Something Simple, Something Complex

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2011 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; cheat; revenge; chemical; transform; lovedoll; deflate; sex; cons/nc; X


Erin glanced at her cell phone for a text message that would explain why her boyfriend Wally was so late for their dinner date that night. The two had been a couple over the past two years and it had been pretty much great times for Erin the entire time. Early on, Erin saw, and heard, a few women try to latch onto Wally and the dark haired man had taken Erin aside and explained to her that the women in question were past girlfriends who he had ended relationships with some time ago. For some women, this might have been a devastating revelation but Erin appreciated the honesty Wally showed and quickly put the matter behind her.

"Wally is such a thoughtful and caring man who has been such a wonderful man in my life. I think he's honest and truthful about everything we talk about," Erin thought to herself as she glanced at her cell phone a second time. A moment or two later, Erin heard the front door open and was relieved when she saw Wally walk into view seconds afterwards.

"Sorry I'm late, honey, but the suits in R&D wanted me to, uhhh, start working late on some new experimental stuff and tonight was the first time. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about this before now. I'll try and make it up to you, I swear, " Wally said with a dismayed look and tone to his face and voice.

"Oh, that's all right, honey. Did you want to take a late night run down to the restaurant or take a rain check on the whole evening? " Erin said as she hugged her boyfriend and the two sat down together on a nearby couch.

"Hmmm, how about we settle for a couple glasses of that imported Czech beer I bought last week instead? I have a proposition to make you that will liven things up for us as far as our intimate times together go. Are you interested? " Wally said with a slightly mischievous look crossing his face.

"Let's talk after the beer, shall we? That way, we're both feeling good when you spring this little idea on me, " Erin remarked which brought a silent nod from Wally.

After both had downed two glasses of beer and chatted about their activities of the past few days, Wally set his empty glass down on the nearby coffee table and leaned back to snuggle with Erin. "Ok, here's the idea I have in mind and if you don't want to go along with it, that's no problem in the slightest. You know I've been working late recently in the research and development area of the company coming up with new chemical solutions for a wide range of uses. Well, one particular solution, I think, is supposed to heighten the sexual experience for a woman by approximately one hundred to two hundred percent with no side effects, as far as I can tell. In other words, Erin, you can take it, have the best sex of your life and not turn into a raging nymphomaniac, " Wally said somewhat quietly and with perhaps a little concern visible in his voice.

For an entire minute, Erin remained silent as she contemplated the offer made by her lover. " Well, I have to admit, it does sound interesting. As long as there are no side effects and it delivers as promised, I'm more than willing to take part in some, uhhh, 'home trials', " she said with a playful look crossing her face as she traced the edges of her glass with a finger on her right hand.

"There are no side effects that I'm aware of and as long as everything stays within the usual guidelines, it'll be nothing but fun and pleasure. Now, tell me what you've been up to today, " Wally said as he patted Erin on the thigh and leaned back on the couch.

Even as Erin recited the routine tasks that she had undertaken during the day, her mind was racing as she pictured what laid ahead in the coming days and weeks and if Wally's promise was anything close to being true, sex was going to be anything but routine....
A few days later..............

"That, that was fucking amazing!! I know you said it was going to increase the enjoyment of sex for me but damn!!! " Erin exclaimed as she slumped back onto her pillow and soaked bedding. As she tried to regain her energy and stamina, Erin glanced over at the night stand next to the bed and saw the small test tube whose contents she had ingested a few hours earlier. At first, Erin had not felt anything out of the ordinary as she and Wally started to engage in foreplay. However, within a few minutes, Erin experienced a surge of energy that almost felt like she had swallowed a case of high energy drinks all at once. With this sensation surging through her body, Erin and Wally made wild love all night long and Erin found herself experiencing what seemed like an endless series or orgasms that had her screaming at the top of her lungs in ecstasy.

"I'm glad you're finding the solution to be everything I said it was and more, sweet. To be honest, I, ummm, wasn't prepared for the energy you had when you went down on me for the third time," Wally said with a slightly sheepish tone as he emerged from the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"You're the one who wanted to give this stuff a try. You feel like giving it another go?" Erin said as she pulled herself up into a sitting position and looked at Wally with a 'come hither' look visible on her face.

