. However, when she got up to look around, she found nothing that indicated anyone but her was in the house.

When Jill got up the next morning, she found she was a little sluggish when she rose from her bed. She also had vivid images of hot and passionate sex going through her mind from dreams she had been experiencing in the last few nights. She shook herself slightly as if her body wanted to remain in the dream.

" Maybe I've overdone it the last few nights. I can't treat my body like I treated one of my dollies when I was a kid." she said to herself as she put on a shiny tan set of pantyhose in preparation for her workout. She thought briefly about putting her leotard but decided to workout nude from the waist up for a change.

Jill walked out to the kitchen to take her usual vitamin supplements before the daily exercise workout. She felt her pantyhose rubbing against her thighs and sex and felt a tingling sensation go through her body. When she shook out the usual two tablets, she seemed unaware that the tablets were now pink in color instead of the usual white.

After taking her pills and drinking down some orange juice, Jill walked over to the entertainment center and popped in an exercise tape. Strangely enough, the three women in the video were also nude from the top up like Jill was . Jill thought nothing of it as she sat down on the carpet and started to limber her legs up.

When the routine started, the first part of the exercise involved stretching her mouth open into an O-shape and holding for a count of 30. This was followed by bending her arms at the elbow and swinging them back and forth for a count of ten. Both exercises seemed rather ridiculous but to Jilll they seemed so natural.

After her workout was over, Jill rose slowly from the floor and toweled herself off. She noticed how her skin glistened and appeared smoother than normal even after she wiped her sweat off. She found it was much more sensitive than normal especially around her breasts and pussy. Blaming her symptoms on the flu she had been fighting the last few days, she decided to lie down for a few hours until she felt a little better. After stripping off her hose, she laid stiffly back in her bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Jill awoke some time later and rose out of bed. She slowly walked out into the living room not even bothering to put clothes on save for a pair of white high heels. The shoes seemed totally inappropriate but Jill felt she wanted to put them on that morning... needed to.

After swallowing her pills, Jill slowly went to the living room yet again. However, before she could get dressed and go about her daytime chores, she felt the strength rapidly drain from her limbs and she sagged to her knees propping herself against one of the living room chairs. Jill barely had time to think about what was going on when she heard the phone ringing and she turned her head slowly towards the phone. When she saw her reflection in a nearby picture frame, she realized why she had been have odd feelings and thoughts the last few days.

Her skin was rapidly changing all over her from pink flesh to tan colored plastic with seams running up and down the length of her body. She felt herself growing lighter by the second as if her insides were rapidly becoming nothing more than air or some sort of gas. She saw her anus forming into a round circle as was her other two openings with all traces of humanity gone. Her breasts seemed to push out as they became mounds of molded plastic capped by bright pink nipples that jutted out prominently. Jill tried to scream or move in response to her predicament but found her ability to either had vanished.

" I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL... A SEX TOY... WHO.. WHY... WHY ME ????? Jill thought to herself as she laid propped up against the chair . She noticed the transformation had completed with a transparent inflation plug appearing seemingly out of nowhere on the small of her back. Her face was frozen in a sultry seduction look that in no way reflected the anguish and turmoil Jill was feeling as she waited... for someone... anyone...
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