"Heh. Believe me, I'd love to spend the rest of the day with you and have us both drained by this time tomorrow. However, I've got a meeting to go to that I can't get out of and there's no alternative, I'm afraid. I'll be back later tonight to spend some time with you and I left some additional doses of this, ummm, love drug in the fridge. Please don't take any more of it while I'm away. I don't want you jumping your landlord or a visiting friend, " Wally said as he walked over and kissed Erin on the cheek before starting to get dressed.

"Well, I guess so. Just don't volunteer to go on any week long trip out of country, ok? I think you've started something wonderful here and I think we'd both miss what we started here tonight, " Erin said as she traced a circle around an erect nipple with her right index finger.

Feeling his resolve starting to dissolve quickly, Wally quickly dressed before Erin could manage to convince him to forego a day at work. A very short time later, Wally had departed for work and left Erin alone to contemplate what had occurred during the previous night.

After a bit, Erin got up, showered and dressed and made her way to the kitchen to make herself a light breakfast. Opening up the fridge, Erin saw a small rack in the middle part of the fridge that was holding four mid sized test tubes. Smiling and envisioning the nights that laid ahead for her, Erin slipped her right hand beneath her pants edge and starting massaging her vagina as she dreamed what that might entail.

"Mmmm, it's gonna be a long wait until Wally gets off work and I get off with him...." Erin thought as she started rubbing her clit and vagina a little stronger and quicker in response to her thoughts. She might have continued this to the point that she would have needed to go to the bedroom to 'finish her activity' and change her clothes but the ringing of her nearby cell interrupted her train of thought.

"Hi, hun! I... what.. oh... but can't you? Oh. Well, that sucks! Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, its only three days. I'll see you then, " Erin said before clicking her cell phone off and putting it on a nearby table. A frown crossed her face as Erin knew that Wally informing her he would be out of town for the next two days would not be good for her and her increased sexual needs.

"Well, what the fuck do I do now? I could get a bunch of toys from that adult shop a few blocks from here but what do I do when those are worn out?" Erin mused privately as she tapped right hand gently on the kitchen counter top.

Erin's silent contemplation were interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on her front door. After a quick check to make sure nothing 'embarrassing' could be seen by the visitor, Erin went to the door and was pleased to see the visitor was Bernie MacPherson, her neighbor for the past three years.

"Hi, Erin. Ummm, I was wondering if Wally was around here today. Ummm, you see, Connie, well, she left me last week to make her fortune in Vegas and I, ummm, I kinda need somebody to, ummm, to talk with about stuff, " Bernie stammered with his cheeks turning slightly red in response to the open revelation of his personal problems.

"Wow, Bernie, I am so sorry to hear that. Why don't you come in for a little bit and we'll have a cup of coffee and talk things over? You still take sugar and milk in your coffee, don't you? " Erin said with a wide smile as she ushered Bernie inside. Though she was intending to advise Bernie as to how to handle his recent break-up, her mind was already plotting as to how to use this encounter to solve her own 'pressing needs'.

"Wally has gone away and a woman does have her needs after all. Who is better for something like that than a good looking single guy in the neighborhood?" Erin privately thought as she envisioned the next forty eight hours to be a fun time indeed. Two days later..........

"Ummm, Erin, I, ummm, I have to go now. I'll give you and Wally a call next week and see about, uhhh, stuff. Later! " Bernie called out as he staggered towards the front door and dressing as he went.

Hearing Bernie's parting words followed by the front door opening and closing a few moments later, Erin sat up in bed and ruffled her black hair as she contemplated what had gone on over the last 48 hours. Bernie had been reluctant, at first, to engage in any kind of sexual intimacy with Erin but the dark haired woman was relentless in her advances and coupled with the notion that Wally would never know about it, Bernie gave in and the two were soon at it.

"We were at it like fucking rabbits off and on for the last two days! Even after all that sex and Bernie crawling out of here like a watermelon squeezed dry, I'm even hornier than when he showed up here whining about his ex. Fuck!!!" Erin fumed to herself as she pulled herself off the bed and walked to the bathroom to wash up.

A short time later, Erin started to get dressed and get her day underway when the phone rang. Answering it, Erin learned that it was Wally at the airport and he was looking to come right over and spend some quality time with her. Knowing that Wally would ask about the tubes as soon as he arrived, Erin blurted out that the formula was all gone though she went on to lie and say it was due it accidentally spilling on the floor. Erin followed this by fake crying for several long seconds that would melt the hard feelings of the sturdiest man and it worked on Wally as well.

After Erin and Wally talked for another five minutes or so, Wally stated he's swing by the lab (after stopping at his place briefly) and get more of formula. Erin thanked him and apologized profusely and the rest of the call consisted of the two talking about the weather and other inconsequential matters.

"I always wonder why men are so easily fooled by women who shed a few tears and spew out a sob story like that. I like Wally a lot but he is so clueless when it comes to talking to women," Erin thought smugly to herself as she headed to the bedroom to finish dressing and start a day that couldn't end soon enough for her. Later that day........

"Wally! I missed you so much!! " Erin called out as she hurried over and embraced her boyfriend passionately. The fact that Wally had set down a fresh batch of formula in a small cardboard box on a table moments earlier only increased Erin's happiness.

"Heh, it's good to see you didn't get too bored while I was gone. Listen, I was thinking of making a reservation for us at that new upscale restaurant on the other side of town. Fine food, a little wine, sound good? " Wally said as he put his right hand around Erin's chin and gazed into her eyes.

"Mmmm, that sounds good but you know, I feel like staying inside tonight and having you all for myself. Think a little night where we get to do a little love making aided by that wonderful little potion you introduced might be a better way of spending our time? " Erin said as she nodded towards her bedroom door nearby.

"Ohhh, you are on a one track mind tonight, aren't you? Ok, you win, we'll stay home tonight. Oh, I should tell you that the formula I brought home tonight has been enhanced for potency compared to the first batch I brought over to you. Considering it's been some time since the last time we were together, I don't think you're in any danger of suffering even the smallest of side effects, " Wally said before kissing Erin on the mouth in a very passionate manner.

'Fuck, this could be bad for me!! I can't tell him that I used the formula or I'd be facing a shit lot of questions that I don't want to answer. I'll just have to play it cool for now and hope it's nothing more than a little skin rash or some bullshit like that,' Erin thought to herself as she returned the passion with an equal emotion of her own.

After Wally had retrieved the formula he had brought in a small cardboard box, he and Erin made their way to the bedroom where they quickly disrobed and Erin eagerly drank a vial of the formula with her hands noticeably trembling as she swallowed. Moments later, the two were busy fondling and caressing each other with Erin feeling more hornier than her secret lovemaking with Bernie. Consequently, the lovemaking went deep into the night with Erin's passion and energy greater than any of her previous encounters. However, as the night wore on, Erin let Wally take the lead in their fuckfest and seemed almost like a passenger towards the end in a sea of endless orgasms.

As the lights of morning shone through a nearby window, Wally roused himself and saw he had little time to get to work. Kissing Erin on the cheek, Wally quickly showered and got dressed before the technician slipped out with Erin still asleep.

An hour or so later, Erin slowly woke up with her sexual needs unquenched by the overnight fuckfest. However, this desire soon became a secondary concern as Erin pulled back the sheets and was shocked to see what looked to be shiny patches on her stomach, upper legs and atop her chest.

"Oh, FUCK!!! THIS IS BAD!!! " Erin screeched as she sat up and glanced at the artificial patches on her body. After staring for a long minute or so, Erin took her left hand and gingerly pinched and prodded the patch on her stomach. To her surprise, the skin was sensitive to her touch and Erin openly moaned in pleasure as she increased the pressure of her touches. In fact, Erin could have spent the rest of her day exploring these patches but she was interrupted by her cell phone on a nearby end table starting to ring.

Mentally sighing, Erin answered the phone and was surprised to find the caller was Bernie. After a few awkwardly exchanged pleasantries, Bernie asked if he could come over and spend a few hours with Erin with the clear underlying intent that he wasn't looking to talk or socialize. Erin wasn't in the mood to see Bernie but her mind quickly filled with images of her getting into more hot and steamy sex and she quickly agreed to seeing Bernie in twenty minutes.

'Mmmm, Bernie's big dick in me again is going to feel so good. If he asks, I'll tell him that the patches are some kind of an allergic reaction to a new type of food I tried. Ooohh, I can't wait for a long afternoon of fucking, ' Erin moaned as she rubbed her twat and inserted her index finger into her sopping wet pussy. The dark haired woman would have masturbated for the rest of the day but before she knew it, Erin was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Moaning out loud, Erin sluggishly sat up and pulled a robe over her body before making her to the door and letting Bernie in.

"Hiya, Erin. Wow, you're looking a little, ummm, off today. Maybe we should, ummm, get together on another day, " Bernie remarked as he stepped inside and saw the flushed look on Erin's face.

"No time for that! Let's get to bed now and do what we've been doing! I want you! I need you! " Erin said with a sense of urgency that surprised both Bernie and Erin herself.

The two quickly made their way to the bedroom where Bernie undressed aided by Erin's trembling hands. Erin took off her robe at the same time and Bernie immediately noticed the odd appearance of Erin's body in certain places. However, Erin's assurances that it was a symptom of a rare allergy and couldn't be contracted by Bernie reassured the lanky man and the two quickly were cuddling and groping each other's body.

As before, Erin and Bernie fucked in every way possible with Erin shrieking in pleasure at the orgasms rippling through her body. However, as their lovemaking progressed, Erin found her body starting to become noticeably stiffer and unresponsive to her wishes and desires. As before, though, Bernie took the lead in the lovemaking and was soon tossing Erin around as if she was a lightweight doll. The two moaned and grunted and gasped for the rest of the afternoon until after one particularly powerful joint pleasure moment, Bernie muttered something about the time and pulled away suddenly.

"I got to go, Erin. I'll, mmm, give a ring in a few days or so. Thanks for a great afternoon and a phenomenal fuck session! " Bernie exclaimed before dashing out once again and not waiting to hear Erin's response.

As it turned out, Bernie would have been waiting for some time to get a verbal response from his lover. Erin's mind was awash in erotic pleasure from the fuckfest she was just in and the auburn haired woman seemed completely oblivious to her posture and appearance on the bed. For starters, the patches of glossy sheen Erin had seen earlier were now much larger and had apparently spread to other parts of her body. In addition, Erin's legs were splayed widely apart in a V shape and she was making no effort whatsoever to close them. Erin's breasts seemed to have grown larger as a result of her sexual romp but there was also an artificial look to them as well now.

"Mmmm.. fuck me again, Bernie... fill my fuck holes. Use me like a good dolly, " Erin moaned as she stroked one of her breasts and her pussy with her hands. Her arms seemed frozen in bent elbow positions but Erin didn't seem to mind or care about anything concerning her physical appearance. Erin concentrated solely on pleasuring herself with her fingers poking in and out of her pussy at a steady rate and her back rising and falling in concert.

Erin could have pleasured herself for the rest of the day but a sharp rap on her door interrupted her revelry. With a soft moan of disappointment, Erin attempted to sit up and answer the door but found her body even more unresponsive than previously. "Ummm, come, come in, the door's open, " Erin called out in response before falling back on her back.

A few moments later, the door opened and Erin heard the footsteps of what sounded like a male visitor enter and walk next to the bed. Erin tried to move and see who it was but found that even the slightest movement was causing incredibly strong feelings of pleasure to flow through her entire body.

"Erin!!! My god, what, what happened to you??!! You look, well, look artificial in some weird fucking way!! " Wally exclaimed as he came into Erin's line of sight and took a seat on the bed next to her.

"Ummm, I, ummm, think I had an allergic reaction to it. Wally, will you please fuck me now? It's been hours and I'm so fucking horny!! " Erin replied as she ran her hands slowly over her body.

"Uhhhh, yeah, ummm, gimme a minute or two, ok? I think I might be able to put together something that will help you in your current state, " Wally said softly with a pensive look appearing on his face.

"Ohhh, ummm, yeah, that sounds good. After you do that, could you please fuck me, Wally? I'm so horny and I need your cock in my fuck holes now!! " Erin said as she writhed slightly and rubbed her hands over her body at the same time.

Two or three minutes later, Wally returned to the bed holding a small mug in his right hand. Sitting once again on the edge of the bed, Wally slipped his left hand under Erin's head and lifted up gently. At the same time, Wally held the mug to Erin's mouth and encouraged her to drink the entire contents.

"That's good, Erin. In a few minutes, all the problems will be gone and things will be better for you and for me, " Wally murmured as he stood up and took the mug to a nearby table.

"Ohhh, ummm, that's good. Why, why did you say that things will be better for both of us? I'm, uhhh, I'm the one who is not feeling well, " Erin muttered even as she felt an odd sensation starting to rumble through her mind and body.

"Erin, I may be a little laid back in many ways but I'm not naive or stupid. You've been taking this formula secretly and having sex with another guy behind my back. However, you've ingested so much of the formula that your body has metabolized the formula and is changing it to accommodate your heightened sexual feelings. In short, you're becoming a very realistic and hyper sexualized love doll!! " Wally remarked casually as he took a seat on the edge of the bed and stroked Erin's left thigh affectionately.

"WHAT??!!!... OOHHH!!!.. you, you can't be serious!! I thought you were giving me an antidote and helping me to return to normal. Instead, you, ohhh, you talk about something crazy like changing me into, uhhh, into a living fuck toy!! " Erin sputtered even as she tried to deal with the sensations flowing through her and the intense pleasure she was experiencing from Wally's casual fondling.

"Oh, I'm not talking crazy in the slightest. The drink you just ingested was a more concentrated version of the formula you've been secretly imbibing over the last little while. All the hot sex you've been having over the last few days is going to be all you want, all you'll ever going to want from now on. In a way, I'm doing you a favor by freeing you from your day to day concerns by accelerating the whole process. No more worries for you from now on about satisfying your sexual needs. I'll do the thinking for both of us, " Wally said as he ran his hand up Erin's leg and let it come to rest on her hip.

"Mmmmmhh, ohhhh, no, I don't want to be turned a love doll. I don't want to, uhhh, want to turn into a fuck toy! I, I want you to fuck me, fuck me please!! " Erin moaned and gasped as the patches of shiny latex started to grow larger with each passing moment. In addition, her body seemed to be moving as if it had a mind of its own. Erin's legs spread as wide as they could with seams starting to appear on them as well as around her waist. Erin felt, as well as saw, her pussy start to twitch and contort as though an invisible hand was massaging it. Finally, with Erin letting out a sigh of pleasure, her pussy clenched tightly before blossoming into a perfect O shape with an interior composed of a smooth rubber and latex sac perfect for a cock or any sex toy. Even as Erin's mind started to recover from this intense experience, she could feel the same thing happening to her anus and felt a growing longing to have both openings filled soon.

"Dolly feel good.. dolly want owner to use here... please useee.... " Erin gasped before falling silent as the transformation swept into the upper part of her body. Erin's breasts, which already looked somewhat artificial, grew larger by several cup sizes even as they changed twin globes of perfect, shiny latex capped by bright pink aerolas and long, thick nipples and seams starting to appear around the breasts' perimeters. Erin's arms drew to her sides even as they bent sharply at the elbows with her forearms jutting upwards with her fingers pressed tightly together as if she was ready to hold Wally or any man that might use her like the sex doll she was becoming.

'It, it's true.... I'm becoming a LOVE DOLL!!!!.... a fucking sex toy... fuck... fuck me now!!!' Erin thought to herself before Wally's touches sent her mindset spiraling into the simple thinking of an inflatable sex toy. As Erin struggled to retain the dwindling shreds of her human consciousness, the changes to her physical form drew to a conclusion. Erin's eyes changed into painted features that had a frozen look of lust and desire etched in them. Erin's teeth and tongue disappeared as the interior of her mouth formed into a smooth sac perfect for cock sucking or anything else inserted into it. With Erin's hair changing into synthetic threads that were sewn into her head and an inflation valve jutting out of the middle of her back, Erin's change into a shiny, inflatable sex doll was finished.

"All done now and it didn't take long at all, did it? Wow! You know, Erin, you were beautiful before but as a blow-up doll, you look fucking incredible!!! " Wally remarked as he reached down and grabbed hold of Erin around the waist.

'YOU!!!... OHHHHH!!!.... owner hold dolly... owner want to fuck dolly?.. dolly wants to make owner happy... dolly wants to suck and fuck owner all the time... NOOO!!!... I'm a woman, not a damn sex doll!!!' Erin thought to herself as the brief flashes of outrage over her predicament mingled with the highly focused desires of an inflatable sex doll.

"You know, I am very tempted to use you right now and see how fucking the dolly Erin compares to the one that fucked me and just about every person with a dick who lived near here over the last little while. However, I've got a weekend booked at a private cabin owned by the company in wood lands nearby and I think you're just the thing to make it a perfect weekend," Wally remarked as he sat the doll up and grasped hold of Erin's inflation plug.

'What??!!.. cabin??... no, don't deflate me!!.. fuck me, owner!!!.. fuck meeeeeee......' Erin mentally wailed as the doll felt its inflation plug being pulled open and air start to rapidly escape from it's hollow body. Before Erin could start to enjoy the new, and decidedly erotic, sensation of losing shape and form, her consciousness seemed to fade into darkness. In a very short period of time, Erin was nothing more than a flat piece of latex with bumps where her breasts were located.

Picking up the deflated doll, Wally proceeded to squeeze the remaining bits of air out of it before folding it in a neat piled with Erin's face lying on top. Going to a nearby closet, Wally retrieved a clear plastic bag and cardboard box from it. Wally slid the doll into the bag and sealed it before placing the bag inside the box.

"Don't worry, dolly. It won't be long until you're inflated and ready for fun," Wally said as he closed the lid on the box and Erin's world was as dark as her mind. Some time later.....

"Ahhhh, nothing like being out in the wilderness with nothing but fresh air and a beautiful view of crystal clear water. Well, that's not the best part of the view, " Wally remarked as he sat on a chair by a picnic table and continued to depress the inflation pump that was inflating Erin.

'Uhhh.... ohhh... I'm inflating.... where... where am I?... some kind of terrace outside near a lake.... uhhh... this isn't a dream... I'm a doll...and... OHHHH!!!!' Erin thought as she felt her hollow body fill out and assume a normal shape once again. Before she had a chance to focus a little more on her surroundings, Wally leaned over, detached the pump from the doll and closed it's inflation plug.

"Now that you're fully inflated and all set for fun, I guess it's time I added a little lubricant to your fuck holes. I picked out cherry and strawberry lubricants but I figured strawberry might be your favorite especially after we shared that treat over a picnic last month. Remember how you proclaimed that I was your only true love? Well, you were right, in a way," Wally said as he removed a tube from a nearby bag and squeezed a generous amount into his right hand.

'What?... ohhh... OHHH!!!!... MMMYYY!!!!.....' Erin wondered momentarily before pleasure overwhelmed her thought process as Wally proceeded to lubricate all three of her openings. Once he was satisfied there was enough lubrication, Wally quickly removed all of his clothes and placed them on a nearby chair. With the nearest cottage ten miles away and no one else scheduled to use the company building that weekend, Wally figured he would be alone to have fun with his newest toy.

"Well, Erin, it's time I introduced you to the world of a love doll. You seemed to be a borderline nympho in many ways during our relationship so this aspect probably won't bother you in many ways. If it does, though, be sure and let me know," Wally said as he slowly entered the dolly's pussy opening with his hard cock and moved it back and forth with increasing speed.

'OHHHHH!!!.... owner fucks dolly!!!.. fuck dolly.. use dolly... make owner happy... suck and fuck... fill fuck hole!!....' Erin thought as her tenuous grasp on the surroundings gave away to sheer, exhilarating pleasure and the simple desire of an inflatable sex doll. This pleasure quickly built to the first of what seemed like an endless series of orgasms that rippled through Erin's consciousness and shredded the remnants of her normal thinking.

After what seemed like an eternity to the doll, Wally released a stream of warm cum that filled the doll's pussy fuck hole completely with some trickling down it's hollow legs. A short time after this, Wally proceeded to use the doll's other two O shaped openings and the dollified Erin was soon covered in semi dry semen. For the doll, a lingering part of her mind hoped her owner would use the lake to clean her shiny latex body.

'A clean dolly would make owner happy... use dolly... dolly is made for sucking and fucking....' Erin thought as desires for pleasure was it's whole focus now.

Now.... and forever....


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